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John King
Johnny) King may refer to: John King (MP for Gloucester), English, see Gloucester (UK Parliament constituency) John King (official) (1759–1830), English
Apr 20th 2017

King John (play)
John, a history play by William Shakespeare, dramatises the reign of John, King of England (ruled 1199–1216), son of Henry II of England and Eleanor of
Apr 6th 2017

John King (bishop of London)
Catholic bishop, see John King (Bishop of Portsmouth). For other people named John King, see John King (disambiguation). John King (died 30 March 1621)
Nov 2nd 2016

John, King of England
England's-Irish-ProblemEngland's Irish Problem," in Church (ed) 2007. Duncan, A. A. M. (2007) "King John King of England and the King of the Scots," in Church (ed) 2007. Dyer, Christopher
May 21st 2017

USS John King
John King (DDG-3) was a Charles F. Adams-class guided missile armed destroyer in the United States Navy named for Medal of Honor recipient John King.
Sep 16th 2016

King John
to: John, King of England (1166–1216) John Balliol, King of Scotland (c. 1249–1314) John, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (1455–1513) John, King of
May 17th 2017

John King (journalist)
John King (born August 30, 1963) is an American news anchor. He is CNN's chief national correspondent, based in Washington, DC, and is anchor of its roundtable
Apr 24th 2017

John King, Baron King of Wartnaby
For other people named John King, see John King (disambiguation). John Leonard King, Baron King of Wartnaby (29 August 1917 – 12 July 2005) was a British
Apr 20th 2017

John King (racing driver)
King-II">John King II (born April 1, 1988) is an American professional stock car racing driver. Born in Fort Blackmore, Virginia, King grew up in Kingsport,
Apr 24th 2017

John King Jr.
John B. King Jr. (born 1975) is the President and CEO of Education-Trust">The Education Trust. He served as the 10th United States Secretary of Education from 2016 to 2017
May 22nd 2017

John, King of Denmark
for 13 January 1483 at Halmstad, to work out the terms for electing John as king — his handfastning. The Swedish Council failed to turn up at the meeting
Aug 31st 2016

John A. King
John Alsop King (January 3, 1788 – July 7, 1867) was an American politician who was Governor of New York from 1857 to 1858. John Alsop King was born
May 15th 2017

John King (Master of Charterhouse)
For other people named John King, see John King. John King (c. 1655 – 4 August 1737) was an important English clergyman, the son of Thomas King. He
Oct 24th 2016

John 'Dusty' King
John 'Dusty' King (born Miller McLeod Everson, July 11, 1909 – November 11, 1987) was a singer and film actor renowned for his Westerns particularly the
May 19th 2017

King John (1899 film)
Play media King John is the title by which the earliest known example of a film based on a play by William Shakespeare is commonly known. Filmed in
May 15th 2017

John Balliol
[1221–1850] wherein Sir William Jermy MP 1335 marries Ellin, daughter of John Balioll, King of Scotland and they have a son, Sir John Jermy living 1338 marries
May 19th 2017

John G. King (physicist)
John Gordon King (1925-2014) was an English-born American physicist who was the Francis Friedman Professor of Physics (emeritus) at the Massachusetts Institute
Dec 23rd 2016

The King John School
The King John School, often abbreviated to King John, is a secondary academy school with a sixth form in South Benfleet, Essex, England. It is named after
May 12th 2017

Bart King
org/pal:/MM9.1.1/JVZ4-KYS : accessed 19 Oct 2013), John B King and Lockhart, 1911. "Obituary of John Barton King". Cricket Quarterly. 31 (1): 61. 1966. Archived
May 19th 2017

John King, USA
John King, USA is an hour-long television news show hosted by John King on CNN. The show debuted on March 22, 2010, airing at 6:00PM ET, originally at
Jan 22nd 2017

John Reed King
For other people named John King, see John King (disambiguation). John Reed King (October 25, 1914, Wilmington, DelawareJuly 8, 1979, Woodstown, New
Jul 25th 2016

John Richard C. King
"Representative John Richard C. King". South Carolina Legislature. Retrieved 25 November 2013.  "John King". Project Vote Smart. Retrieved April 25, 2015. 
Jan 28th 2017

John Pendleton King
King John Pendleton King (April 3, 1799 – March 19, 1888) was a United States Senator from Georgia. Born in Glasgow, Kentucky, King moved in infancy with his
Oct 25th 2016

Ransom of King John II of France
The ransom of King John II of France was an incident during the Hundred Years War between France and England. Following the English capture of the French
Mar 19th 2017

John of Bohemia
Translation: To the greatest and best God. Here under the altar is John, King of Bohemia, Count of Luxemburg, the son of the Emperor Henry VII, father
Apr 7th 2017

