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Marty Panzer
Marty Panzer is an American songwriter and first song-writing partner of Manilow Barry Manilow. He is the author of over 30 songs recorded by Manilow and over
May 30th 2016

Panzer (surname)
schoolteacher, and politician Georg Wolfgang Franz Panzer, German biologist Marty Panzer, American songwriter Mary Panzer, American banker and politician, daughter
Apr 6th 2013

Even Now (Barry Manilow album)
3:25 (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) "Where Do I Go From Here" - 3:07 (Parker McGee) "Even Now" - 3:28 (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) "I Was a Fool (To Let
Dec 8th 2016

Even Now (Barry Manilow song)
and co-produced the track with Ron Dante. The words were written by Marty Panzer. Released as the second single from the album, "Even Now" became a top
Apr 19th 2017

It's Just Another New Year's Eve
Eve" is a song recorded by Manilow Barry Manilow and written by Manilow with Marty Panzer. It was followed by the single "Can't Smile Without You". The song appears
Apr 19th 2017

Barry Manilow (1973 album)
(Manilow, Marty Panzer) "Could It Be Magic" (Manilow, Adrienne Anderson, Frederic Chopin) "Seven More Years" (Manilow, Marty Panzer) "Flashy Lady" (Marty Panzer
Sep 7th 2016

Barry Manilow II
3:05 (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) "Something's Comin' Up" - 2:51 (Barry Manilow) "It's a Miracle" - 3:58 (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) "Avenue C" - 2:37
Apr 24th 2017

Greatest Hits Volume I (Barry Manilow album)
(Scott English/Kerr Richard Kerr) "New York City Rhythm" - 4:43 (Barry Manilow/Marty Panzer) "Looks Like We Made It" - 3:36 (Kerr/Will Jennings) "Daybreak" - 3:09
Apr 24th 2017

Greatest Hits Volume II (Barry Manilow album)
in New England" - 3:47 (Randy Edelman) "All the Time" - 3:17 (Manilow/Panzer Marty Panzer) "This One's for You" - 3:31 (Manilow/Panzer) "CopacabanaCopacabana (At the Copa)"
Mar 14th 2017

This One's for You (Barry Manilow album)
Adrienne Anderson; except where indicated "This One's for You" (lyrics: Marty Panzer) - 3:25 "Daybreak" - 3:10 "You Oughta Be Home with Me" - 3:13 "Jump Shout
Oct 19th 2016

Joey Tafolla
Tafolla Joey Tafolla (born May 30, 1962[citation needed]) is an American guitarist. Born in San Diego, California, Tafolla is the son of Rosie Hamlin and Noah
Apr 21st 2017

The Complete Collection and Then Some...
Continental Baths Bell Records Showcase, June 2, 1973) 1973 (Manilow/Marty Panzer) "Could it Be Magic" (Uptempo, performed by Featherbed featuring Barry
Feb 4th 2017

Tryin' to Get the Feeling
2011 rock opera 15 Minutes. "New York City Rhythm" (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) - 4:42 "Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again" (David Pomeranz) - 3:51 "Why
Sep 7th 2016

Midnight (album)
Away from Bill" (Arkin Eddie Arkin, Sussman) – 3:49 "I'll Be There" (Arkin, Marty Panzer) – 4:19 "Consider the Point from Both Ends" (Adrienne Anderson, Arkin)
Jan 19th 2017

This One's for You (Barry Manilow song)
the 1976 album by Manilow Barry Manilow with words and music by Manilow and Marty Panzer. "This One's for You" peaked at number twenty-nine on the Billboard Hot
Apr 19th 2017

Through the Years (Kenny Rogers song)
"Through the Years" is a song written by Steve Dorff and Marty Panzer, and recorded by American country music artist Kenny Rogers. It was released in January
Feb 15th 2017

This One's for You (Teddy Pendergrass album)
McFadden, John Whitehead) "This One's for You" 6:18 (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) "Loving You Was Good" 3:35 (LeRoy Bell, Casey James) "This Gift of Life"
Apr 25th 2017

Here at the Mayflower
(Barry-ManilowBarry-ManilowBarry-ManilowBarry Manilow and Enoch Anderson) - 4:08 "Talk To Me" (Barry-ManilowBarry-ManilowBarry-ManilowBarry Manilow and Marty Panzer) - 5:16 "Not What You See" (Barry-ManilowBarry-ManilowBarry-ManilowBarry Manilow) - 4:52 "Freddie Said" (Barry
Dec 19th 2016

One Voice (Barry Manilow album)
by Frank Loesser) - 3:54 "Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?" (Lyrics by Marty Panzer) - 4:36 "Where Are They Now" (Music by Richard Kerr, Lyrics by John Bettis)
Mar 20th 2017

Barry (album)
Sussman, Barry Manilow) - 4:08 "Twenty Four Hours A Day" (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) - 3:25 "Dance Away" (Troy Seals, Richard Kerr) - 3:56 "Life Will Go
Feb 4th 2017

We are One (Simba's Pride)
Lion King II: Simba's Pride. The song was written and composed by Marty Panzer, Thomas Snow, and Jack Feldman and was later performed by the four time
Apr 27th 2017

That Face!
(Leslie Bricusse) – 3:08 "I Was a Fool (To Let You Go)" (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) – 3:22 "Spice" (Frank Sinatra, Jr.) – 3:28 "Girl Talk" (Bobby Troup)
Jan 2nd 2017

