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March 1911
The following events occurred in March 1911: U.S. Senator William Lorimer of Illinois was able to keep his seat after the vote to oust him failed, 40-46
Mar 27th 2017

of Current Events". The American Monthly Review of Reviews: 287–290. March 1911Ashabranner, Brent; Jennifer (2001). No Better Hope: What the Lincoln
May 23rd 2017

Albanian revolt of 1911
one of many Albanian revolts in the Ottoman Empire and lasted from 24 March 1911 until 4 August 1911 in the region of Malesia. Kingdom of Montenegro
May 4th 2017

Bootle by-election, 1911
Merseyside on 27 March 1911. It was won by the Conservative Party candidate Bonar Law. The seat had become vacant on 13 March 1911 when the sitting
Apr 20th 2017

United States Senate elections, 1910 and 1911
general elections, the winners were elected for the term beginning March 4, 1911; ordered by state. All of the elections involved the Class 1 seats.
Mar 17th 2017

1911 in film
The year 1911 in film involved some significant events. March 23: D. W. Griffith shows the first major close-up shot on film with the successful release
Apr 21st 2017

M1911 pistol
success in trials, the Colt pistol was formally adopted by the Army on March 29, 1911, when it was designated Model of 1911, later changed to Model 1911,
May 24th 2017

1911 Paris–Roubaix
classic one-day cycle race in France. The single day event was held on 27 March 1911 and stretched 266 km (165 mi) from Paris to its end in a velodrome in
Jul 23rd 2016

1911–12 Magyar Kupa
1911–12 Nemzeti Bajnoksag I "1911–12 Magyar Kupa". RSSSF. 15 March 2016.  "1911–12 Magyar Kupa". Magyar Futball. 15 March 2016Official site
Feb 8th 2017

1911–12 FA Cup
The 1911–12 FA Cup was the 41st season of the world's oldest association football competition, the Football Association Challenge Cup (more usually known
Jun 20th 2015

1911 (film)
1911, also known as Revolution Xinhai Revolution and The-1911The 1911 Revolution, is a 2011 Chinese historical drama film. The film is a tribute to the 100th anniversary
Apr 8th 2017

Copyright Act 1911
Act-1911">The Copyright Act 1911, also known as the Act Imperial Copyright Act of 1911, is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (UK) which received Royal Assent
Mar 7th 2017

January February March April May June July August September October November December March is the third month of the year in both the Julian and Gregorian
May 19th 2017

1911–12 NHA season
The 1911–12 NHA season was the third season of the National Hockey Association (NHA). Four teams played 18 games each. The Quebec Bulldogs would win the
May 23rd 2017

List of earthquakes in 1911
Geological Survey. March 6, 1911. Retrieved November 21, 2015.  "Centennial Earthquake Catalog". United States Geological Survey. March 24, 1911. Retrieved November
Jan 22nd 2016

1911–12 Kangaroo tour of Great Britain
The 1911–12 Kangaroo tour of Great Britain was the second ever Kangaroo tour and was actually a tour by an "Australasian" squad including four New Zealand
Mar 15th 2017

1911 in the United Kingdom
Events from the year 1911 in the United Kingdom. This is a Coronation and Census year. Monarch - George V Prime Minister - H. H. Asquith (Liberal) 3
May 22nd 2017

Winchester Model 1911
The Winchester Model 1911 SL Shotgun was a self-loading, recoil-operated shotgun produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company from 1911 to 1925. It
Oct 20th 2016

1911–12 Istanbul Football League
The 1911–12 İstanbul Football League season was the 8th season of the league. Fenerbahce won the league for the first time. Galatasaray protested Istanbul
Jul 30th 2015

Ausiàs March
Ausias March (ValencianValencian pronunciation: [awziˈaz ˈmaɾk]) (1400 – March 3, 1459) was a medieval ValencianValencian poet and knight from Gandia, Valencia. He is considered
Dec 6th 2016

1911 Atlantic hurricane season
The 1911 Atlantic hurricane season was relatively inactive, with only six known tropical cyclones forming in the Atlantic during the summer and fall. There
May 19th 2017

Mongolia (1911–24)
The Bogd Khaanate of Mongolia was a state the Mongolia (Outer Mongolia) between 1911 and 1919, and again from 1921 to 1924. By the spring of 1911, some
May 16th 2017

1911–16 Australian drought
CALAMITY.". The Brisbane Courier (16,597). Queensland, Australia. 22 March 1911. p. 5. Retrieved 14 April 2017 – via National Library of Australia
Apr 13th 2017

Francis March
Not to be confused with his son Francis Andrew March, the historian. Francis Andrew March (October 25, 1825 – September 9, 1911) was an American polymath
Dec 14th 2016

Earl of March
The title The-EarlThe Earl of March has been created several times in the Peerage of Scotland and the Peerage of England. The title derived from the "marches"
Aug 31st 2016

