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Miss (pronounced /ˈmɪs/) is an English language honorific traditionally used only for an unmarried woman (not using another title such as "Doctor" or "Dame")
May 22nd 2017

Man in Space Soonest
"MISS" redirects here. For other uses, see MISS (disambiguation). Man In Space Soonest (MISS) was a United States Air Force (USAF) program to put a man
Dec 8th 2016

Miss Guyana
national pageants in Guyana, namely Miss Guyana (trademark) also called Miss World Guyana, Miss Universe Guyana, and Miss Earth Guyana, and their winners
Apr 19th 2017

Miss World
the Miss Universe and Miss Earth contests, Miss World pageant is one of the three most publicised beauty contests in the world. The current Miss World
May 18th 2017

Miss Universe
Miss-UniverseMiss Universe is an annual international beauty pageant that is run by the Miss-UniverseMiss Universe Organization. Along with its rival contests, Miss-WorldMiss World and Miss
May 17th 2017

Femina Miss India
India Miss India or Femina India Miss India is a national beauty pageant in India that annually selects representatives to compete in Miss World. It is organised by
Apr 20th 2017

Miss Peru
Peru Miss Peru is a national beauty pageant in Peru. Peru has been competing in the Miss Universe pageant from 1952 and in the Miss World pageant from 1959
May 3rd 2017

Miss Earth
Miss-EarthMiss Earth is an annual international environmental-themed beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness. Along with its rivals Miss-WorldMiss World and Miss
May 19th 2017

Czech Miss
winners: Czech Miss, Czech Miss World, and Czech Miss Earth to compete in Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Earth respectively. In 2012, Czech Miss produced
May 2nd 2017

Miss Venezuela
other country, including seven Miss Universe winners, six Miss World winners, seven Miss International winners and two Miss Earth winners. The pageant is
May 19th 2017

Miss Puerto Rico
representative for Miss Universe and Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico to select the representatives for Miss World and Miss Earth. Additionally, the Miss Puerto Rico
May 11th 2017

Miss Dominican Republic
Miss Azua Miss Bahoruco Miss Barahona Miss Dajabon Miss Distrito Nacional Miss Duarte Miss El Seibo Miss Elias Pina Miss Espaillat Miss Guerra-Boca
Apr 9th 2017

Miss Nepal
Nepal Miss Nepal is a national beauty pageant in Nepal. The winner is sent to Miss World contest while the 1st and 2nd runners-up are sent to the Miss Earth
May 19th 2017

Miss Nederland
Miss Nederland is a national Beauty pageant in the Netherlands. In 1929-1931 Netherlands held for the first time of national pageant in Amsterdam. It
May 18th 2017

Miss America
Miss America refers to both "The Miss America Organization" (MAO) and "The Miss America Foundation" (MAF). The MAO "is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization
May 5th 2017

List of Little Miss characters
Little Miss characters from the children's book series by Roger Hargreaves; the series was also adapted into The Mr. Men Show. Books one (Little Miss Bossy)
May 21st 2017

Miss Teen USA
Miss Teen USA is a beauty pageant run by the Miss Universe Organization for girls aged 14–19. Unlike its sister pageants Miss Universe and Miss USA, which
May 13th 2017

Miss USA
Miss USA is an American beauty pageant that has been held annually since 1952 to select the American entrant in the Miss Universe pageant. The Miss Universe
May 14th 2017

Miss Spain
Spain Miss Spain (Spanish: Miss Espana) is a national beauty pageant in Spain. The origins of Spain Miss Spain date back to 1929, when early contests took place
May 3rd 2017

Miss International
Miss International (Miss International Beauty or The International Beauty Pageant) is a Tokyo-based international beauty pageant organized by The International
May 7th 2017

List of Miss Puerto Rico titleholders
following international beauty pageants: Miss World Miss Universe Miss International Miss Earth The Miss World pageant began in 1951 and since then
May 11th 2017

Miss Haiti
semi-finalists in the Miss Universe Pageant. This was Miss Haiti's first international meet. Gerthie David competed in the Miss Universe Pageant in 1975
Apr 30th 2017

Miss Switzerland
holder for Miss Universe until 2014. The organisation held the franchise for Miss World until 2005, Miss International until 1993, and Miss Europe until
Mar 26th 2017

Miss Universe Thailand
originally called Miss Thailand Universe. In 2012 name of the pageant was changed to Miss Universe Thailand, with winners competing in the Miss Universe pageant
May 12th 2017

Miss Gabon
Gabon Miss Gabon is a national beauty pageant in Gabon. The pageant was established in 2001 by Defis de femmes. Gabon Miss Gabon has become official national franchise
May 20th 2017

Miss Europe
Europe Miss Europe is a beauty pageant with female contestants from all over Europe. It was established in February 1929[citation needed] by French journalist
May 16th 2017

