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Aug 19th 2016

Musafir (2013 film)
Musafir (English: traveler) is a 2013 Malayalam film directed by Pramod Pappan starring Rahman, Mamta Mohandas and Bala. The film was shot in Cyprus,
Aug 19th 2016

Musafir (2016 film)
Musafir (Bengali: মুসাফির) is an 2016 Bangladeshi action-thriller film written and directed by Ashiqur Rahman. The film stars Arifin Shuvoo, Misha Sawdagor
Apr 8th 2017

Giani Gurmukh Singh Musafir
Giani Gurmukh Singh Musafir (15 January 1899 – 18 January 1976) was an Indian politician and PunjabiPunjabi writer. He was the Chief Minister of Punjab from
Feb 23rd 2017

Musafir (2004 film)
Musafir (translation: Traveller) is a 2004 Hindi thriller film, directed and produced by Sanjay Gupta starring Anil Kapoor, Aditya Pancholi, Sameera Reddy
Dec 17th 2016 is an Internet-based travel agency, based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and Mumbai, India. The site initially used the Amadeus global distribution
May 10th 2017

Musafir (1940 film)
Musafir is a 1940 social Bollywood film directed by Chaturbhuj Doshi. Produced by Ranjit Studios, the music was by Gyan Dutt and starred Noor Mohammed
Oct 22nd 2016

Do Musafir
Do Musafir is a 1978 Bollywood film directed by Devendra Goel. The film stars Shashi Kapoor and Rekha. Shashi Kapoor ... Raju / Vicky Ashok Kumar ..
Jul 27th 2016

Musafir (band)
Musafir (Hindi: मुसाफ़िर, مسافر) is an Indian rock band from Delhi. The name of the band, Musafir, means "traveler" in Hindi. Its members include Ashutosh
May 30th 2013

Ek Musafir Ek Hasina
Ek Musafir Ek Hasina (English: A Traveller and A Beauty) is a 1962 Bollywood film. The film is produced by Sashadhar Mukherjee and directed by Raj Khosla
Dec 21st 2016

Muhammad ibn Musafir
Muhammad bin Musafir (died before 953) was the Sallarid ruler of Tarum in modern northwest Iran (before 916–941) and Iranian Azerbaijan (949). He was
Mar 5th 2017

Musafir ibn Ibrahim II
Musafir ibn Ibrahim II (died 1062) was the last Sallarid ruler of Dailam (1050–1062). He was the son of Ibrahim II ibn Marzuban II, and brother of his
Oct 30th 2016

Musafir Ram Bhardwaj
Musafir Ram Bhardwaj is a player of the musical instrument Paun Mata from Himachal Pradesh, India. He was awarded the Padma Shri in 2014. He born in
Feb 24th 2017

Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir
ShaykhAdī ibn Musāfir al-Umawī (Arabic: عدي بن مسافر الاموي‎‎; Kurdish: Şex Adi‎ [ʃex ɑdi], died 1162), a Yazidi descendant of Umayyad Caliph Marwan
May 14th 2017

Abu'l-Musafir al-Fath
Abu'l-Musafir al-Fath (died 929) was the last Sajid amir of Azerbaijan (928–929). He was the son of Muhammad al-Afshin. In 928 Abu'l-Musafir was invested
Oct 29th 2016

Musafir (1957 film)
Musafir is a 1957 Hindi movie, written by Ritwik Ghatak and Hrishikesh Mukherjee, and directed by the latter in a directorial debut. The film is about
Feb 8th 2017

Al Musafir Khana Palace
The Musafir Khana Palace also known as the Musafirkana Palace was built in Cairo, Egypt between 1779 and 1788 by Mahmud Muharram; a wealthy merchant.
Nov 11th 2016

Beyond the Last Mountain
Film Festival in 1976. It was also released in Urdu version with title "Musafir". Usman Peerzada Zahoor Ahmad Subhani ba Yunus Mariana Haq Shamim Hilaly
Sep 3rd 2016

