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Japan (disambiguation). "Nippon" redirects here. For other uses, see Nippon (disambiguation). Coordinates: 35°N 136°E / 35°N 136°E / 35; 136 Japan
Apr 28th 2017

History of Japan
It is widely accepted that first human habitation in the Japanese archipelago can be traced back to prehistoric times. The Jōmon period, named after its
Apr 20th 2017

Empire of Japan
modern state, see Japan. The Empire of Japan (大日本帝國, Dai Nippon Teikoku?, literally "Greater Japanese Empire") was the historical Japanese nation-state
Apr 25th 2017

Occupation of Japan
The Allied occupation of Japan at the end of World War II was led by General Douglas MacArthur, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, with support
Apr 26th 2017

X Japan
X Japan (Japanese: エックス・ジャパン, Hepburn: Ekkusu Japan?) is a Japanese heavy metal band from Chiba, formed in 1982 by drummer Yoshiki and lead vocalist Toshi
Apr 26th 2017

Surrender of Japan
The surrender of Imperial Japan was announced on August 15 and formally signed on September 2, 1945, bringing the hostilities of World War II to a close
Apr 16th 2017

Geography of Japan
Japan is an island nation in East Asia comprising a stratovolcanic archipelago extending along the continent's Pacific coast. It lies between 24° to 46°
Mar 13th 2017

Demography of Japan
demographic data in Japan prior to 1945 refer to: Demographic history of Japan before the Meiji Restoration Demography of Imperial Japan Based on the census
Apr 22nd 2017

Outline of Japan
topical guide to Japan: Japan – an island nation in East Asia, located in the Pacific Ocean. It lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea
Apr 11th 2017

Japan Self-Defense Forces
Japan-Self">The Japan Self-Defense Forces (自衛隊, Jieitai?), or SDF JSDF, occasionally referred to as JSF, JDF, or SDF, are the unified military forces of Japan that were
Apr 19th 2017

Japan Airlines
other uses of "JAL", see JAL. Not to be confused with Air Japan, the charter carrier. Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL) (日本航空株式会社, Nihon Kōkū Kabushiki-gaisha
Apr 26th 2017

Prefectures of Japan
Prefectures of Japan (都道府県, Todōfuken?) consist of 47 prefectures. They form the first level of jurisdiction and administrative division of Japan. They consist
Apr 27th 2017

Christianity in Japan
are represented in Japan today. The root of the Japanese word for Christianity (キリスト教, Kirisuto-kyō?) comes from the Japanese katakana transcription
Apr 19th 2017

Economy of Japan
The economy of Japan is the third-largest in the world by nominal GDP and the fourth-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). and is the world's second
Apr 27th 2017

Education in Japan
In Japan, education is compulsory at the elementary and lower secondary levels. Most students attend public schools through the lower secondary level
Mar 26th 2017

Japan–United Kingdom relations
JapanUnited Kingdom relations (日英関係, Nichieikankei?) is a bilateral and diplomatic relation between Japan and the United Kingdom. The history of the
Apr 19th 2017

Yahoo! Japan
Yahoo! Japan Corporation (ヤフー株式会社, Yafū Kabushiki-gaisha?) is a Japanese internet company formed as a joint venture between the American internet company
Apr 4th 2017

Culture of Japan
"Japanese-SocietyJapanese-SocietyJapanese Society" redirects here. For the book, see Japanese-SocietyJapanese-SocietyJapanese Society (1970 book). The culture of Japan has evolved greatly over the millennia, from the
Apr 27th 2017

Pornography in Japan
Pornography in Japan is a large and intertwined business of adult entertainment with unique characteristics that readily distinguish it from Western pornography
Apr 23rd 2017

Flag of Japan
of Japan is a white rectangular flag with a red disc in the center. This flag is officially called Nisshōki (日章旗?, "sun-mark flag") in the Japanese language
Apr 22nd 2017

Religion in Japan
Religion in Japan is dominated by Shinto (the ethnic religion of the Japanese people) and by Buddhist schools and organisations. According to surveys
Apr 23rd 2017

The Japan Times
The Japan Times is Japan's largest English-language newspaper. It is published by The Japan Times, Ltd. (株式会社 ジャパン タイムズ, Kabushiki gaisha Japan Taimuzu
Apr 24th 2017

Emperor of Japan
"Japanese-EmperorJapanese Emperor" and "Tennō" redirect here. For the butterfly, see Sasakia charonda. For other uses, see Tenno (disambiguation). The Emperor of Japan
Apr 19th 2017

Germany–Japan relations
The relations between GermanyGermany and Japan (Japanese: 日独関係, translit. Nichidokukankei and German: Deutsch-japanische Beziehungen) were officially established
Mar 6th 2017

