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Apr 3rd 2017

Italian unification
became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy. The memory of the Risorgimento is central to both Italian politics and Italian historiography, for this short period
Apr 25th 2017

referred to as "Italian dialects"). In 2014, in addition to about 55 million Italians in Italy (91% of the Italian national population), Italian-speaking autonomous
Apr 27th 2017

Italian language
about the standardized Italian language. For other Italian languages originating or spoken in Italy, see Languages of Italy. Italian ( italiano (help·info)
Apr 24th 2017

Italian Empire
and trust territories of the Kingdom of Italy and, after 1946, the Italian-RepublicItalian Republic. The genesis of the Italian colonial empire was the purchase, in 1869
Apr 20th 2017

other uses, see Italy (disambiguation). "Italia" and "Italian Republic" redirect here. For the short-lived 19th-century state, see Italian Republic (Napoleonic)
Apr 29th 2017

Italian Americans
Italian-AmericansItalian Americans (Italian: italoamericani or italo-americani [ˌitalo.ameriˈkaːni]) are an ethnic group comprising Americans who have full or partial ancestry
Apr 23rd 2017

Italian Somalis
Italian-SomalisItalian Somalis (Italian: Italo-Somali) are Somali descendants from Italian colonists, as well as long-term Italian residents in Somalia. In 1892, the
Apr 15th 2017

Italian cuisine
"Italian restaurant" redirects here. For the television series, see Italian Restaurant. Italian cuisine is food typical of or originating from Italy
Apr 26th 2017

Italian wine
Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, and Italian wines are known worldwide for their broad variety. Italy, closely
Apr 17th 2017

Italian Fascism
Italian-FascismItalian Fascism (Italian: Fascismo Italiano), also known simply as Fascism (Italian: Fascismo), is the original fascist ideology, as developed in Italy
Apr 19th 2017

Italian Canadians
Italian-CanadiansItalian Canadians (Italian: Italo-canadesi, French: Italo-Canadiens) comprise Canadian citizens who have full or partial Italian heritage or Italians
Apr 21st 2017

Italian irredentism
Italian irredentism (Italian: irredentismo italiano) was a nationalist movement during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Italy with irredentist
Apr 15th 2017

Italian resistance movement
and the Italian-FascistItalian Fascist puppet regime of the Italian-Social-RepublicItalian Social Republic during the later years of World War II. It was formed by pro-Allied Italians, following
Apr 25th 2017

Italian Brazilians
Italian-BraziliansItalian Brazilians (Italian: ItalobrasilianiItalobrasiliani, Portuguese: Italo-brasileiros) are Brazilian citizens of full or partial Italian descent. There are no official
Apr 24th 2017

Italian Scots
born in Scotland and of Italian descent. It can also refer to people of mixed Scottish and Italian descents. A recent Italian voter census estimated that
Feb 28th 2017

Italian Armed Forces
"Military of Italy" redirects here. For other uses, see Military of Italy (disambiguation). The Italian Armed Forces (italian: Forze armate italiane) encompass
Apr 22nd 2017

Italian Eritreans
Italian-EritreanEritreansItalian EritreanEritreans (or EritreanEritrean-ItaliansEritreanEritrean Italians) are EritreanEritrean-born descendants of Italian settlers as well as Italian long-term residents in Eritrea. Their
Apr 15th 2017

Italian lira
The lira (Italian: [ˈliːra]; plural lire [ˈliːre]) was the currency of Italy between 1861 and 2002 and of the Albanian Kingdom between 1941 and 1943. Between
Apr 24th 2017

Italian Wars
"Italian War" redirects here. For other uses, see Italian War (disambiguation). The Italian Wars, often referred to as the Great Italian Wars or the
Apr 14th 2017

Italian Jews
Italian-JewsItalian Jews (Italian: Ebrei italiani, Hebrew: יהודים איטלקים‎‎ Yehudim Italkim) can be used in a broad sense to mean all Jews living or with roots in
Apr 15th 2017

Flag of Italy
details on this topic, see List of ItalianItalian flags. The flag of Italy (bandiera d'Italia, often referred to in ItalianItalian as il Tricolore [il trikoˈloːre])
Apr 28th 2017

Italian Australians
Australians">Italian Australians comprise the fourth largest ethnic group in Australia, consisting of migrants from Italy as well as their descendants born in Australia
Mar 7th 2017

Italian diaspora
The-Italian The Italian diaspora is the large-scale emigration of ItaliansItalians from Italy. ThereThere are two major Italian diasporas in Italian history. The first diaspora
Apr 25th 2017

Italian nationality law
elements that are seen as favourable to the Italian diaspora. The Italian Parliament's 1992 update of Italian nationality law is Law no. 91, and came into
Mar 23rd 2017

Lists of Italian films
of Italy ordered by year and decade of release For an alphabetical list of articles on Italian films see Category:Italian films. List of Italian films
Jun 2nd 2016

Kingdom of Italy
For other uses, see Kingdom of Italy (disambiguation). The Kingdom of Italy (ItalianItalian: Regno d'Italia) was a state founded from 1861, when King Victor
Apr 27th 2017

