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Michael Hirst
Michael Hirst may refer to: Michael Hirst (politician) (born 1946), former Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party politician Michael Hirst (writer) (born
Sep 14th 2010

Damien Hirst
Sooke". The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 9 October 2014Glover, Michael. "Damien Hirst exhibition review: Schizophrenogenesis is a bitter pill to swallow"
Apr 24th 2017

Michael Hirst (politician)
Sir Michael William Hirst (born 2 January 1946) is a former Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party politician, chartered accountant and public relations
Feb 17th 2017

Hugo Hirst, 1st Baron Hirst
Hugo Hirst, 1st Baron Hirst (26 November 1863 – 22 January 1943), known as Sir Hugo Hirst, Bt, between 1925 and 1934, was a German-born British industrialist
Apr 6th 2017

Michael Hirst (writer)
Michael Hirst (born 21 September 1952) is an English screenwriter and producer, best known for his films Elizabeth (1998) and Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Apr 5th 2017

George Hirst
This article is about the cricketer. For the virologist, see George Hirst (virologist). For the rugby player, see George Littlewood Hirst. For the British
Feb 1st 2017

Hirst Research Centre
GEC Hirst Research Centre was one of the first specialised industrial research laboratories to be built in Britain, and was part of the General Electric
Apr 3rd 2017

Ben Hirst
Benjamin-MatthewBenjamin Matthew "Ben" Hirst (born 21 October 1997) is an English former professional footballer who played as a striker. Hirst started his career in York
Dec 5th 2016

Hirst (surname)
journalist Michael Hirst, British art historian. Michael Hirst (born 1946), Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party politician Michael Hirst (born 1952)
Jan 16th 2017

Maude Hirst
Arts. Maude Hirst is the elder daughter of the producer and writer Michael Hirst known for the films Elizabeth (1998) and its sequel Elizabeth: The Golden
Apr 15th 2017

Michael Hirst (art historian)
Michael Hirst is an Art historian and an international expert on Italian Renaissance art. Lecturer, Reader and Professor Emeritus of Courtauld Institute
Apr 15th 2016

Stuart Hirst Limited
Stuart Hirst Limited is an advertising agency based in Leeds, UK. It claims to be the world's oldest independent advertising agency. The company was founded
Oct 6th 2015

Temple Hirst Preceptory
Temple Hirst Preceptory was a priory in North Yorkshire, England. Coordinates: 53°43′09″N 1°05′50″W / 53.719267°N 1.097202°W / 53.719267; -1.097202
Apr 5th 2015

Community of St Michael and All Angels
The Community of St Michael and All Angels is an Anglican religious order of nuns in South Africa. The Community was founded by Allan Webb, the second
Apr 15th 2017

Michael Aikman (rower)
Alexander Michael Hirst Aikman (9 September 1933 – 16 February 2005) was an Australian rower, an Olympic medal winner at Melbourne 1956. In 1956 he was
Sep 21st 2016

No Man's Land (play)
by Rupert Goold premiered at the Gate Theatre, in Dublin, with Michael Gambon (Hirst), David Bradley (Spooner), David Walliams (Foster), and Nick Dunning
Mar 9th 2017

Michael Hurst (disambiguation)
(politician) (born 1951), Canadian politician Mike Hurst (producer) (born 1941), English musician and record producer Michael Hirst (disambiguation)
Mar 11th 2013

Freeze (art exhibition)
Freeze is the title of an art exhibition that took place in July 1988 in an empty London Port Authority building at Surrey Docks in London Docklands. Its
Feb 23rd 2017

For the Love of God
This article is about the Damien Hirst sculpture. For other uses, see For the Love of God (disambiguation). For the Love of God is a sculpture by artist
Mar 27th 2017

For other uses, see Ghostwriter (disambiguation). Ghostwriters (aka Rob Hirst & the Ghostwriters and sometimes referred to as Ghosties by fans) are an
Mar 30th 2017

Sibyls (Raphael)
Phrygian and Tiburtine, accompanied by attendant angels. Art historian Michael Hirst notes there is a "striking" parallel between the figures of the Sybils
Sep 25th 2016

Michael Pepper
Pepper Sir Michael Pepper, FRS, FREng (born 10 August 1942) is a British physicist notable for his work in semiconductor nanostructures. Pepper was born on
Mar 12th 2017

Michael Gambon
Gambon-CBE">Sir Michael John Gambon CBE (born 19 October 1940) is an Irish-born English actor who has worked in theatre, television and film. Gambon has played the
Apr 19th 2017

The Entombment (Michelangelo)
[citation needed] So he did, and turned that marble into David. Michael Hirst and Jill Dunkerton, Making and Meaning: the Young Michelangelo, National
Mar 3rd 2017

Young British Artists
British-Artists">The Young British Artists, or YBAs—also referred to as Brit artists and Britart—is the name given to a loose group of visual artists who first began to
Mar 23rd 2017

