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Lebanese may refer to: Something of, from, or related to Lebanon Lebanese people, people from Lebanon or of Lebanese descent Lebanese Arabic, the colloquial
Feb 14th 2017

Lebanese people
The Lebanese people (Arabic: الشعب اللبناني‎‎ / ALA-LC: ash-shaʻb al-Lubnānī  Lebanese Arabic pronunciation: [eʃˈʃaʕeb ellɪbˈneːne]) are the people inhabiting
Apr 12th 2017

Lebanese Canadians
Lebanese-CanadiansLebanese Canadians are Canadian nationals of Lebanese origin. According to the 2011 Census there were 190,275 Canadians who claimed Lebanese ancestry,
Apr 11th 2017

Lebanese Australians
Lebanese-AustraliansLebanese Australians refers to citizens or permanent residents of Australia of Lebanese ancestry. The community is diverse, having a large Christian religious
Apr 19th 2017

Lebanese Forces
Lebanese-ForcesLebanese Forces (Arabic: القوات اللبنانية‎‎ al-Quwwāt al-Libnānīyah) is a Lebanese political party and formerly Christian militia during the Lebanese
Feb 16th 2017

Lebanese Arabic
Lebanese-ArabicLebanese Arabic or Lebanese is a variety of Levantine Arabic, indigenous to and spoken primarily in Lebanon, with significant linguistic influences borrowed
Mar 21st 2017

Lebanese Armed Forces
as the Lebanese Army according to its official website (Arabic: الجيش اللبناني or "Armee libanaise" in French), is the military of the Lebanese Republic
Apr 6th 2017

Lebanese Mexicans
Lebanese-MexicansLebanese Mexicans refers to Mexican citizens of Lebanese origin. Although Lebanese-MexicansLebanese Mexicans made up less than 5% of the total immigrant population in Mexico
Apr 11th 2017

Lebanese cuisine
the Lebanese diet. Arak (عرق), an anise-flavored liqueur, is the Lebanese national drink and usually served with a traditional convivial Lebanese meal
Apr 7th 2017

Lebanese Americans
Lebanese-Americans Lebanese Americans (Arabic: أمريكيون لبنانيون‎‎) are Americans of Lebanese descent. This includes both those who are native to the United States as well
Apr 18th 2017

(i/ˈlɛbənɒn/; Arabic: لبنان‎‎ Libnān; Lebanese pronunciation: [lɪbˈnaːn]; French: Liban), officially known as the Lebanese Republic (Arabic: الجمهورية اللبنانية‎‎
Apr 25th 2017

Israeli–Lebanese conflict
entered Lebanon and the cross-border violence increased. Meanwhile, demographic tensions over the Lebanese National Pact led to the Lebanese Civil War
Apr 15th 2017

Lebanese Premier League
The Lebanese Premier League (French: Championnat du Liban de Football; Arabic: الدوري اللبناني لكرة القدم‎‎) is the top division of the Lebanese Football
Apr 18th 2017

Lebanese Uruguayans
There are about 53,000 to 70,000 Lebanese-Uruguayans Lebanese Uruguayans, or Uruguayans of Lebanese origin. The Lebanese are one of the larger non-European communities, though
Nov 4th 2016

Lebanese Civil War
The Lebanese Civil War (Arabic: الحرب الأهلية اللبنانية‎‎ - Al-Ḥarb al-Ahliyyah al-Libnāniyyah) was a multifaceted civil war in Lebanon, lasting from
Apr 11th 2017

Lebanese pound
The Lebanese pound (Arabic: ليرة‎‎ lira; French: livre; sign: ل.ل.‎, ISO 4217: LBP) is the currency of Lebanon. It used to be divided into 100 piastres
Mar 9th 2017

Lebanese wine
independant de l'amateur de vins de Bordeaux [1] lebwine.com Wine of Lebanon Map of Lebanese wineries from Chateau Kefraya On Lebanese Wines by David Furer
Mar 28th 2017

Armenians in Lebanon
Armenians">The Armenians in Lebanon (Armenian: Լիբանանահայեր lipananahayer, Arabic: اللبنانيون الأرمن‎‎) (French: Libano-Armenien) are Lebanese citizens of Armenian
Apr 27th 2017

Lebanese Brazilians
Lebanese-BraziliansLebanese Brazilians (Portuguese: Libano-brasileiros) (Arabic: البرازيلي اللبناني) are Brazilian people of full, partial, or predominantly Lebanese ancestry
Apr 11th 2017

Christianity in Lebanon
within Lebanon. These branches of Christianity are very influential in daily business and in the economy of Lebanon. In the Lebanese Parliament, Lebanese Christians
Apr 7th 2017

Culture of Lebanon
The culture of Lebanon and the Lebanese people emerged from various civilizations over thousands of years. It was home to the Phoenicians and was subsequently
Jan 12th 2017

Lebanese general election, 2009
Source Main articles: Lebanese government of November 2009 and Lebanese government of June 2011 As is typical of Lebanese politics political wrangling
Apr 3rd 2017

2006–08 Lebanese protests
The 2006–2008 Lebanese protests were a series of political protests and sit-ins that began on December 1, 2006, led by groups in Lebanon that opposed the
Apr 23rd 2017

Politics of Lebanon
a new twist to Lebanese politics when the Doha Agreement set a new trend where the opposition is allowed a veto power in the Lebanese Council of Ministers
Mar 2nd 2017

Lebanese Navy
Lebanese-Navy The Lebanese Navy (Arabic: القوات البحرية اللبنانية‎‎ Al-qūwātu al-Baḥriyya al-Lubnāniyya), literally "the Lebanese-Sea-ForcesLebanese Sea Forces" is the Navy of the Lebanese
Jan 24th 2017

