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Syed Gulamur Rahman Maizbhandari
Maizbhandari Rahman Maizbhandari also known as Baba Bhandari (15 January 1826 – 5 April 1937) was a Sufi from IndiaIndia.[citation needed] In the Sufism of Maizbhandari order
Apr 19th 2017

Tarika-e-Maizbhandari is a Sufi sect based in Chittagong District of Bangladesh. Maizbhandari Tariqa or Maizbhandari is a liberated Sufi order established
Apr 4th 2017

Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi
which in the local language means; "the senior scholar"). Ahmed Ullah Maizbhandari was born on January 15, 1826, corresponding to Magh 1, 1233 of the Bengali
Apr 20th 2017

Sayed Delaor Husaein
Ahmadullah Maizbhandari )in his absence in spreading the sufi teaching of his grand-father Gousal Azam Moulana Shah Sufi Syed Ahmadullah Maizbhandari. Daily
Apr 25th 2017

Ramesh Shil
antistrophes at each other. Shil composed about 350 Maizbhandari songs praising the Maizbhandari order and its proponent Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi. These
Oct 26th 2016

Batiniyya-Shia) of orders are offshoots of the Suhrawardi order. The Maizbhandari Tariqa or Maizbhandari Sufi Order is a liberated Sufism order established in the
Apr 1st 2017

Sayed Ziaul Haq
the President of Maizbhandari Academy (Bengali: মাইজভান্ডারী একাডেমী) and Trusty of Shahanshah Hadrath Sayed Ziaul Haq Maizbhandari Trust (Bengali: শাহেনশাহ
Apr 21st 2017

Chittagong District
Quader Chowdhury Sarat Chandra Das Maitreyi Devi Syed Gulamur Rahman Maizbhandari Charles John Stanley Gough Ehsanul Haque Enamul Haque (cricketer, born
Apr 15th 2017

award of Naksibendi Sufi Order Tariqah-e- Maizbhandaria,Silsilah of the Maizbhandari Order,Qadiri-Tariqah">Bangladesh International Qadiri Tariqah: Silsilah of the Qadiri
Dec 18th 2016

as written on own heart. Main article: Tarika-e-Maizbhandari The Maizbhandari Tariqa or Maizbhandari Sufi Order is a liberated Sufism order established
Apr 27th 2017

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Oct 31st 2015

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