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Majewski (feminine Majewska) is a Polish surname. In other Slavic countries it may transliterated as Mayevsky or Maevsky (masculine, Russian: Маевский)
Jan 13th 2017

Radosław Majewski
Radosław "Radi" Majewski (Polish pronunciation: [raˈdɔswaf maˈjɛfski]; born 15 December 1986 in Pruszkow) is a Polish footballer who is currently player
Apr 29th 2017

Lech Majewski
Majewski">Lech Majewski (pronounced [maˈjɛfski], ‘Ma-yev-ski’) (born 30 August 1953) is a Polish film and theatre director, writer, poet, and painter. Born in Katowice
Dec 19th 2016

Michał Majewski
Michał Majewski (born 23 February 1987) is a Polish foil fencer, team bronze medallist in the 2008 World Fencing Championships and bronze medallist in
Jun 20th 2016

Andrzej Majewski
Andrzej Majewski, (born in November 12, 1966 in Wrocław), is a Polish aphorist, writer, columnist and photographer. He graduated from The Economics Academy
Oct 13th 2016

Janusz Majewski
Janusz Majewski may refer to: Janusz Majewski (director) (born 1931), Polish film director Janusz Majewski (fencer) (born 1940), Polish Olympic fencer
Dec 23rd 2015

DPP v Majewski
DPP v Majewski [1976] UKHL 2 is a leading English criminal law case, establishing that voluntary intoxication is no defence to crimes requiring only basic
Dec 27th 2016

Gary Majewski
Gary Wayne Majewski (/məˈdʒɛski/; born February 26, 1980) is a former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher. He played in MLB for the Montreal Expos, Washington
Mar 19th 2017

Dustin Majewski
Dustin Majewski (born August 16, 1981 in Brenham, Texas) is a former college and minor league baseball player. After earning 1999 Class 4A Player of
Feb 18th 2017

Tomasz Majewski
Tomasz Majewski (born 30 August 1981) is a Polish shot putter and a double Olympic gold medalist. He is the third shot putter to successfully defend the
Feb 22nd 2017

Stefan Majewski
Stefan Majewski (born 31 January 1956 in Bydgoszcz) is a retired Polish footballer and football manager who was the interim manager of the Polish national
Jan 31st 2017

Lori Majewski
Lori Majewski is a U.S. based entertainment writer, communications strategist and consultant. She is the author (with Jonathan Bernstein) of Mad World:
Apr 29th 2017

Val Majewski
Walter Val Majewski (pronounced my-EFF-skee) (born June 19, 1981 in New Brunswick, New Jersey) is a former American professional baseball outfielder. He
Sep 29th 2016

Patrick Majewski
Patrick Majewski (born December 23, 1979 in Radom, Poland) is a Polish professional boxer who is the reigning NABF Middleweight professional boxing champion
Feb 14th 2017

Szymon Majewski
Szymon Majewski (born on June 1, 1967 in Warsaw) is a Polish journalist, showman, radio and television presenter and professional television and film actor
Apr 28th 2015

Bartosz Majewski
Bartosz Majewski (born April 8, 1987 in Zielona Gora) is a Polish modern pentathlete. He won a silver medal for the relay at the 2010 European Championships
Apr 28th 2017

Francisco Majewski
Francisco Majewski (1 May 1939 – 22 April 2012) was a professional footballer who played in the Uruguayan Primera Division and Mexican Primera Division
Apr 30th 2017

Jan Majewski
Majewski (born 27 November 1973) is a German football forward. "Jan Majewski" (in German). Retrieved 8 April 2011.  "Majewski,
May 11th 2016

Stephanie A. Majewski
Stephanie A. Majewski (born 1981) is an American physicist at the University of Oregon (UO) researching high energy particle physics at the CERN ATLAS
Jan 31st 2017

Neil Majewski
Neil John Majewski (born 27 May 1954 in Footscray, Victoria) is an Australian cricketer, who played for the Tasmanian Tigers. He was a right-handed batsman
Mar 14th 2016

Janusz Majewski (director)
Majewski Janusz Majewski (born 5 August 1931) is a Polish film director and screenwriter. Majewski has directed more than 40 films since 1957. 1975: Zaklęte rewiry
Oct 3rd 2016

Lenz–Majewski syndrome
LenzMajewski syndrome is a skin condition characterized by hyperostosis, craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, dwarfism, cutis laxa, proximal symphalangism, syndactyly
Mar 30th 2017

Majewski's polydactyly syndrome
Majewski's polydactyly syndrome, also known as polydactyly with neonatal chondrodystrophy type I, short rib-polydactyly syndrome type I, and short rib-polydactyly
Mar 30th 2017

Janusz Majewski (fencer)
Janusz-MajewskiJanusz Majewski (born 29 January 1940) is a Polish fencer. He competed in the individual and team sabre events at the 1972 Summer Olympics. "Janusz
Apr 19th 2017

Hans-Martin Majewski
Hans-Martin Majewski (1911–1997) was a German composer of film scores. Blocked Signals (1948) Love '47 (1949) My Niece Susanne (1950) Weekend in Paradise
May 21st 2017

Microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II
characterized in 1982. It is associated with PCNT. Primordial dwarfism Majewski F, Ranke M, Schinzel A (May 1982). "Studies of microcephalic primordial
May 26th 2016