Bochahan (Vidhan Sabha constituency)
Ram of JD(U) won the Bochahan assembly seat defeating his nearest rival Musafir Paswan of RJD. Contests in most years were multi cornered but only winners
Mar 13th 2017

Divya Prakash Dubey
2017-01-12.  "What's your Musafir Cafe?". The Lallantop. Retrieved-2016Retrieved 2016-08-09.  "Musafir Cafe | मुसाफ़िर कैफ़े". Musafir Cafe | मुसाफ़िर कैफ़े. Retrieved
May 21st 2017

What Should then be Done O People of the East
published in 1936. Pas Chih Bayad Kard ay Aqwam-i-Sharq includes the mathnavi Musafir. Iqbal's Rumi, the master, utters this glad tiding "East awakes from its
Apr 9th 2016

"Broken Memories" – Sufi-NumeerSufi-NumeerSufi Numeer ft Hick Sisters "Musafir Hai Hum Tum" – Sufi-NumeerSufi-NumeerSufi Numeer ft. Ravi-DemonRavi Demon "Musafir Theme track" - Ravi demon ft Sufi numeer nabi
Dec 31st 2016

List of Bangladeshi films of 2016
Daily Star. Retrieved 23 April 2016.  "Musafir releases today". The Daily Star. Retrieved 23 April 2016.  "Musafir - Finally Released". The Daily Star.
Mar 11th 2017

Ashiqur Rahman
screenwriter. He has directed four action films: Kistimaat, Gangster Returns, Musafir, and Operation Agneepath. He wrote all but Kistimaat. Ashiqur Rahman
Apr 27th 2017

Sweetie Weds NRI
Arora as Rascal Mehta Shekhar Shukla as Amit Shah 1.Musafir performed by Atif Aslam 2.Musafir (Reprise) performed by Arijit Singh 3.Kudi Gujarat Di
May 24th 2017

Deepti Bhatnagar
production with the travel shows Yatra, a religious travel guide show and Musafir Hoon Yaaron, an around the world travel guide show, both aired on STAR
May 4th 2017

Sajid dynasty
ended with the death of Abu'l-Musafir al-Fath in 929. Abdu Ubaydullah Muhammad Ibn Abi'l-Saj (899-901) Abul Musafir Devdad Ibn Muhammad (901) Yusuf
Apr 10th 2017

Sallarid dynasty
Main article: Muhammad bin Musafir-InMusafir In the early 10th century the Sallarid in control of Shamiran was Muhammad bin Musafir. He married a Justanid and subsequently
Apr 5th 2017

Khusrau Firuz
bin Musafir, who was Justan's son-in-law. Khusrau-FiruzKhusrau Firuz then succeeded him as the ruler of the Justanids, but was also killed by Muhammad bin Musafir. Khusrau
Oct 30th 2016

Bakshi for the song "Aadmi Musafir Hai" Filmfare Nomination for Best Male Playback Singer for Mohd. Rafi for the song "Aadmi Musafir Hai" "Apnapan (Box
Apr 19th 2017

Sakhr Abu l-Barakat
Umayyad Caliph Marwan ibn al-Hakam, was the nephew and successor of ‘Adī ibn Musāfir al-Umawī, around whom an order of Ṣūfīs, the ‘Adawiyya, had formed. When
Mar 28th 2016

Gereja-Gereja Reformasi Calvinis
Musafir, the Pilgrim Christian Church. In the Synod of 1992 the church changed its name to Pilgrim Christian Churches, Gereja-Gereja Masehi Musafir.
Jan 11th 2016

P. S. Vinod
work for several Hindi and Telugu projects. His notable works include Musafir (2004), My Wife's Murder (2005), Rakta Charitra (2010), Tees Maar Khan
May 29th 2017

