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Barry Manilow
Drunkard. Instead, Manilow wrote an entire original score. Herrod used Manilow's composition in the Off Broadway musical, which enjoyed an eight-year run
Apr 14th 2017

Greatest Hits (Barry Manilow album)
in 1978. The album was certified 3x platinum in the US, and would be Manilow's last of that certification as of 2010. It also features the new single
Apr 24th 2017

Barry Manilow (1973 album)
For the 1989 Barry Manilow album, see Barry Manilow (1989 album). Barry Manilow is the debut album by Barry Manilow. It was released as Barry Manilow in
Sep 7th 2016

Greatest Hits Vol. II (Barry Manilow album)
thirteenth album released by singer-songwriter Barry Manilow. In Britain, Manilow's first Greatest Hits album had been issued as Manilow Magic, thus this
Feb 4th 2017

This One's for You (Barry Manilow song)
You" peaked at number twenty-nine on the Billboard Hot 100, and it was Manilow's fifth number one on the Easy Listening chart, reaching the top position
Apr 19th 2017

Manilow (album)
and synthesized release sharply different from Manilow's renowned piano ballads. The album was Manilow's first of four albums with RCA Records. The other
Feb 26th 2017

Ultimate Manilow
At the time Ultimate Manilow was released, no other compilations of Manilow's music were in print. Ultimate Manilow, with a slightly different track
Apr 24th 2017

Barry Manilow discography
Barry Manilow is an American singer–songwriter, musician, arranger, producer, and conductor. His discography consists of 32 studio albums, 4 live albums
Apr 26th 2017

It's a Miracle (Barry Manilow song)
Miracle" went to number twelve on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and was Manilow's second number one on the U.S. Easy Listening chart, spending one week
Apr 24th 2017

Even Now (Barry Manilow song)
on the Billboard-Hot-100Billboard Hot 100 chart in June 1978, peaking at #19. It became Manilow's ninth song to reach number one on the Billboard easy listening chart,
Apr 19th 2017

15 Minutes (Barry Manilow album)
15 Minutes is the 28th studio album by singer-songwriter Barry Manilow, which was released on June 14, 2011. It was the first independent release of his
Jul 21st 2016

Here Comes the Night (Barry Manilow album)
Here Comes the Night is the twelfth album by singer-songwriter Barry Manilow. The album was recorded at Sound City Recording Studios in Van Nuys, California
Apr 1st 2017

Mandy (Scott English and Richard Kerr song)
Manilow recorded the song under the title name of "Mandy". The song was Manilow's first #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and Easy Listening charts, and his
Apr 25th 2017

Barry Manilow Live
recorded. The album is known for giving the first commercial release to Manilow's-VSMManilow's VSM ("Very Strange Medley"). Before the performance Manilow refers to
Feb 11th 2017

I Need Your Help Barry Manilow
features a comedic story line. It also uses riffs reminiscent of many of Manilow's best known hits, led off by a sample of "I Write the Songs". The fictional
Feb 12th 2017

It's Just Another New Year's Eve
followed by the single "Can't Smile Without You". The song appears on Manilow's 1977 album Barry Manilow Live. The single reached number 33 on the Billboard
Apr 19th 2017

Copacabana: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album
Barry Manilow's first soundtrack that contained songs with music by him. "Overture" - Orchestra "CopacabanaCopacabana (At the Copa)" - Barry Manilow "Let's Go Steppin'"
Nov 22nd 2016

One Voice (Barry Manilow album)
Recording in Hollywood. The album was a signature of a minor decline in Manilow's success. It reached 2x platinum, not 3x platinum, as his past six albums
Mar 20th 2017

Barry Manilow II
(Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) "Something's Comin' Up" - 2:51 (Barry Manilow) "It's a Miracle" - 3:58 (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) "Avenue C" - 2:37 (Buck
Apr 24th 2017

2:00 AM Paradise Cafe
singer-songwriter Manilow Barry Manilow. The album was a radical departure from Manilow'sManilow's previous work of highly polished pop. Manilow wrote in the liner notes
Nov 22nd 2016

Barry Manilow (1989 album)
ManilowManilow Barry Manilow is the sixth self-titled album released by singer and songwriter ManilowManilow Barry Manilow. Manilow released a total of six self-titled albums in his
Oct 27th 2016

Swing Street
despite all the outside talent brought in to record it. This album marks Manilow's return to the Arista Records label from RCA Records, where he had four
Feb 9th 2017

The Greatest Songs of the Seventies
The-Greatest-SongsThe-Greatest-SongsThe Greatest Songs of the Seventies is Barry Manilow's follow up to his previous album, The-Greatest-SongsThe-Greatest-SongsThe Greatest Songs of the Sixties. The album was released on September
Apr 24th 2017

Copacabana (song)
Bruce Sussman, it was released in 1978 as the third and final single from Manilow's fifth studio album, Even Now (1978). The song was inspired by a conversation
Apr 19th 2017

Tryin' to Get the Feeling
a modern uptempo makeover to fit the male lead (as "He's a Star") for Manilow's 2011 rock opera 15 Minutes. "New York City Rhythm" (Barry Manilow
Sep 7th 2016

