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NBNB may refer to: N.B. (album), an album by Natasha Bedingfield NBNB (television show), a Scottish TV programme presented by Janice Forsyth, Bryan Burnett
Apr 13th 2017

Boeing NB
The Boeing NB (or Model 21) was a primary training aircraft developed for the United States Navy in 1923. It was a two-bay, equal-span biplane of conventional
Jun 23rd 2015

NB Power
NB Power (French: Energie NB), formerly known as the New Brunswick Power Corporation and the New Brunswick Electric Power Commission, is the primary electrical
Dec 7th 2016

Convair NB-36H
The Convair NB-36H was a bomber that carried a nuclear reactor. It was also known as the "Crusader". It was created for the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion
Apr 12th 2017

Namco NB-1
Namco-NB The Namco NB-1 is a 32-bit arcade system board which was first used by Namco in 1993; NB-2 has a different memory map, more complex sprite and tile banking
Dec 24th 2016

Nicholas-Beazley NB-3
The-NicholasThe Nicholas-Beazley NB-3, or Barling NB-3, is a two seat, training aircraft of the 1920s. The Barling NB-3 was designed by Walter Barling in 1927. The
Jun 23rd 2015

NB Ridaz
NB Ridaz was a hip hop group formerly known as NBK (Nastyboy Klick). The group released several successful singles as Nastyboy Klick in the late 1990s
Mar 16th 2017

Chak 124 NB
Chak 124 NB is a village in Pakistan,
Mar 14th 2017

Greatest Hits (NB Ridaz album)
Greatest Hits is a greatest hits album and fourth album by NB Ridaz. It was released on July 15, 2008. "So Fly" (produced by Big Fenix & Dj 2Swift) "Pretty
Feb 19th 2012

Női NB I
N The Női NB-INB I (Hungarian: Női Nemzeti Bajnoksag, for women's national championship) is the top level women's football league in Hungary. Organized by the
Nov 25th 2016

NB (TV show)
NB was a television series about the arts that was launched in 1989 and was shown in Scotland until it ended in 1997. Produced by Scottish Television,
Jun 29th 2016

NB Ridaz.com
NB Ridaz.com is the third studio album by NB Ridaz. It was released on April 6, 2004. "Intro" "U Got Me Hot" "Cho. n.Low #1" "Pretty Girl" "So Fly" "Tu
Mar 11th 2017

25I-NB34MD (NB34MD-2C-I) is a derivative of the phenethylamine hallucinogen 2C-I, which acts as a potent partial agonist for the human 5-HT2A receptor
Apr 26th 2017

Chak No. 129 NB
also situated at this road which is 5 km away from 129 NB, Chak 125 NB in north west and Chak 127 NB in north. Its Population is about 4000 persons. Major
Mar 26th 2017

Chak 128 NB
in Punjab, Pakistan. Its neighbouring villages are Chak 130 NB, Chak No. 129 NB, Chak 125 NB and Jahanawala. The village is mainly an agricultural area
Mar 14th 2017

Chak No. 147/148 NB
Chak No. 147/148 NB is a village of Sillanwali Tehsil Distric Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated 42 km away from Sargodha City  and 9 km from its
Apr 3rd 2017

Proposed sale of NB Power
The proposed sale of NB Power was an attempted takeover of New Brunswick's government-owned public utility assets by Hydro-Quebec, Canada's largest utility
Feb 24th 2017

SOR-NB18SOR NB18 is an low-floor articulated single-decker bus produced by bus manufacturer SOR from the Czech Republic since 2008. Since 2009 bus also comes with
Mar 14th 2017

Nemzeti Bajnokság II
will ascend to the first division while the two lowest teams in NB I are relegated to NB II. On 2 March 2017, the Hungarian Football Federation announced
Mar 2nd 2017

New Brunswick Liquor Corporation
The New Brunswick Liquor Corporation (or Alcool NB Liquor, ANBL) is a provincial Crown corporation of the Canadian province of New Brunswick, and is responsible
Feb 6th 2017

SOR-NB12SOR NB12 is a fully low-floor single-decker bus produced by the Czech bus manufacturer SOR from the Czech Republic since 2008. In many towns they currently
Mar 14th 2017

Polikarpov NB
The Polikarpov NB (Nochnoi BombardirovshchikNight Bomber) was a Soviet twin-engined bomber designed during World War II. Only a single prototype had been
Jun 23rd 2015

Chak 36 NB
Chak 36 NB (Urdu: چک ٣٦ شمالی) is a village located on the Sargodha-BypassSargodha Bypass in District of Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan.It is located at a distance of approximately
Mar 14th 2017

Nemzeti Bajnokság III
NB-IIINB III (Nemzeti Bajnoksag III, National Championship III) is the third tier of Hungarian football (from the autumn of 1997 till the spring of 2005, NB
Feb 11th 2017

NB Global
NB Global (LSENBLU) is a large British investment company dedicated to senior secured loans in large US and European companies. Established in April
May 11th 2012

Chak 104 NB
Chak 104 NB is a village in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is part of the tehsil and district of Sargodha and lies 10 km West of Sargodha. Development
Mar 14th 2017

