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articles: KenyanKenyan general election, 2013; KenyanKenyan presidential election, 2013; Kenya-National-AssemblyKenya National Assembly elections, 2013; Kenya-SenateKenya Senate elections, 2013; Kenya gubernatorial
Apr 14th 2017

Kenyan Americans
See also: Kenyan migration to the United Kingdom and Kenyan Australian Kenyan Americans are Americans of Kenyan descent. As of the 2010 census, there
Apr 22nd 2017

Kenyan shilling
(sign: KSh; code: KES) is the currency of Kenya. It is divisible into 100 cents. The exchange rate of the Kenyan shilling slumped dramatically in mid-2011
Mar 15th 2017

Football in Kenya
Football-Kenya-FederationFootball Kenya Federation. Football is shown in television in the following channels: SuperSport / Kiss TV / KBC - Kenyan Premier League, Kenyan National
Feb 27th 2017

Kenyan general election, 2007
Daily Nation, 6 November 2007 Chaos mars Kenyan party primaries BBC News, 20 November 2007 Upset in Kenyan primaries News24, 18 November 2007 Kibaki:
Feb 22nd 2017

Kenyan literature
2016). "Kenya". Encyclopadia Britannica. Retrieved 21 October 2016Literature of Kenya Kenyan Catholics strike against African literature Kenyan folklore
Mar 22nd 2017

2007–08 Kenyan crisis
The 2007–08 KenyanKenyan crisis was a political, economic, and humanitarian crisis that erupted in Kenya after former President Mwai Kibaki was declared the
Mar 23rd 2017

Indians in Kenya
IndiansIndians in Kenya (also referred to as Kenyan Asians) are citizens and residents of Kenya with ancestral roots in the Indian subcontinent. Most are found
Apr 13th 2017

Kenyan Australians
Kenyan-AustraliansKenyan Australians are Australian citizens and residents of Kenyan origin and descent. They may be of indigenous African, European, or Indian heritage
Apr 22nd 2017

Women in Kenya
evolution of the traits of women in Kenya can be divided into Women within Swahili culture, Women in British Kenya, and Kenyan Women post-Independence. The condition
Apr 19th 2017

Kenya Defence Forces
the King's African Rifles were transformed to the Kenyan Military Forces and the Independent Kenyan Government was legally empowered to assign names to
Apr 13th 2017

2014 in Kenyan football
2015 season, the Kenyan Premier League will be contested by 18 teams. Main article: 2014 Kenyan Premier League The 2014 Kenyan Premier League season
Mar 4th 2016

Kenyan Regional Leagues
Kenyan-Regional-Leagues">The Kenyan Regional Leagues are the fourth tier in the Kenyan football league system. They have a promotion and relegation system with FKF Division One
Sep 20th 2015

Kenyan Premier League
This article is about the Kenyan-Premier-LeagueKenyan Premier League. For the FKF Premier League, see 2015 in Kenyan football. The Kenyan-Premier-LeagueKenyan Premier League (KPL), also known as
Apr 11th 2017

Foreign relations of Kenya
95 Godfrey Mwakikagile, Kenya: identity of a nation, (Godfrey Mwakikagile: 2007), p.79. "Somalia government supports Kenyan forces' mission". Standardmedia
Apr 21st 2017

Chinese Kenyan
Chinese(-)KenyanKenyan or KenyanKenyan(-)Chinese may refer to: People's Republic of ChinaKenya relations (c.f. a "ChineseKenyanKenyan treaty) Chinese people in Kenya KenyanKenyans in
Mar 29th 2009

Kenyan Cross Country Championships
Kenyan-Cross-Country-Championships">The Kenyan Cross Country Championships is an annual cross country running competition that serves as the national championship for Kenya. It is organised
Mar 22nd 2017

2007 in Kenyan football
them, the Kenyan-Premier-LeagueKenyan Premier League, had only seven teams, but were backed by FIFA. Remaining teams formed the KFFPL, supported by the Kenyan government
Jan 13th 2017

Kenyan migration to the United Kingdom
The largest proportion of Kenyan-born British residents are found in the capital, London, where around half of the Kenyan-born population in Britain
Dec 10th 2016

2015 in Kenyan football
Kenya Federation (FKF) and the Kenyan-Premier-LeagueKenyan Premier League (KPL) to reach an agreement over the running of the top division in Kenyan football. Following a proposal
Oct 5th 2016

Kenyan football league system
Kenyan">The Kenyan football league system is a series of several interconnected leagues for association football clubs in Kenya. As of 2015, the top level league
Sep 6th 2016

Cinema of Kenya
Kenyan The Kenyan government has made a conscious effort to develop Kenyan cinema as an industry, and in 2005 the government helped establish the Kenya Film
Mar 20th 2017

Flag of Kenya
The flag of Kenya (Swahili: Bendera ya Kenya) was officially adopted on December 12, 1963. The Kenyan flag is based on that of Kenya African National
Apr 16th 2017

Culture of Kenya
has revolutionised popular Kenyan music and created an industry dominated by the youth. There is also underground Kenyan hip hop that gets less radio
Mar 21st 2017

Kenyan general election, 2013
would be no attempts to register Kenyan voters in the diaspora. The IEBC later announced a decision to register Kenyan diaspora voters living within the
Jan 17th 2017

