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Jane Frazee
Jane-Frehse">Mary Jane Frehse (July 18, 1918 – September 6, 1985), known as Jane-FrazeeJane Frazee, was an American actress, singer, and dancer. At the age of 6, Jane and her
Apr 18th 2017

Angels with Broken Wings
Angels with Broken Wings (1941) is an American comedy film starring Jane Frazee and Binnie Barnes, directed by Bernard Vorhaus, and released by Republic
Feb 14th 2015

San Antonio Rose (film)
Antonio Rose is a 1941 American black-and-white musical film starring Jane Frazee and featuring Lon Chaney, Jr. and Shemp Howard as a faux Abbott and Costello;
Mar 6th 2017

What's Cookin'?
Cookin'? is a 1942 American musical film starring The-Andrews-SistersThe Andrews Sisters, Jane Frazee, Robert Paige and Gloria Jean. The film was directed by Edward F. Cline
Dec 8th 2016

Beautiful But Broke
American musical comedy film starring Joan Davis and Jane Frazee. Joan Davis - Dottie Duncan Jane Frazee - Sally Richards Judy Clark - Sue Ford John Hubbard
Jun 15th 2016

When Johnny Comes Marching Home (film)
Comes Marching Home is a 1942 musical film starring Allan Jones and Jane Frazee. The film was directed by Charles Lamont and is loosely based on the
Mar 30th 2016

Don't Get Personal
Lamont and starring Jane Frazee. Hugh Herbert - Elmer Whippet / Oscar Whippet Mischa Auer - Stainslaus Noodnick a.k.a. Charlie Jane Frazee - Mary Reynolds
Feb 9th 2017

Cowboy Canteen
Cowboy Canteen is a 1944 American-WesternAmerican Western musical film starring Jane Frazee for Columbia Pictures. The film featured American troops entertained by a
Nov 2nd 2016

Almost Married
Almost Married is a 1942 American film starring Jane Frazee. Jane Frazee as Gloria Dobson Robert Paige as James Manning, lll Eugene Pallette as Doctor
Dec 30th 2016

Swingin' on a Rainbow
Swingin' on a Rainbow is a 1945 American film starring Jane Frazee. It included the final film appearance of Harry Langdon. At a radio station run by
Sep 3rd 2016

Hi'ya, Chum
American musical comedy film starring Jane Frazee and the Ritz Brothers. Ritz Brothers - Merry Madcaps Jane Frazee - Sunny Lee Robert Paige - Tommy Craig
Nov 5th 2016

Swing in the Saddle
in the Saddle is a 1944 American Western/musical film starring Jane Frazee. Jane Frazee as Penny Morrow Guinn Williams as "Tiny" Baldwin Slim Summerville
Oct 8th 2016

Last of the Wild Horses
Last of the Wild Horses is a 1948 American Western film starring Jane Frazee. It was featured in episode 611 of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Filming
Feb 5th 2016

Kansas City Kitty
romantic musical film directed by Del Lord, starring Joan Davis and Jane Frazee. The film features the singing Williams Brothers, including the youngest
Apr 15th 2017

Rhythm Inn
Rhythm Inn is a 1951 AmericanAmerican film starring Jane Frazee. A bandleader desperate to get his musicians' instruments out of hock promises a pawnbroker that
Feb 27th 2017

Incident (film)
film noir directed by William Beaudine and featuring Warren Douglas, Jane Frazee and Robert Osterloh. A man is mistaken for a hoodlum and beaten up
Feb 10th 2017

Springtime in the Sierras
Western film directed by William Witney starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, Jane Frazee and Andy-DevineAndy Devine. This film is now in the public domain. A singing cowboy
Feb 25th 2017

Calendar Girl (1947 film)
written by Lee Loeb, Mary Loos, and Richard Sale, with a cast featuring Jane Frazee, William Marshall, Gail Patrick, Kenny Baker and Victor McLaglen. This
Jul 19th 2016

Sing Another Chorus
Sing Another Chorus is a 1941 American film starring Jane Frazee. Andy Peyton comes home from college, wanting not to work for his father's failing garment
Apr 18th 2017

The Big Bonanza
The Big Bonanza is a 1944 American film starring Jane Frazee, Richard Arlen, Gabby Hayes, Robert Livingston and Lynne Roberts. Escaping from jail after
Sep 7th 2016

Rosie the Riveter (film)
a 1944 American film directed by Joseph Santley and starring Jane Frazee. Jane Frazee as Rosalind "Rosie" Warren Frank Albertson as Charlie Doran Barbara
Feb 10th 2017

Moonlight in Hawaii
Moonlight in Hawaii is a 1941 American musical film comedy starring Jane Frazee. Maria Montez has a small role, with her hair dyed blonde. Deciding
Apr 18th 2017

Under California Stars
Trucolor Western film directed by William Witney starring Roy Rogers, Jane Frazee and Andy Devine. The film was shot in. After returning from Hollywood
Feb 25th 2017

Moonlight in Havana
romantic comedy directed by Anthony Mann and featuring Allan Jones, Jane Frazee and Marjorie Lord. This was Mann's second film as director. Choreography
Mar 10th 2017

She's a Sweetheart
She's a Sweetheart is a 1944 AmericanAmerican film starring Jane Frazee. A woman known to all simply as "Mom" runs a canteen where soldiers in particular are
May 18th 2017

