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This article is about the year 1590. 1590 (MDXC) was a common year starting on Monday (dominical letter G) of the Gregorian calendar and a common year
Nov 5th 2016

Roger Townshend (died 1590)
Sir Roger Townshend (c.1544 – 30 June 1590) was an English nobleman, politician, soldier, and knight. He was the son of Sir Richard Townshend (died 1551)
Apr 4th 2017

Russo-Swedish War (1590–95)
The Russo-Swedish War of 1590–1595 was instigated by Boris Godunov in the hope of gaining the territory of the Duchy of Estonia along the Gulf of Finland
Apr 8th 2017

Treaty of Constantinople (1590)
Empire ending the Ottoman-Safavid War of 1578-1590. It was signed on 21 March 1590 in Constantinople (present-day Istanbul). The war started when the Ottomans
Apr 16th 2017

Siege of Paris (1590)
Mayenne and Charles of Guise, Duke of Aumale at the Battle of Ivry on 14 March 1590, Henry of Navarre advanced with his troops on his main objective of Paris
Apr 10th 2017

Capture of Breda (1590)
Date 4 March 1590 Location Breda, Netherlands Result Decisive Dutch-English victory
Jan 26th 2017

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1590
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1590, adopted unanimously on 24 March 2005, after recalling resolutions 1547 (2004), 1556 (2004), 1564 (2004)
Mar 11th 2017

1590 in Ireland
Events from the year 1590 in Ireland. January 14- Sir William FitzWilliam, acting for the Lord Deputy, concludes his campaign against rebels in Connacht
Dec 27th 2016

English ship Merhonour (1590)
Merhonour was a ship of the Tudor navy of England. She was built in 1590 by Mathew Baker at Woolwich-DockyardWoolwich Dockyard, and was rebuilt by Phineas Pett I at Woolwich
Aug 26th 2016

1590s in the Southern Netherlands
Events from the 1590s in the Spanish Netherlands and Prince-bishopric of Liege. Monarch - Philip II, King of Spain and Duke of Brabant, of Luxembourg
Feb 10th 2016

Sir John Lyttelton (1520–1590)
Lyttelton Sir John Lyttelton (28 October 1519 – 15 February 1590) was an English nobleman, politician, knight, and landowner from the Lyttelton family during the
Mar 3rd 2017

Papal conclave, Autumn 1590
Papal Conclave from 8 October – 5 December 1590 was the second conclave of 1590 where Gregory XIV was elected as the successor of Urban VII. The autumn
Mar 9th 2017

USS Constant (AM-86)
For other ships with the same name, see USS Constant. USS Constant (AM-86) was an Adroit-class minesweeper of the United States Navy. Laid down on 21 February
Apr 26th 2017

1590 in France
Events from the year 1590 in France MonarchHenry IV 14 MarchBattle of Ivry May to SeptemberSiege of Paris Francois Perrier, painter (died
Sep 25th 2015

1590 Tsiolkovskaja
1590 Tsiolkovskaja, provisional designation 1933 NA, is a stony Flora asteroid from the inner regions of the asteroid belt, approximately 11 kilometers
Apr 15th 2017

Sophie of Württemberg, Duchess of Saxe-Weimar
Sophie of Württemberg (20 November 1563 - 21 July 1590), was a German noblewoman member of the House of Württemberg and by marriage Duchess of Saxe-Weimar
Nov 27th 2016

1590 in literature
This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1590. The Children of Paul's perform at the English Court twice in the first week
Mar 4th 2016

Ottoman–Safavid War (1578–90)
defeat the Uzbeks, he decided to sign a humiliating peace treaty on March 21, 1590, by which the war became ended. The main battles and events of the
Apr 24th 2017

1590 in Scotland
Events from the year 1590 in the Kingdom of Scotland. MonarchJames VI 17 MayAnne of Denmark crowned queen consort of Scotland at Holyrood Abbey
Mar 12th 2017

William Bradford (Plymouth Colony governor)
William Bradford (c. 19 March 1590 – May 9, 1657) was an English Separatist originally from the West Riding of Yorkshire, who later moved to Leiden in
Apr 26th 2017

Archduchess Anna of Austria
Anna of Austria (Prague, July 7, 1528 – Munich, October 16, 1590) was the daughter of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor and his wife Anna of Bohemia and
Oct 22nd 2016

1590s in England
Events from the 1590s in England. MonarchElizabeth I 1590 Publication of Edmund Spenser's poetry The Faerie Queene and his satire Mother Hubbard's
Apr 13th 2017

Thomas Fitzmaurice, 16th Baron Kerry
Thomas Fitzmaurice, 16th Baron Kerry and Baron Lixnaw (1502–1590) was an Irish nobleman, politician, and peer. He was the youngest son of Edmond Fitzmaurice
Mar 11th 2017

Pope Urban VII
Pope-Urban-VIIPope Urban VII (Latin: Urbanus VII; 4 August 1521 – 27 September 1590), born Giovanni Battista Castagna, was Pope from 15 to 27 September 1590. His twelve-day
Jan 4th 2017