Miss Paraguay
Paraguay Miss Paraguay is a national Beauty pageant in Paraguay. The contest has responsibility to select its winner to the Miss Universe. In addition, delegates
Apr 24th 2017

Miss Ecuador
as Miss Supranational Miss Tourism Queen International, Reina Hispanoamericana, Miss United Continents, Miss America Latina, Miss Caribbean, Miss Global
May 12th 2017

Miss Universe Slovenskej Republiky
Miss Universe Slovenskej Republiky (English: Miss Universe Slovak Republic) or Miss Slovak Republic, is an annual beauty pageant held in Slovak Republic
Apr 16th 2017

Miss Malaysia
pageants to select Malaysian representatives at Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth. The winners of the national pageants are
May 12th 2017

Miss Universe Great Britain
Not to be confused with Miss United Kingdom or Miss Great Britain. Miss Universe Great Britain (Miss Universe GB) is a pageant used to select Britain's
Apr 9th 2017

Miss Universe Myanmar
with Myanmar Miss World Myanmar or Myanmar Miss International Myanmar. Myanmar Miss Myanmar is a national beauty pageant in Myanmar. Before creation Myanmar Miss Myanmar or Miss Universe
Apr 6th 2017

Miss A
South Korean-Chinese girl group based in South Korea formed by JYP Entertainment in 2010. Their group name stands
May 11th 2017

Miss Hong Kong Pageant
The Miss Hong Kong Pageant (Chinese: 香港小姐競選), or Miss HK (港姐) for short, is a beauty pageant organised by a local Hong Kong television station, TVB. In
Apr 14th 2017

Miss Ukraine
others being Ukraine-Universe">Miss Ukraine Universe and Queen of Ukraine. Miss Ukraine serves as preliminary for the Miss World , Miss Earth and sometimes Miss International
Apr 28th 2017

Miss Israel
1950. Since then Miss Israel has been the national franchise holder for the Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Europe pageants. The
May 18th 2017

Miss Norway
Norway Miss Norway (formerly known as "Froken Norge") is a national Beauty pageant in Norway. Norway Miss Norway was held for first time in 1950 by Dagbladet Magazine
Apr 28th 2017

Miss Mexico Organization
international pageants such as Miss Supranational and Miss United Continents. In association with Telemax and TV Azteca, the Miss Mexico pageant directed by
May 13th 2017

Miss Universo Italia
Miss Universo Italia is a national pageant that currently selects the Italian representative for the Miss Universe pageant. The pageant was first organized
Jan 29th 2017

Leila Lopes (Miss Universe)
Host, model and beauty queen who won the titles of Miss Angola UK 2010, Miss Angola 2010 and Miss Universe 2011. Lopes was born on 26 February 1986
May 13th 2017

Miss Chinese Taipei
is about the Miss Universe organization in the Republic of China. For the mainland counterpart, see Miss China. Miss Chinese Taipei or Miss Taiwan is a
Dec 19th 2016

Miss Czech Republic
Miss Czech Miss. Miss Česke republiky (English: Miss Czech Republic) was a national beauty pageant in Czech Republic and now changed in Miss Czech Miss (2009-present)
Nov 12th 2016

Miss Earth United States
Miss Earth United States is a beauty pageant held annually to select the United States representative to Miss Earth which is an annual international beauty
May 21st 2017

Miss Polonia
winners entering Miss Europe. Traditionally, the winner of Miss Polonia represented Poland in Miss World and Miss Universe. In 2007, Miss World took away
Apr 19th 2017

Miss Belgium
Belgium Miss Belgium is a national beauty pageant in Belgium. The winner of Belgium Miss Belgium automatically represents her country at the Miss World and Miss Universe
Mar 16th 2017

Miss Russia
following international beauty pageants: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth. The Miss Universe pageant began in 1952 and since
May 6th 2017

Miss Uruguay
Uruguay Miss Uruguay is a national beauty pageant in Uruguay. Began in 1952 the committee of Uruguay Miss Uruguay held Uruguay Miss Uruguay for Miss Universe the first time
May 4th 2017

Miss Universe 2015
Miss Universe 2015, the 64th Miss Universe pageant, was held on 20 December 2015 at the The AXIS in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Paulina Vega of
May 16th 2017

Miss Marple
referred to as Miss Marple, is a fictional character appearing in 12 of Agatha Christie's crime novels and in 20 short stories. Miss Marple is an elderly
May 11th 2017

Miss Kyrgyzstan
Miss-Kyrgyzstan Miss Kyrgyzstan is a national beauty pageant in Kyrgyzstan. In 2009 the department of beauty and models, Interalliance KG, organized the contest Miss
Apr 30th 2017

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