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833; 35.833 Lebanon (i/ˈlɛbənɒn/; Arabic: لبنان‎‎ Libnān; Lebanese pronunciation: [lɪbˈnaːn]; French: Liban), officially known as the Lebanese Republic (Arabic:
May 19th 2017

Mount Lebanon
Mount Lebanon (Arabic: جَبَل لُبْنَان‎‎, jabal lubnān, Lebanese Arabic pronunciation Arabic pronunciation: [ˈʒɛbəl lɪbˈneːn]; Syriac: ܛܘܪ ܠܒܢܢ‎, ṭūr leḇnān
Apr 26th 2017

Southern Lebanon
Lebanon Southern Lebanon is the geographical area of Lebanon comprising the South Governorate and the Nabatiye Governorate. The two entities were divided from
May 22nd 2017

2006 Lebanon War
The 2006 Lebanon-WarLebanon War, also called the 2006 IsraelHezbollah War and known in Lebanon as the July War (Arabic: حرب تموز‎‎, Ḥarb Tammūz) and in Israel as
May 25th 2017

Armenians in Lebanon
Armenians">The Armenians in Lebanon (Armenian: Լիբանանահայեր lipananahayer, Arabic: اللبنانيون الأرمن‎‎) (French: Libano-Armenien) are Lebanese citizens of Armenian
May 12th 2017

History of Lebanon
The history of Lebanon covers the history of the modern Republic of Lebanon and the earlier emergence of Greater Lebanon under the French Mandate for
May 24th 2017

Greater Lebanon
The State of Greater Lebanon (Arabic: دولة لبنان الكبير‎‎ Dawlat Lubnān al-Kabīr; French: Etat du Grand Liban) was a state declared in September 1920
May 5th 2017

Lebanon–Russia relations
LebanonRussia relations (Russian: Российско-ливанские отношения) are the bilateral relations between Lebanon and Russia. Lebanon has an embassy in Moscow
May 19th 2017

Politics of Lebanon
Lebanon is a parliamentary democratic republic within the overall framework of confessionalism, a form of consociationalism in which the highest offices
Mar 2nd 2017

Lebanon–United States relations
LebanonUnited States relations are bilateral relations between Lebanon and the United States. The United States seeks to maintain its traditionally
Feb 10th 2017

Shia Islam in Lebanon
Shia Islam in Lebanon has a history of more than a millennium. According to CIA study, Lebanese Shia Muslims constitute 27% of Lebanon's population of
Apr 4th 2017

Demographics of Lebanon
This article is about the demographic features of the population of Lebanon, including population density, education level, health of the populace, economic
May 25th 2017

Economy of Lebanon
The economy of Lebanon is a developing economy, with a private sector that contributes to 75% of aggregate demand and a large banking sector that supports
Apr 5th 2017

Christianity in Lebanon
Christianity in Lebanon has a long and continuous history. Biblical Scriptures purport that Peter and Paul evangelized to the Phoenicians, whom they affiliated
May 19th 2017

Iran–Lebanon relations
Iran and Lebanon have diplomatic relations, with embassies in each other countries. Since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the two countries have deepened
May 8th 2017

Israel–Lebanon relations
IsraelLebanon relations have never existed under normal economic or diplomatic conditions, but Lebanon was the first Arab league nation to signal a desire
May 18th 2017

Geography of Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°50′N-35N-35N 35°50′E / 33.833°N-35N-35N 35.833°E / 33.833; 35.833 Lebanon is part of the North East, located at approximately 35˚N, 35˚E. Stretching
May 11th 2017

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Lebanon, is a city in and the county seat of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 25,477 at the 2010 census, a 4.2% increase
May 22nd 2017

Lebanese people
The Lebanese people (Arabic: الشعب اللبناني‎‎ / ALA-LC: ash-shaʻb al-Lubnānī  Lebanese Arabic pronunciation: [eʃˈʃaʕeb ellɪbˈneːne]) are the people inhabiting
May 24th 2017

Lebanon–Syria relations
Lebanon-Syria Relations were officially established in October 2008 when Syrian President Bashar Assad issued a decree to establish diplomatic relations
Mar 14th 2017

1982 Lebanon War
The 1982 Lebanon-WarLebanon War (Hebrew: מלחמת לבנון הראשונה‎‎, Milhemet Levanon Harishona, "the first Lebanon war")—called Operation Peace for Galilee (Hebrew: מבצע
May 26th 2017

Archaeology of Lebanon
Archaeology of Lebanon reveals thousands of years of history ranging from the Lower Palaeolithic, Phoenician, Jewish, Roman, Muslim, Christian, Ottoman
Dec 18th 2016

Syrian occupation of Lebanon
occupation of Lebanon (Arabic: الاحتلال السوري للبنان‎‎) –1976-2005) began in 1976 as a result of the Syrian Ba'th Regime's bid to control Lebanon, and ended
May 27th 2017

Foreign relations of Lebanon
policy of Lebanon reflects its geographic location, the composition of its population, and its reliance on commerce and trade. Until 2005, Lebanon's foreign
May 9th 2017

