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Liberal may refer to: A supporter of liberalism, a political philosophy founded on ideas of liberty and equality Classical liberalism, a political or
Apr 17th 2017

Liberal Party (UK)
about the historic Liberal Party. For the party formed by the 1988 merger with the SDP, see Liberal Democrats (UK). For the Liberal Party formed by those
Apr 22nd 2017

Liberal conservatism
political party, see Liberal-Conservative Party. Liberal conservatism is a political ideology combining conservative policies with liberal stances, especially
Apr 18th 2017

Liberal Party
Liberal-PartyLiberal Party is the name for dozens of political parties around the world. Liberal parties can be centre-left, centrist, or centre-right depending on
Apr 19th 2017

Liberal Democrats (UK)
redirects here. For other uses, see Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats (often referred to as the Lib Dems) are a liberal political party in the United
Apr 22nd 2017

Liberal Party of Canada
The-Liberal-PartyThe Liberal Party of Canada (French: Parti liberal du Canada), colloquially known as the Grits, is the oldest federal political party in Canada. The party
Apr 22nd 2017

Liberal arts education
"Liberal arts" redirects here. For the corporation, see Liberal Arts, Inc. For the 2012 film, see Liberal Arts (film). The liberal arts (Latin: artes
Apr 14th 2017

Liberal Party of Australia
AustralianAustralian political party. For the Liberal party active in Australia from 1909 to 1916, see Commonwealth Liberal Party. The Liberal Party of Australia is a major
Apr 17th 2017

Liberal arts college
A liberal arts college is a college with an emphasis on undergraduate study in the liberal arts and sciences. A liberal arts college aims to impart a
Jan 24th 2017

Liberal Unionist Party
see Liberal-Unionist. The Liberal Unionist Party was a British political party that was formed in 1886 by a faction that broke away from the Liberal Party
Apr 20th 2017

Liberal International
Liberal International (LI) is a political international federation for liberal political parties. Its headquarters is located at 1 Whitehall Place, London
Apr 6th 2017

Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats may refer to: a supporter of liberal democracy a liberal (i.e. progressive) in the Democratic Party (United States) Liberal Democrats
Apr 21st 2017

Quebec Liberal Party
Quebec-Liberal-Party-QLP">The Quebec Liberal Party QLP (French: Parti liberal du Quebec) is a federalist provincial political party in Quebec, Canada. It has been independent of
Apr 4th 2017

Liberal, Kansas
Liberal is the county seat of Seward County, Kansas, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 20,525. See also: History of Kansas
Apr 7th 2017

Leader of the Liberal Democrats
The Liberal Democrats are a political party in the United Kingdom. Party members elect the Leader of the Liberal Democrats. Liberal Democrat Members of
Apr 20th 2017

Liberal Christianity
For the political movement, see Christian left. Liberal Christianity, also known as liberal theology, covers diverse philosophically and biblically informed
Mar 24th 2017

National Liberal Party (UK, 1931)
The National Liberal Party, known until 1948 as the Liberal National Party, was a liberal political party in the United Kingdom from 1931 to 1968. It broke
Apr 20th 2017

Ontario Liberal Party
Ontario-Liberal-Party">The Ontario Liberal Party (French: Parti liberal de l'Ontario) is a provincial political party in the province of Ontario, Canada. It has formed the Government
Apr 18th 2017

Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador
about the modern Liberal-PartyLiberal Party. Liberal For Liberal parties before 1949, see Liberal parties in pre-confederation Newfoundland. The Liberal-PartyLiberal Party of Newfoundland
Feb 23rd 2017

Scottish Liberal Democrats
Scottish Liberal Democrats (Scottish Gaelic: Libearal Deamocratach na h-Alba, Scots: Scots Leeberal Democrats) is a liberal and social-liberal political
Apr 10th 2017

Liberal internationalism
Liberal internationalism is a foreign policy doctrine that argues that liberal states should intervene in other sovereign states in order to pursue liberal
Dec 11th 2016

Liberal Party (UK, 1989)
This article is about the post 1989 Liberal Party. For the historical Liberal Party, see Liberal Party (UK). The Liberal Party is a United Kingdom political
Apr 6th 2017

New Zealand Liberal Party
Zealand Liberal Party. At least three subsequent organisations, unconnected to the original, have used the same name: the Liberal Party of 1962, Liberal Party
Feb 14th 2017

British Columbia Liberal Party
The-British-Columbia-Liberal-PartyThe British Columbia Liberal Party (also referred to as the BC Liberals) is a centre-right provincial political party in British Columbia, Canada. The
Apr 21st 2017

Scottish Liberal Party
The Scottish Liberal Party was the dominant political party of Victorian Scotland, and although its importance declined with the rise of the Labour and
Apr 8th 2017

Liberal Party of Cuba
The Liberal Party of Cuba (Spanish: Partido Liberal de Cuba, PLC), officially named Autonomist Liberal Party (Spanish: Partido Liberal Autonomista, PLA)
Feb 14th 2017