Virology (journal)
Not to be confused with Virology-JournalVirology Journal. Virology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal in virology. Established in 1955 by George Hirst, Lindsay Black
Feb 20th 2017

Michael Craig-Martin
Sir Michael Craig-Martin CBE RA (born 28 August 1941) is an Irish-British contemporary conceptual artist and painter. He is noted for fostering the Young
Mar 5th 2017

The Essential Michael Nyman Band
The Essential Michael Nyman Band is a studio album featuring a collection of music by Michael Nyman written for the films of Peter Greenaway and newly
Dec 9th 2016

Carl Freedman
Carl Freedman (born 1965) is the founder of Carl Freedman Gallery (formerly Counter Gallery). He previously worked as a writer and a curator, initially
Nov 18th 2016

Cardross road accident
Cardross The Cardross road accident refers to a hit and run accident at Cardross, Victoria, Australia at 9.50pm on 18 February 2006, where a driver driving a Ford
Apr 28th 2017

Modern Medicine (art exhibition)
Modern Medicine was the title of a group exhibition of contemporary art on display in "Building One"—one of the buildings comprising the former Peek Frean
Feb 2nd 2015

Study of a Kneeling Nude Girl for The Entombment
Study of a Kneeling Nude Girl for The Entombment is a drawing of c. 1500–1501 by Michelangelo, now in the Louvre Museum. It is in black chalk, with pen
Nov 30th 2016

Michael Bracewell
For the New Zealand cricketer, see Michael Bracewell (cricketer). Michael Bracewell (born 7 August 1958) is a British writer and novelist. He was born
Mar 10th 2016

Mike Nock
Michael Anthony "Mike" Nock-ONZMNock ONZM (born 27 September 1940) is a New Zealand jazz pianist, currently based in Australia. Nock began studying piano at 11
Feb 1st 2017

Ian Davenport
Ian Davenport (born 8 July 1966) is an English abstract painter, and former Turner Prize nominee. Ian Davenport was born in Sidcup, and studied art at
Apr 24th 2017

All Saints Church, Thornton Hough
All Saints Church is in Raby Road, Thornton Hough, Wirral, Merseyside, England. It is an active Anglican parish church in the Deanery of Wirral, South
Apr 3rd 2016

Bacchus (Michelangelo)
work was executed between summer 1496 and summer 1497. See p. 93 of Michael Hirst, "Michelangelo in Rome: an altarpiece and the 'Bacchus'" The Burlington
Mar 12th 2017

The Colony Room
For the women-only private social club in New York City, see Colony Club. For the Gentlemen's Club in Plymouth, Massachusetts, see Old Colony Club. The
Mar 29th 2017

Michael Landy
Michael Landy RA (born 1963) is one of the Young British Artists (YBAs). He is best known for the performance piece installation Break Down (2001), in
Apr 24th 2017

Break Down (Landy artwork)
Break Down was an artwork created by Young British Artist Michael Landy in London in February 2001, as a reaction to the consumerist society. The work
Dec 10th 2016

Olympic route network
July 2012Michael Hirst (17 January 2012). "How will Games Lanes affect Olympics?n". BBC News. Retrieved 28 July 2012Michael Hirst (25 July 2012)
Dec 23rd 2016

List of Vikings episodes
Vikings is a historical drama television series created and written by Michael Hirst for the History Channel. It premiered on March 3, 2013. Vikings was
Feb 4th 2017

texts from five contracts and other documents 1376-1508 published by Hirst Michael Hirst (Hirst and Carmen Bambach Cappel, "A Note on the Word Modello', The
Nov 6th 2016

Jack Loach
Jack Loach (born August 21, 1942) is a prominent British businessman. His company was accused of failing in its duty of care in regard to the death of
Mar 21st 2017

Michael Gambon on screen and stage
The following is a list of film, television, theatre, and radio credits of actor Michael Gambon. Othello (Second Gentleman), Gate Theatre, Dublin, professional
Apr 23rd 2017

Vikings (season 1)
Vikings is a historical drama television series, written and created by Michael Hirst for the television channel History. Season 1 premiered on March 3, 2013
Apr 24th 2017

Karl Sapper
Karl Theodor Sapper (6 February 1866 – 29 March 1945) was a German traveller, explorer, antiquarian and linguist, who is known for his research into the
Nov 3rd 2016

Creations (band)
Creations were an Christian Australian Christian hardcore and Christian metal band who primarily played deathcore, hardcore punk, melodic hardcore, melodic metalcore
Apr 26th 2017

Tortuosamine is a psychoactive isolate of Sceletium tortuosum. Goehring, R.Richard (1994). "A short synthesis of (±)-tortuosamine". Tetrahedron Letters
Nov 8th 2016

Marcus Harvey
Harvey Marcus Harvey (born 1963 in Leeds) is an English artist and painter, one of the Young British Artists (YBAs). Harvey has shown work internationally in
Apr 24th 2017

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