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Mae Questel
Mae Questel /ˈmeɪ ˌkwɛˈstɛl/ (September 13, 1908 – January 4, 1998) was an American actress and voice artist best known for providing the voices for the
May 20th 2017

Musical Justice
as Judicial Bandleader Mae Questel as Betty Boop "Don't Take My Boop-Oop-A-Doop Away" music by Sammy Timberg Sung by Mae Questel This is one of only two
Feb 23rd 2017

Mae (given name)
American movie actress Mae Murray (1885–1965), American silent film actress Mae Questel (1908–1998), American actress Mae West (1893–1980), American actress
Jan 2nd 2017

Margie Hines
for the character. Hines and several other actress voiced Betty until Mae Questel took over the role in 1931. Beginning in 1932, Hines also did vocals
Mar 21st 2017

Be Up to Date
the fun. This is the last theatrical short subject cartoon in which Mae Questel voiced Betty. After this cartoon, other people would provide Betty's
Oct 30th 2016

The Foxy Hunter
her Junior Nephew Junior and Pudgy the Dog all three characters are voiced by Mae Questel. Junior and Pudgy slip away from Betty Boop's care to go hunting with
Jan 24th 2017

It's Only Money
television program about a wealthy, single woman, Cecilia Albright (Mae Questel) who is looking for her long-lost nephew. The mention of a $100,000 reward
May 6th 2017

On the Good Ship Lollipop
published by Sam Fox Publishing Company were sold, and a recording by Mae Questel (the cartoon voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl) reputedly sold more than
Mar 12th 2017

No! No! A Thousand Times No!!
was written by Al Sherman, Al Lewis, Abner Silver in 1934, and sung by Mae Questel. The song was covered by Percival Mackey and his Orchestra featuring
Feb 22nd 2017

A Haunting We Will Go (1949 film)
best friend and protector. Jack Mercer as Turtle/Hunter (uncredited) Mae Questel as Casper/Ghost Teacher (uncredited) Frank Gallop as narrator A Haunting
Nov 20th 2016

1936–1938 Mae Questel provided the voice for Swee'Pea which was then taken over by voice actress Margie Hines from 1938 to 1943. Mae Questel was recast
Feb 1st 2017

Olive Oyl
the voice of Olive Oyl. She was thereafter voiced by character actress Questel Mae Questel (who also voiced Betty Boop and other characters). Questel styled Olive's
May 11th 2017

Betty Boop's Hallowe'en Party
Sing", which features background vocals sung by fellow voice actress Mae Questel along with a studio chorus. Betty Boop's Hallowe'en Party at the Internet
Feb 22nd 2017

The Paneless Window Washer
quarrel between who's better at cleaning windows. Jack Mercer as Popeye Mae Questel as Olive Oyl Gus Wickie as Bluto The Paneless Window Washer at the Internet
Mar 22nd 2017

All by Myself (Irving Berlin song)
from the HBO Original Series Part of the song is sung by Betty Boop (Mae Questel) in the 1933 animated short film Is My Palm Read It was performed by
Mar 2nd 2017

I Heard (film)
", and "I Know a Girl Named Betty Boop," all sung by Don Redman and Mae Questel. This short was the last appearance of Bimbo. I Heard on Youtube I Heard
Feb 23rd 2017

Stickney as Hattie Gertrude Michael as Mary Morton Sidney Easton as George Mae Questel Showgirl "Movie Review - Wayward - Snobs and a Dancer. -"
Apr 5th 2017

Don't Take My Boop-Oop-A-Doop Away
recorded for the short film Musical Justice (1931), with a vocal by Mae Questel. It was then used in the 1932 Boop-Talkartoons">Betty Boop Talkartoons cartoon Boop-Oop-a-Doop
Dec 28th 2016

Fright to the Finish
says, "Loves them ghosts." Jackson Beck as Bluto Jack Mercer as Popeye Mae Questel as Olive Oyl Fright to the Finish at the Internet Movie Database Fright
Apr 12th 2017

Move (1970 film)
Graham Jarvis as Dr. Picker Ron O'Neal as Peter Garrie Beau as Andrea Mae Questel Mrs. Katz Solomon, Aubrey. Twentieth Century Fox: A Corporate and
Feb 10th 2017

Hysterical History
Chief / Benjamin Franklin / James W. Marshall / Alexander Graham Bell Mae Questel as Priscilla / Pocahontas / Phone Operator "Yankee Doodle Boy" Hysterical
May 16th 2017

Spooky Swabs
Popeye theatrical cartoon short, starring Jack Mercer as Popeye and Mae Questel as Olive Oyl. Produced by Paramount Cartoon Studios (formerly Famous
Feb 23rd 2017

Snow-White (1933 film)
animation and background drawings from the Fleischer Studios artists. Mae Questel performs the voices of Betty Boop and the Olive Oyl-ish Queen, and Cab
Mar 18th 2017

Animal Crackers in My Soup
It was recorded by Don Bestor and his orchestra (Brunswick 7495) and Mae Questel, voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl released a recording of the song in
Apr 10th 2017

Olive Oyl for President
mentioned before). All five cartoons shared the same voice actress, Mae Questel. Olive Oyl's version of the "If I Were President" song (an earlier version
Apr 25th 2017

Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor
Wellington Wimpy are performed by Jack Mercer, with additional voices by Mae Questel as Olive Oyl, and Gus Wickie as Sindbad the Sailor. In this short,
May 14th 2017

The Old Man of the Mountain (film)
(talking voice provided by Bonnie Poe and singing voice provided by Mae Questel). Calloway, along with his orchestra, also perform all of the music in
Dec 3rd 2016

Popeye the Sailor (animated cartoons)
Jack Mercer as Popeye the Sailor (substitutes: Harry Foster Welch, Mae Questel, Floyd Buckley, Jackson Beck). Costello had a gruff, gravelly quality
May 14th 2017

Morris High School (Bronx)
United States Secretary of State Gabe Pressman, television journalist Mae Questel, actress Victor Riesel, newspaper columnist. Benito Romano, attorney
Apr 9th 2017

I've Got No Strings
puppets), a Russian puppet, and Cossacks (all voiced by Patricia Page, Mae Questel and Mel Blanc). The music was written by Leigh Harline, the lyrics were
May 24th 2017

Hollywood on Parade
The other is a Paramount short film Musical Justice (1931), in which Mae Questel portrays Betty Boop. Baby Peggy Bonnie Bonnell Brox Sisters Gary Cooper
Mar 22nd 2017

Bajour (musical)
Anyanka, Gus Trikonis as Steve, Herbert Edelman as the Moyva King, and Mae Questel as Mrs. Kirsten, with Paul Sorvino, Harry Goz, Michael Bennett, and Leland
May 25th 2017

Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves
voice of Popeye is performed by Jack-MercerJack Mercer, with additional voices by Mae Questel as Olive Oyl, Lou Fleischer as J. Wellington Wimpy and Gus Wickie as
Dec 3rd 2016

Sea Hag
her television debut in Popeye the Sailor. She was voiced by actress Mae Questel who also provided the voice for Olive Oyl & Swee'Pea. In 1978, the Sea
May 10th 2017

Popeye the Sailor (1960s TV series)
King Features' parent company, the Hearst Corporation). Jack Mercer, Mae Questel and Jackson Beck returned for this series, which was produced by several
May 21st 2017

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
explosion sending him flying into the family. Lewis' wife Aunt Bethany (Mae Questel), who is incredibly senile, proceeds to sing the "The Star-Spangled Banner"
Apr 30th 2017

I've Got a Pain in My Sawdust
who first recorded it on February 15, 1910. It was recorded again by Mae Questel on January 16, 1935, as a b-side to "On the Good Ship Lollipop". Tiny
Oct 9th 2015

Wendy the Good Little Witch
Paramount Casper cartoon short, Which is Witch (1958). She was voiced by Mae Questel. In 1963, she became a frequent supporting character in the animated
Sep 2nd 2016

Bells Are Ringing (film)
Ella's Blind Date Hal Linden as "Midas Touch" Singer Doria Avila as Carl Mae Questel Voice of boy talking to Santa Claus Judy Holliday and Jean Stapleton
May 10th 2017

New York Stories
Allen) has problems with his overly critical mother Sadie Millstein (Mae Questel). Sheldon complains constantly to his therapist about her, wishing aloud
Apr 19th 2017

Land of the Lost (radio)
Land of Lost Watches (1951). Voices in these animated films included Mae Questel as Isabel (in a Canadian accent) and Rosita Wristwatch (in a Spanish
Nov 23rd 2016

Popeye the Sailor: 1938–1940, Volume 2
Breed of His Own Poopdeck Pappy: The Nasty Old Man and the Sea O-Re-Mi: Mae Questel and the Voices of Olive Oyl Out of the Inkwell: The Fleischer Story
Nov 27th 2016

Winky Dink and You
featured the exploits of a cartoon character named Winky Dink (voiced by Mae Questel) and his dog Woofer, with sound effects provided by Joseph Scholnick
Apr 13th 2016

List of female movie actors by name: P–Q
Provine (born 1937) Juliet Prowse (1936–1996) Edna Purviance (1895–1958) Mae Questel (1908–1998) Linnea Quigley (born 1958) Kathleen Quinlan (born 1954)
Mar 6th 2016

List of cemeteries in New York
Museum, New York City New Montefiore Cemetery, West Babylon, New YorkMae Questel New Mount Carmel Cemetery, Glendale, Queens New York Marble Cemetery
May 16th 2017

New Montefiore Cemetery
Moissaye Joseph Olgin (1878–1939), writer, journalist, and Communist Mae Questel (1908–1998), actress and vocal artist Emily Remler (1957–1990), jazz
Feb 11th 2017

Baby Esther
Hines, Little Ann Little, Kate Wright, Bonnie Poe, and most notably Mae Questel were all summoned to testify. Little Ann Little told the court how the
Mar 26th 2017

1908 in film
August 30 - Fred MacMurray, American actor (died 1991) September 13 - Mae Questel, American voice actress (died 1998) September 15 - Penny Singleton, American
Apr 17th 2017

Musical short
"Boop-a-Doop Girl" Helen Kane (A Lesson In Love), and Betty's actual voice, Mae Questel (Musical Doctor, in which Dr. Rudy Vallee finds musical deficiencies
Jan 2nd 2017

Funny Girl (film)
featuring Kay Medford, Anne Francis, Walter Pidgeon, Lee Allen, and Mae Questel. Streisand won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance
May 3rd 2017

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