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Lucas may refer to: Lucas (surname) Lucas (given name) Luca Family Singers, also known as "The Lucas" Lucas (album) (2007), an album by Skeletons and
Apr 19th 2017

George Lucas
For other people named George Lucas, see George Lucas (disambiguation). For the philosopher, see Gyorgy Lukacs. For the politician, see Gyorgy Lukacs
Apr 24th 2017

Lucas number
to be confused with Lucas sequences, a generic class of sequences to which the Lucas numbers belong. The Lucas numbers or Lucas series are an integer
Apr 27th 2017

Lucas Industries
In August 1996, Lucas merged with the American Varity Corporation to form LucasVarity plc. After LucasVarity was sold to TRW the Lucas brand name was licensed
Apr 13th 2017

Baron Lucas
Charles Lucas. The title became extinct on the death of the third Baron in 1705. John Lucas, 1st Baron Lucas (1606–1671), Charles Lucas, 2nd Baron Lucas (1631–1688)
Mar 15th 2017

Robert Lucas Jr.
century." Lucas was born in 1937 in Yakima, Washington, and was the eldest child of Robert Emerson Lucas and Jane Templeton Lucas. Lucas received his
Apr 8th 2017

Caroline Lucas
Disarmament (CND) and Oxfam. Lucas was born in Malvern in Worcestershire, to middle-class, Conservative parents Peter and Valerie Lucas. She is one of three children;
Apr 19th 2017

Lucas Oil
Not to be confused with LUKOIL or Lucas Industries. Lucas Oil Products, Inc. is an American manufacturer and distributor of automotive oil, additives
Apr 27th 2017

Édouard Lucas
Lucas Edouard Anatole Lucas (French pronunciation: ​[fʁɑ̃swa edwaʁ anatɔl lykɑ]; 4 April 1842 – 3 October 1891) was a French mathematician. Lucas is known for
Mar 10th 2017

Lucas pseudoprime
sequence and P-Lucas sequence, the pseudoprimes can be called strong Lucas pseudoprime in base P, for example, the least strong Lucas pseudoprime with
Apr 25th 2017

Lucas Leiva
the second or paternal family name is Leiva. Lucas Pezzini Leiva (born 9 January 1987), known as Lucas, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays
Apr 23rd 2017

Lucas Bros. Moving Co.
Lucas Bros. Moving Co. is an American animated television series created by The Lucas Brothers. It originally premiered on Fox on November 23, 2013, as
Apr 22nd 2017

Cabo San Lucas
This is an encyclopedia article. For a travel guide see Cabo San Lucas. Cabo San Lucas (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkaβo san ˈlukas], Cape Saint Luke), commonly
Apr 23rd 2017

A. P. Lucas
BunnyLucas--CricinfoLucas Cricinfo page on A. P. Lucas-CricketArchiveLucas CricketArchive page on A. P. Lucas-BriefLucas Brief profile of A. P. Lucas by Don Ambrose lucas lucas lucas lucas lucas lucas
Aug 26th 2016

Michael Lucas (director)
For other people with the same name, see Michael Lucas. Michael Lucas (born Andrei Lvovich Treivas (Russian: Андрей Львович Трейвас), March 10, 1972, Moscow
Apr 3rd 2017

Lucas van Leyden
Lucas van Leyden (1494 – 8 August 1533), also named either Lucas Hugensz or Lucas Jacobsz, was a Dutch engraver and painter. Lucas van Leyden was among
Mar 7th 2017

Ken Lucas
player, see Ken-LucasKen-LucasKen Lucas (American football). For the American professional wrestler, see Ken-LucasKen-LucasKen Lucas (wrestler). Kenneth-RayKenneth Ray "Ken" Lucas (born August 22,
Dec 24th 2016

Frank Lucas (drug dealer)
For other people with the same name, see Frank Lucas. Frank Lucas (born September 9, 1930) is an American former heroin dealer, who operated in Harlem
Feb 7th 2017

Lucas County, Ohio
Not to be confused with Lucas, Ohio. Lucas County is a county located in the U.S. state of Ohio and bordered on the east by Lake Erie, and on the southeast
Apr 5th 2017

Lucas Pérez
Football Cup: Runner-up 2013–14 "Armenteros y Lucas tumban al Valladolid y lanzan al Rayo" [Armenteros and Lucas down Valladolid and propel Rayo]. Marca (in
Apr 7th 2017

The People vs. George Lucas
Star Wars franchise is controlled by Lucas versus something morally held by the public. Philippe feels that Lucas is a relatively talented director and
Mar 1st 2017

Lucas, Iowa
Lucas is a city in Lucas County, Iowa, United States. The population was 216 at the 2010 census. The Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company established
Feb 5th 2017

Lucas Valley
For the neighborhood and census-designated place, see Lucas Valley-Marinwood, California. Lucas Valley is a valley in Marin County, California, drained
Mar 5th 2017

Lucas (film)
Lucas on one of his entomological quests, Maggie befriends him, spending time with him during the remainder of the summer until school begins. Lucas,
Feb 14th 2017

Lucas primality test
"LucasLehmer test" redirects here. For the test for Mersenne numbers, see LucasLehmer primality test. For the LucasLehmerRiesel test, see LucasLehmerRiesel
Aug 13th 2016