Ten Cents a Dance (1945 film)
Ten Cents a Dance is a 1945 American comedy film starring Jane Frazee. Privates Billy Sparks and Ted Kimball make use of their thirty-six-hour leave
Feb 4th 2017

Rhythm of the Islands
Islands, also known as Isle of Romance, is a 1943 American film starring Jane Frazee. Two ambitious guys from Brooklyn, Tommy Jones and Eddie Dolan, get
Jan 14th 2017

Melody and Moonlight
Melody and Moonlight is a 1940 American film starring Jane Frazee. Kay Barnett is a free spirit, much like her aunt Adelaide, but such flamboyant behavior
May 15th 2017

Moonlight Masquerade
Moonlight Masquerade is a 1942 American film starring Dennis O'Keefe and Jane Frazee. It is also known as Moonstruck and Tahiti Honey. Two business partners
May 1st 2016

List of Da Vinci's Inquest episodes
The list of Da Vinci's Inquest episodes, a Canadian dramatic television series, contains seven seasons of thirteen episodes each, for a total of ninety-one
May 17th 2017

Sumner Lincoln Fairfield
December 1825 he spent 4 months in England and when he returned he married Jane Frazee on September 20, 1826. Sumner had a very sensitive and melancholy personality
Jul 17th 2016

A Guy Could Change
Guy Could Change is a 1946 American drama film starring Allan Lane and Jane Frazee. It was the final film of director William K. Howard. Newspaperman
Apr 29th 2016

On the Old Spanish Trail
Trigger, the Smartest Horse in the West Tito Guizar as Rico / The Gypsy Jane Frazee as Candy Martin Andy Devine as Constable Cookie Bullfincher Estelita
Apr 2nd 2016

Get Hep to Love
to Love is a 1942 musical film starring Gloria Jean, Donald O'Connor, Jane Frazee, Robert Paige and Peggy Ryan. The film was directed by Charles Lamont
Dec 8th 2016

The Incident
Scottish history Incident, a 1948 film noir starring Warren Douglas and Jane Frazee The Incident (1967 film), a 1967 film starring Beau Bridges and Martin
Jan 11th 2017

Grand Canyon Trail
Roy Rogers. Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers Trigger as Trigger, Roy's Horse Jane Frazee as Carol Martin aka Carol Vanderpool Andy Devine as Cookie Bullfincher
Apr 18th 2017

Rosie the Riveter (disambiguation)
in the Rosie United States Rosie the Riveter (film), a 1944 film starring Jane Frazee The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, a 1980 documentary film "We
Apr 19th 2016

Glenn Tryon
and 1951. He was born in Juliaetta, Idaho and was married to actress Jane Frazee from 1942 to 1947. They had one son, Timothy Tryon. Glenn Tryon was also
Jan 7th 2017

Joe McDoakes
Lane in the first season of Adventures of Superman. Former singing star Jane Frazee took up the role beginning in 1954 with So You Want to Be Your Own Boss
Apr 23rd 2017

Practically Yours
Benchley as Judge Robert Simpson Tom Powers as Commander Harry Harpe Jane Frazee as Musical comedy star Rosemary DeCamp as Ellen Macy Isabel Randolph
Feb 5th 2016

Longacre Theatre
Coordinates: 40°45′37.5″N 73°59′08.73″W / 40.760417°N 73.9857583°W / 40.760417; -73.9857583 The Longacre Theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 220
Feb 17th 2017

Charlotte Canda
Charlotte Canda (February 3, 1828 – February 3, 1845), sometimes referred to simply as "Miss Canda", was a young debutante who died in a horse carriage
May 11th 2017

Penny Singleton
in the elite company of only two other female stars (Dorothy Page and Jane Frazee) who held the headliner roles as top-billed singing cowgirls. She starred
May 9th 2017

Hellzapoppin' (film)
as Chic Johnson Martha Raye as Betty Johnson Hugh Herbert as Quimby Jane Frazee as Kitty Rand Robert Paige as Jeff Hunter Mischa Auer as Pepi Richard
May 19th 2017

Connie Russell
16, 2016 – via Newspapers.com.  Briggs, Colin (December 7, 2006). "Jane Frazee, Betty Jane Rhodes, Connie Russell, Frances Langford, Ginny Simms". Retrieved
Aug 29th 2016

Beulah (radio and TV series)
McDaniel: Beulah (July - August; six episodes) David Bruce: Harry Henderson Jane Frazee: Alice Henderson Stuffy Singer: Donnie Henderson Ernest Whitman: Bill
Apr 10th 2017

Buck Privates
Smith Lou Costello as Herbie Brown Lee Bowman as Randolph Parker III Jane Frazee as Judy Gray Alan Curtis as Bob Martin Nat Pendleton as Sgt. Michael
May 6th 2017

Fine Feathers (play)
Fine Feathers is a 1912 drama in four acts by Eugene Walter. The play started as a scenario by Hackett Walter Hackett called "C.O.D.". Hackett, behind by $3
Apr 30th 2017

List of female movie actors by name: E–F
Pamela Franklin (born 1950) Mary Frann (1943–1998) Liz Fraser (born 1933) Jane Frazee (1918–1985) Pauline Frederick (1883–1938) Kathleen Freeman (1919–2001)
Mar 21st 2017

1918 in film
July 14 - Ingmar Bergman, actor, writer, director (died 2007) July 18 - Jane Frazee, singer, actress (died 1985) July 26 - Marjorie Lord, actress (died 2015)
Apr 1st 2017

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