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György Kepes
retirement in 1974. Kepes was born in Selyp, Hungary. His younger brother was Imre Kepes, ambassador in Argentina, father of Andras Kepes journalist, documentary
Mar 1st 2017

Géza Képes
form of this personal name is Kepes Geza. This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals. Geza Kepes (February 1, 1909, Mateszalka,
Mar 22nd 2016

András Kepes
Andras Kepes was born in Hungary, Budapest and grew up in his native city, as well as in Beirut and Buenos Aires, where his father, Imre Kepes was stationed
Jan 17th 2017

Juliet Kepes
Kepes Juliet Kepes (nee Appleby) was a British illustrator, painter and sculptor. Kepes studied at Brighton School in the 1930s, and met her future husband
Mar 7th 2017

keping may refer to: Kelantan keping, a former currency of Kelantan (now part of Malaysia) Trengganu keping, a former currency of Trengganu (now part
Jun 12th 2012

Yu Keping
Yu Keping (Chinese: 俞可平) is the Director of the Center for Chinese Government Innovations at Beijing University. He is a noted scholar having produced
Oct 22nd 2016

Kelantan keping
The keping was the currency of Kelantan until 1909 when it was replaced by the Straits dollar. It was subdivided into 10 pitis. Coins were struck in tin
May 18th 2014

Wang Keping
Wang Keping may refer to: Wang Keping (academic) (Chinese: 王柯平; pinyin: Wang Kēping), Chinese professor of aesthetics and philosophy Wang Keping (artist)
Nov 4th 2013

Małachowo-Kępe [mawaˈxɔvɔ ˈkɛmpɛ] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Witkowo, within Gniezno County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, in west-central
Oct 12th 2013

Chronicon Pictum
English: Illuminated Chronicle or Vienna Illuminated Chronicle, Hungarian: Kepes Kronika also referred to as Chronica Hungarorum, Chronicon (Hungariae) Pictum
Feb 7th 2017

Trengganu keping
dollar. It was subdivided into 10 pitis. Coins were issued in denominations of 1 pitis (tin), 1 keping (copper) and 10 keping (tin). Kelantan keping
Sep 19th 2016

Anna Kepe
Kepe Anna Kepe (born 1977) is a director, actress, producer, pedagogue and entrepreneur. Kepe received her MFA from The Shakespeare Theatre, Academy for Classical
Nov 16th 2016

Wang Keping (academic)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wang. Wang Keping is philosophy professor and PhD supervisor of Beijing International Studies University (BISU)
Mar 2nd 2017

Tash-Kepe is a village in Osh Region of Kyrgyzstan.
Mar 23rd 2017

Kalpin County
Kalpin-CountyKalpin County (Chinese: 柯坪县, Pinyin: Kēping Xian; Uyghur: كەلپىن ناھىيىسى, Келпин Наһийиси‎, ULY: Kelpin Nahiyisi, UYY: Kelpin Nah̡iyisi?) is a county
Apr 28th 2017

Mit Program in Art Culture and Technology
Gyorgy Kepes. In 2009, CAVS merged with the Arts-Program">MIT Visual Arts Program, to become the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT). Gyorgy Kepes, who
Mar 4th 2017

József Braun
in 1943 in a Nazi forced labor camp. He was Jewish. His nephew is Andras Kepes journalist, documentary filmmaker and author Braun played as youth with
Jan 30th 2017

Racovița, Timiș
commune in Timiș CountyCounty, Romania. It is composed of six villages: Căpăt (Keped), Drăgoiești (Dragonyfalva), Ficătar (Feketeer), Hitiaș (Hattyas), Racovița
Jun 6th 2016

My Girl Tisa
Prumbs and Sara B. Smith (copyrighted 14 May 1946). Lilli Palmer as Tisa Kepes Sam Wanamaker as Mark Denek Akim Tamiroff as Mr. Grumbach Alan Hale, Sr
Apr 26th 2017

Hungarian Plain. The northern district of the town is called Selyp. Gyorgy Kepes was born here in 1906. A large power plant overshadows the south of the
Mar 24th 2017

Hviezdoslavovo námestie (Bratislava)
hangulatok kepes levelezolapokon ", p. 122, p. 150, p. 154 (Hungarian) Ferenc Keszeli, "Pozsony... Anno... Szazadfordulos evtizedek, hangulatok kepes levelezolapokon
Jan 14th 2017

Five Little Monkeys (book)
Five Little Monkeys is a book by Juliet Kepes, published in 1952, which won her a Caldecott Honor citation in 1953, as well as other “awards from the
May 28th 2016

Goreng and Keropok Lekor Keping. Keropok Lekor Goreng is shaped into sausage size and tastes more chewy, whereas Keropok Lekor Keping is shaped into slices
Apr 28th 2017

Garcinia atroviridis
Garcinia atroviridis, known as Asam Gelugur, asam gelugo, or asam keping in Malay, (Thai: ส้มแขก) is a large rainforest tree native to peninsular Malaysia
Oct 27th 2015

Attila József Prize
Hungarian Wikipedia Some notable prizewinners include: Laszlo Nemeth 1951 Geza Kepes 1952 Sandor-Dallos-1953Sandor Dallos 1953 Lajos Aprily 1954 Magda Szabo 1959 and 1972 Sandor
Feb 14th 2017

