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the ancient people, see IsraelitesIsraelites. "Israeli" redirects here. For other uses, see Israeli (disambiguation). Israelis (Hebrew: ישראלים‎ Yiśraʾelim, Arabic:
Apr 15th 2017

Israeli settlement
other uses, see Israeli settlement (disambiguation). Israeli settlements are civilian communities inhabited by Israeli citizens, almost
Apr 15th 2017

Israeli–Palestinian conflict
1948-73 but extending in more limited manner to 2006, see ArabIsraeli conflict. The IsraeliPalestinian conflict (Hebrew: הסכסוך הישראלי-פלסטיני‎‎ Ha'Sikhsukh
Apr 23rd 2017

Israeli Americans
Israeli-Americans Israeli Americans (Hebrew: אָמֵרִיקאים יִשׂרָאֵלים‎‎ lit. Ameriqaim Yisra'elim) are Americans who have Israeli citizenship either by descent, naturalization
Apr 17th 2017

Arab–Israeli conflict
"Arab-Israeli-WarIsraeli-WarIsraeli War" redirects here. For other uses, see ArabIsraeli-WarIsraeli-WarIsraeli War (disambiguation). The ArabIsraeli conflict (Arabic: الصراع العربي الإسرائيلي‎‎
Apr 11th 2017

Main articles: Politics of Israel and Israeli system of government See also: Criticism of the Israeli government Israel operates under a parliamentary
Apr 29th 2017

Israeli Jews
Israeli-JewsIsraeli Jews (Hebrew: יהודים ישראלים‎, Yehudim Yisraelim), also known as Israelis">Jewish Israelis, refers to Israeli citizens or residents who are Jews, and also
Apr 15th 2017

Israeli wine
produced in the Land of Israel since biblical times. In 2011, Israeli wine exports totaled over $26.7 million. The modern Israeli wine industry was founded
Apr 15th 2017

Israeli Canadians
IsraeliIsraeli-CanadiansIsraeliIsraeli Canadians (Hebrew: יִשְׂרְאֵלִים קָנָדִים‎) are Canadian citizens of IsraeliIsraeli descent or Israel-born people who reside in Canada. According to the
Aug 2nd 2016

1948 Arab–Israeli War
"ArabIsraeli War" redirects here. For other uses, see ArabIsraeli War (disambiguation). The 1948 ArabIsraeli War or the First ArabIsraeli War was
Apr 27th 2017

Israeli–Lebanese conflict
Israeli">The Israeli–Lebanese conflict, widely referred as the Lebanon South Lebanon conflict, describes a series of related military clashes involving Israel, Lebanon
Apr 15th 2017

Israeli new shekel
ILS), also known as simply the IsraeliIsraeli shekel and formerly known as the New IsraeliIsraeli Sheqel (NIS), is the currency of Israel and is also used as a legal tender
Apr 15th 2017

Israeli-occupied territories
Israeli">The Israeli-occupied territories are the territories occupied by Israel during the Six-Day War of 1967. Originally, those territories included the Syrian
Apr 23rd 2017

Israel Defense Forces
ArabIsraeli conflict Defense industry of Israel Israel and weapons of mass destruction Israeli casualties of war Israeli security forces Israel Defense
Apr 29th 2017

Israeli Navy
commander in chief of the Israeli Navy is Aluf Eli Sharvit. The Israeli Navy is believed to be responsible for maintaining Israel's offshore nuclear second
Apr 15th 2017

Culture of Israel
to Perform in Israel Israeli Theatre: A culmination of foreign and native influences Israeli Culture: Cinema Characteristics of Israeli Cuisine A region's
Mar 26th 2017

Israeli–Palestinian peace process
both the ArabIsraeliIsraeli conflict and in the PalestinianIsraeliIsraeli conflict. Some countries have signed peace treaties, such as the EgyptIsrael (1979) and JordanIsrael
Apr 15th 2017

Music of Israel
are IsraeliIsraelisIsraeliIsraelis or IsraeliIsraeli expatriates. The works of IsraeliIsraeli classical composers have been performed by leading orchestras worldwide. Music in Israel is an
Mar 28th 2017

Israeli Australians
descent. ThereThere are about 15,000 Israelis in Australia. The majority of Israeli Australians are Jewish. Most Israeli Australians are bilingual in Hebrew
Mar 18th 2017

Criticism of the Israeli government
Palestinian territories rather than Israel itself, with Israeli settlements, treatment of Palestinian Arabs, the conduct of Israeli Defense Forces during conflicts
Apr 27th 2017

Israeli Air Force
as the aerial warfare branch of the Israel Defense Forces. It was founded on May 28, 1948, shortly after the Israeli Declaration of Independence. As of
Apr 27th 2017

Israeli West Bank barrier
Israeli-West-Bank">The Israeli West Bank barrier or wall (for further names see here) is a separation barrier in the West Bank or along the Green Line. Israel considers
Apr 25th 2017

Israeli folk dancing
becoming the national dance. IsraeliIsraeli folk dances were created as way of helping to create a new IsraeliIsraeli culture in the land of Israel, combining elements from
Apr 10th 2017

Politics of Israel
The Monitor Committee of Israeli-ArabsIsraeli Arabs: an Arab group, claiming to represent the interests of the Israeli Arab minority in Israel, tend to be separatists
Apr 9th 2017