1911–12 Scottish Cup
The 1911–12 Scottish Cup was the 39th staging of Scotland's most prestigious football knockout competition. The Cup was won by Celtic who defeated Clyde
Apr 1st 2017

Mongolian Revolution of 1911
The Mongolian Revolution of 1911 (Outer Mongolian Revolution of 1911) occurred when the region of Outer Mongolia declared its independence from the Manchu-led
Apr 10th 2017

The March of the Women
activist Florence Macaulay to the tune of the La Marseillaise. On 23 March 1911 the song was performed at a rally in the Royal Albert Hall. Smyth was
Feb 1st 2017

New Zealand general election, 1911
The New Zealand general election of 1911 was held on Thursday, 7 and 14 December in the general electorates, and on Tuesday, 19 December in the Māori electorates
Dec 15th 2016

The Mummy (1911 film)
having many novelties and being of a comedic nature. It was released on March 7, 1911 and listed as a drama by the Moving Picture World. It was distributed
May 14th 2017

March (territorial entity)
"MarchesMarches" redirects here. For a commune in France, see MarchesMarches, Drome. For other uses, see March (disambiguation) and Marche (disambiguation). A march
Apr 2nd 2017

1911–12 Real Madrid C.F. season
The-1911The 1911–12 season was the tenth season for Madrid FC. The club played only friendly matches against local clubs and one match against English team.
Mar 19th 2016

1911 International Lawn Tennis Challenge
The 1911 International Lawn Tennis Challenge was the tenth edition of what is now known as the Davis Cup, named after the American tennis player Dwight
Apr 12th 2017

1911–12 Stoke F.C. season
The 1911–12 season was Stoke'sStoke's third season in the Southern Football League. Stoke now having left the Birmingham & District League to concentrate on the
May 7th 2017

Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949
Parliament-Acts-1911">The Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949 are two Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which form part of the constitution of the United Kingdom. Section
May 20th 2017

1911–12 in Swedish football
The 1911–12 season in Swedish football, starting January 1911 and ending July 1912: For a colour code explanation, see Seasons in Swedish football
Dec 12th 2016

1911 Guerrero earthquake
The-1911The 1911 Guerrero earthquake occurred on December 16 at 12:14 local time near the coast of Guerrero, Mexico along the Mexican subduction zone. The earthquake's
Dec 22nd 2016

Kilmarnock Burghs by-election, 1911
The Kilmarnock Burghs by-election was a ParliamentaryParliamentary by-election held on 26 September 1911. It returned one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons
Feb 16th 2017

1911–12 Manchester United F.C. season
The 1911–12 season was Manchester United's 20th season in the Football League and fifth in the First Division. Pld = Matches played; W = Matches won;
Mar 3rd 2015

1911–12 in English football
The 1911–12 season was the 41st season of competitive football in England. Blackburn Rovers won the First Division title for the first time. Preston
Sep 1st 2016

List of members of the Privy Council for Canada (1911–48)
This is a list of members of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada appointed from 1911 to 1948. The Right Honourable Sir Robert Laird Borden October
Apr 20th 2016

RMS Laconia (1911)
For other ships with the same name, see RMS Laconia. RMS Laconia was a Cunard ocean liner built by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, launched on 27 July
Jan 10th 2017

April 1911
Taken on Sunday Night- How to Fill in the Cards", The Age (Melbourne), March 30, 1911, p6 David Dutton, One of Us?: A Century of Australian Citizenship (UNSW
Mar 27th 2017

1911–12 in Scottish football
The 1911–12 season was the 39th season of competitive football in Scotland and the 22nd season of the Scottish Football League. Champions: Rangers
Feb 7th 2016

1911–12 Montreal Canadiens season
The-1911The 1911–1912 Montreal Canadiens season was the team's third season and also the third season of the National Hockey Association (NHA). The club would
Feb 1st 2017

1911–12 Birmingham F.C. season
The 1911–12 Football League season was Birmingham Football Club's 20th in the Football League and their 12th in the Second Division. They finished in 12th
May 23rd 2017

1911 Brigham Young University modernism controversy
stifling effect on students as well as faculty. Milton Bennion, writing in March 1911, called the conflict the most significant event in Utah's recent educational
Nov 17th 2016

Mountain States League (1911–12)
The-Mountain-States-LeagueThe Mountain States League was a Class D minor league baseball league which operated in the United States from 1911 to 1912. The league previously operated
Jan 17th 2016

March, Cambridgeshire
March is a Fenland market town and civil parish in the Isle of Ely area of Cambridgeshire, England. March was the county town of the Isle of Ely which
May 18th 2017

1911 German football championship
The 1911 German football championship, the 9th edition of the competition, was won by Viktoria 89 Berlin, defeating VfB Leipzig 3–1 in the final. For Viktoria
Oct 28th 2016

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