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numeral Ⅿ represents the number 1000, though it was not used in Roman times. M with diacritics: Ḿ ḿ Ṁ ṁ Ṃ ṃ IPA-specific symbols related to M: ɱ 𐤌 :
Apr 16th 2017

Unicode subscripts and superscripts
symbols: Latin/IPA ᴬ ᴭ ᴮ ᴯ ᴰ ᴱ ᴲ ᴳ ᴴ ᴵ ᴶ ᴷ ᴸ ᴹ ᴺ ᴻ ᴼ ᴽ ᴾ ᴿ ᵀ ᵁ ᵂ ᵃ ᵄ ᵅ ᵆ ᵇ ᵈ ᵉ ᵊ ᵋ ᵌ ᵍ ᵏ ᵐ ᵑ ᵒ ᵓ ᵖ ᵗ ᵘ ᵚ ᵛ ᵢ ᵣ ᵤ ᵥ, Greek ᵝ ᵞ ᵟ ᵠ ᵡ ᵦ ᵧ ᵨ ᵩ ᵪ, Cyrillic
Apr 19th 2017

𝕬 𝕭 𝕮 𝕯 𝕰 𝕱 𝕲 𝕳 𝕴 𝕵 𝕶 𝕷 𝕸 𝕹 𝕺 𝕻 𝕼 𝕽 𝕾 𝕿 𝖀 𝖁 𝖂 𝖃 𝖄 𝖅 𝖆 𝖇 𝖈 𝖉 𝖊 𝖋 𝖌 𝖍 𝖎 𝖏 𝖐 𝖑 𝖒 𝖓 𝖔 𝖕 𝖖 𝖗 𝖘 𝖙 𝖚 𝖛 𝖜 𝖝 𝖞
Apr 19th 2017

German gold mark
The  Goldmark (help·info) (officially just Mark, sign: ℳ) was the currency used in the German-EmpireGerman Empire from 1873 to 1914. The Papiermark refers to the German
Mar 3rd 2017

1000 (number)
with the official symbol k—for instance, prefixed to "metre" or its symbol "m", kilometre or km signifies a thousand metres. As such, people occasionally
Apr 27th 2017

This article is about the candy. For other uses, see M&M (disambiguation). M&M's (styled as m&m's) are "colorful button-shaped chocolates" produced by
Apr 28th 2017

a special case of M-estimators. The definition of M-estimators was motivated by robust statistics, which contributed new types of M-estimators. The statistical
Feb 16th 2017

M. M. Keeravani
Marakathamani-Keeravaani">Koduri Marakathamani Keeravaani, better known as M. M. Keeravani, is an Indian film music composer and playback singer, who works in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada
Apr 29th 2017

M&M may refer to: M&M's, a chocolate confectionery coated with hard candy shell M&M Boys, the nickname given to baseball players Mickey Mantle and Roger
Feb 8th 2017

A&M Records
A&M Records was an American record label founded as an independent label by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss in 1962. Due to the success of the discography
Apr 11th 2017

M/M/c queue
generalisation of the M/M/1 queue which considers only a single server. The model with infinitely many servers is the M/M/∞ queue. An M/M/c queue is a stochastic
Apr 19th 2017

the DOS kernel, see BDOS (DOS). For the MSXMSX-DOS kernel, see BDOS (MSXMSX). CP/M, originally standing for Control Program/Monitor and later Control Program
Apr 24th 2017

M-10003 to M-10006
M The Union Pacific Railroad's M-10003, M-10004, M-10005, and M-10006 were four identical diesel-electric streamliner train 2-car power sets delivered in
Jan 7th 2017

Texas A&M University
Texas-ATexas-A Texas A&M-UniversityM University (Texas-ATexas-A Texas A&M, TAMU /ˈtamuː/, or A&M) is a coeducational public research university in College Station, Texas, United States. It is a
Apr 29th 2017

ARM Cortex-M
(Cortex-M0 Cortex M0/M0+/M1), 0 to 4 (Cortex-M3/M4/M7/M23/M33). Number of breakpoint comparators: 0 to 4 (Cortex-M0 Cortex M0/M0+/M1/M23), 0 to 8 (Cortex-M3/M4/M7/M33). See
Apr 24th 2017

The letter Ɱ (minuscule: ɱ), called M with hook or emg, is a letter based on the letter M. Its minuscule ɱ is used to transcribe a labiodental nasal in
Apr 25th 2017

other uses, see M (disambiguation). BMW M GmbH (previously: BMW Motorsport GmbH) is a subsidiary of German car manufacturer BMW AG. BMW M, "M" (for Motorsport)
Apr 3rd 2017

M. M. Warburg & Co.
M.M.Warburg & CO (AGAG & Co.) German independent private bank, based in Hamburg. A family-owned bank, it was founded in 1798 by brothers Moses
Jan 8th 2017

For other uses, see MnetMnet (disambiguation). M-Net (originally an abbreviation of Electronic Media Network) is a subscription-funded television channel
Apr 9th 2017

Leica M (camera)
"Leica M" redirects here. For the lens mount and system, see Leica M-mount. The Leica M (Typ 240) is a digital full-frame 35 mm rangefinder camera. It
Mar 24th 2017

M/M/1 queue
queueing theory, a discipline within the mathematical theory of probability, an M/M/1 queue represents the queue length in a system having a single server, where
Feb 17th 2017