France–Japan relations
The history of relations between France and Japan goes back to the early 17th century, when a Japanese samurai and ambassador on his way to Rome landed
Apr 14th 2017

Cinema of Japan
cinema of Japan (日本映画, Nihon eiga?, also known domestically as 邦画 hōga, "domestic cinema") has a history that spans more than 100 years. Japan has one of
Apr 22nd 2017

Toilets in Japan
Toilets in Japan are generally more elaborate than toilets in other developed nations. There are two styles of toilets commonly found in Japan; the oldest
Apr 5th 2017

Japan–United States relations
JapanUnited-StatesUnited States relations (日米関係?) began in the late 18th and early 19th century, with the diplomatic but force-backed missions of U.S. ship captains
Apr 19th 2017

Foreign relations of Japan
The Foreign relations of Japan (日本の国際関係, Nihon no kokusai kankei?) is handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Since the surrender after World
Apr 24th 2017

Politics of Japan
Main article: Government of Japan-TheJapan The politics of Japan is conducted in a framework of a multi-party bicameral parliamentary representative democratic
Apr 25th 2017

Districts of Japan
The district (郡, gun?) was used as an administrative unit in Japan between 1878 and 1921 and was roughly equivalent to the county of the United States
Nov 30th 2016

Whaling in Japan
Japanese whaling (Japanese: 日本の捕鯨, Hepburn: Nihon no hogei?), in terms of active hunting of these large mammals, is estimated by the Japan Whaling Association
Apr 11th 2017

China–Japan relations
and Japan. For historical relations between imperial China and imperial Japan, see History of Sino-Japanese relations. For relations between Japan and
Apr 23rd 2017

Ethnic issues in Japan
statistics, 98.5% of the population of Japan are Japanese, with the remainder being foreign nationals residing in Japan. However, these statistics measure
Apr 17th 2017

Japan at the Olympics
Japan first participated at the Games Olympic Games in 1912, and has competed at almost every Games since then. The nation was not invited to the 1948 Games
Apr 19th 2017

Japan Standard Time
"Japan Time" redirects here. For Hong Kong television series, see Japan Time (TV series). Japan Standard Time or JST (日本標準時 Nihon Hyōjunji or 中央標準時
Apr 5th 2017

List of earthquakes in Japan
"Japanese earthquake" redirects here. For the 11 March 2011 earthquake in the Tōhoku region, see 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. This is a list of
Mar 19th 2017

History of Japan–Korea relations
See also: JapanKorea disputes For over 1,500 years, the relationship between Japan and Korea was characterized by cultural exchange, trade, war, and
Apr 6th 2017

Australia–Japan relations
AustraliaJapan relations are foreign relations between Australia and Japan. The relationships are generally warm and have since continued to grown considerably
Apr 27th 2017

Buddhism in Japan
Buddhism has been practiced in Japan since its official introduction in 552 AD according to the Nihon Shoki from Baekje, Korea by Buddhist monks. Though
Apr 14th 2017

Japan–Korea disputes
Japan and Korea (both North and South) on numerous issues over the years. Korea was ruled by the Imperial Japanese government (Korea under Japanese rule)
Apr 25th 2017

Billboard Japan
Billboard-JAPANBillboard JAPAN is a sister organization of the U.S.-based music magazine Billboard. It is operated by the Japanese Osaka-based company Hanshin Contents
Jan 10th 2017

Law of Japan
of Japan refers to the entirety of the legally achieved norms in Japan. Pre-Modern History Further information: Ritsuryō The early laws of Japan is
Apr 20th 2017

Prime Minister of Japan
Prime Ministers of Japan. The Prime Minister of Japan (内閣総理大臣, Naikaku-sōri-daijin or 首相 Shushō?) is the head of government of Japan. The Prime Minister
Apr 20th 2017

Sport in Japan
Sports in Japan are a significant part of Japanese culture. Both traditional sports such as sumo and martial arts, and Western imports like baseball and
Apr 16th 2017

History of the Jews in Japan
The history of the Jews in Japan is well documented in modern times with various traditions relating to much earlier eras. Jews are a minor ethnic and
Apr 25th 2017

Military history of Japan
The military history of Japan is characterized by a period of clan warfare that lasted until the 12th century AD. This was followed by feudal wars that
Apr 3rd 2017

Cabinet of Japan
The Cabinet of Japan (内閣, Naikaku?) is the executive branch of the government of Japan. It consists of the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the Emperor
Feb 21st 2017

India–Japan relations
IndiaJapan relations (Japanese: 日印関係, Hepburn: Nichiinkankei?) and (Hindi: भारत-जापान सम्बन्ध, translit. Bhārat - jāpān sambandh) have traditionally been
Apr 14th 2017

List of regions of Japan
The regions of Japan are not official administrative units, but have been traditionally used as the regional division of Japan in a number of contexts
Apr 16th 2017

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