Italian neorealism
Italian neorealism (Italian: Neorealismo), also known as the Golden Age of Italian Cinema, is a national film movement characterized by stories set amongst
Apr 11th 2017

Italian Somaliland
Italian-SomalilandItalian Somaliland (Italian: SomaliaSomalia italiana, Arabic: الصومال الإيطالي‎‎ Al-Sumal Al-Italiy, Somali: Dhulka Talyaaniga ee Soomaaliya), also known as
Apr 15th 2017

Italian Peruvians
Italian-PeruvianPeruvian An Italian PeruvianPeruvian is a PeruvianPeruvian citizen of Italian descent. The phrase may refer to someone born in Peru of Italian descent or to someone who has immigrated
Feb 2nd 2017

Italian Argentines
Italian-ArgentinesItalian Argentines (Italian: italo-argentini, Spanish: italo-argentinos) are Argentine-born citizens of Italian descent or Italian-born people who reside
Apr 26th 2017

Italian Renaissance
Italian-Renaissance">The Italian Renaissance (Italian: Rinascimento [rinaʃʃiˈmento]) was the earliest manifestation of the general European Renaissance, a period of great cultural
Apr 4th 2017

Italian settlers in Libya
Italian settlers in Libya (Italian: Italo-libici, also called Italian Libyans) typically refers to Italians, and their descendants, who resided or were
Nov 27th 2016

Italian art
information about Italian literature, see: Italian literature. For information about Italian history, see: History of Italy. For other topics on Italian culture
Feb 18th 2017

Italian Wikipedia
Italian-Wikipedia The Italian Wikipedia (Italian: Wikipedia in italiano) is the Italian-language edition of Wikipedia. This edition was created on May 11, 2001 and first
Apr 15th 2017

Italian Chileans
ItalianItalian-ChileansItalianItalian Chileans (in Spanish: ItaloItalochilenosItaloItalochilenos, ItalianItalian: ItaloItalo-cileni) are Chileans of full or partly ItalianItalian descent. It is estimated that 150,000 people
Apr 5th 2017

Italian Uruguayans
Italian-UruguayansItalian Uruguayans (Spanish: italo-uruguayos, Italian: italo-uruguaiani) are Uruguayan citizens who are fully or partially of Italian descent. The recorded
Apr 26th 2017

List of Italian orders of knighthood
Le Onorificenze: Luciano Pavarotti (in Italian) Le Onorificenze: Claudio Abbado (in Italian). "The Italian Honours Procedure" (PDF). Presidency of
Apr 23rd 2017

Provinces of Italy
Italy. On 3 April 2014, the Italian-ChamberItalian Chamber of Deputies gave its final approval to the Law n.56/2014 which involves the transformation of the Italian
Apr 14th 2017

Judeo-Italian languages
speakers today. The language consists of a group of Italian dialects. Some words consist of Italian prefixes and suffixes added to Hebrew words as well
Apr 14th 2017

Regions of Italy
Tyrrhenian Sea Ligurian Sea The regions of Italy (Italian: regioni) are the first-level administrative divisions of Italy, constituting its second NUTS administrative
Apr 14th 2017

Politics of Italy
elections, below. Further information: Parliament of Italy, Italian Chamber of Deputies, and Italian Senate With article 48 of the Constitution
Apr 27th 2017

Swiss Italian
the Swiss-ItalianSwiss Italian people, see Swiss (nationality). Swiss-ItalianSwiss Italian (Italian: svizzero italiano) is the name used for the variety of the Italian language
May 1st 2016

Italian city-states
Italian The Italian city-states were a political phenomenon of small independent states mostly in the central and northern Italian peninsula between the 9th and
Apr 20th 2017

History of Italy
and returned to Italy in 1848. After the Revolutions of 1848, the apparent leader of the Italian unification movement was Italian nationalist Giuseppe
Apr 28th 2017

Italian immigration to Mexico
Italian An Italian-Mexican or Italo-Mexican (Spanish: italo-mexicano, Italian: italo-messicano) is a Mexican citizen of Italian descent or origin. The ancestors
Mar 11th 2017

Italian irredentism in Corsica
Italian irredentism in Corsica was a cultural and historical movement promoted by Italians and by Corsicans who identified themselves as Italian, rather
Apr 15th 2017

Italian Democratic Socialist Party
Italian-Democratic-Socialist-PartyItalian Democratic Socialist Party (2004). Not to be confused with Italian-Social-Democratic-PartyItalian Social Democratic Party. The Italian-Democratic-Socialist-PartyItalian Democratic Socialist Party (Italian:
Apr 15th 2017

Italian general election, 2006
The 2006 Italian general election for the two Chambers of the Italian Parliament was held on 9 and 10 April 2006. Romano Prodi, leader of the centre-left
Apr 2nd 2017

Italian Peninsula
article: Italy "Lo Stivale" redirects here. For the Canadian newspaper, see Lo Stivale (newspaper). Italian-Peninsula">The Italian Peninsula or Apennine Peninsula (Italian: Penisola
Mar 15th 2017

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