For other uses, see H&M (disambiguation). H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (Swedish pronunciation: [²hoː.ɛm; ²hɛnːɛs ɔ ˈma.ʊrɪts]; H&M) is a Swedish multinational
Apr 26th 2017

M-1 Global
M-1 Global (Mixfight-1) or MA-1 (Mixed martial arts-1) is a mixed martial arts promotion based in St. Petersburg, Russia which organizes between 100
Mar 8th 2017

Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi
&M-UniversityM University–Corpus Christi (abbreviated &MCorpus Christi, or TAMUCC, or A&M-Corpus Christi, or A&M-CC) is a state university located
Mar 25th 2017

A74(M) and M74 motorways
The A74(M) and M74 form a major motorway in the United Kingdom, mainly in Scotland, with a short section extending over the border into England. Following
Mar 1st 2017

M (disambiguation)
M is the thirteenth letter of the modern Latin alphabet. M may also refer to: M (fragrance), a 2008 fragrance by Mariah Carey M, BMW M a subsidiary of
Mar 18th 2017

Boney M.
Boney M. is a vocal group created by German record producer Frank Farian. Originally based in West Germany, the four original members of the group's official
Apr 27th 2017

M-21 (Michigan highway)
state maintenance as M Old M-21, now M-121. I-69 replaced M-21 from Flint to Port Huron. A section of M-21 through Flint became M-56. That designation was
Feb 9th 2017

M.I.A.M.I. (backronym of Money Is a Major Issue) is the debut studio album by rapper Pitbull. The album was released on August 3, 2004, and peaked at
Dec 31st 2016

MPMP/M (Multi-Programming Monitor Control Program) is a discontinued multi-user version of the CP/M operating system, created by Digital Research developer
Jan 14th 2017

Texas A&M Aggies football
The Texas A&M Aggies football program represents Texas A&M University in the sport of American football. The Aggies compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision
Apr 26th 2017

House of M
"House of M" is a 2005 comic book storyline published by Marvel Comics. The storyline consists of a core eight-issue comic book limited series written
Apr 23rd 2017

accessible and less technical introduction to this topic, see Introduction to M-theory. M-theory is a theory in physics that unifies all consistent versions of
Apr 9th 2017

M&M Food Market
M&M Food Market (French: Les aliments M&M), formerly known as M&M Meat Shops, is a Canadian frozen food retail chain. The company is headquartered in
Apr 20th 2017

psychological process that causes dreaming, see rapid eye movement sleep. R.E.M. was an American rock band from Athens, Georgia, that was formed in 1980 by
Apr 28th 2017

USS General M. M. Patrick (AP-150)
US-General-M US General M. M. Patrick (AP-150) was a General G. O. SquierSquier-class transport ship for the U.S. Navy in World War II. She was named in honor of U.S. Army
Jan 5th 2017

Texas A&M Aggies
Texas A&M-AggiesM Aggies (variously A&M or Texas Aggies) refers to the students, graduates, and sports teams of Texas A&M University. The nickname "Aggie" was
Apr 3rd 2017

Infiniti M
The-Infiniti-MThe Infiniti M is a line of mid-size luxury (executive) cars from the Infiniti luxury division of Nissan. The first iteration was the M30 Coupe/Convertible
Apr 5th 2017

For other uses, see M2M2. M.2, formerly known as the Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF), is a specification for internally mounted computer expansion
Apr 13th 2017

Pentium M
The Pentium M is a family of mobile 32-bit single-core x86 microprocessors (with the modified Intel P6 microarchitecture) introduced in March 2003 and
Mar 23rd 2017

M-28 (Michigan highway)
M-28 is an east–west state trunkline highway that almost completely traverses the Upper-PeninsulaUpper Peninsula in the U.S. state of Michigan, from Wakefield to near
Feb 17th 2017

Triple M LocalWorks
Triple M LocalWorks is a radio brand owned and operated by Southern Cross Austereo. Under this brand falls two networks - Triple M, a rock formatted network
Apr 8th 2017

M Street (Washington, D.C.)
The name "M Street" refers to two major roads in the United States capital of Washington, D.C. Because of the Cartesian coordinate system used to name
Jul 6th 2015

M/M/∞ queue
theory, a discipline within the mathematical theory of probability, the M/M/∞ queue is a multi-server queueing model where every arrival experiences
Dec 6th 2016

M4 carbine
"M4A1M4A1" and "M4 Colt M4" redirect here. For other uses, see M4 (disambiguation). The M4 carbine is a shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle
Apr 29th 2017

Texas A&M University System
Texas-ATexas A&M University System is a state university system in Texas and is one of the state's six independent university systems. The Texas-ATexas A&M University
Apr 18th 2017

Immunoglobulin M
Immunoglobulin M, or IgM for short, is a basic antibody that is produced by B cells. IgM is by far the physically largest antibody in the human circulatory
Dec 9th 2016

M-26 (Michigan highway)
M-26 is a 96.355-mile-long (155.068 km) state trunkline highway in the U.S. state of Michigan, running from two miles (3.2 km) east of Rockland to its
Sep 4th 2016

West Texas A&M University
West Texas A&M University, also known as WTAMUWTAMU, WT, and formerly West Texas State, part of the Texas A&M University System, is a public university located
Mar 2nd 2017

Proton The Proton-M, (Протон-М) GRAU index 8K82M or 8K82KM, is a Russian heavy-lift launch vehicle derived from the Soviet-developed Proton. It is built by Khrunichev
Mar 14th 2017

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