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Paris-MetroParis Metro in Paris, France The Moscow Metro opened in 1935, the first of several rapid transit systems built in the Prague-Metro">Soviet Union Prague Metro in Prague
Apr 18th 2017

Rome Metro
The-Rome-MetroThe Rome Metro (Italian: Metropolitana di Roma) is an underground public transportation system that operates in Rome, Italy. The network opened in 1955
Mar 30th 2017

Kolkata Metro
Kolkata-Metro">The Kolkata Metro is a public sector undertaking organization and it is rapid transit system serving the city of Kolkata and the districts of South 24
Apr 22nd 2017

Metro International
name, see Metro (disambiguation). Metro International is a Swedish media company based in Luxembourg that publishes the Metro newspapers. Metro International's
Apr 15th 2017

Mumbai Metro
Mumbai-MetroMumbai Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The system is designed to reduce traffic congestion in the city, and supplement
Apr 18th 2017

Montreal Metro
Montreal-Metro The Montreal Metro (French: Metro de Montreal) is a rubber-tired, underground rapid transit system and the main form of public transport in the city of
Apr 25th 2017

Metro Inc.
Not to be confused with Metro AG. Metro Inc. is a Canadian food retailer operating in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The company is based
Apr 25th 2017

Delhi Metro
28.61472°N 77.21194°E / 28.61472; 77.21194 Delhi-Metro">The Delhi Metro (Hindi: दिल्ली मेट्रो) is a metro system serving Delhi and its satellite cities of Faridabad
Apr 28th 2017

Metro (British newspaper)
Metro is a free newspaper published in tabloid format in the United Kingdom by DMG Media (part of Daily Mail and General Trust). It is distributed from
Apr 12th 2017

Moscow Metro
The Moscow Metro (Russian: Моско́вский метрополите́н, tr. Moskovsky metropoliten; IPA: [mɐˈskofskʲɪj mʲɪtrəpəlʲɪˈtɛn]) is a rapid transit system serving
Apr 23rd 2017

Austin Metro
For the Austin, Texas public transit system, see Capital Metro. See also: Geo Metro The Metro is a supermini car that was produced by British Leyland (BL)
Mar 29th 2017

Metro Local
Metro-LocalMetro Local is a bus system in Los Angeles County operated by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). This retronym designation
Apr 8th 2017

Namma Metro
Namma Metro (literally "Our Metro"), also known as Bangalore-MetroBangalore Metro, is a metro system serving the city of Bangalore (Bengaluru). It is currently the second
Apr 25th 2017

Mexico City Metro
Mexico-City-Metro Mexico City Metro (Spanish: Metro de la Ciudad de Mexico), officially called Sistema de Transporte Colectivo, often shortened to STC, is a metro system that
Mar 18th 2017

Barcelona Metro
Barcelona-Metro The Barcelona Metro (Catalan and Spanish: Metro de Barcelona) is an unofficial brand name for an extensive network of rapid transit electrified railway
Feb 22nd 2017

Jaipur Metro
Jaipur-MetroJaipur Metro (Hindi: जयपुर मेट्रो) is a rapid transit system in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Construction on the mostly elevated part of the
Mar 15th 2017

Madrid Metro
The-Madrid-Metro The Madrid Metro (Spanish: Metro de Madrid) is a metro system serving the city of Madrid, capital of Spain. The system is the 7th longest metro in the world
Mar 22nd 2017

Lyon Metro
Lyon-Metro The Lyon Metro (French: Metro de Lyon) is the metro system of Lyon, France. It first opened in 1978 (although the metro's current Line C opened, independently
Nov 22nd 2016

List of Delhi Metro stations
This is a list of all stations of the Delhi-MetroDelhi Metro (Hindi: दिल्ली मेट्रो), a rapid transit system serving Delhi and its satellite cities in the National
Jan 21st 2017

Washington Metro
Metropolitan-Area-Transit-Authority">Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. Metro The Washington Metro, known colloquially as Metro and branded Metrorail, is the heavy rail rapid transit system
Apr 26th 2017

Paris Métro
Paris-Metro The Paris Metro or MetropolitainMetropolitain (French: Metro de Paris) is a rapid transit system in the Paris Metropolitan Area. A symbol of the city, it is noted
Mar 24th 2017

Athens Metro
Athens-Metro">The Athens Metro (Greek: Μετρό Αθήνας, Metro Athinas) is a rapid-transit system in Greece which serves the Athens conurbation and parts of East Attica
Apr 6th 2017

Santiago Metro
Santiago-Metro The Santiago Metro (Spanish: Metro de Santiago) is the underground railway network serving the city of Santiago, Chile. This network is one of the most
Mar 12th 2017

Metro AG
Not to be confused with Metro Inc.. Metro AG, otherwise known as Metro Group, is a German global diversified retail and wholesale/cash and carry
Mar 28th 2017

Metro 2033
For the video game based on the novel, see Metro 2033 (video game). Metro 2033 (Russian: Метро 2033) is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by Russian
Apr 23rd 2017