Kenya Police
lower ranks. Following Kenya's independence, the British officers were replaced with local Kenyan members. The current Kenyan police force, consists
Apr 4th 2017

Prime Minister of Kenya
of Kenya was a post in the Kenyan government. The first Prime Minister of Kenya was Jomo Kenyatta who became Prime Minister in 1963. In 1964, Kenya became
Mar 10th 2017

History of Kenya
Kibaki's side in the 2007 elections resulted in the 2007–2008 KenyanKenyan crisis. After that Kenya was succeeded by Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2013 elections. In
Apr 20th 2017

Demographics of Kenya
2009 Census, KenyanKenyan-Asians KenyanKenyan Asians number 46,782 people, while Asians without KenyanKenyan citizenship number 35,009 individuals. Europeans in Kenya primarily consist
Mar 15th 2017

Kenya at the Olympics
dramatically, from their first in 1996 to more than half the KenyanKenyan medals in 2016 (seven). Increasingly, Kenya-born athletes are competing in the Olympics for other
Feb 10th 2017

2008 in Kenyan football
"Kimanzi sacked as Kenya coach". BBC. 2009-01-18. Retrieved 2009-01-19.  RSSSF: Kenya 2008 Kenyan Premier League Kenyan Footie - Kenyan Football Portal
Sep 19th 2016

Football Kenya Federation
replacing Kenya-Limited">Football Kenya Limited. The FKF organises the Kenyan-Premier-LeagueKenyan Premier League, the Kenyan-Women's-Premier-LeagueKenyan Women's Premier League, FKF Division One and the Kenya national football
Mar 27th 2017

2011 in Kenyan football
football season in Kenya, the 48th competitive season in its history. Main article: 2011 Kenyan Premier League The 2011 Kenyan Premier League began
Sep 22nd 2016

Kenyan general election, 1992
the Rift Valley Province. Human Rights Watch accused several prominent Kenyan politicians, including President Daniel arap Moi and then-VP George Saitoti
Jul 1st 2016

2009 in Kenyan football
football season in Kenya, the 46th competitive season in its history. Main article: 2009 Kenyan Premier League The 2009 Kenyan Premier League began
Sep 20th 2016

2010 in Kenyan football
football season in Kenya, the 47th competitive season in its history. Main article: 2010 Kenyan Premier League The 2010 Kenyan Premier League began
Sep 21st 2016

Kenya Navy
Kenya Navy is the naval branch of Kenyan military forces. It is headquartered in Mombasa. Kenya Navy has Mtongwe base in Mombasa, Shimoni, Msambweni,
Nov 17th 2016

Coffee production in Kenya
Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, were used as the nucleus around which Kenyan coffee growing developed. Overview of the Kenyan coffee industry Another reference
Apr 4th 2017

Music of Kenya
them from the native Kenyan singers. Tourist-oriented pop covers are popular, and employ more live bands than more authentic Kenyan folk and pop genres
Apr 2nd 2017

Kenya–United States relations
attack have severally appealed to the Kenyan government to petition the U.S. government to compensate them. A Kenyan journalist who resides in the U.S. has
Jan 8th 2017

2012 in Kenyan football
As of July 22, 2012. Zone A Zone B Main article: 2012 Kenyan Premier League The 2012 Kenyan Premier League began on February 11, 2012 and ended on November
Sep 23rd 2016

List of heads of state of Kenya
Presidential Standard of Kenyatta-----There">Uhuru Kenyatta There are three living former Kenyan-HeadsKenyan Heads of State: until 2007 World Statesmen – Kenya-RulersKenya – Kenya
Apr 13th 2017

Economy of Kenya
instances. Prominent Asian-KenyanKenyan businesspeople include Manu Chandaria and Madatally Manji. In 1993, the Government of Kenya began a major program of economic
Apr 17th 2017

Kenya–Russia relations
2009). In July 2008, Kenyan Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula made a visit to Russia. In July 2002, Moscow was visited by Kenyan MPs from the Committee
Dec 19th 2016

Somalis in Kenya
Main articles: Somalia">Greater Somalia, Shifta War, and Somali and KenyanKenyan conflict Somalis in Kenya have historically inhabited the Northern Frontier District
Mar 4th 2017

Kenyan African mole-rat
KenyanKenyan-African">The KenyanKenyan African mole-rat or KenyanKenyan mole-rat (Tachyoryctes ibeanus) is a species of rodents in the family Spalacidae. It is endemic to Kenya. Its natural
Apr 9th 2017

Constitution of Kenya
Constitution of Kenya (1963) Constitutional Reforms in Kenya Kenyan constitutional referendum, 2005 Kenyan constitutional referendum, 2010 "Kenya referendum
Apr 17th 2017

Government of Kenya
Serikali are popularly used to refer to the KenyanKenyan government. The government was formed in 1963. However, Kenya didn't become a republic until 1964. Initially
Feb 15th 2017

Deputy President of Kenya
President The Deputy President of Kenya (formerly the Vice-President of Kenya) is the second-highest executive official in the Kenyan government. There has been
Jul 12th 2016

Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya
presiding officer of the Kenyan National Assembly. From 1963-2013 the National Assembly was the unicameral body of the Kenyan Parliament. The speaker
Sep 28th 2016

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