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Red Scare
A "Red Scare" is the promotion by a state or society of widespread fear of a potential rise of communism or radical leftism. In the United States, the
May 19th 2017

Cuban Missile Crisis
Caribbean Crisis (Russian: Карибский кризис, tr. Karibskij krizis), or the Missile Scare, was a 13-day (October 16–28, 1962) confrontation between the United
May 19th 2017

Able Archer 83
Able-Archer-83Able Archer 83 is the codename for a command post exercise carried out in November 1983 by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). As with Able
May 19th 2017

Norwegian rocket incident
For the 2009 event thought to be a missile failure, see 2009 Norwegian spiral anomaly. The Norwegian rocket incident, also known as the Black Brant
Apr 13th 2017

The Missiles of October
The-MissilesThe Missiles of October is a 1974 docudrama made-for-television play about the Cuban Missile Crisis. The title evokes the book The Guns of August by Barbara
Mar 13th 2017

Missile gap
The missile gap was the Cold War term used in the US for the perceived superiority of the number and power of the USSR's missiles in comparison with its
Apr 4th 2017

The BrahMos (Hindi: ब्रह्मोस brahmos, Russian: Брамосl) is a short-range ramjet supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from submarine, ships, aircraft
May 13th 2017

Operation RYAN (or RYaN) was a Cold War military intelligence program run by the Soviet Union during the early 1980s when they believed the United States
May 14th 2017

Fearmongering or scaremongering is the spreading of frightening and exaggerated rumors of an impending danger or the habit or tactic of purposely and needlessly
Feb 7th 2017

Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare
Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare is a book authored by Gareth Porter, an American historian, investigative journalist, author
Apr 5th 2017

BrahMos Aerospace
The BrahMos Aerospace Limited is a joint venture between the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of India and the Federal State Unitary
May 9th 2017

Twilight phenomena
Twilight phenomenon is produced when unburned particles of missile or rocket propellant and water left in the vapor trail of a launch vehicle condenses
May 14th 2016

Strategic Defense Initiative
The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was a proposed missile defense system intended to protect the United States from attack by ballistic strategic nuclear
May 15th 2017

Michael Barkai
Michael (Yomi) Barkai (Hebrew: מיכאל ברקאי‎‎; January 26, 1935 – May 28, 1999) was the Commander of the Israeli Navy, a recipient of the Medal of Distinguished
Mar 24th 2017

Operation Anadyr
Operation Anadyr (Russian: Анадырь) was the code name used by the Soviet Union for its Cold War secret operation in 1962 of deploying ballistic missiles
Jan 27th 2017

Pre-emptive nuclear strike
In nuclear strategy, a first strike is a preemptive surprise attack employing overwhelming force. First strike capability is a country's ability to defeat
Apr 1st 2017

Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club
Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club or commonly, The Isotopes, are a Canadian punk rock band, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. All of the band's songs
Mar 14th 2017

Security for the 2012 Summer Olympics
The security preparations for the 2012 Summer Olympics—with the exception of the air counter-terrorist plan, which was a RAF responsibility—was led by
Mar 29th 2017

Loitering Munition
A loitering munition (alternatively popular and non-technical name: suicide drone (or UAV) or kamikaze drone (or UAV), prior to mid-2000s naming varies
May 12th 2017

Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) were two rounds of bilateral conferences and corresponding international treaties involving the United States
May 9th 2017

1983 Soviet nuclear false alarm incident
On 26 September 1983, the nuclear early warning system of the Soviet Union reported the launch of multiple USAF Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles
May 13th 2017

2007 Mogadishu TransAVIAexport Airlines Il-76 crash
The 2007 TransAVIAexport Airlines Il-76 crash refers to an Ilyushin Il-76 cargo aircraft operated by that Belarusian airline that crashed in the outskirts
Feb 16th 2017

Assignment: Earth
"Assignment: Earth" is the last episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. It was first broadcast on March
Apr 24th 2017

Nuclear arms race
The nuclear arms race was a competition for supremacy in nuclear warfare between the United States, the Soviet Union, and their respective allies during
Apr 27th 2017

McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. The term refers to U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy
May 20th 2017

Mutual assured destruction
Mutual assured destruction or mutually assured destruction (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale
May 15th 2017

World War III
World War III (WWIII or WW3) and Third World War are names given to a hypothetical third worldwide large-scale military conflict subsequent to World War
May 19th 2017