March (territorial entity)
"MarchesMarches" redirects here. For a commune in France, see MarchesMarches, Drome. For other uses, see March (disambiguation) and Marche (disambiguation). A march
Apr 2nd 2017

1590 in art
Gian Paolo Lomazzo produces his critical treatise Idea del tempio della pittura ("The ideal temple of painting"). Federico Barocci - Christ
Oct 21st 2015

SS Santa Paula (1916)
For other ships with the same name, see SS Santa Paula. SS Santa Paula (later SS Montanan) was a freighter of the Grace Line and later the American-Hawaiian
Dec 22nd 2016

March of Carniola
The March (or Margraviate) of Carniola (Slovene: Kranjska krajina; German: Mark Krain) was a southeastern state of the Holy Roman Empire in the High Middle
Sep 24th 2016

March 1
March 1 is the 60th day of the year (61st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 305 days remaining until the end of the year. This date is
Mar 22nd 2017

George Carleton (MP)
George Carleton (1529 – January 1590) was a lawyer, landowner and Member of Parliament with strong Puritan sympathies. It has been suggested that he was
Oct 1st 2016

Lord Warden of the Marches
The-Lord-WardenThe Lord Warden of the Marches was an office in the governments of Scotland and England. The holders were responsible for the security of the border between
Dec 31st 2016

Federico Cornaro (senior)
Federico Cornaro (9 June 1531 – 4 October 1590) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Cardinal-Priest of Santo Stefano al Monte Celio (1586-1590)
Jan 18th 2017

Giovanni Bernardino Grandopoli
Giovanni-Bernardino-GrandopoliGiovanni Bernardino Grandopoli (died 1590) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Lettere-Gragnano (1576-1590). On 19 September 1576, Giovanni
Dec 27th 2016

March 14
For the Lebanese political coalition, see March 14 Alliance. March 14 is the 73rd day of the year (74th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There
Apr 18th 2017

Meletius I Pegas
Meletius I Pegas (Greek: Μελέτιος Πηγάς) served as Greek Patriarch of Alexandria between 1590 and 1601. Simultaneously from 1597 to 1598 he served also
Sep 15th 2016

Tommaso Sperandio Corbelli
Tommaso Sperandio Corbelli (died 1590) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Bagnoregio (1581-1590) and Bishop of Trogir (1567-1574). On
Dec 27th 2016

Giovanni Battista Bracelli
Not to be confused with the Italian engraver and painter Giovanni Battista Braccelli. Giovanni Battista Bracelli (died 17 April 1590) was a Roman Catholic
Dec 20th 2016

Charles Caesar
For other people named Charles Caesar, see Charles Caesar (disambiguation). Sir Charles Caesar (27 January 1590 – 6 December 1642), of Benington in Hertfordshire
Dec 28th 2016

Duchess Hedwig of Württemberg
Duchess Hedwig of Württemberg (15 January 1547, Basel – 4 March 1590, Marburg) was a princess of Württemberg by birth, and by marriage Landgravine of Hesse-Marburg
Oct 29th 2016

March 9
March 9 is the 68th day of the year (69th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 297 days remaining until the end of the year. This date is
Apr 25th 2017

March 18
March 18 is the 77th day of the year (78th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 288 days remaining until the end of the year. This date
Apr 24th 2017

Antonio Avendaño y Paz
Antonio Avendano y Paz, O.F.M. (1520 – 7 November 1590) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Quito (1588–1590) and Bishop of Concepcion
Dec 26th 2016

Jakob Andreae
Jakob Andreae (25 March 1528 – 7 January 1590) was a significant German Lutheran theologian, involved in the drafting of major documents. He was born
Dec 11th 2016

Maol Muire Ó hÚigínn
Catholicism portal Maol Muire O hUiginn (Anglicised: Miler O'Higgin, died circa 1590) was an Irish Roman Catholic clergyman. He was appointed Archbishop
Apr 30th 2016

Gervase Babington
Gervase Babington (1549/1550–1610) was an English churchman, serving as the Bishop of Llandaff (1591–1594), Bishop of Exeter (1594–1597) and Bishop of
Mar 26th 2017

1652 in Sweden
Events from the year 1652 in Sweden MonarchChristina Great Oulu Fire of 1652 19 June - Louis De Geer (1587–1652), merchant and industrialist
Jan 25th 2017

James III, Margrave of Baden-Hachberg
Margrave James III of Baden-Hachberg (26 May 1562 – 17 August 1590) was margrave of Baden-Hachberg from 1584 to 1590. he resided at Emmendingen. In 1590
Mar 13th 2017

Battle of Ivry
The-BattleThe Battle of Ivry was fought on 14 March 1590, during the French Wars of Religion. The battle was a decisive victory for Henry IV of France, leading Huguenot
Apr 8th 2017

Antonello de Folgore
Antonello de Folgore (died 1590) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Sant' Angelo de' Lombardi-Bisaccia (1585-1590). On 27 November 1585
Dec 26th 2016

For the airport near Newark, Ohio, assigned ICAO code KVTA, see Newark-Heath Airport. For a history of the 1520 signal in the Ventura-Oxnard metro, on
Feb 19th 2017

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