Centre of Planning and Economic Research
Centre The Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) was established in 1959 as a research unit, under the title "Centre for Economic Research", to study
Dec 13th 2014

Sumatran dollar
subdivided into four suku (Malay, Jawi: ﺳوکو, English: quarter), each of 100 keping (Malay, Jawi: کڤڠ or کفڠ; English: pieces). The dollar was equal in value
Apr 24th 2017

Kevin A. Lynch
Gyorgy Kepes were awarded a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to study perceptions of the urban environment and urban form. Lynch and Kepes' research
Feb 9th 2017

Dóra Danics http://starity
Jul 2nd 2016

accounting software for free". TechRepublic. Retrieved 16 May 2016Ben Kepes (6 May 2016). "Google Apps for Work has a new "New & Noteable" app". ComputerWorld
Mar 13th 2017

Avi Networks
Retrieved 2017-04-16.  Kepes, Ben. "Avi Networks Raises $33M To Take On F5, Netscaler And Others". Forbes. Retrieved 2017-04-16.  Kepes, Ben. "Avi Networks
Apr 17th 2017

The pitis was a tin coin issued by several South-East Asian states. It may refer to: Brunei pitis Palembang pitis Kelantan keping Trengganu keping
Aug 27th 2016

Art and Design Academy
in 2012, the ERC has hosted exhibitions of work by Adrian Henri, Gyorgy Kepes and LInternationale. Norman Thelwell - Cartoonist John Lennon - Musician
Apr 11th 2016

Sándor Bródy (writer)
Kolozsvar (present-day Cluj-Napoca), and was also connected with the "Erdelyi Kepes Ujsag" and the political daily "Magyarsag". Since 1890 he was a member of
Nov 9th 2016

James Georgopoulos
the wing of Kepes Gyorgy Kepes, who was part of the Bauhaus movement, spending many of his formative years in Kepes'Kepes' studios and cites Kepes as a significant
Feb 1st 2017

is from the Honfoglalas (settlement of the Magyars). Due to Anonymus and Kepes Kronika Csak was the son of Chief Előd's great-grandcild Szabolcs. From
Mar 23rd 2017

Eduardo Rózsa-Flores
September 2008 by Hungarian journalist Kepes Andras Kepes prior to his last trip to Bolivia, and asked Kepes not to release the interview until he returned
Feb 24th 2017

Carlotta Corpron
1942 to teach a light workshop. Around the same time, the artist Gyorgy Kepes came to Denton to write a book, and he helped expand her repertoire, introducing
Nov 19th 2016

Million in Funding". Irish Research Council. Retrieved 6 March 2014Kepes, Ben. "Logentries Joins The Real Time Log Management and Analytics Space"
Dec 30th 2016

Management to Codesion Platform". Retrieved 18 October 2010Kepes, Ben. "CollabNet and the Cloud-Development-Perspective">Enterprise Cloud Development Perspective". Cloud
Sep 14th 2016

Accounting software
2017.  Kepes, Ben. "David Versus Goliath--Xero And Intuit Provide Enough Fireworks For A 4th Of July Show". Retrieved 19 October 2015Kepes, Ben. "ZipBooks
Apr 14th 2017

Bubble (programming language)
to put programmers out of work". Retrieved-4Retrieved 4 March 2017Kepes, Ben. "Bubble, Bubble, ending the developer struggle?". Computerworld. Retrieved
Mar 13th 2017

Boston Opera House (1980)
by G. Kepes, 1956 Marquee">Keith's RKO Theater Marquee at Night, "There's No Business Like Show Business," Washington Street, 9:30 P.M., 1950s, by G. Kepes City
Jan 18th 2017

Control Mobile Data Use Using SaaS". TechCrunch. Retrieved 17 April 2013Kepes, Ben. "Wandera Raises $15M To Protect Mobile Data And Deliver It More Cheaply"
Oct 10th 2016

Radomir Mihailović
Petar; ISBN 978-86-905317-1-4 Nevidljive terazije Slobodana Stojanovića Kepe, Jakovljević Mirko; ISBN 86-83525-67-8 Radomir Mihailović Točak at Progarchives
Feb 6th 2017
2010-12-07)".  Kepes, Ben (2013-12-04). "The Cloud ERP Market Heats Up - FinancialForce Makes Two Strategic Acquisitions (Forbes, 2013-12-04)".  Kepes, Ben. "Surprising
Mar 31st 2017

Gmina Witkowo
Jaworowo, KamionkaKamionka, KoKołaczkowo, KrolewiecKrolewiec, KrzyKrzyżowka, Mąkownica, Małachowo-Kępe, Małachowo-Szemborowice, Małachowo-Wierzbiczany, Małachowo-Złych Miejsc,
Mar 18th 2017

Maurice K. Smith
Olson, William Carlos Williams, and Francis Ponge in poetry, and of Gyorgy Kepes and Paul Klee in the visual arts. Smith's published works include the offices
Jan 31st 2017

Rudolph de Harak
de Harak was influenced by two lectures given by Will Burtin and Gyorgy Kepes which compelled him to pursue graphic design. Along with Saul Bass, Alvin
Feb 19th 2017

Péter Hédervári
Naprendszeren innen es tul. 1983 Ustokos kutatas az űrkorszakban. 1983 Kepes csillagvilag. 1984 Ismeretlen Naprendszerünk. 1986 Vulkankitoresek mas egitesteken
Jul 17th 2014

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