Can't Smile Without You
Billboard Adult Contemporary chart and No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Manilow's version has slightly different lyrics from the Carpenters' version such
Apr 19th 2017

Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs (Barry Manilow album)
Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs is Barry Manilow's 38th album release, a compilation album featuring his greatest ballads and love songs. "Could It Be
Dec 19th 2015

The Old Songs
track from Manilow's-1981Manilow's 1981 album, Should-Love-Again">If I Should Love Again. "Songs">The Old Songs" peaked at number fifteen on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and was Manilow's eleventh
Apr 19th 2017

Because It's Christmas
huge success, becoming Manilow's first platinum album since 1984's 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe. It also began a period in Manilow's career in which he recorded
Oct 29th 2016

I Made It Through the Rain
about the everyday persons struggles, rather than those of a profession. Manilow's version peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #4 on the Adult
Apr 19th 2017

Read 'Em and Weep
Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Adult Contemporary chart. It was Manilow's last top 40 hit on the Hot 100. List of number-one adult contemporary
Apr 19th 2017

This One's for You
"This One's for You" (Barry Manilow song), the title track from Barry Manilow's 1976 album This One's for You (Deez-NutsDeez Nuts album), a 2010 album by Deez
Aug 11th 2016

Manilow Sings Sinatra
Manilow Sings Sinatra is an album by singer-songwriter Barry Manilow, released in 1998. The album was a compilation of himself singing songs originally
Aug 12th 2016

Could It Be Magic
album release in 1973 and a single release in 1975. This became one of Manilow's first hits. The song has been covered by a number of other artists over
Apr 27th 2017

When I Wanted You
"When I Wanted You" is a track from Barry Manilow's 1979 album, One Voice, with music and lyrics written by Gino Cunico. "When I Wanted You" peaked at
Apr 19th 2017

Greatest Hits Volume I (Barry Manilow album)
Greatest Hits Volume I is a compilation album released by Barry Manilow in 1989 on Arista Records. It was the first of a three-album series released that
Apr 24th 2017

Somewhere Down the Road (Barry Manilow song)
"Somewhere Down the Road" is a popular song written by Michael Masser, Weil Cynthia Weil and Tom Snow and most famously recorded in 1981 by Barry Manilow. Weil
Apr 19th 2017

Weekend in New England
was recorded by John Barrowman for his 2007 album Another Side, while Manilow's version was heard in the 2009 comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Whitburn
Nov 1st 2016

If I Should Love Again
the biggest album of his career, but If I Should Love Again showcases Manilow's greatest skill: making heartbreak sound hopeful." "The Old Songs" (David
Apr 8th 2017

Greatest Hits Volume II (Barry Manilow album)
Not to be confused with Greatest Hits Vol. II (Barry Manilow album). Greatest Hits Volume II is a compilation album released by Barry Manilow in 1989 on
Mar 14th 2017

A Christmas Gift of Love
an album released in 2002 by singer and songwriter Barry Manilow. As Manilow's second compilation of Christmas songs, the album did quite well, and went
Jul 10th 2016

This One's for You (Barry Manilow album)
This article is about the Barry Manilow album. For the Teddy Pendergrass album, see This One's for You (Teddy Pendergrass album). This One's For You is
Oct 19th 2016

Barry (album)
reached number ten, in late 1980. This album was released at a time when Manilow's success was having its greatest impact overseas, particularly in the UK
Feb 4th 2017

The Very Best of Barry Manilow
The Very Best of Barry Manilow is a compilation album released by singer and songwriter Barry Manilow in 2005 for sale at Hallmark stores. "Mandy" (3:30)
Apr 24th 2017

Sandra (Barry Manilow song)
Sandra is a song that was originally recorded by Barry Manilow on his album, Barry Manilow II in 1974. The song was also recorded by Dusty Springfield
Feb 3rd 2016

Here at the Mayflower
2:26 "I Don't Wanna Know" - 4:05 American Idol vocal coach Debra Byrd, Manilow's longtime backup singer, makes an uncredited appearance on "Say Goodbye"
Dec 19th 2016

The Greatest Songs of the Sixties
The-Greatest-SongsThe-Greatest-SongsThe Greatest Songs of the Sixties is Manilow's">Barry Manilow's sequel album for The-Greatest-SongsThe-Greatest-SongsThe Greatest Songs of the Fifties. The album was another major hit for Manilow in
Oct 3rd 2016

Adrienne Anderson
including Anderson. In 2010, Anderson was an invited guest at the premiere of Manilow's two-year engagement at the Paris Las Vegas. Stemming from her association
Nov 14th 2016

The Pebble and the Penguin (soundtrack)
and a half stars at Reviewer Peter Fawthrop wrote: "Barry Manilow's soundtrack would have upped the mediocrity on a better project, but The
Jan 24th 2017

The Greatest Songs of the Eighties
The Greatest Songs of the Eighties is Barry Manilow's 38th album, and follow-up to his 2007 album, The Greatest Songs of the Seventies. This album, which
May 17th 2016

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