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Konrad Kujau
Konrad Paul Kujau (27 June 1938 – 12 September 2000) was a German illustrator and forger. He became famous in 1983 as the creator of the so-called Hitler
Apr 22nd 2017

Kujau may refer to: Konrad Kujau, a German illustrator and forger Kujau, Germany, a village in Krapkowice County, Poland formerly part of Germany
Oct 13th 2016

Selling Hitler
criminal Konrad Kujau. The five-part series was directed by Alastair Reid and starred: Jonathan Pryce as Gerd Heidemann Alexei Sayle as Konrad Kujau Tom Baker
Apr 11th 2017

Hitler Diaries
sixty volumes of journals purportedly by Adolf Hitler, but forged by Konrad Kujau between 1981 and 1983. The diaries were purchased in 1983 for 9.3 million
May 10th 2017

meaning in German. Fritz Knobel (the film's alter-ego of real-life forger Konrad Kujau) supports himself by faking and selling Nazi memorabilia. He sells a
Apr 23rd 2017

Museum of Art Fakes
anachronisms into his paintings. Also on display are items produced by Konrad Kujau, creator of the fake Hitler Diaries, as well as works by David Stein
Oct 19th 2016

Gerd Heidemann
and sentenced in 1985 to four and a half years in prison for fraud. Konrad Kujau, who had actually done the forging of the books in Hitler's handwriting
Jan 21st 2017

cities in Germany Lobau is twinned with: Mako, Hungary August Forster Konrad Kujau (1938-2000), forger Harris Newmark (1834 - 1916), Pioneer businessman
Mar 10th 2017

Max Domarus
the first original Edition. These were later used in the unmasking of Konrad Kujau's forged 'Hitler-DiariesHitler Diaries'.[citation needed] Domarus, M. (1990). Hitler:
Jan 13th 2017

Authority (textual criticism)
author, but they do have authority as a witness to the intentions of Konrad Kujau, the forger. A page on Wikipedia could be said to indicate the intentions
Jan 13th 2017

Stern (magazine)
edition. Scientific examination soon proved them forgeries committed by Konrad Kujau who had created the journals between 1981 and 1983 as a hoax. A British
Mar 3rd 2017

Karl Wolff
Diaries, and was deeply shattered when they turned out to be forgeries by Kujau Konrad Kujau. Asked to attend the trial of Heidemann and Kujau, Wolff declined; on
May 11th 2017

List of fictional diaries
Fake memoirs Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks (1971) Hitler Diaries by Konrad Kujau (1983) Three medical diaries by John Knyveton (actually by Ernest Gray):
Apr 20th 2017

List of German painters
(1850–1915) Hans Kuhn (1905–1991) Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert (1865–1926) Konrad Kujau (1938–2000) Friedrich Kunath (born 1974) Curt Lahs (1893–1958) Mark
May 24th 2017

June 27
judge 1938 – Yevgeniy Ivchenko, Ukrainian race walker (d. 1999) 1938 – Konrad Kujau, German illustrator (d. 2000) 1939 – R. D. Burman, Indian singer-songwriter
May 5th 2017

fraudulent Bayou Hedge Fund Group, and faked suicide to avoid jail. Konrad Kujau, German fraudster and forger responsible for the "Hitler Diaries". Kenneth
May 24th 2017

Fake memoirs
guise of a Holocaust survivor and adopted the alias of Laura Grabowski. Konrad Kujau forged The Hitler Diaries in 1983. When first published in the Sunday
May 2nd 2017

Outline of forgery
documentary F for Fake Geert Jan Jansen (born 1943) Tom Keating (1917–1984) Konrad Kujau (1938–2000) — the author of the Hitler Diaries Mark A. Landis (born 1955)
May 18th 2017

Uwe Ochsenknecht
Geheimnisse Bruno Maschke TV All Out Paul 1992 Schtonk! Fritz Knobel (aka Konrad Kujau) Auf Achse: Musa und Marie Benno TV Tatort: Der Morder und der Prinz
Nov 13th 2016

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