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Larry Bird
Larry Joe Bird (born December 7, 1956) is an American professional basketball executive, former coach and former player, most recently serving as president
May 25th 2017

One on One: Dr. J vs. Larry Bird
Dr. J and One Larry Bird Go One on One, commonly known as One on One, is a 1983 computer basketball game written by Eric Hammond for the Apple II and published
Dec 29th 2016

Surfin' Bird
"Surfin' Bird" is a song performed by American surf rock band The Trashmen, and it is also the name of the album that featured this hit single. It was
Apr 28th 2017

Jordan vs. Bird: One on One
It is the sequel to One on One: Dr. J vs. Larry Bird. Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls and Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics were the only two players
Apr 19th 2017

J. Malcolm Bird
Bird James Malcolm Bird (September 2, 1886 – October 30, 1964) was an American mathematician and parapsychologist. Bird was born in Brooklyn to James Gedney
May 15th 2017

Simonson about basketball stars Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers and Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics, their rise from college basketball to the NBA and
Dec 22nd 2016

Angeles Dodgers pitcher Larry Walker, former major league outfielder Larry Bird, American Hall-of-Fame National Basketball Association player Larry Brown
May 22nd 2017

Bird (surname)
(1829–1911), American politician Kai Bird (born 1951), American author Larry Bird (born 1956), American basketball player Lester Bird (born 1938), American
Jan 26th 2017

Missouri Valley Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year
The Larry Bird Missouri Valley Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year is an annual basketball award given to the Missouri Valley Conference's most
Apr 7th 2017

Rose Bird
Rose Elizabeth Bird (November 2, 1936 – December 4, 1999) served for 10 years as the 25th Chief Justice of California. She was the first female justice
May 25th 2017

Origin of birds
The origin of birds refers to the initial stages in the evolution of birds. The scientific consensus is that birds are a group of theropod dinosaurs that
May 20th 2017

List of career achievements by Larry Bird
details the records, statistics, and other achievements pertaining to Larry Bird. Games: 897 Win-Lost: 660-237 Points: 21791 Rebounds: 8974 Assist:
Mar 2nd 2017

Talking bird
"Talking-BirdsTalking-BirdsTalking Birds" redirects here. For the theatre company based in England, see Talking-BirdsTalking-BirdsTalking Birds (company). Play media Talking birds are birds that can
May 6th 2017

Larry MacPhail
Leland Stanford "Larry" MacPhail, Sr. (February 3, 1890 – October 1, 1975) was an American lawyer and an executive and innovator in Major League Baseball
May 23rd 2017

Collins Bird Guide
The Collins Bird Guide is a field guide to the birds of the Western Palearctic. Its authors are Lars Svensson, Killian Mullarney, Dan Zetterstrom and Peter
Jun 29th 2016

Sweet Bird
Sweet Bird is the third album by Lani Hall. "Send In The Clowns" (Stephen Sondheim) 2:21 "That’s When Miracles Occur" (Andy Pratt) 3:07 "Early Mornin
Dec 31st 2016

NBA salary cap
Perhaps the most well-known of the NBA's salary cap exceptions is the Larry Bird exception, so named because the Boston Celtics were the first team permitted
May 22nd 2017

Larry Robinson
Larry Clark Robinson (born June 2, 1951) is a Canadian ice hockey coach, executive and former player. He has also served as head coach for the New Jersey
May 26th 2017

Larry Farmer (basketball)
basketball program as assistant coach". Retrieved June 20, 2013.  Larry Bird; Earvin Johnson; Jackie MacMullan (November 4, 2009). When the Game Was
Mar 28th 2017

Larry Lance
Larry Lance is a DC Comics character, associated with the superheroine Black Canary, a detective who was father to Black Canary. His first appearance was
May 3rd 2017

Evolution of birds
Archaeopteryx The evolution of birds began in the Jurassic Period, with the earliest birds derived from a clade of theropoda dinosaurs named
Mar 21st 2017

Bird York (album)
York Released 1999 Genre Modern rock Length 43:00 Label Blissed Out Producer Bird York, Jamie Muhoberac, Thom Russo, Larry Klein Bird York chronology
Mar 10th 2017

The Bird and the Bee
The Bird and the Bee (stylized as the bird and the bee) is an American indie pop musical duo from Los Angeles, consisting of Inara George ("the bird")
Jan 4th 2017

Big Bird in China
Big Bird in China was a 1983 television special produced by Sesame Workshop and CCTV. It was originally broadcast on May 29, 1983 on NBC. The special was
Dec 24th 2016

Larry Martin
For the South Carolina politician, see Larry A. Martin. Larry Dean Martin (December 8, 1943 – March 9, 2013) was an American vertebrate paleontologist
Nov 18th 2016