Young Liberals (United Kingdom)
Young Liberals is the youth and student group of the Liberal Democrats, a political party in the United Kingdom. Its predecessors include the National
Apr 16th 2017

Chief Whip of the Liberal Democrats
served as Chief Whip of the Liberal Democrats in the Parliament of the United Kingdom and of its predecessor parties. The Liberal Party was formed in 1859
Apr 5th 2017

Prince Edward Island Liberal Party
The Prince Edward Island Liberal Party (officially the Prince Edward Island Liberal Association) is a major political party in the province of Prince Edward
Apr 17th 2017

Liberal Party of Switzerland
be confused with FDP.The Liberals. The Liberal Party of Switzerland (German: Liberale Partei der Schweiz, French: Parti liberal suisse, Italian: Partito
Feb 14th 2017

Liberal Party (Philippines)
The Liberal Party of the Philippines (Filipino: Partido Liberal ng Pilipinas) is a liberal political party in the Philippines, founded by then senators
Apr 20th 2017

Colombian Liberal Party
Colombian-Liberal-Party">The Colombian Liberal Party (Spanish: Colombiano">Partido Liberal Colombiano; PLC) is a social-democratic and social liberal political party in Colombia. It was founded
Mar 23rd 2017

SDP–Liberal Alliance
SDPLiberal Alliance was a centrist political and electoral alliance in the United Kingdom. Formed by the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Liberal Party
Apr 22nd 2017

Liberal Party (Hong Kong)
The Liberal Party (Chinese: 自由黨; LP) is a pro-Beijing, pro-business and conservative political party established in 1993 in Hong Kong. Led by Felix Chung
Mar 30th 2017

Alberta Liberal Party
Alberta-Liberal-Party">The Alberta Liberal Party is a provincial political party in Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1905, it was the dominant political party until the 1921 election
Mar 19th 2017

Liberal Party of New York
The Liberal Party of New York is a minor American political party that has been active only in the state of New York. Its platform supports a standard
Apr 16th 2017

Social Liberal Party (Tunisia)
The Social Liberal Party (Arabic: الحزب الاجتماعي التحرري‎‎ ; French: Parti social-liberal), abbreviated to PSL, is an opposition liberal political party
Nov 7th 2016

Liberal Democratic Party (Turkey)
The Liberal Democratic Party (Turkish: Liberal Demokrat Parti) is a classical liberal party in Turkey. LDP was founded in 1994 as Liberal Parti by Turkish
Mar 15th 2017

Liberal education
A liberal education is a system or course of education suitable for the cultivation of a free (Latin: liber) human being. It is based on the medieval
Sep 18th 2016

Manitoba Liberal Party
Manitoba-Liberal-Party">The Manitoba Liberal Party is a political party in Manitoba, Canada. Its roots can be traced to the late nineteenth-century, following the province's
Feb 17th 2017

Liberal Reformist Party (Moldova)
The Liberal Reformist Party (Romanian: Partidul Liberal Reformator, PLR) is a political party in Moldova. Formed on 12 April 2013 as the Liberal Party
Feb 16th 2017

Liberal Reformist Party
For the Dominican party, see Liberal Reformist Party (Dominican Republic). For the Moldavian party, see Liberal Reformist Party (Moldova). For the extinct
Jul 16th 2016

Liberal Reform
Liberal Reform is an Associated Organisation (AO) within the British Liberal Democrats. Membership of the group is open to any Liberal Democrat party member
Apr 5th 2017

Liberal feminism
Liberal feminism is an individualistic form of feminist theory, which focuses on women’s ability to maintain their equality through their own actions
Apr 11th 2017

Daily Liberal
The-Daily-LiberalThe Daily Liberal is a daily newspaper produced in the city of Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. The news stories published relate particularly to the
Oct 14th 2016

Constitutionalist Liberal Party
The Constitutionalist Liberal Party (Spanish: Partido Liberal Constitucionalista, PLC) is an opposition political party in Nicaragua. At the Nicaraguan
Mar 5th 2017

Commonwealth Liberal Party
For the modern Liberal Party of Australia, see Liberal Party of Australia. The Commonwealth Liberal Party (CLP, also known as the DeakinCook Party, The
Mar 20th 2017

Liberal-Progressive was a label used by a number of candidates in Canadian elections between 1925 and 1953. In federal and Ontario politics, there was
Feb 1st 2017

List of Liberal Democratic parties
Liberal-Democratic-PartyLiberal Democratic Party or Liberal-DemocratsLiberal Democrats. These parties usually follow a liberal democratic ideology. Liberal democracy Liberal Party Liberal
Apr 15th 2017

Liberal democracy
"Liberal democrat" redirects here. For similarly-named political parties, see Liberal Democrats. Liberal democracy is a liberal political ideology
Apr 7th 2017

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