Lebanese people in Greece
Migration from Lebanon to Greece started after 1975 during the Lebanese Civil War. Most Lebanese came from Koura District in North Lebanon, which is mostly
Apr 21st 2017

Lebanese people in the United Kingdom
the United Kingdom Lebanon portal United Kingdom portal Arabs in the United Kingdom Arabs in Lebanese Europe Lebanese diaspora Lebanese in Manchester "Country-of-birth
Aug 25th 2016

Lebanese Argentines
Lebanese-ArgentinesLebanese Argentines refers to Argentine citizens of Lebanese descent or Lebanon-born people who reside in Argentina. Many of the Lebanese-ArgentinesLebanese Argentines are
May 15th 2016

History of Lebanon
Lebanese-Civil-War-Lebanese Syria Lebanese Civil War Lebanese diaspora Lebanese identity card Lebanese passport Lebanon List of attacks in Lebanon List of Presidents of Lebanon List
Apr 2nd 2017

Lebanese Front
the Lebanese Civil War. It was intended to act as a counter force to the Lebanese National Movement (LNM) of Kamal Jumblatt and others. The Lebanese Front
Feb 24th 2017

Lebanese people in Ivory Coast
population of Lebanese people in Cote d'Ivoire, whose numbers are variously estimated in the tens or hundreds of thousands. They are the largest Lebanese diaspora
Feb 24th 2017

Greek Orthodox Christianity in Lebanon
Orthodox church has often served as a bridge between Lebanese Christians and the Arab countries. Lebanese Greek Orthodox Christians have a long and continuous
Apr 24th 2017

Economy of Lebanon
1,403.29 Lebanese-PoundsLebanese Pounds only. Mean wages were $8.95 per man-hour in 2009. The 1975-90 Lebanese civil war seriously damaged Lebanon's economic
Apr 5th 2017

Lebanese Colombians
Lebanese-ColombiansColombians Lebanese ColombiansColombians are ColombiansColombians of Lebanese descent. Most of the Lebanese community's forebears immigrated to Colombia from the Ottoman Empire in the
Feb 13th 2017

Lebanese Haitians
Lebanese-HaitianHaitiansLebanese HaitianHaitians are HaitianHaitian of Lebanese descent or a Lebanese with HaitianHaitian citizenship. There are 8,000 people of Lebanese descent living in Haiti.
Apr 18th 2017

Lebanon–Syria relations
intervention in Lebanese politics. As Prime Minister of Lebanon, Hariri pursued reconstruction of Lebanon following the aftermath of the Lebanese Civil War
Mar 14th 2017

Flag of Lebanon
deputies of the Lebanese parliament. It was adopted on December 7, 1943, during a meeting in the parliament, where the article 5 in the Lebanese constitution
Apr 23rd 2017

Lebanese migration to Paraguay
Lebanese immigrants to Paraguay reside in Ciudad del Este, alongside neighbor city Foz do Iguacu in Brazil, which has a large population of Lebanese immigrants
Jul 3rd 2016

Lebanese people in Sierra Leone
There is a significant population of Lebanese people in Sierra Leone. Lebanese immigrants first came to West Africa in the mid-19th century when a silk-worm
Sep 9th 2016

Women in Lebanon
choice). Children born to a Lebanese woman and a man from another country will not have their children granted Lebanese nationality. Local and regional
Mar 11th 2017

Sunni Islam in Lebanon
hand, only 4.7% of all Lebanese Muslims belong to haplogroup R1b, compared to 9.6% of Lebanese Christians. Modern Muslims in Lebanon thus do not seem to
Mar 17th 2017

List of Lebanese people
residing mainly in Lebanon. Lebanese expatriates residing overseas and possessing Lebanese citizenship are also included. For people of Lebanese descent, see
Apr 23rd 2017

Shia Islam in Lebanon
hand, only 4.7% of all Lebanese Muslims belong to haplogroup R1b, compared to 9.6% of Lebanese Christians. Modern Muslims in Lebanon thus do not seem to
Apr 4th 2017

Lebanese general election, 2017
Lebanese government of November 2009, Lebanese government of June 2011, Lebanese government of April 2013, and Syrian civil war spillover in Lebanon Following
Feb 23rd 2017

List of Lebanese people in the Caribbean
This is a list of individuals born in Curacao of Lebanese ancestry or people of Lebanese and Dutch dual nationality who live or resided in Curacao. Isa
Apr 15th 2017

Parliament of Lebanon
Main article: Lebanese general election, 2009 Lebanon portal Members of the 2009-2013 Lebanese Parliament Members of the 2005-2009 Lebanese Parliament
Mar 29th 2017

Lebanese University
of the Lebanese President Bechara El Khoury, The High House of Teachers, a class of 68 students making the first class, ever, of the Lebanese University
Apr 13th 2017

History of the Jews in Lebanon
1948 ArabIsraeli-WarIsraeli War, and much more importantly the Lebanese Civil War, the vast majority of Lebanese Jews now live in Western countries. Many live in Israel
Apr 3rd 2017

Lebanese Air Force
The Lebanese Air Force (LAF) (Arabic: القوات الجوية اللبنانية‎‎, Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Lubnaniyya) is the aerial warfare branch of the Lebanese Armed
Apr 28th 2017

Druze in Lebanon
unitarians (Muwahhideen). The Lebanese Druze people are believed to constitute about 5% of the total population of Lebanon. The Druze, who refer to themselves
Apr 11th 2017

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