A Bird in the Head
A Bird in the Head is the 89th short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1946 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard,
Mar 21st 2017

Simon Bird
Simon Antony Bird (born 19 August 1984) is an English actor and comedian. He is best known for playing Adam Goodman in the Channel 4 comedy Friday Night
May 26th 2017

Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals
broadcast on HBO. The film chronicles the rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird that began with the 1979 NCAA Basketball Championship Game and lasted
Mar 6th 2017

Lady Bird (film)
Lady Bird is an upcoming American comedy drama film written and directed by Greta Gerwig. It stars Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Lucas Hedges, Tracy Letts
May 18th 2017

Larry Gogan
Lorcan 'Larry' Gogan (born 6 May 1938) is an Irish broadcaster working for Raidio Teilifis Eireann (RTE). He is a disc jockey on RTE 2fm. His show is The
May 11th 2017

Big Bird (disambiguation)
Big Bird is a character in Sesame Street. Big Bird may also refer to: A 1968 song by Eddie Floyd A 1983 song by the The B-52s A 2011 song by Andrew Jackson
Nov 4th 2016

Indiana State Sycamores men's basketball
Larry Bird – 1979 consensus Larry Bird – 1979 Larry Bird – 1979 Larry Bird – 1979 Larry Bird – 1979 Larry Bird – 1979 Larry Bird – 1979 Larry Bird
Apr 27th 2017

Larry Kenney
Kenney Larry Kenney (born August 5, 1947) is an American radio personality and voice actor. In 1963, Kenney began his radio career at the age of 15 as a disc
Apr 6th 2017

Charlie Bird
Charles "Charlie" Bird (born 9 September 1949) is an Irish journalist and broadcaster. He was Chief News Correspondent with RTE News and Current Affairs
May 9th 2017

Birds, Beasts, and Relatives
Birds, Beasts, and Relatives (1969) by British naturalist Gerald Durrell is the second volume of his autobiographical Corfu Trilogy, published from 1954
Oct 31st 2016

Vere Bird, Jr.
Vere Bird, Jr. (c. 1937 - 31 March 2013) was an Antiguan lawyer and politician who served as chairman of the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) and a government
Feb 20th 2017

1983–84 Boston Celtics season
National Basketball Association (NBA) led by regular season and finals MVP Larry Bird. z – clinched division title y – clinched division title x – clinched
Apr 27th 2017

List of Indiana Pacers head coaches
to win an ABA championship with the Pacers, with 3 (1970, 1972, 1973). Larry Bird, who coached three seasons with the Pacers, is the Pacers' all-time leader
May 12th 2017

Larry Banks
For the Paralympic athlete, see Larry-BanksBanksLarry BanksBanks (athlete). Lawrence H. "Larry" BanksBanks (3 October 1931 – 26 February 1992) was an American R&B and soul singer
Nov 25th 2016

Blackbird, blackbirds, black bird or black birds may refer to: New World blackbirds, 26 species of icterid birds Old World blackbirds, species belonging
May 13th 2017

Bird Kingdom
Bird Kingdom is located in the tourist district of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Bird Kingdom opened in May 2003, and is now the largest free flying
May 26th 2017

American Birding Association
The American Birding Association (ABA) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1969, dedicated to recreational birding in Canada and the United States
May 25th 2017

Larry Campbell (musician)
Larry Campbell (born February 21, 1955, New York, New York, United States) is an American multi-instrumentalist, who plays many stringed instruments (including
Apr 6th 2017

Song Bird
Song Bird is a 1977 album by American singer Deniece Williams released by Columbia Records on October 28, 1977. The album went to number 23 and number
Apr 13th 2016

Larry Keigwin
Keigwin Larry Keigwin an American choreographer and the artistic director of KEIGWIN + COMPANY. Keigwin was raised in Wading River on Long Island with three
May 11th 2017

Larry Keating
Lawrence "Larry" Keating (June 13, 1899 – August 26, 1963) was an American actor best known for his roles as Harry Morton on The George Burns and Gracie
Apr 11th 2017

Uncivil War Birds
Uncivil War Birds is the 90th short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1946 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry
Sep 8th 2016

Little Birds (song)
Little Birds is the fourth single by American psychedelic folk band Neutral Milk Hotel, released in 2011 as part of their Walking Wall of Words compilation
Apr 23rd 2017

Birds of Prey (TV series)
Birds of Prey is a television drama series produced in 2002. The series was developed by Laeta Kalogridis for The WB and is loosely based on the DC Comics
May 27th 2017

Larry Winn
Edward Lawrence "Larry" Winn, Jr. (born August 22, 1919) is a retired U.S. Republican politician. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Winn graduated from University
Jan 26th 2017

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