Metro Bilbao
Metro-BilbaoMetro Bilbao (Spanish: Metro de Bilbao, Basque: Bilboko metroa) is a rapid transit (metro) system serving the city of Bilbao and the region of Greater
Apr 28th 2017

Brussels Metro
Brussels-Metro The Brussels Metro (French: Metro de Bruxelles, Dutch: BrusselseBrusselse metro) is a rapid transit system serving a large part of the Brussels-Capital Region
Mar 16th 2017

Chennai Metro
The-Chennai-MetroThe Chennai Metro, officially Chennai-Metro-Rail-LimitedChennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), is a rapid transit system serving the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The system
Apr 20th 2017

Copenhagen Metro
Copenhagen-MetroCopenhagen Metro (Danish: Kobenhavns Metro) is a 24/7 rapid transit system in Copenhagen, Denmark, serving the municipalities of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg
Apr 2nd 2017

Warsaw Metro
Warsaw-Metro">The Warsaw Metro (Polish: Metro Warszawskie) is a rapid transit system serving the city of Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It currently consists of two
Feb 26th 2017

Tyne and Wear Metro
The Tyne and Wear Metro, referred to locally as simply The Metro, is a rapid transit and light rail system in North East England, serving Newcastle upon
Apr 10th 2017

Metro Chicago
about the concert hall; for the metro region surrounding Chicago, see Chicago metropolitan area. Metro (formerly Cabaret Metro) is a concert hall at 3730 N
Apr 21st 2017

Metro Center station
similar names, see MetroCentre (disambiguation) § Railway stations. Metro Center is the central hub station of the Washington Metro rapid transit system
Apr 26th 2017

Seville Metro
Seville-Metro The Seville Metro (Spanish: Metro de Sevilla) is a 18-kilometre (11 mi) light metro network serving the city of Seville, Spain and its metropolitan area
Apr 27th 2017

Guangzhou Metro
Guangzhou-MetroGuangzhou Metro (simplified Chinese: 广州地铁; traditional Chinese: 廣州地鐵; pinyin: Guǎngzhōu Ditiě; Jyutping: Gwong²zau¹ Dei⁶tit³) is the metro system of the
Apr 26th 2017

São Paulo Metro
"Metro" redirects here. For the Brazilian new wave band, see Metro (band). The Sao Paulo Metro (Portuguese: Metropolitano de Sao Paulo), commonly called
Apr 13th 2017

Mecca Metro
Mecca-Metro">The Mecca Metro or Makkah Metro is a planned four-line metro system for the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, constructed by a Chinese construction company
Mar 28th 2017

Metro (Oregon regional government)
For other organizations called Metro, see Metro. Metro is the regional government for the Oregon portion of the Portland metropolitan area. It is the
Jul 21st 2016

Metro Pictures
picture production company. For the contemporary art gallery, see Metro Pictures Gallery. Metro Pictures Corporation was a former American motion picture production
Feb 5th 2017

Milan Metro Line 5
Milan-MetroMilan Metro · Line 5 Line 5 is a 12.8-kilometre (8.0 mi) underground light metro line in Milan, Italy. The line is part of the Milan-MetroMilan Metro and serves
Dec 29th 2016

Metro-North Railroad
see Metro-NorthMetro North (disambiguation). Metro The Metro-North-Commuter-RailroadNorth Commuter Railroad (reporting mark MNCW), trading as Metro MTA Metro-North-RailroadNorth Railroad or simply Metro-North
Apr 18th 2017

Caracas Metro
Caracas-Metro The Caracas Metro (Spanish: Metro de Caracas) is a mass rapid transit system serving Caracas, Venezuela. It was constructed and is operated by Compania
Mar 30th 2017

Metro Station (band)
Metro Station is an American pop band that was formed in Los Angeles by Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso. In late 2006, the band signed a recording contract
Apr 13th 2017

Kochi Metro
about the elevated metro rail system. For the urban agglomeration, see Kochi metropolitan area. Kochi Metro is an under-construction metro system for the
Apr 25th 2017

Catania Metro
Catania-Metro">The Catania Metro (ItalianItalian: Metropolitana di Catania) is a classical metro system serving the city of Catania, Sicily, in southern ItalyItaly. It is the southernmost
Apr 28th 2017

Helsinki Metro
Helsinki-Metro">The Helsinki Metro (Finnish: Helsingin metro, Swedish: Helsingfors metro), is a rapid transit system serving Helsinki, Finland. It is the world's most
Apr 12th 2017

Lucknow Metro
Lucknow-MetroLucknow Metro is a Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) being constructed to provide the city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh with an environment friendly atmosphere
Apr 27th 2017

Dubai Metro
Dubai-Metro">The Dubai Metro (Arabic: مترو دبي‎‎) is a rapid transit rail network in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Red Line and Green Line are operational, with
Apr 26th 2017

Los Angeles Metro Rail
Metro Rail is an urban rail system serving Los Angeles County, California. It consists of six lines, including two rapid transit subway lines (the Red
Apr 19th 2017

Prague Metro
Prague-Metro">The Prague Metro (Czech: Prazske metro) is the rapid transit network of Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 1974, the Prague Metro now comprises three lines
Mar 28th 2017

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