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French language
the u was reestablished in orthography for consistency, resulting in modern French animaux (pronounced first /animos/ before the final /s/ was dropped
May 21st 2017

Early modern France
(called French Middle French) which would be the basis of the standardised "modern" French of the 17th and 18th century which in turn became the lingua franca
Apr 6th 2017

Modern equipment of the French Army
Modern equipment of the French Army is a list of equipment currently in service with the French Army. Figures are provided by the French Ministry of Defense
May 10th 2017

Modern history
separate restorations of the monarchy, and two additional revolutions as modern France took shape. In the following century, France would be governed at one
Apr 19th 2017

France in the twentieth century
structures (housing projects, supermarkets) have created tensions in modern France between traditionalists and progressives. Compounding the loss of regionalism
Apr 2nd 2017

Early modern period
Monarchy, Portuguese Empire, Dutch Republic, Early Modern Britain, Early Modern France, Early Modern Italy, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Ottoman Empire
May 23rd 2017

Old French
Old French (franceis, francois, romanz; Modern French ancien francais) was the Gallo-Romance dialect continuum spoken from the 9th century to the 14th
May 9th 2017

History of France
proposed more decentralization. His War Memoirs became a classic of modern French literature and many French political parties and figures claim the gaullist
May 22nd 2017

Kate French (modern pentathlete)
Kate French (born 2 November 1991) is a British modern pentathlete who has qualified to compete at the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro
Dec 29th 2016

French Kicks
French Kicks are an indie rock group from New York City, USA. Their sound is a mix of garage rock, post-punk, and modded pop. Three of the original four
Sep 23rd 2016

French Revolution
1789 survived and became an integral part of the founding texts of modern France. They destroyed aristocratic society from top to bottom, along with
May 20th 2017

Early modern Europe
Bavaria Electorate of the Palatinate Kingdom of Bohemia (Czech) Early Modern France Kingdom of France Early Modern Britain Kingdom of England Kingdom of
May 22nd 2017

Modern language
"Living language" redirects here. For the AmericanAmerican publisher, see Living Language (publisher). A modern language is any human language that is currently
Feb 12th 2017

History of French
these groups are the Franks in northern France, the Alemanni in the modern German/French border area, the Burgundians in the Rhone valley and the Visigoths
May 11th 2017

French Cameroons
This article is about the former French colony. For the modern nation, see Cameroon. French Cameroons (French: Cameroun), or Cameroun, was a League of
Mar 18th 2017

Modern art
Modern art includes artistic work produced during the period extending roughly from the 1860s to the 1970s, and denotes the style and philosophy of the
May 8th 2017

French cuisine
978-2-915685-55-8 Hewitt, Nicholas (2003). Cambridge-Companion">The Cambridge Companion to Modern French Culture. Cambridge: The Cambridge University Press. pp. 109–110.
May 22nd 2017

Modern school
Modern school can refer to: Escuela Moderna, Spanish for "modern school", the first school begun by educator and anarchist Ferrer i Guardia, in Spain Modern
Jun 26th 2016

French colonial empire
and Brett Rushforth, "Absolutely Atlantic: Colonialism and the Early Modern French State in Recent Historiography," History Compass, (January 2010) 8#1
May 21st 2017

French orthography
accent aigu (e): over e, indicates uniquely the sound /e/. An e in modern French is often used where a combination of e and a consonant, usually s, would
May 23rd 2017

French philosophy
French philosophy, here taken to mean philosophy in the French language, has been extremely diverse and has influenced Western philosophy as a whole for
Feb 12th 2017

French people
Flemish, Franconian, Alsatian and Breton remain spoken in some regions. Modern French society can be considered a melting pot. From the middle of the 19th
May 21st 2017

Anatomically modern human
The term anatomically modern humans (AMH) or anatomically modern Homo sapiens (AMHS) refers in paleoanthropology to individual members of the species Homo
May 23rd 2017

Modern architecture
Modern architecture or modernist architecture is a term applied to a group of styles of architecture which emerged in the first half of the 20th century
May 6th 2017

Tate Modern
Tate-ModernTate Modern is a modern art gallery located in London. It is Britain's national gallery of international modern art and forms part of the Tate group (together
May 3rd 2017

French Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon
Mandate">The Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon (French: Mandat francais pour la Syrie et le Liban; Arabic: الانتداب الفرنسي على سوريا ولبنان‎‎ al-intidāb al-fransi
May 16th 2017