Prosun Azad
on Maasranga Television. She had a guest appearance in the action movie Musafir. In January 2017 she started in the television film Neelpori Neelanjona
Mar 13th 2017

Jabbar Patel
Reema Lagoo) Some of his other films are, Mukta, Ek Hota Vidushak, and Musafir(Hindi). His most acclaimed film is Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar released in 1999
Apr 27th 2017

Pandit Lekh Ram
Account of Pandit Lekhram "arya musafir" Lekh Ram wrote Barahin Takzeeb Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya . Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya Kulyaat e Arya Musafir, by Mahashe Keeshat Dev manager
Jun 18th 2016

Marzuban ibn Muhammad
Sallarid ruler of Azerbaijan (941/2–957). He was the son of Muhammad bin Musafir, the ruler of Tarum. In 941 Marzuban and his brother Wahsudan ibn
Mar 12th 2017

Alirajpur State
Pratap Singh I (d. 1818) 1818 Musafir Mekran (usurper) 1818 - 17 Mar 1862 Jashwant Singh (b. 1818 - d. 1862) 1818 - 1839 Musafir Mekran -Manager 1862 - 1869
Oct 9th 2016

8. It has an average elevation of 102 metres (334 feet). Musafir Khana is a City in Musafir Khana Tehsil in Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh State
Apr 13th 2017

Tiger Media Limited
Black Money (2015) Samraat: The King Is Here (2016) Sweetheart (2016) Musafir (2016) Etota Bhalobashi (2016) - Television Film Cinema of Bangladesh
Feb 3rd 2017

26th Filmfare Awards
Rajesh-Roshan-ShalimarRajesh Roshan Shalimar – R.D. Burman ApnapanAnand Bakshi for Aadmi Musafir Hai Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se – Ravindra Jain for Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon
May 1st 2017

The Tiger (2005 film)
other than Musafir, an ISI agent who is also the murderer of Varma and Kishore, the friend of Suhara. Chandrasekhar shoots down both Musafir and John Vargeese
Mar 8th 2017

spring on a mountain. The building, attached to the dargah of Baba Shah Musafir a Sufi saint is located in a garden near the Mahmud Darvaza and consist
Apr 11th 2017

Sashadhar Mukherjee
is noted for films like Dil Deke Dekho (1959), Love in Simla (1960), Ek Musafir Ek Hasina (1962) and Leader (1964). He is part of the distinguished Mukherjee
May 14th 2017

Imran Abbas
to star in short film 'Musafir'Musafir' with Imran Abbas". 23 June 2016.  "Imran Abbas, Naveen Waqar to star in short film 'Musafir'Musafir'".  "Dil e muztar". Hum
Apr 9th 2017

Krishna Beura
known for his hit song "Maula Mere" from the film Chak De India, "Rabba" (Musafir) and "Soniyo from the HeartHeart" (Raaz-2). He can sing in 22 languages including
Mar 16th 2017

Altaf Fatima
[citation needed] Novels Nishaan-i-Mehfil Dastak Naa Do (do not knock) Chulta Musafir Khwabger naghme ka qatal Collection of Short Stories Woh Jisay Chaha Gaya
May 23rd 2017

Wahsudan ibn Muhammad
the Sallarid ruler of Daylam (941/2–967). He was the son of Muhammad bin Musafir, the ruler of Tarum. In 941 Wahsudan and his brother Marzuban ibn Muhammad
Nov 1st 2016

Sher Shah–Kot Addu Branch Line
lines in Pakistan "Pakistan Railways Time & Fare Table 2015" (PDF). Musafir (in English and Urdu). Pakistan. October 2015: 106 (50). Retrieved 18 August
May 23rd 2017

the MTV Asia Charts for 60 weeks. O Sanam ओ सनम Sunoh सुनो سنو Pyaar ka Musafir प्यार का मुसाफ़िर Aap Par Arz आप पर अर्ज़ آپ پر "Milegi Milegi Manzil"
Feb 25th 2016

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