Worcester IceCats
Worcester-IceCats">The Worcester IceCats were an ice hockey team in the American Hockey League. They played in Worcester, Massachusetts, at the Worcester Centrum. In 2005
Apr 26th 2017

You Take My Heart Away
Mancini, Felice Mancini) – 3:02 "This One's for You" (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) – 3:28 "Silly Love Songs" (Paul McCartney) – 3:32 "Stargazer" (Neil
Feb 11th 2017

My Inspiration
McCartney) (popularized by The Beatles) "Through the Years" (Steve Dorff, Marty Panzer) (popularized by Kenny Rogers) "For Mama" (Ray Robinson) (popularized
Jan 17th 2017

Academy for New Musical Theatre
Stephen Sondheim, Winnie Holzman, Jason Robert Brown, Charles Strouse, Marty Panzer, and Arthur Kopit. The Writer's Workshop begins with the Core Curriculum
Oct 29th 2016

If I Should Love Again
Manilow, Bettis">John Bettis) - 3:36 "Runnin'-Too-Hard">You're Runnin' Too Hard" (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) - 3:00 In 2007, Filipino pop/R&B singer Nina recorded the title track
Apr 8th 2017

2000 in heavy metal music
This is a timeline documenting the events of heavy metal in the year 2000. 3 Inches of Blood Adagio Arsis As I Lay Dying Beto Vazquez Infinity Crashdiet
Apr 14th 2017

A Time for Love (Arturo Sandoval album)
Martino, Maurice Ravel, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward, Marty Panzer, Astor Piazzolla, Charlie Chaplin, Geoffrey Parsons, James Phillips,
Sep 13th 2016

Tom Snow
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride with New York City's Jack Feldman and Marty Panzer, About Last Night... ("So Far, So Good" and "Natural Love" sung by Sheena
Aug 26th 2016

Adrienne Anderson
attended the Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremonies with Anderson were Marty Panzer, Enoch Anderson and Bruce Sussman; Robin Leach
Nov 14th 2016

Don Grady
performance: 'Robbie' from 'My Three Sons' will perform with lyricist Marty Panzer to benefit a nonprofit group for foster children," Walnut Creek Journal
Dec 31st 2016

Vote for Love
Cooke from the 1957 album Sam Cooke) "Through the Years" (Steve Dorff, Marty Panzer) [3:42] (from the 1981 album Share Your Love) "Unchained Melody" (Alex
Sep 21st 2016

Charles Andrew MacGillivary
Charles Andrew MacGillivary (January 17, 1917 - June 24, 2000) was a Medal of Honor recipient, born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. A Sergeant
Apr 10th 2017

27th Annie Awards
The Iron GiantWarner Bros. Feature Animation Tom Snow (Composer), Marty Panzer and Jack Feldman (Lyricists) – "We Are One" (Song), The Lion King II:
Feb 9th 2016

Fifth generation of video game consoles
The fifth-generation era (also known as the 32-bit era, the 64-bit era and the 3D era) refers to computer and video games, video game consoles and video
Apr 21st 2017

S.A.SLAYER, originally known simply as SLAYER, was an American heavy metal band formed in San Antonio, Texas in 1981 by the former Blitzkrieg guitar duo
Feb 21st 2017

Too Many Clients
Too Many Clients is a Nero Wolfe detective novel by Rex Stout, published by the Viking-PressViking Press in 1960, and collected in the omnibus volume Three Aces (Viking
Mar 10th 2017

Longing (album)
Collection, US 2001 "I Am Your Child" (Original recording) (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer) – 2:40 Recording date: 23 July 1974. First release: compilation Beautiful
Feb 9th 2017

Pindad SS2
The SS2 (short for Indonesian: Senapan Serbu 2, "Assault Rifle 2") is a replacement for the Pindad SS1 created by PT Pindad. It had been seen during the
Feb 2nd 2017

Barry Manilow
composed for the 1972 Vietnam War drama Parades, written by Manilow with Marty Panzer. Among other songs on the album were Jon Hendricks' vocalese jazz standard
Apr 14th 2017

Saul Rubinek
Saul Rubinek (born July 2, 1948) is a Canadian character actor, director, producer and playwright, known for his work in TV, film, and stage. His first
Jan 26th 2017

Don Grierson (music business)
Extension : Writing Lyrics That Succeed and Endure: Master Class with Marty Panzer". 2011-01-28. Retrieved 2012-02-02.  "Musicbizpro"
Mar 30th 2017

Improvised vehicle armour
Improvised vehicle armour is vehicle armour added in the field that was not originally part of the design, in any sort of official up-armor kit, or centrally
Feb 26th 2017

Lafayette, California
performance: 'Robbie' from 'My Three Sons' will perform with lyricist Marty Panzer to benefit a nonprofit group for foster children," Walnut Creek Journal
Apr 15th 2017

List of Ibanez players
This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries
Mar 31st 2017

Dave Mustaine
David Scott "Dave" Mustaine (born September 13, 1961) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, actor and author. He is best known as the co-founder
Apr 25th 2017

List of heavy metal guitarists
This is a list of heavy metal guitarists from the 1960s to the 2010s. Heavy metal guitar players use highly-amplified electric guitar playing that is rooted
Mar 9th 2017

Megadeth is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. Guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson formed the band in 1983 shortly
Apr 25th 2017

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
bland daughter Kiara, and Timon and Pumba [sic]." The songwriters were Marty Panzer, Tom Snow, Kevin Quinn, Randy Petersen, Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, Lebo
Apr 26th 2017

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