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Julius Hoffman
Julius J. Hoffman (July 7, 1895 – July 1, 1983) was a Chicago, Illinois, attorney and judge and former law partner of Richard J. Daley who achieved notoriety
Feb 9th 2017

Leonard Weinglass
Leonard Irving Weinglass (August 27, 1933 – March 23, 2011) was a U.S. criminal defense lawyer and constitutional law advocate. He was admitted to the
Apr 27th 2017

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Philip Seymour Hoffman (July 23, 1967 – February 2, 2014) was an American actor, director, and producer of film and theater. Best known for his distinctive
May 20th 2017

Leonhard Fuchs (1501–1566), German physician and natural historian Leonard Hoffman (born 1934), British judge Leonard Humphries (born 1970), American
May 24th 2017

Leonard Hoffmann, Baron Hoffmann
Leonard Hubert Hoffmann, Baron Hoffmann, PC (born 8 May 1934) is a retired senior British judge. He served as a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary from 1995 to
May 13th 2017

Leonard Eugene Dickson
Leonard Eugene Dickson (January 22, 1874 – January 17, 1954) was an American mathematician. He was one of the first American researchers in abstract algebra
Feb 12th 2017

Leonard Rose
Rose Leonard Rose (July 27, 1918 – November 16, 1984) was an American cellist and pedagogue. Rose was born in Washington, D.C.; his parents were immigrants
Nov 13th 2016

Robert Sean Leonard
Robert Lawrence Leonard (born February 28, 1969), better known by his stage name Robert Sean Leonard, is an American actor. He is known for playing Dr
May 4th 2017

Charles Hoffman (politician)
Charles B. Hoffman (born January 7, 1960) is an American politician and a Republican member of the South Dakota House of Representatives representing District
Nov 19th 2016

Big Trouble (1986 film)
(rights-holder for Double Indemnity) to reuse the plot of the earlier film. Leonard Hoffman is a Los Angeles insurance agent with a problem on his hands. He has
Mar 29th 2016

Brett C. Leonard
Brett C. Leonard is an AmericanAmerican dramatist, screenwriter and producer. A member of the LAByrinth Theater Company of New York City, he is best known for
Oct 22nd 2016

Benedict Calvert, 4th Baron Baltimore
Benedict Leonard Calvert, 4th Baron Baltimore (21 March 1679 – 16 April 1715) was an English nobleman and politician. He was the second son of Charles
Feb 4th 2017

Leonard Rose (hacker)
Leonard Rose (born 1959 in Elkton, Maryland), aka Terminus, is an American hacker who in 1991 accepted a plea bargain that convicted him of two counts
Apr 4th 2017

La Brava (novel)
LaBrava, the 1983 novel by author Elmore Leonard, follows the story of Joe LaBrava, former Secret Service agent. This novel won the 1984 Edgar Award for
Mar 11th 2017

James Robert Hoffman
James Robert Hoffman (June 12, 1932 – February 8, 2003) was an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Bishop of Toledo from 1981 until
Dec 14th 2016

Chicago 10 (film)
Chicago 10: Speak Your Peace is a 2007 American animated documentary written and directed by Brett Morgen that tells the story of the Chicago Eight. The
Feb 8th 2017

The Miracle of the Hills
The-MiracleThe Miracle of the Hills is a 1959 American Western film directed by Paul Landres and written by Charles Hoffman. The film stars Rex Reason, Nan Leslie
Mar 4th 2017

Colonel Wolodyjowski (film)
Colonel Wolodyjowski (Polish: Pan Wołodyjowski) is a 1969 Polish historical drama film directed by Jerzy Hoffman. The film is based on the novel Pan Wołodyjowski
Jan 11th 2017

Homer Comes Home
Homer Comes Home is a 1920 American silent comedy film directed by Jerome Storm and written by Alexander Hull and Agnes Christine Johnston. The film stars
May 15th 2017

Game 6
Game 6 (stylized as Game6) is a 2005 American film directed by Michael Hoffman, first presented at the Sundance Film Festival, released in the United States
Dec 23rd 2016

Justin Cronin (politician)
This article is about the American politician. For the American author, see Cronin Justin Cronin. Justin R. Cronin (born October 9, 1980 in Sioux Falls, South
Apr 29th 2017

Flawless (1999 film)
Flawless is a 1999 crime comedy-drama film that stars Robert De Niro and Philip Seymour Hoffman. It was directed by Joel Schumacher, who also wrote the
May 11th 2017

Tiffany Pictures
Tiffany-PicturesTiffany Pictures (known for a period as Tiffany-Stahl Productions) was a Hollywood motion picture studio in operation from 1921 until 1932. Tiffany
Oct 9th 2016

Jake in Progress
Jake in Progress is an American comedy series broadcast on ABC from 2005 to 2006. Created by Austin Winsberg, the show was originally conceived as a real-time
Feb 27th 2017

The Lone Wolf and His Lady
The Lone Wolf and His Lady (1949) is the 14th and final Lone Wolf film produced by Columbia Pictures, directed by John Hoffman and written by Edward Dein
Nov 1st 2016