French Indochina
French-IndochinaFrench-IndoFrench Indochina (previously spelled as French-IndoFrench Indo-China) (French: Indochine francaise; Khmer: សហភាពឥណ្ឌូចិន; Vietnamese: Đong Dương thuộc Phap, IPA: [ɗə̄wŋm
May 22nd 2017

French literature
Press, 2011) Cobb, Richard, Promenades: a historian's appreciation of modern French literature (Oxford University Press, 1980) Harvey, Paul, and Janet E
Apr 29th 2017

Modern man
Modern man may refer to: Modernity, recent Luo history and society, especially: The modern individual or everyman. The contemporary human condition.
May 4th 2017

French protectorate of Tunisia
The-French The French protectorate of TunisiaTunisia (French: Protectorat francais de TunisieTunisie; Arabic: الحماية الفرنسية في تونس‎‎ al-Ḥimāya al-Fransīya fī Tūnis) was established
May 12th 2017

History of modern Greece
The history of modern Greece covers the history of Greece from the recognition of its autonomy from the Ottoman Empire by the Great Powers (Great Britain
Apr 14th 2017

Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford
The Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford, England, was established in 1903. European languages (other than Latin and Ancient
Apr 25th 2017

France in the long nineteenth century
"The rise of the third republic", in Cobban, AlfredAlfred, A history of modern France: Volume 3: France of the Republics 1871-1962, Harmondsworth, Middlesex:
May 14th 2017

French Navy
French-Navy">The French Navy (French: Marine nationale, "national navy"), informally La Royale, is the maritime arm of the French Armed Forces. Tracing foundation along
May 18th 2017

French Third Republic
The Development of Modern France (1870-1939) (1940) pp 106-13. Brogan, France Under the Republic: The Development of Modern France (1870-1939) (1940)
May 18th 2017

French immersion
French immersion is a form of bilingual education in which a child who does not speak French as his or her first language receives instruction in school
May 3rd 2017

example of the way this has been done is the Millau Viaduct. Some famous modern French architects include Jean Nouvel, Dominique Perrault, Christian de Portzamparc
May 23rd 2017

Provinces of France
The Kingdom of France was organized into provinces until March 4, 1790, when the establishment of the department (French: departement) system superseded
Mar 8th 2017

French First Republic
Michael (2011). The Routledge Dictionary of Cultural References in Modern French. New York: Taylor & Francis. p. 147. ISBN 978-1-136-82573-6. Retrieved
May 10th 2017

French art
textiles, and ceramics) originating from the geographical area of France. Modern France was the main centre for the European art of the Upper Paleolithic, then
May 4th 2017

Middle French
of words in the sentence, which becomes more or less the syntax of modern French (although there is a continued reliance on the verb in the second position
Oct 26th 2016

Modern philosophy
Modern philosophy is philosophy developed in the modern era and associated with modernity. It is not a specific doctrine or school (and thus should not
May 21st 2017

Sino-French War
The Sino-French-WarFrench War (traditional Chinese: 中法戰爭; simplified Chinese: 中法戰争; pinyin: Zhōngfǎ Zhanzhēng, French: Guerre franco-chinoise, Khmer: សង្គ្រាមបារាំង-ចិន
May 2nd 2017

Kingdom of France
long Italian Wars (1494–1559), which marked the beginning of early modern France. French efforts to gain dominance resulted only in the increased power of
May 13th 2017

Modern Love
Modern Love may refer to: Modern Love (1918 film), a silent film starring Mae Murray Modern Love (1929 film), a lost film distributed by Universal Pictures
Feb 22nd 2016

Flag of France
The flag of France is a tricolour flag featuring three vertical bands coloured blue (hoist side), white, and red. It is known to English speakers as the
May 20th 2017

List of wars involving France
is an incomplete list of French wars and battles from the Gauls to modern France. See French colonial wars Excluding colonial wars (the last
Apr 13th 2017

History of French-era Tunisia
financed, invaded, and then administered Tunisia. It will be seen that modern French politics not only guided the direction of the French colonial venture
Apr 30th 2017

The Modern Cook
The Modern Cook was the first cookery book by the Anglo-ItalianItalian cook Charles Elme Francatelli (1805–1876). It was first published in 1846. It was popular
May 20th 2017

Modern Breakthrough
The Modern Breakthrough (Norwegian: Det moderne gjennombrudd, Danish: Det moderne gennembrud, Swedish: Det moderna genombrottet) is the common name of
Jan 20th 2017

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