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other uses, see Italy (disambiguation). "Italia" and "Italian Republic" redirect here. For the short-lived 19th-century state, see Italian Republic (Napoleonic)
Apr 25th 2017

World War II postal acronyms
World War II postal acronyms were first used to convey messages between servicemen and their sweethearts back home. They were usually written on the back
Mar 8th 2017

Kingdom of Italy
For other uses, see Kingdom of Italy (disambiguation). The Kingdom of Italy (ItalianItalian: Regno d'Italia) was a state founded from 1861, when King Victor
Apr 27th 2017

population of Italy, see Demographics of Italy. ItaliansItalians (Italian: italiani [itaˈljaːni]) are a nation and ethnic group native to Italy who share a common
Apr 27th 2017

History of Italy
The history of Italy begins with the arrival of the first hominins 850,000 years ago at Monte Poggiolo. Italy shows evidence of habitation by anatomically
Apr 25th 2017

Outline of Italy
Italy-MammalsItaly Mammals of Italy----GlaciersItaly Glaciers of Italy* Futsal in Italy Islands of Italy Lakes of Italy Mountains of Italy Volcanoes in Italy Rivers of Italy Valleys
Dec 29th 2016

Northern Italy
Northern Italy is a cultural and geographical region, without any administrative purpose, used to indicate the northern part of the Italian state, also
Mar 30th 2017

Southern Italy
Southern Italy (European Parliament constituency). For the statistical regions of the EU, see South Italy. "Mezzogiorno" redirects here. For the Italian actress
Apr 24th 2017

Flag of Italy
details on this topic, see List of ItalianItalian flags. The flag of Italy (bandiera d'Italia, often referred to in ItalianItalian as il Tricolore [il trikoˈloːre])
Apr 27th 2017

Politics of Italy
Politics of Italy is conducted through a constitutional republic with a multi-party system. Italy has been a democratic republic since 2 June 1946, when
Apr 27th 2017

Italian unification
established by Camillo Cavour, see Risorgimento Il Risorgimento (newspaper). Italian unification (Italian: Unificazione italiana), or the Risorgimento ([risordʒiˈmento]
Apr 25th 2017

Languages of Italy
For varieties of the Italian language (which are influenced by these regional languages), see Regional Italian. There are a large number of local
Apr 25th 2017

Italy national football team
team, see Italy women's national football team. Italian The Italian national football team (Italian: Nazionale di calcio italiana) represents Italy in association
Apr 22nd 2017

King of Italy
King of Italy (Latin: Rex-ItaliaeRex Italiae; ItalianItalian: Re d'Italia) was the title given to the ruler of the Kingdom of Italy after the fall of the Western Roman
Apr 13th 2017

Provinces of Italy
Italy. On 3 April 2014, the Italian-ChamberItalian Chamber of Deputies gave its final approval to the Law n.56/2014 which involves the transformation of the Italian
Apr 14th 2017

Regions of Italy
Tyrrhenian Sea Ligurian Sea The regions of Italy (Italian: regioni) are the first-level administrative divisions of Italy, constituting its second NUTS administrative
Apr 14th 2017

Culture of Italy
Italy is considered the birthplace of Western civilization and a cultural superpower. Italy has been the starting point of phenomena of international
Apr 25th 2017

Foreign relations of Italy
relations of the Italian-RepublicItalian Republic are the Italian government's external relations with the outside world. Located in Europe, Italy has been considered
Apr 25th 2017

Economy of Italy
The economy of Italy is the 3rd-largest national economy in the eurozone, the 8th-largest by nominal GDP in the world, and the 12th-largest by GDP (PPP)
Apr 24th 2017

Nobility of Italy
The Nobility of Italy comprises individuals and their families of the Italian peninsula, and the islands linked with it, recognized by sovereigns, such
Apr 27th 2017

Italy–Russia relations
ItalyRussia relations are the bilateral foreign relations between the two countries, embodied in the so-called privileged relationship. Russia has
Apr 17th 2017

Roman Italy
Roman-ItalyRoman Italy was created officially by the Roman emperor Augustus with the Latin name ItaliaItalia. It was the first time in history that the ItaliaItalian Peninsula
Mar 15th 2017

History of Italy (1559–1814)
The history of Italy in the Early Modern period was partially characterized by foreign domination: until 1797 only the Republic of Venice, the Kingdom
Feb 16th 2017

Holy See–Italy relations
Holy SeeItaly relations refers to the special relationship between the Holy See, which is sovereign over the Vatican City, and the Italian Republic.
Dec 10th 2015

