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Irish Americans
Irish-AmericansIrish Americans (Irish: Gael-Mheiriceanaigh) are an ethnic group comprising Americans who have full or partial ancestry from Ireland, especially those
Apr 28th 2017

Scotch-Irish Americans
Scotch-Irish (or Scots-Irish) AmericansAmericans are American descendants of Presbyterian and other Ulster Protestant Dissenters from various parts of Ireland,
Apr 17th 2017

Irish Americans in the American Civil War
Irish Americans - Google Books Irish American History - A Community Website For Irish Americans & Other Welcome Visitors -IrishAmericanHistory
Apr 21st 2017

List of Irish Americans
This is a list of notable Americans">Irish Americans, including both original immigrants who obtained American citizenship and their American-born descendants. To
Apr 24th 2017

Americans in Ireland
Ireland Eamon de Valera - 3rd President of Ireland Frank McCourt - Irish-American writer Marsha Hunt - African American novelist/singer Matt Doyle - Irish
Apr 13th 2015

History of Irish Americans in Boston
Main article: Irish-Americans------PeopleIrish Americans People of Irish descent form the largest single ethnic group in Boston, Massachusetts. Once a Puritan stronghold, Boston
Apr 12th 2017

History of the Irish Americans in Philadelphia
Main article: Irish-Americans------PeopleIrish Americans People of Irish descent form the largest ethnic group in the city of Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. The
Apr 25th 2017

List of Scotch-Irish Americans
This is a list of notable Scots-Americans">Irish Americans, including both original immigrants who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants.
Apr 15th 2017

Irish America (magazine)
relevant to the Irish American community, through news stories, features, and interviews. Irish America has targeted Irish Americans from the worlds of
Feb 21st 2017

List of Americans of Irish descent
[12] "ODonnell has also been named to Irish-American-MagazineIrish American Magazine’s 2000 “Top 100 Irish-AmericansIrish Americans” list." [13] "He was raised Irish-Catholic..."
Apr 15th 2017

Irish diaspora
concentrated in Mexico City and the northern states. Main article: Americans-The">Irish Americans The diaspora to America was immortalised in the words of many songs
Apr 23rd 2017

Irish Americans in New York City
See also: Irish Americans The Irish community is one of New York City's major and important ethnic groups, and has been a significant proportion
Apr 4th 2017

Irish Mob
and Allegheny, which grew in power as local hoods and blue collar Irish Americans seeking extra income joined its ranks. In time, the group expanded
Apr 14th 2017

Irish people
more so for Catholics and Irish-Americans: What defines an Irishman? His faith, his place of birth? What of the Irish-Americans? Are they Irish? Who is
Apr 30th 2017

Irish American Athletic Club
The Irish American Athletic Club was an amateur athletic organization, based in Queens, New York, at the beginning of the 20th century. Established on
Apr 14th 2017

Ulster, Ireland, who trace their roots to settlers from Scotland Scotch-Americans">Irish Americans, descendants of Ulster Scots who first migrated to America in large
Nov 12th 2016

Irish republicanism
Irish republicanism (Irish: poblachtanachas Eireannach) is an ideology based on the belief that all of Ireland should be an independent republic. The development
Dec 23rd 2016

the 19th and 20th centuries to categorize Irish people, particularly Irish Americans, by social class ("lace curtain Irish" were well off, while the "shanty
Apr 19th 2017

Irish American Football League
American-Football-League">The Irish American Football League (IAFL) is an amateur American football league in Ireland. Founded in 1984, it consists of 23 teams competing in two
Apr 14th 2017

Irish Catholic
Communities in Conflict: American Nativists and Irish Catholics Irish-American Politics Irish America and the Course of Irish Nationalism From Ghetto to Suburbs:
Mar 29th 2017

Irish Canadians
CanadaIreland relations List of Ireland-related topics Irish diaspora Irish Americans Irish Australians Irish (ethnicity) Coat of Arms of Canada David
Apr 14th 2017

Irish Race Conventions
participants and financial supporters of the conventions were usually Irish-Americans. 1881 Chicago 1896 Dublin 1916 New York City 1918 New York City 1919
Feb 27th 2017

Scottish Americans
Scotch-Irish Americans, descendants of Ulster Scots, and communities emphasize and celebrate a common heritage. The majority of Scotch-Irish Americans originally
Apr 17th 2017

European Americans
In the 2014 American Community Survey, German Americans (14.4%), Irish Americans (10.4%), English Americans (7.6%) and Italian Americans (5.4%) were
Apr 25th 2017

Irish dance
Irish dancing or Irish dance is a group of traditional dance forms originating in Ireland which can broadly be divided into social dances and performance
Apr 22nd 2017