Niobium(V) chloride
the molecule. Nb The NbClNb angle at the bridge is 101.3°. Nb The NbNb distance is 398.8 pm, too long for any metal-metal interaction. NbBr5, TaCl5 and TaBr5
Jul 16th 2016

NB class
The NB class locomotives of the Commonwealth Railways (Australia) were built in 1916 by the Vulcan Iron Works (of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania?[which?])
Nov 17th 2012

Sentier NB Trail
The-Sentier-NB-TrailThe Sentier NB Trail is a network of hiking trails in New Brunswick, Canada built on abandoned railways. The trails are mostly closed to motorized vehicles
Apr 6th 2017

NB&T Financial Group
NB&T Financial Group, Inc., is a registered financial holding company which wholly owns The National Bank and Trust Company under the Bank Holding Company
Jan 17th 2017

NB&M Railways
NB&M Railways is a holding company controlled by the J.D. Irving group of New Brunswick. Its operations include the New Brunswick Southern Railway (NBSR)
Feb 20th 2014

Sun. Perth-Andover, NBNB. Retrieved-24Retrieved 24 March 2012.  "Dozens ordered out of N.B. flood area". The Chronicle Herald. Perth-Andover, NBNB. 24 March 2012. Retrieved
Feb 9th 2017

Nicholas-Beazley NB-8G
The Nicolas-Beazley NB-8G is a United States two-seat parasol wing light monoplane that was constructed in the early 1930s. The NB-8G was designed and
Sep 2nd 2015

Milltown Dam (St. Croix River)
St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada and Calais, Maine, USA, and operated by NB Power. Its power house has a capacity of 4 megawatts with its 7 turbines.
Mar 22nd 2017

Thymectacin (NBNB-1011, NBNB-101, N-[[5-[(E)-2-Bromovinyl]-2'-deoxyuridin-5'-O-yl]](phenoxy)phosphoryl]-L-alanine methyl ester) is an anticancer prodrug of
Apr 2nd 2016

Niobium pentoxide
Niobium pentoxide is the inorganic compound with the formula Nb2O5. It is a colourless insoluble solid that is fairly unreactive. It is the main precursor
Mar 6th 2017

Nuestra Belleza México
International. NB Mexico 2009 Ximena Navarrete, Jalisco NB Mexico 2007 Elisa Najera, Guanajuato NB Mexico 2005 Priscila Perales
Apr 15th 2017

Niobium oxychloride
distorted octahedron. Nb The Nb-O bonds and Nb-Cl bonds are unequal. This structure can be described as planar Nb2Cl6 core connected by O-Nb-O bridges. In this
Nov 29th 2016

Nordic-Baltic Eight
Eight (NB8) is a regional co-operation format that includes Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden. Under NB8, regular
Apr 16th 2017

Basket (hieroglyph)
semicircular-shaped, shallow basket. It is an Egyptian language biliteral for nb. The Egyptian uniliteral k, a basket-with-handle, Gardiner no. V31, , is
Nov 21st 2016

Niobium-tin (Nb3SnNb3Sn) or triniobium-tin is a metallic chemical compound of niobium (Nb) and tin (Sn), used industrially as a type II superconductor. This
Sep 26th 2016

New Brunswick Southern Railway
the following locations: St. Stephen, NB with Woodland Rail LLC (reporting mark ?) (operated by NBSR) Saint John, NB with Canadian National Railway (reporting
Mar 16th 2016

Ambulance New Brunswick
Industries in Moncton, NB; it leases support facilities under long-term agreements, which are operated under contract by NB EMS. NB EMS operates a central
Aug 15th 2016

2005 NB56
2005 NB56, also written as 2005 NB56, is a near-Earth object. This small body has been suggested as a possible source of the Tunguska event on June 30
Apr 25th 2017

Kaposvári Rákóczi FC
year. From this time forward the team would bounce back between the NB III and NB II. In 1941 the team awaited the arrival of Istvan Avar, but his debut
Apr 1st 2017

Rákospalotai EAC
known teams being Fősped Szallitok and Volan, the latter of which entered the NB I. in 1979. Until 1991, when the club came to an end, Volan had enjoyed six
Mar 1st 2017

Niobium pentaiodide
Niobium pentaiodide is the inorganic compound with the formula Nb2I10. It is a yellow, moisture-sensitive, diamagnetic solid. It forms upon heating metallic
Jul 7th 2015

Niobium dioxide
Nb2O5Nb2O5 with Nb powder at 1100 °C. The room temperature form NbO2 has a tetragonal, rutile-like structure with short Nb-Nb distances indicating Nb-Nb bonding
Jun 15th 2016

Niobium triselenide
belonging to the class of transition metal trichalcogenides. It has the formula NbSe3. It was the first reported example of one-dimensional compound to exhibit
Apr 14th 2017

Neufahrn in Niederbayern
Neufahrn i.NB or Neufahrn in Niederbayern is a municipality in the district of Landshut in Bavaria in Germany. Its Bavarian name is Neifing. Neufahrn is
Jan 21st 2017

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