John King (footballer, born 1938)
John Allen King (15 April 1938 – 30 March 2016) was an English football player and manager. He is widely regarded as being the most successful manager
Feb 15th 2017

John King (bishop of Portsmouth)
Henry-King">John Henry King (1880–1965) was an English prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as the fourth Roman Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth from 1941
May 13th 2016

John III of Sweden
IV of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania# Prince Christopher# Prince John Casimir# King John II Casimir of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania# Prince Alexander
Apr 22nd 2017

J. Floyd King
John Floyd King (April 20, 1842 – May 8, 1915) was a U.S. Representative from Louisiana. He was born on St. Simons Island, off the coast of Georgia on
Mar 24th 2017

John B. King explosion
The John B. King explosion was a Canadian maritime disaster on June 26, 1930, when a drill boat containing dynamite was struck by lightning near Brockville
Apr 8th 2017

John King (Medal of Honor)
John King (February 7, 1865 – May 20, 1938) was an Irish sailor in the United States Navy and one of only 19 in history to receive the Medal of Honor
Sep 27th 2016

John William King
For the murderer, see John King (murderer). John William King (21 January 1908 – 25 March 1953) was an English cricketer who played 48 first-class matches
Apr 11th 2016

John King (footballer, born 1933)
John King (29 November 1933 – 1982) was a Welsh footballer who played at both professional and international levels as a goalkeeper. Born in Ferndale
Apr 24th 2017

John Dashwood-King
John Dashwood-King may refer to: Sir John Dashwood-King, 3rd Baronet (1716–1793), English landowner Sir John Dashwood-King, 4th Baronet (1765–1849), English
Mar 11th 2009

John Phillips (John, the Wolf King of L.A.)
John-PhillipsJohn Phillips (John, the Wolf King of L.A.) is the first solo recording by the Mamas & the Papas leader John-PhillipsJohn Phillips. All songs were Phillips originals
Feb 11th 2017

Stephen King
musical play Ghost Brothers of Darkland County (2012) with musician John Mellencamp. King produced an artist's book with designer Barbara Kruger, My Pretty
May 19th 2017

John of Saxony
remained as heir presumptive during all the reign of his brother. John became King of Saxony after the death of his brother Frederick Augustus II on 9
Mar 30th 2017

John King (New York congressman)
For other people named John King, see John King (disambiguation). John King (1775 – September 1, 1836) was a United States Representative from New York
Sep 11th 2016

Anthony John King Mussio
Anthony John King Mussio (June 13, 1902—April 15, 1978) was an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He was the first Bishop of Steubenville
Mar 6th 2017

Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr. (born Michael King Jr., January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an American Baptist minister and activist who was a leader in the
May 24th 2017

Coretta Scott King
Coretta Scott King (April 27, 1927 – January 30, 2006) was an American author, activist, civil rights leader, and the wife of Martin Luther King, Jr. from
May 24th 2017

King John's Castle
King John's Castle is the name of several large castles built in Ireland during the reign of King John of England (1166-1216), including: Athenry, County
Jan 17th 2017

King Missile
Chart Positions". Allmusic. Retrieved 2008-05-21.  "Interview w/ John". Farmboy's King Missile. Retrieved 2008-05-21.  "Bios". Heraty Law. Retrieved 2008-05-22
Feb 18th 2017

John III of Portugal
John III (Portuguese: Joao III Portuguese pronunciation: [ʒuˈɐ̃w̃]; 7 June 1502 – 11 June 1557) was the King of Portugal and the Algarves from 13 December
May 15th 2017

John IV of Portugal
King-John'sKing John's full style as King of Portugal was: By the Grace of God, John IV, King of Portugal and the Algarves before and beyond the sea in Africa, Lord
Apr 28th 2017

John King (official)
John King (1759–1830) was an English official of the Home Office, and in other posts, who was briefly a Member of Parliament for Enniskillen in 1806.
Oct 30th 2016

B.B. King
Ben-King Riley Ben King (September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015), known professionally as B.B. King, was an American blues singer, electric guitarist, songwriter, and
May 20th 2017

Christ the King
This article is about the title of Jesus. For other uses, see Christ the King (disambiguation). "Christ the Lord" redirects here. For the film produced
Apr 16th 2017

King walk
In chess, a king walk, also known as a king march, steel king (Dutch: wandelkoning, literally "wanderking") or fighting king, refers to occasions where
May 21st 2017

John King (record producer)
King John King, also known as "King-GizmoKing Gizmo", is a music producer and one-half of the Los Angeles-based duo the Dust Brothers. As the Dust Brothers, King and
Dec 27th 2016

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