Irish Argentine
Part of a series of articles on Irish Latin-Americans Groups Irish Argentines Irish Bolivians Irish Brazilians Irish Chileans Irish Colombians Irish
Apr 30th 2017

Irish language
For other uses, see Irish language (disambiguation). Irish (Gaeilge), also referred to as Gaelic or Irish Gaelic, is a Goidelic language of the Indo-European
Apr 24th 2017

List of American mobsters of Irish descent
This is a list of Irish-American mobsters which includes organized crime figures of predominantly Irish-American criminal organizations or individual mobsters
Mar 30th 2017

Irish pub
For the national legal body, see Bar Council of Ireland. An Irish pub is an establishment licensed to serve alcoholic drinks for consumption
Dec 23rd 2016

Irish Travellers
Casey, Dan; Casey, Conor (SeptemberOctober 1994). "[title missing]". Irish America. New York: Irish Voice. 10: 44–?. ISSN 0884-4240.  [title missing]
Apr 30th 2017

Irish immigration to Mexico
Crosthwaite, Mexican writer of Irish-American descent Louis CK, American-born comedian and actor, mother was Irish American, father was Mexican/Hungarian
Mar 19th 2017

List of Irish-American Medal of Honor recipients
have been awarded to Irish-American recipients, more than twice the number awarded any other ethnic group; 257 Irish-born Americans have received the Medal
Feb 15th 2017

Irish nationalism
See also: Nationalism and Irish republicanism Irish nationalism asserts that the Irish people are a nation. Since the partition of Ireland, the
Apr 25th 2017

Ireland–United States relations
2013 American-Community-SurveyAmerican Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. Americans">Irish Americans have made many contributions to American culture and sport. Halloween
Apr 28th 2017

English Americans
British Isles heritage, the other two being of Spanish origin. Scotch-Irish Americans are for the most part descendants of Lowland Scots and Northern English
Apr 30th 2017

Irish language outside Ireland
Irish The Irish language originated in Ireland and was historically the dominant language of the Irish people. They took it with them to a number of other countries
Apr 14th 2017

British Americans
British descent, and are those Americans who were British born. Catholic Irish-Americans are not usually categorized as having British ancestry; they do not
Apr 24th 2017

Anti-Irish sentiment
"No Irish Need Apply", was inspired by NINA signs in London. Later Irish Americans adapted the lyrics and the songs to reflect the discrimination they
Apr 29th 2017

Australian Americans
population almost follows the story of both British-AmericansBritish Americans and Irish Americans, as Australia was a British political territory at the time when they
Apr 16th 2017

Irish-American Heritage Month
2015) Irish-American Heritage Month, 2016 (February 29, 2016) Irish-American Heritage Month, 2017 (March 1, 2017) List of Irish Americans McHaney
Apr 20th 2017

Irish stepdance
until the early 1900s: in America these tended to be created within Irish-American urban communities, notably in Chicago. The first classes in stepdancing
Apr 28th 2017

Irish military diaspora
Many of these units have their origins from the participation of Irish-Americans in the American Civil War. Incomplete American Revolution Loyalists
Apr 30th 2017

Great Famine (Ireland)
cultural loss provided a spur for Irish language activists in Ireland, Britain, America, and Australia, resulting in the foundation of such organisations
Apr 18th 2017

Irish Wolfhound
The World Publishing Company. p. 672.  Samaha(1991)pp.8-19 "Irish Wolfhound". American Kennel Club. Retrieved 1 July 2011.  "Irish Wolfhound Breed Standard"
Mar 11th 2017

Irish American Ninja
Irish American Ninja: The-LifeThe Life of George McGoogle is a 2005 independent film. The film stars George McGoogle, an Irish American who has wanted to become
Oct 9th 2016

List of American actors of Irish descent
the post-leprechaun, Irish-American subculture are not about the Irish per se. The actors merely happened to be Irish-Americans playing charismatic characters
Apr 11th 2017

Music of Ireland
Irish-MusicIrish Music is music that has been created in various genres on the island of Ireland. The indigenous music of the island is termed Irish traditional music
Apr 25th 2017

Irish nationality law
IRA Tip O'Neill (1986) (and his wife, Mildred Anne Miller O'Neill) – Irish-American and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Alfred Beit
Mar 19th 2017

Status of the Irish language
Irish is a main home, work or community language for approximately 1% of the population of the Republic of Ireland (the population of the Republic of Ireland
Apr 24th 2017

Celtic music in the United States
the United States, and were teachers of the music to Irish Americans. Many great Irish American performers like Andy McGann, Brian Conway, Joannie Madden
Nov 28th 2016

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