Football in Italy
Football (calcio in Italian) is the most popular sport in Italy. The Italian national football team is considered to be one of the best national teams
Apr 20th 2017

Demographics of Italy
This article is about the demographic features of the population of Italy, including population density, ethnicity, education level, health of the populace
Apr 13th 2017

Italy–United States relations
ItalyUnited States relations are the bilateral relations between the Italian Republic and the United States of America. The United States has warm and
Apr 25th 2017

Emblem of Italy
The emblem of Italy (Italian: emblema della Repubblica Italiana) was formally adopted by the newly formed Italian Republic on 5 May 1948. Although often
Mar 27th 2017

Prime Minister of Italy
Ministers of the Italian-RepublicItalian Republic (Italian: Presidente del Consiglio dei ministri della Repubblica Italiana), commonly referred to in Italy as Presidente
Apr 4th 2017

Cinema of Italy
Italy comprises the films made within Italy or by Italian directors. Since the development of the Italian film industry in the early 1900s, Italian filmmakers
Apr 12th 2017

France–Italy relations
annexed by France, while Lombardy passed to Italy. The last Duke of Savoy, Victor Emmanuel II, became King of Italy. The border between the two countries does
Apr 27th 2017

Germany–Italy relations
GermanyItaly relations refer to interstate relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Italian Republic. Relations were established
Dec 26th 2016

Elections in Italy
Italy elects, at the national level, a Parliament consisting of two houses: the Chamber of Deputies (Camera dei Deputati) with 630 members; and the Senate
Mar 6th 2017

Catepanate of Italy
Catapanate) of Italy (Greek: κατεπανίκιον Ἰταλίας Katepanikion Italias) was a province of the Byzantine Empire, comprising mainland Italy south of a line
Jun 18th 2016

Geography of Italy
N 12.5°E / 42.0; 12.5 Italy is located in southern Europe and comprises the long, boot-shaped Italian Peninsula, the southern side of Alps
Apr 21st 2017

Italy–United Kingdom relations
international relations between Italy and the United-KingdomUnited Kingdom may be known as Anglo-Italian relations or Italo-British relations. The Italian ambassador to the United
Apr 15th 2017

Sport in Italy
Sport in Italy has a long tradition. In numerous sports, both individual and team, Italy has a good representation and many successes. Football is the
Mar 31st 2017

Censorship in Italy
Italy In Italy, freedom of press is guaranteed by the Italian Constitution of 1948. Censorship in Italy has been applied especially during the Fascist Regime
Apr 20th 2017

Central Italy
For the EU constituency, see Central Italy (European Parliament constituency). Central Italy (ItalianItalian: Italia centrale or just Centro) is one of the five
Jul 19th 2016

Transport in Italy
Italy has well developed and private transportation options The Italian rail network is extensive especially in the north, generally eclipsing the need
Apr 14th 2017

Italian Campaign (World War II)
The Italian Campaign of World War II was the name of Allied operations in and around Italy, from 1943 to the end of the war in Europe. Joint Allied Forces
Apr 21st 2017

President of Italy
Prime Minister of Italy. The President of the Italian-RepublicItalian Republic (Italian: Presidente della Repubblica Italiana) is the head of state of Italy and, in that role
Apr 26th 2017

Telecommunications in Italy
also: List of Italian telephone companies, List of radio stations in Italy, List of television channels in Italy, and Internet in Italy Telephones - main
Oct 22nd 2015

Italy in the Middle Ages
The Italian peninsula has a political history during the medieval period, roughly defined as the time between the collapse of the Western Roman Empire
Apr 27th 2017

Italian wine
Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, and Italian wines are known worldwide for their broad variety. Italy, closely
Apr 17th 2017

Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic)
For other kingdoms of Italy, see Kingdom of Italy (disambiguation). The Kingdom of Italy (ItalianItalian: Regno d'Italia; French: Royaume d'Italie) was a French
Apr 17th 2017

Italy–Mexico relations
ItalyMexico relations refers to the diplomatic relations between Italy and Mexico. Both nations are members of the G-20 major economies, Organisation
Jul 3rd 2016

Catholic Church in Italy
Church in Italy is part of the Catholic Church in communion with the Pope, curia in Rome, and the Conference of Italian Bishops. In addition to Italy, two
Mar 31st 2017

Italy national rugby union team
the rugby sevens side, see Italy national rugby sevens team. The Italy national rugby union team represents the nation of Italy in the sport of rugby union
Apr 15th 2017

Metropolitan cities of Italy
The metropolitan city (citta metropolitana in Italian) is an administrative division of Italy, operative since 2015. The metropolitan city, as defined
Apr 11th 2017

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