Panic buying
Panic buying is the act of buying unusually large amounts of a product in anticipation of or after a disaster or perceived disaster, or in anticipation
Apr 12th 2017

1st Light Antiaircraft Missile Battalion
1st Light Antiaircraft Missile Battalion (1st LAAM Bn) was a United States Marine Corps air defense unit equipped with the medium range surface-to-air
Mar 6th 2017

PeranmaiPeranmai (English: Valour) is a 2009 Tamil-language war adventure film, co-written and directed by S. P. Jananathan in his venture and produced by Ayngaran
May 4th 2017

In naval terminology, a destroyer is a fast, maneuverable long-endurance warship intended to escort larger vessels in a fleet, convoy or battle group and
Apr 27th 2017

Brinkmanship (Cold War)
Brinkmanship is a term coined during the Cold War to describe the tactic of seeming to approach the verge of war in order to persuade one's opposition
Apr 27th 2017

Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer
"Chuck-Versus-Tom-SawyerChuck Versus Tom Sawyer" is the fifth episode of the second season of Chuck. It originally aired on October 27, 2008. Life in espionage takes its toll
Feb 11th 2017

Thirteen Days (film)
Thirteen Days is a 2000 American historical political thriller film directed by Roger Donaldson, dramatizing the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, seen from
May 16th 2017

Armed Forces of UAE
The Armed Forces of UAE (Arabic: القوات المسلحة لدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة‎‎) is the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates and has primary responsibility
May 8th 2017

HMS Spartan (S105)
Spartan HMS Spartan was a nuclear-powered fleet submarine of the Royal Navy's Swiftsure class. Spartan was launched on 7 April 1978 by Lady Lygo, wife of Admiral
Apr 20th 2017

Russia–United States relations
RussiaUnited States relations is the bilateral relationship between the United States and the Russian Federation, the successor state to the Soviet Union
May 21st 2017

CIA transnational activities in counterproliferation
Main article: Central Intelligence Agency This article deals with activities of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, specifically dealing with arms control
Apr 25th 2017

The Concorde ... Airport '79
The Concorde ... Airport '79 is a 1979 American air disaster film (in the UK, it was released a year later as Airport '80: The Concorde) and the fourth
Mar 14th 2017

Boo Moon
Boo Moon is a theatrical cartoon short released on New Year's Day 1954 in 3D format as a Stereotoon. It was produced by Famous Studios for the Casper the
Jan 28th 2017

Under the Shadow
Under the Shadow (Persian: زیر سایه‎‎ Zir-e Sayeh) is a 2016 internationally co-produced horror film written and directed by Iranian-born Babak Anvari
May 18th 2017

Frank Malina
Frank Joseph Malina (October 2, 1912 – November 9, 1981) was an American aeronautical engineer and painter, especially known for becoming both a pioneer
Mar 19th 2017

Tupolev Tu-22M
The Tupolev Tu-22M (Russian: Туполев Ту-22М; NATO reporting name: Backfire) is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing, long-range strategic and maritime strike
May 22nd 2017

Soviet Peace Committee
Peace-Committee">The Soviet Peace Committee (SPC, also known as Soviet Committee for the Defense of Peace, SCDP, Russian: Советский Комитет Защиты Мира) was a state-sponsored
Dec 14th 2016

Chinese space program
The space program of the People's Republic of China is directed by the China National Space Administration (CNSA). Its technological roots can be traced
May 2nd 2017

Thomas S. Power
General Thomas Sarsfield Power (June 18, 1905 – December 6, 1970) was commander in chief of the Strategic Air Command and an active military flier for
Apr 10th 2017

Matinee (1993 film)
Matinee is a 1993 period comedy film directed by Joe Dante. It is a ensemble piece about a William Castle-type independent filmmaker, with the home front
May 19th 2017

List of songs about the Cold War
This is a list of songs about the Cold War. "1999" by Prince. "Yeah, everybodys got a bomb, We could all die any day" - referring to nuclear proliferation
May 20th 2017

The Bomb (film)
The Bomb is a 2015 American documentary film about the history of nuclear weapons, from theoretical scientific considerations at the very beginning, to
Mar 27th 2017

Invasion U.S.A. (1952 film)
Invasion, U.S.A. (sometime stylized Invasion USA) is a 1952 film based on a story by Robert Smith and Franz Spencer and directed by Alfred E. Green. The
Apr 19th 2017

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