Israeli nationality law
of an IsraeliIsraeli citizen is considered an IsraeliIsraeli citizen. Persons born outside Israel are IsraeliIsraeli citizens if their father or mother holds IsraeliIsraeli citizenship
Apr 12th 2017

Arab citizens of Israel
supporters of Israel tend to use Israeli Arab or Arab Israeli to refer to this population without mentioning Palestine, while critics of Israel (or supporters
Apr 27th 2017

Racism in Israel
More specifically in the IsraeliIsraeli context, however, racism in Israel refers to racism directed against IsraeliIsraeli Arabs by IsraeliIsraeli Jews, intra-Jewish racism
Mar 23rd 2017

Cabinet of Israel
must be approved by a vote of confidence in the Knesset (the Israeli parliament). Under Israeli law, the prime minister may dismiss members of the government
Dec 27th 2016

Israel and the apartheid analogy
against Israel. Critics of Israeli policy say that "a system of control" in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, including the ID system, Israeli settlements
Apr 19th 2017

Israeli Premier League
For the top division of Israeli basketball, see Israeli Basketball Premier League. The Israeli Premier League (Hebrew: ליגת העל‎‎, Ligat HaAl, lit. The
Apr 29th 2017

Lists of Israeli films
Category:Israeli films. List of Israeli films before 1960 List of Israeli films of the 1960s List of Israeli films of the 1970s List of Israeli films of
Jun 27th 2016

Israel–Pakistan relations
the Israeli-Air-ForceIsraeli Air Force and shot down Israeli planes. Saiful Azam, who served as a Pakistani fighter pilot claims to have shot down at least 4 Israeli planes
Apr 24th 2017

Israeli Basketball Premier League
the Israeli top football league, see Israeli Premier League. Ligat HaAl (Hebrew: ליגת העל‎‎, lit., Super League or Premier League), or the Israeli Basketball
Apr 6th 2017

Cinema of Israel
for IsraeliIsraeli films at the IsraeliIsraeli box-office. IsraeliIsraeli-made films sold 1.6 million tickets in Israel in 2014, the best in Israel's film history. Bourekas
Nov 14th 2016

Druze in Israel
the north of the country. While most Israeli Druze identify as ethnically Arab, today, tens of thousands of Israeli Druze belong to "Druze Zionist" movements
Apr 12th 2017

President of Israel
five-year term, and was allowed to serve up to two terms in office. Any Israeli citizen who is a resident of the State is eligible to run for president
Apr 23rd 2017

Israeli law
IsraeliIsraeli law is based mostly on a common law legal system, though it also reflects the diverse history of the territory of the State of Israel throughout
Apr 19th 2017

Timeline of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict
history of Israel and history of Palestine This timeline of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict lists events from 1948 to the present. The Israeli–Palestinian
Apr 3rd 2017

Israeli security forces
military branch (gendarmerie) of the Israeli Police. Main article: Israeli Intelligence Community Shabak (Israel Security Agency) Sherut HaBitahon HaKlali
Sep 23rd 2016

Israeli–Palestinian conflict (2015–2016)
Palestinian woman Hadeel al-Hashlamoun by Israeli soldiers on 22 September, or the Duma arson attack by Israeli settlers in July 2015, which caused the
Apr 24th 2017

Israeli casualties of war
On the other hand, in 2010 Yom Hazikaron, Israel honored the memory of 22,684 Israeli soldiers and pre-Israeli Palestinian Jews killed since 1860 in the
Apr 25th 2017

Israeli pound
IsraeliIsraeli The IsraeliIsraeli pound (Hebrew: לירה ישראלית‎‎ Lira Yisr'elit, Arabic: ليرة إسرائيلية‎‎) or IsraeliIsraeli lira was the currency of the State of Israel from June
Apr 15th 2017

Iran–Israel relations
equipment to attack IsraeliIsraeli and American targets.[citation needed] Main article: IsraeliIsraeli support for Iran during the IranIraq war Israel sold Iran US$75
Apr 22nd 2017

Israeli Declaration of Independence
Israeli-Declaration The Israeli Declaration of Independence, formally the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, was proclaimed on 14 May 1948 (5 Iyar 5708)
Apr 15th 2017

Israel–Turkey relations
reach a consensus. › IsraeliIsraeli–Turkish relations refer to the bilateral ties between the State of Israel and the Republic of Turkey. IsraelTurkey relations
Apr 19th 2017

Media coverage of the Arab–Israeli conflict
IsraeliIsraeli settlements. When IsraeliIsraeli settlements were moved from being listed under the Israel network to the Palestine network, thousands of IsraeliIsraelis living
Mar 14th 2017

Circassians in Israel
in the Israel Defense Forces upon reaching the age of majority, while females do not. In this, they are equal to the Israeli Jews and the Israeli Druze
Apr 28th 2017

Israeli checkpoint
An Israel Defense Forces checkpoint, usually called an Israeli checkpoint (Hebrew: מחסום‎‎, machsom, Arabic: حاجز‎‎, hajez), is a barrier erected by the
Apr 15th 2017

Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty
the 1978 Camp David Accords. The EgyptIsrael treaty was signed by Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, and witnessed
Feb 24th 2017

Israeli Civil Administration
ha-Minhal ha-ʿEzraḥi) is the IsraeliIsraeli governing body that operates in the West Bank. It was established by the government of Israel in 1981, in order to carry
Apr 15th 2017

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