Glass Lips
Glass Lips is a feature film with almost no words, directed by Lech Majewski. The film began life as an installation of interrelated short films, entitled
Nov 18th 2016

Sintury) joined the band as a secondary guitarist, and Majewski Mike Majewski joined on bass. Majewski had previously worked publicizing the band and providing artwork
Apr 18th 2017

List of Devourment members
guitars Mike Majewski – bass Brad Fincher – drums Ruben Rosas – vocals Brian "Brain" Wynn – guitars Kevin Clark – guitars Mike Majewski – bass Brad Fincher
Feb 13th 2017

Athletics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's shot put
Hoffa, (2011 World Champion) David Storl and (defending champion) Tomasz Majewski placed themselves in the favorite role, by tossing an automatic qualifier
Nov 26th 2016

Butcher the Weak
also the first album to feature Majewski Mike Majewski on vocals. The re-recording was the first album on which Majewski was replaced on bass by Chris "Captain
Feb 3rd 2017

Lokis (film)
Rękopis profesora Wittembacha) was a 1970 Polish film directed by Janusz Majewski based on the 1869 Prosper Merimee horror novel of the same name. The title
Oct 3rd 2016

Live in Whitby
download. The release was dedicated to late artist and musician Michal Majewski, who designed the cover artwork. Recording The album was recorded live
Sep 28th 2016

Marek Kubliński
Rzecz­pos­po­li­ta published an interview with Majewski on the occasion of the launch of the book, in which Majewski provided additional — this time unfictionalized
Mar 13th 2017

Trauma (video game)
adventure interactive fiction game developed by Polish programmer Krystian Majewski as part of a thesis project, and released in August 2011. The game is based
Dec 3rd 2016

2009 World Championships in Athletics – Men's shot put
held at the Olympic Stadium on August 15. The Olympic champion Tomasz Majewski entered the competition as the world-leading athlete and one of the favourites
May 5th 2014

The Intimate Bach, Duets with the Spanish Guitar Vol.2
album by the Brazilian guitarist Laurindo Almeida, with violist Virginia Majewski and French Horn player Vincent DeRosa. It was originally released by Capitol
Dec 4th 2016

Billotte, drummer/vocalist Mira Billotte, and bassist/vocalist Majewski Brendan Majewski. Majewski left in 2001 and was replaced by Mick Barr. The band broke up in 2003
Dec 3rd 2016

Hotel Pacific
(Polish: Zaklęte rewiry) is a 1975 Polish drama film directed by Janusz Majewski. It was entered into the 26th Berlin International Film Festival. Marek
Feb 18th 2017

Irena do domu!
Lidia WysockaIrena Majewska Adolf DymszaZygmunt Majewski Michał Kiliński − Janek Majewski, their son Helena Buczyńska − Nowakowa Ludwik Sempoliński
Dec 8th 2015

Battle of Chojnice (1939)
unit from the Polish army Chojnice Detached Group under Colonel Tadeusz Majewski, part of the Czersk Operational Group under Stanisław Grzmot-Skotnicki
May 8th 2017

contain 4 species. Misgomyces annae T. Majewski 1973 Misgomyces dyschirii Thaxt. 1900 Misgomyces flexus T. Majewski 1973 Misgomyces heteroceri Maire 1920
May 20th 2016

List of Polish photographers
Mieczysław Karłowicz Bogdan Konopka Ewa Kuryluk Eugeniusz Lokajski Andrzej Majewski Maciej Michalski Chris Niedenthal Szymon Niemiec Krzysztof Olszewski Andrzej
Jan 30th 2017

2005 World Championships in Athletics – Men's shot put
Nelson, United States 20.35 Q Tepa Reinikainen, Finland 20.19 q Tomasz Majewski, Poland 20.19 q Carl Myerscough, Great Britain 20.07 q Gheorghe Guset,
Mar 4th 2017

Molesting the Decapitated
Rosas – vocals Brian "Brain" Wynn – guitars Kevin Clark – guitars Mike Majewski – bass Brad Fincher – drums D. Braxton Henry – backing vocals on "Choking
Feb 3rd 2017

The Mill and the Cross
the Cross (Polish: Młyn i krzyż) is a 2011 drama film directed by Lech Majewski and starring Rutger Hauer, Charlotte Rampling and Michael York. It is inspired
Jul 23rd 2016

Dodek na froncie
Wedzonka Alicja Halama ... Zofia Majewska Mieczysław Cybulski ... Lt. Jerzy Majewski Helena Grossowna ... Zuzia, the maid Michał Znicz ... Lt. Duszkin Jozef
Dec 8th 2015

GME of Deutscher Wetterdienst
an experimental model currently in development in the United States. Majewski, D. and coauthors, 2002: The Operational Global IcosahedralHexagonal Gridpoint
Mar 6th 2015

Sultan Al-Hebshi
of 21.13 m and finishing in third, only behind Olympic champion Tomasz Majewski and World Champion Reese Hoffa. Sultan Al-Hebshi profile at IAAF All-Athletics
Aug 15th 2016

Short rib – polydactyly syndrome
family of four closely related dysplasias: I - "Saldino-Noonan type" I - "Majewski type" II - "Verma-Naumoff type" (associated with DYNC2H1) IV - "Beemer-Langer
Mar 29th 2017

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