1921 NCAA Track and Field Championships
The-1921The 1921 NCAA-TrackNCAA Track and Field Championships was the first NCAA track and field championship. The event was held at Stagg Field in Chicago, Illinois in
Feb 28th 2017

Rockabilly Baby
Rockabilly Baby is a 1957 American musical film directed by William F. Claxton and written by William Driskill and William George. The film stars Virginia
Mar 4th 2017

Johannes von Lahnstein
Johannes von Lahnstein is a fictional character on the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The character was portrayed by actor Thomas
Oct 8th 2016

Old Boyfriends
Old Boyfriends is a 1979 American drama film directed by Joan Tewkesbury and written by Paul Schrader and Leonard Schrader. The film stars Talia Shire
Dec 11th 2016

Hammett Prize
The Hammett Prize is awarded annually by the International Association of Crime Writers, North American Branch (IACW/NA) to a Canadian or US citizen or
Jan 1st 2017

Neither (opera)
Neither is the only opera by Feldman Morton Feldman, dating from 1977. The libretto consists of a 16-line poem by Beckett Samuel Beckett. Beckett and Feldman had met in
Sep 9th 2016

Leonard Jarvis
Leonard Jarvis, Jr. (October 19, 1781 – September 18, 1854) was an American businessman and politician who served as a member of the United States House
Apr 11th 2017

Subway in the Sky
Subway in the Sky is a 1959 British crime film directed by Muriel Box and starring Van Johnson, Hildegard Knef and Albert Lieven. Hildegard Knef, who changed
Jun 1st 2016

Chicago Seven
For the group of architects, see Chicago-SevenChicago Seven (architects). For the Chicago album, see Chicago VII. The Chicago-SevenChicago Seven (originally Chicago Eight,
Mar 10th 2017

Drunk on the Pope's Blood/The Agony Is the Ecstacy
Drunk on the Pope's Blood/The Agony Is the Ecstacy is a split compilation EP by the post-punk acts The Birthday Party and Lydia Lunch, released on February
Sep 27th 2016

The Secret Chord
The Secret Chord (2015) is a novel about King David by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Geraldine Brooks. Told from the point of view of the prophet Nathan
Jan 30th 2017

Wine & Spirits
Wine & Spirits is an American wine magazine. With offices in New York and San Francisco, the magazine publishes eight issues annually. The magazine was
Mar 15th 2017

1922 NCAA Track and Field Championships
The-1922The 1922 NCAA-TrackNCAA Track and Field Championships was the second NCAA track and field championship. The event was held at Stagg Field in Chicago, Illinois in
Feb 28th 2017

New Data Seal
In cryptography, New Data Seal (NDS) is a block cipher that was designed at IBM in 1975, based on the Lucifer algorithm that became DES. The cipher uses
Jun 4th 2016

The Falcon in Hollywood
The Falcon in Hollywood is a 1944 crime film directed by Gordon Douglas and stars Tom Conway in his recurring role as a suave amateur sleuth, supported
Mar 28th 2017

23rd Tony Awards
The 23rd Annual Tony Awards was broadcast by NBC television on April 20, 1969, from the Mark Hellinger Theatre in New York City. Hosts were Diahann Carroll
May 9th 2017

The Bishop Revival
"The-Bishop-RevivalThe Bishop Revival" is the 14th episode of the second season of the American science fiction drama television series Fringe. The episode's storyline followed
May 11th 2017

Piotr Gajewski
Piotr Gajewski, a native of Poland, is the founder, artistic director and conductor of the National Philharmonic, currently in residence at the Music Center
Dec 5th 2016

Mount Tripp
Mount Tripp (83°17′S 166°53′E / 83.283°S 166.883°E / -83.283; 166.883Coordinates: 83°17′S 166°53′E / 83.283°S 166.883°E / -83.283; 166.883) is a
Nov 21st 2015

Radio Patrol (serial)
Radio Patrol is a 1937 Universal movie serial based on the comic strip Radio Patrol. Pat O' Hara, a police officer cop, joins forces with Molly Selkirk
Mar 25th 2017

The Boy Friend (1926 film)
The Boy Friend is a lost 1926 American romantic comedy film directed by Monta Bell. Based on the play The Book of Charm by John Alexander Kirkpatrick,
May 14th 2017

Leonard Paul Blair
Leonard Paul Blair (born April 12, 1949) is an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church serving as the thirteenth bishop and fifth and current archbishop
May 3rd 2017

Gaetano L. Vincitorio
Gaetano Leonard "Tom" Vincitorio (September 11, 1921 - November 26, 2007) was an American historian, author, and educator who specialized in Modern European
Aug 5th 2016

Ted Raimi
Theodore "Ted" Raimi (born December 14, 1965)[citation needed]is an American actor, director and writer perhaps best known for his roles as Lieutenant
Apr 9th 2017

Tattoo (1981 film)
Tattoo is a 1981 thriller film directed by Bob Brooks, and stars Bruce Dern and Maud Adams. The film was nominated for a Razzie Awards for Worst Actor
Jun 25th 2016

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