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Klein may refer to: Klein (surname) Klein (crater), a lunar feature Klein, Montana, United States Klein, Texas, United States Klein Bikes, a bicycle
Nov 12th 2014

Klein bottle
In mathematics, the Klein bottle /ˈklaɪn/ is an example of a non-orientable surface; it is a two-dimensional manifold against which a system for determining
Apr 25th 2017

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Inc. is an American fashion house founded by the fashion designer Calvin Klein. The company is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York
Apr 23rd 2017

Klein Bikes
Klein Bikes was a bicycle company founded by Gary Klein that pioneered the use of large diameter aluminium alloy tubes for greater stiffness and lower
May 6th 2017

Felix Klein
Christian Felix Klein (German: [klaɪn]; 25 April 1849 – 22 June 1925) was a German mathematician and mathematics educator, known for his work in group
May 18th 2017

A. M. Klein
Abraham-MosesAbraham Moses "A. M." Klein (14 February 1909 – 20 February 1972) was a Canadian poet, journalist, novelist, short story writer and lawyer. He has been
Jan 8th 2017

Lawrence Klein
Lawrence Robert Klein (September 14, 1920 – October 20, 2013) was an American economist. For his work in creating computer models to forecast economic
Mar 30th 2017

International Klein Blue
this color, see Yves Klein Blue. International Klein Blue (IKB) is a deep blue hue first mixed by the French artist Yves Klein. IKB's visual impact
Apr 25th 2017

Klein Independent School District
Klein Independent School District (Klein ISD) is a school district that covers 87.5 square miles (227 km2) in Harris County, Texas, United States. The
May 12th 2017

Klein–Gordon equation
Klein The KleinGordon equation (KleinFockGordon equation or sometimes KleinGordonFock equation) is a relativistic wave equation, related to the Schrodinger
Mar 26th 2017

Joe Klein
Joe Klein (born September 7, 1946) is a political columnist for Time magazine and is known for his novel Primary Colors, an anonymously written roman
May 17th 2017

Kaluza–Klein theory
In physics, KaluzaKlein theory (KK theory) is a unified field theory of gravitation and electromagnetism built around the idea of a fifth dimension beyond
May 22nd 2017

Naomi Klein
Naomi Klein (born May 8, 1970) is a Canadian author, social activist, and filmmaker known for her political analyses and criticism of corporate globalization
May 2nd 2017

Beltrami–Klein model
In geometry, the BeltramiKlein model, also called the projective model, Klein disk model, and the CayleyKlein model, is a model of hyperbolic geometry
Jan 1st 2017

S. Klein
S. Klein On The Square, or simply, S. Klein, was a popular priced department store chain based in New York City that is now defunct. The flagship stores
Apr 12th 2017

Monsieur Klein
Klein Monsieur Klein (Mr. Klein) is a 1976 French film directed by Joseph Losey, with Alain Delon starring in the title role. Paris, January 1942. France is
Feb 18th 2017

Klein four-group
In mathematics, the Klein four-group (or just Klein group or VierergruppeVierergruppe (English: four-group), often symbolized by the letter V or as K4) is the group
May 17th 2017

Ralph Klein
Ralph Phillip Klein, OC AOE (November 1, 1942 – March 29, 2013) was a Canadian politician who served as the 12th Premier of Alberta and leader of the
May 7th 2017

Melanie Klein
Melanie Reizes Klein (30 March 1882 – 22 September 1960) was an Austrian-British psychoanalyst who devised novel therapeutic techniques for children that
May 15th 2017

A. J. Klein
A. J. Klein (born July 30, 1991) is an American football linebacker for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League (NFL). He played college
Apr 20th 2017

Ezra Klein
Ezra Klein (born May 9, 1984) is an American journalist, blogger, and political commentator. He is most known for his former work as a blogger and columnist
May 22nd 2017

Klein quartic
In hyperbolic geometry, the Klein quartic, named after Felix Klein, is a compact Riemann surface of genus 3 with the highest possible order automorphism
Nov 9th 2016

Allen Klein
Allen Klein (December 18, 1931 – July 4, 2009) was an American businessman, music publisher, writers' representative, filmmaker and record label executive
May 6th 2017

George Klein (biologist)
For other people named George Klein, see George Klein (disambiguation). George Klein (Georg Klein or Klein Gyorgy, 28 July 1925 – 10 December 2016)
May 6th 2017

Richard Klein
Richard Klein may refer to: Richard Klein (astronomer), American professor Richard Klein (artist) (1890–1967), German artist active during the Nazi era
Apr 2nd 2016

Klein, Texas
entire area of Klein-ISDKlein ISD. Residents of the zip codes 77379, 77389 and 77391 can use Klein as their postal city. It is named after Adam Klein, a German immigrant
May 6th 2017