Lucas Brothers
Lucas Brothers may refer to: Lucas Brothers (company), British building business Kenny Lucas and Keith Lucas, comedic twin duo from Lucas Bros. Moving
Apr 23rd 2017

Lucas–Lehmer primality test
about the LucasLehmer test that only applies to Mersenne numbers. For the LucasLehmer test that applies to a natural number n, see Lucas primality test
Feb 27th 2017

Frank Lucas (Oklahoma politician)
Lucas Frank Dean Lucas (born January 6, 1960) is an American politician. Lucas is the U.S. Representative for Oklahoma's 3rd congressional district, serving
Mar 2nd 2017

Charles Lucas
For other people named Charles Lucas, see Charles Lucas (disambiguation). Sir Charles Lucas (1613 – 28 August 1648) was an English soldier, a Royalist
Sep 7th 2016

John Lucas II
college basketball for Maryland. Lucas attended the University of Maryland where he was an All-American in basketball. Lucas was a Second-team All-American
Apr 27th 2017

Lucas Entertainment
confused with Lucasfilm. Lucas Entertainment is a New York-based gay pornographic studio started by porn star Michael Lucas. It is one of the largest
Apr 19th 2017

Richie Lucas
instincts when calling plays, Lucas won the Maxwell Award and was runner-up to LSU's Billy Cannon for the Heisman Trophy in 1959. Lucas was a first round pick
Mar 26th 2017

Anthony Francis Lucas
Lucas was born into a CroatianCroatian family of shipbuilders and owners in the city of Split (Austria-Hungary; today Croatia). At the age of 20, Lucas completed
Apr 24th 2017

Lucas Grabeel
Lucas Stephen Grabeel (/ˈɡreɪbiːl/ GRAY-beel; born November 23, 1984) is an American actor, director, producer, singer and songwriter. He is best known
Apr 26th 2017

F. L. Lucas
apparently believing it was by Lucas, and which Leavis's biographer says "was certainly by Lucas", was in fact by R. Ellis Roberts. Lucas had stopped reviewing
Apr 10th 2017

A.B. Lucas Secondary School
B. Lucas-Secondary-SchoolLucas Secondary School is a secondary school located at the northern end of London, Ontario, Canada. The school was named after Dr. A.B. Lucas, who
Mar 4th 2017

John Lucas
John Lucas may refer to: John Lucas (MP for Gloucester), in 1311, MP for Gloucester (UK Parliament constituency) John Lucas (fl.1417), MP for Southampton
Jan 6th 2017

E. V. Lucas
1924 Lucas combined his work as a writer with that of publisher's reader for Methuen and Co. In 1924 he was appointed chairman of the company. Lucas was
Apr 27th 2017

Lucas Hernández
Lucas-Francois-Bernard-HernandezLucas Francois Bernard Hernandez (born 14 February 1996), known simply as Lucas, is a French professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Atletico
Apr 25th 2017

Richard Lucas
Richard Lucas may refer to: Richard Lucas (priest) (1648/9–1715), Welsh Church of England priest and canon Richard Cockle Lucas (1800–1883), English sculptor
Nov 8th 2015

Jay Lucas
Representatives from the 65th District, serving since 1999. Lucas is a Republican. Lucas was elected Speaker of the House in December 2014 after the resignation
Mar 6th 2017

Lucas Alamán
University of Pittsburgh Press 1987, p.11 Lucas Alaman, "Autobiografia de D. Lucas Alaman" in Lucas Alaman Obras de D. Lucas Alaman: Documents diversos (ineditos
Jul 2nd 2016

Clyde Lucas
For the Australian cricketer, see Clyde Lucas (cricketer). Clyde Lucas (c. 1901 – after 1945) was an American big-band leader who was popular in the United
Dec 31st 2016

Matt Lucas
For other uses, see Matt-LucasMatt Lucas (disambiguation). Matthew-RichardMatthew Richard "Matt" Lucas (born 5 March 1974) is an English comedian, screenwriter, actor and singer
Apr 15th 2017

Jerry Lucas
of tall men, Lucas was greatly encouraged to take up the game at a young age, perhaps age 12. He was already six-feet tall by age 13. Lucas had also begun
Apr 18th 2017

Lucas Cranach the Elder
Lucas Cranach the Elder (Lucas Cranach der Altere [ˈluːkas ˈkʁanac dɐ ɛlˈtɛʁə], c. 1472 – 16 October 1553) was a German Renaissance painter and printmaker
Apr 26th 2017

David Lucas (composer)
skit on Saturday Night Live. In June 2011, Lucas was inducted into Buffalo's Music Hall of Fame. Lucas was born David Helfman on April 21, 1937 in
Mar 5th 2017

Lucas Valley-Marinwood, California
For the landform, see Lucas Valley. Lucas Valley-Marinwood is a census-designated place (CDP) in Marin County, California, United States. It includes
Feb 5th 2017

Lucas High School (Ohio)
Lucas-High-SchoolLucas High School is located in Lucas, Ohio, United States and is part of the Lucas Local School District. "We are here to prepare students to achieve
Feb 11th 2017

Lucas Roberts and Sami Brady
Lucas-Desmond-HortonLucas Desmond Horton (previously Roberts) and Samantha Gene "Sami" Brady are a fictional couple on the American soap opera Days of Our Lives. Lucas is
Jan 28th 2017

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