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Young Royals
Young Royals is a series of novels for children by Carolyn Meyer based on the early lives of multiple royalties such as English and French royalty. Books
Nov 17th 2015

Catherine Carey
For her niece, see Catherine Howard, Countess of Nottingham. For the Clerk of the New York State Assembly, see Catherine A. Carey. Catherine Carey
Jan 6th 2017

Lady Catherine Grey
Catherine Seymour, Countess of Hertford (25 August-1540August 1540 – 26 January 1568), born Lady Catherine Grey, was the younger sister of Lady Jane Grey. A granddaughter
Feb 3rd 2017

Elizabeth Carne
Elizabeth Catherine Thomas Carne (1817–1873) was a British author and natural philosopher, geologist, conchologist, mineral collector and philanthropist
Mar 29th 2017

Catherine Parr
"Katherine-ParrKatherine-ParrKatherine Parr" redirects here. For the British actress, see Katherine-ParrKatherine-ParrKatherine Parr (actress). Catherine Parr (alternatively spelled Katherine or Katheryn, signed
Apr 25th 2017

Mary Boleyn
Mary Boleyn, also known as Lady Mary (c. 1499/1500 – 19 July 1543), was the sister of English queen Anne Boleyn, whose family enjoyed considerable influence
Apr 1st 2017

Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley
Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, KG (c. 1508 – 20 March 1549) was the brother of the English queen Jane Seymour who was the third wife of
Apr 8th 2017

Elizabeth Boleyn, Countess of Wiltshire
For the wife of Sir James Boleyn, see Elizabeth Boleyn (lady-in-waiting). Elizabeth Boleyn, Countess of Wiltshire (nee Lady Elizabeth Howard; c. 1480 –
Apr 12th 2017

Catherine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester
Catherine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester, Countess of Portmore (21 December 1657 – 26 October 1717), daughter of Sir Charles Sedley, 5th Baronet, was the
Mar 22nd 2017

Elizabeth Darrell (courtier)
Elizabeth Darrell (born c. 1513 – c. 1556 ) was the long-term mistress and muse of Wyatt Sir Thomas Wyatt. They had one surviving child, Francis. Wyatt was married
Sep 29th 2016

Elizabeth FitzHugh
Elizabeth FitzHugh (1455/65 - before 10 July 1507) was an English noblewoman. She is best known for being the grandmother of Catherine Parr, sixth queen
Apr 18th 2017

Lady Mary Grey
Lady Mary Grey (c. 1545 – 20 April 1578) was the youngest daughter of Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk, and Frances Brandon, and through her mother had
Feb 3rd 2017

Elizabeth I of England
"Elizabeth-IElizabeth I", "Elizabeth of England", and "Elizabeth Tudor" redirect here. For other uses, see Elizabeth-IElizabeth I (disambiguation), Elizabeth of England (disambiguation)
Apr 26th 2017

Elizabeth Cheney (1422–1473)
Elizabeth Cheney (April 1422 – 25 September 1473) was an English aristocrat, who, by dint of her two marriages, was the great-grandmother of Anne Boleyn
Apr 26th 2017

Catherine of Aragon
Catherine of Aragon (Spanish: Catalina de Aragon), also spelled Katherine, (16 December 1485 – 7 January 1536) was the Queen of England from June 1509
Apr 21st 2017

Mary I of England
"Mary of England" redirects here. For other uses, see Mary of England (disambiguation). Mary I (18 February 1516 – 17 November 1558) was the Queen of England
Apr 22nd 2017

House of Tudor
The House of Tudor was a royal house of Welsh and English origin, descended in the male line from the Tudors of Penmynydd. Tudor monarchs ruled the Kingdom
Apr 26th 2017

Elizabeth FitzGerald, Countess of Lincoln
Lady Elizabeth FitzGerald, Countess of Lincoln (1527 – March 1590), also known as The Fair Geraldine, was an Irish noblewoman and a member of the celebrated
Aug 24th 2016

Elizabeth Brooke (1503–1560)
For other people with the same name, see Elizabeth Brooke. Elizabeth Brooke (1503–1560) was the wife of Thomas-WyattThomas Wyatt, the poet, and the mother of Thomas
Apr 18th 2017

Elizabeth Stafford, Countess of Sussex
Elizabeth Stafford (c. 1479 – 11 May 1532) was an English noblewoman. Elizabeth Stafford was the daughter of Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham,
Jan 6th 2017

Catherine Carey, Countess of Nottingham
Catherine Howard, Countess of Nottingham (nee Catherine Carey) (c. 1547 – London, 25 February 1603) was a cousin, lady-in-waiting, and close confidante
Apr 27th 2017

Elizabeth Stafford, Duchess of Norfolk
Lady-Elizabeth-StaffordLady Elizabeth Stafford (later Duchess of Norfolk) (c.1497 – 30 November 1558) was the eldest daughter of Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham and Lady
Jan 18th 2017

Ancestry charts of Diana Spencer and Catherine Middleton
All people are descended via various racial or ethnic lines of antiquity, but in most cases, records do not exist. The British Royal Family is one of the
Feb 13th 2017

Saint Catherine Parish
St Catherine (capital Spanish Town) is a parish in the south east of Jamaica. It is located in the county of Middlesex, and is one of the island's largest
Apr 9th 2017

Elizabeth Seymour, Lady Cromwell
Elizabeth-SeymourElizabeth Seymour (c. 1518 – 19 March 1568) was the daughter of Sir John Seymour of Wulfhall, Wiltshire and Margery Wentworth. Elizabeth and her sister
Mar 3rd 2017

Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk
Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk, suo jure 12th Baroness Willoughby de Eresby (22 March 1519 – 19 September 1580), was an English noblewoman living
Mar 15th 2017

Catherine Howard
For other people named Catherine Howard, see Catherine Howard (disambiguation). Catherine Howard (c. 1523 – 13 February 1542) was Queen of England from
Apr 28th 2017

Elizabeth Tilney, Countess of Surrey
Elizabeth Tilney, Countess of Surrey (before 1445 – 4 April 1497) was an English heiress and lady-in-waiting to two queens. She became the first wife of
Oct 8th 2016

Catherine Howard, Countess of Suffolk
Catherine (or Katherine) Howard, Countess of Suffolk (1564–1638), was born in Charlton, Wiltshire, the oldest child of Sir Henry Knyvet and his wife Elizabeth
May 3rd 2016

Elizabeth R
Not to be confused with Elizabeth R: A Year in the Life of the Queen. Elizabeth R is a BBC television drama serial of six 85-minute plays starring Glenda
Apr 15th 2017

Ancestry of Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II, present sovereign of the Commonwealth realms, is the daughter of King George VI, the second son of King George V and Queen Mary; and
Apr 28th 2017

Catherine Spalding
Catherine Spalding (December 23, 1793 – March 20, 1858), in 1813, aged nineteen, was elected leader of six women forming a new religious community, the
Jan 11th 2017

Mary Howard, Duchess of Richmond and Somerset
Mary FitzRoy, Duchess of Richmond and Somerset (1519 – 7 December 1557), formerly Lady Mary Howard, was the only daughter-in-law of King Henry VIII of
Jan 9th 2017

Mary Seymour
For the American politician, see Mary Townsend Seymour. For the duchess whose married name was Mary Seymour, see Mary Somerset, Duchess of Beaufort (1630-1715)
Apr 7th 2017

Mary Fiennes (lady-in-waiting)
Mary Fiennes (1495–1531) was an English noblewoman and the wife of Sir Henry Norris who was executed for treason as one of the alleged lovers of her cousin
Apr 8th 2017

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
"Kate-MiddletonKate-MiddletonKate Middleton" redirects here. For the diver, see Kate-MiddletonKate-MiddletonKate Middleton (free-diver). Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine Elizabeth "Kate"; nee Middleton;
Apr 20th 2017

Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kildare
Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kildare (c.1497- after 1548), was an English noblewoman, and the second wife of Irish peer Gerald FitzGerald, 9th Earl of Kildare
Apr 27th 2016

Lady Catherine Gordon
Lady Catherine Gordon (c. 1474–October 1537) was a Scottish noblewoman and the wife of Yorkist pretender, Perkin Warbeck. After her imprisonment by King
Nov 6th 2016

Elizabeth Blount
Elizabeth Blount (c. 1498/c. 1500/c. 1502 – 1539/1540), commonly known during her lifetime as Bessie Blount, was a mistress of Henry VIII of England.
Mar 10th 2017

Thomas Leighton (Governor)
Sir Thomas Leighton (c. 1530–1610) was an English soldier and politician. He served as the Governor of Guernsey and Jersey from 1570 to 1609. Although
Jan 31st 2017

Elizabeth Somerset, Countess of Worcester (wife of the 4th Earl)
Elizabeth Hastings, later Countess of Worcester (born before 1556 – 24 August 1621) was a noblewoman born in Scotland to Francis Hastings, 2nd Earl of
Apr 1st 2017

Succession to Elizabeth I of England
The succession to the childless Elizabeth I of England was an open question from her accession in 1559 to her death in 1603, when the crown passed to James
Feb 23rd 2017

Kat Ashley
Katherine Ashley (circa 1502–1565) (or Astley), nee Katherine Champernowne, was governess to Queen Elizabeth I and became her close friend in later life
Apr 28th 2017

Church of St. Catherine of Genoa (Manhattan)
Coordinates: 40°49′49.72″N 73°56′40.84″W / 40.8304778°N 73.9446778°W / 40.8304778; -73.9446778 The Church of St. Catherine of Genoa is a Roman Catholic
Jan 27th 2017

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk
Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk KG PC (1473 – 25 August 1554) (Earl of Surrey from 1514) was a prominent Tudor politician. He was an uncle of two of
Apr 28th 2017

Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland
Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland (nee Tanfield; 1585–1639), was an English poet, translator and dramatist. Precocious and studious, she was known from
Apr 7th 2017

Elisabeth Parr, Marchioness of Northampton
Not to be confused with Elizabeth Brooke (disambiguation). Elisabeth Brooke (25 June 1526 – 2 April 1565) was the eldest daughter of George Brooke
Feb 12th 2017

Elizabeth Ann Seton
Seton">Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton, S.C., (August 28, 1774 – January 4, 1821) was the first native-born citizen of the United States to be canonized by the Roman
Apr 21st 2017

Mary Leebody
Mary Leebody (1847–1911) was a Northern Irish botanist, known for her work on the flora of County Londonderry and County Donegal. Mary Leebody was born
Jun 16th 2016

Thomas Foley (c. 1695–1749)
Thomas Foley (c.1696 – 3 April 1749), of Stoke Edith, Herefordshire, was the eldest son Thomas Foley (auditor of the imprests) and inherited his estates
Nov 30th 2016

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