Klein Bünzow
Klein Bünzow is a municipality in the Vorpommern-Greifswald district, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. Klein Bünzow railway station connects the area
Jan 20th 2017

Klein (surname)
Klein is the Dutch and German word for "small", which came to be used as a surname, and thence passed into the names of places, concepts and discoveries
May 22nd 2017

Klein High School
Klein-High-SchoolKlein High School is a public high school located in Klein, Texas, United States, located approximately 30 miles (48 km) from Downtown Houston. It serves
May 6th 2017

Oskar Klein
Klein Oskar Benjamin Klein (Swedish: [klajn]; September 15, 1894 – February 5, 1977) was a Swedish theoretical physicist. Klein was born in Danderyd outside
Apr 10th 2017

Inocențiu Micu-Klein
Inocențiu Micu-Klein (1692–1768) was a Bishop of Făgăraș and Primate of the Romanian Greek Catholic Church from 1730 to his resignation in 1751. He played
Apr 18th 2016

David Klein
David Klein may refer to: David Klein (American artist) (1918–2005), American artist David Klein (economist) (born 1935), former governor of the Bank of
Jan 24th 2014

Kit Klein
Catherine "Kit" Klein (March 28, 1910 – April 13, 1985) was an American speed skater. Kit Klein was born in Buffalo, New York and started competing
Jan 31st 2017

Klein Rönnau
Klein Ronnau is a municipality in the district of Segeberg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. On an Area of 453 acres (1.83 km2) live about 1600 people
Jan 20th 2017

Steven Klein
MLB pitcher Steve Klein (soccer) (born 1975), American soccer player Steve Klein (musician) (born 1979), American musician Steven Klein (photographer) (born
Jan 17th 2016

William Klein
William Klein may refer to: William Klein (photographer) Willie Klein, golfer Bill Klein (disambiguation) William G. Kline, sports coach William Klyne
May 30th 2013

Herb Klein (journalist)
Herbert George Klein (April 1, 1918 – July 2, 2009), also called Herb Klein, was best known as United States President Richard Nixon's Executive Branch
Feb 28th 2017

Jonathan Klein
Jonathan Klein may refer to: Jonathan Klein (CNN) (born 1958), former president of the American television news network CNN Jonathan Philip Klein (born 1956)
Jun 18th 2016

Klein-Pochlarn is a town in the district of Melk in the Austrian state of Lower Austria. The town is located on the left of the Danube. For reaching
Jan 26th 2017

T. E. D. Klein
Theodore "Eibon" Klein Donald Klein (born July 15, 1947) is an American horror writer and editor. Klein has published very few works, but they have all achieved
Dec 26th 2016

Anne Klein
Klein Anne Klein (August 3, 1923 – March 19, 1974) was an American fashion designer who founded her own women's sportswear and apparel label. Klein was born
Apr 3rd 2017

Klein graphs
In the mathematical field of graph theory, the Klein graphs are two different but related regular graphs, each with 84 edges. Each can be embedded in
Aug 16th 2016

Klein geometry
In mathematics, a Klein geometry is a type of geometry motivated by Felix Klein in his influential Erlangen program. More specifically, it is a homogeneous
Aug 2nd 2015

Michael Klein (footballer, born 1959)
Michael Klein (10 October 1959 – 2 February 1993) was a Romanian footballer who played as a left back. He most prominently played for Bayer Uerdingen
May 14th 2017

Klein Sexual Orientation Grid
Klein-Sexual-Orientation-Grid">The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid (KSOG) developed by Klein Fritz Klein attempts to measure sexual orientation by expanding upon the earlier Kinsey scale. Klein
Jan 30th 2017

Ron Klein
Not to be confused with Ron-KlainRon Klain. RonaldRonald "Ron" Klein (born July 10, 1957) is an American politician and lawyer who is a former member of the United States
Apr 15th 2017

Klein–Nishina formula
The KleinNishina formula gives the differential cross section of photons scattered from a single free electron in lowest order of quantum electrodynamics
Mar 21st 2017

Fritz Klein
Fritz Klein (24 November 1888 – 13 December 1945) was a German Nazi physician hanged for his role in atrocities at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during
Apr 12th 2017

Samuel Klein
Samuel Klein may refer to: Samuel Klein (businessman) (1923–2014), founder of the Casas Bahia chain of stores in Brazil Samuel Klein (doctor), doctor
Jul 5th 2016

George Klein
Klein may refer to: George Klein (inventor) (1904–1992), Canadian inventor George Klein (comics) (died 1969), American comic book artist George Klein
Nov 26th 2016

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