Greek Orthodox Christianity in Lebanon
Christianity in Lebanon (Arabic: المسيحية الأرثوذكسية اليونانية في لبنان) refers to adherents of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch in Lebanon, which is an
May 26th 2017

India–Lebanon relations
IndiaLebanon relations are warm and cordial. Lebanon maintains an embassy in New Delhi, whilst India maintains one in Beirut. India and Lebanon enjoy
Oct 7th 2016

Israeli–Lebanese conflict
IsraeliIsraeli–Lebanese conflict, widely referred as the Lebanon South Lebanon conflict, describes a series of related military clashes involving Israel, Lebanon and Syria
May 19th 2017

France–Lebanon relations
FranceLebanon relations are the international relations between the Lebanese Republic and the French Republic. France, the former colonial power, enjoys
Aug 3rd 2016

Women in Lebanon
Lebanese women are considered to have more rights and freedom compared to other women in the Arab World. Women in Lebanon are able to dress more liberally
May 25th 2017

Flag of Lebanon
The flag of Lebanon (Arabic: علم لبنان‎‎) is formed of two horizontal red stripes enveloping a horizontal white stripe. The white stripe is to be two
Apr 23rd 2017

1958 Lebanon crisis
The 1958 Lebanon crisis was a Lebanese political crisis caused by political and religious tensions in the country that included a U.S. military intervention
May 17th 2017

Mt. Lebanon Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Mt. Lebanon Township is a township with home rule status in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 33,137 at the 2010 census
May 21st 2017

History of the Jews in Lebanon
The history of the Jews in Lebanon deals with the presence of Jews in Lebanon, which stretches back to Biblical times. Following large-scale emigration
May 15th 2017

Syrian Civil War spillover in Lebanon
spilled over into Lebanon as opponents and supporters of the Syrian rebels have travelled to Lebanon to fight and attack each other on Lebanese soil. The Syrian
May 27th 2017

Lebanese Armed Forces
The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) (Arabic: القوات المسلحة اللبنانية | Al-Quwwāt al-Musallaḥa al-Lubnāniyya) or Forces Armees Libanaises (FAL) in French,
May 12th 2017

South Lebanon conflict (1985–2000)
Lebanon The South Lebanon conflict (1985–2000) or the Security Zone conflict in Lebanon refers to 15 years of warfare between the Lebanese Christian proxy militias
May 23rd 2017

Sunni Islam in Lebanon
in Lebanon has a history of more than a millennium. According to CIA study, Lebanese Sunni Muslims have followers who constitutes 27% of Lebanon's population
Mar 17th 2017

Lebanon, New Hampshire
Lebanon local /ˈlɛbənən/ is a city in Grafton County, New Hampshire, United States. The population was 13,151 at the 2010 census. Lebanon is located in
May 12th 2017

Canada–Lebanon relations
Canada established diplomatic relations with Lebanon in 1954, when Canada deployed "Envoy Extraordinaire" to Beirut. In 1958, Canada sent its first Ambassador
Sep 19th 2016

Lebanon, Ohio
Lebanon is a city in and the county seat of Warren County, Ohio, United States, in the state's southwestern region, within the Cincinnati metropolitan
May 25th 2017

Football in Lebanon
is the Lebanese Premier League which consists of 12 teams. Lebanese Premier League Lebanese Second Division Lebanese Third Division Lebanese Fourth
Mar 23rd 2017

Armenia–Lebanon relations
ArmenianArmenian-Lebanese relations refer to foreign relations between Armenia and Lebanon. Lebanon is host to the eighth largest ArmenianArmenian population in the world
Nov 9th 2013

Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
Lebanon-CountyLebanon County is a county located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 census, the population was 133,568. Its county seat is Lebanon. The
May 12th 2017

Lebanese wine
Lebanon is among the oldest sites of wine production in the world. The Israelite prophet Hosea (780–725 BC) is said to have urged his followers to return
Mar 28th 2017

South Lebanon Army
The South Lebanon Army or South Lebanese Army (SLA) (Arabic: جيش لبنان الجنوبي‎‎, transliterated: Jaysh Lubnān al-Janūbi) was a Lebanese Christian militia
Apr 26th 2017

Constitution of Lebanon
licence in Lebanon History of Lebanese Lebanon Lebanese diaspora Lebanese identity card Lebanese nationality law Lebanese passport Politics of Lebanon Vehicle registration
Apr 9th 2017

Parliament of Lebanon
The Parliament of Lebanon (Arabic: مجلس النواب‎‎ Majlis an-Nuwwab; French: Chambre des deputes) is the national parliament of Lebanon. There are 128 members
May 6th 2017

2008 conflict in Lebanon
The-2008The 2008 conflict in Lebanon began on May 7, after Lebanon's 17-month-long political crisis spiraled out of control. The fighting was sparked by a government
Apr 22nd 2017

Tyre, Lebanon
the South Governorate of Lebanon. There were approximately 117,000 inhabitants in 2003. However, the government of Lebanon has released only rough estimates
May 2nd 2017

Human rights in Lebanon
Human rights in Lebanon refers to the state of human rights in Lebanon, which have been considered to be on par with global standards, lately. However
May 12th 2017

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