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network. For-NBC-PhilippinesFor NBC Philippines, see Nation Broadcasting Corporation. For other uses, see NBC (disambiguation). The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is an American
Apr 28th 2017

NBC News
the cable news channel managed by NBC-NewsNBC-NewsNBC News, see NBC MSNBC. NBC-NewsNBC-NewsNBC News is a division of the American broadcast network NBC. The division operates under NBCUniversal
Apr 25th 2017

NBC Sports
NBC-SportsNBC Sports is the programming division of the American broadcast network NBC, owned by the NBCUniversal Television Group division of NBCUniversal, that
Apr 20th 2017

NHL The NHL on NBC is a presentation of National Hockey League (NHL) games that are produced by NBC Sports, and televised on NBC and NBCSN in the United States
Apr 28th 2017

NBA on NBC. The NBA on NBC is the branding formerly used for presentations of National Basketball Association (NBA) games produced by the NBC television
Apr 28th 2017

NBC Red Network
The NBC Red Network is a defunct American radio network. Launched in 1926, it, along with the NBC Blue Network, were the two original radio networks of
Apr 21st 2017

NBC Europe
Europe NBC Europe (formerly Super Channel and NBC Super Channel) was a satellite television channel based in the United Kingdom that broadcast across Europe.
Apr 11th 2017

Logo of NBC
The-National-Broadcasting-CompanyThe National Broadcasting Company (NBC) has used several corporate logos over the course of its history. The first logo was used in 1926 when the radio
Apr 28th 2017

NBC'sNBC's former package of Arena Football League games. For NBC'sNBC's coverage of the American Football League in the 1960s, see NFL on NBC. The AFL on NBC is
Dec 2nd 2016

NBC Olympic broadcasts
Olympic Games produced by NBC-SportsNBC Sports is shown on the various networks of NBCUniversalNBCUniversal in the United States, including the NBC broadcast network, Spanish
Apr 25th 2017

NASCAR on NBC (visually branded as NBC NASCAR in logos shown within on-air graphics and network promotions) is the branding used for broadcasts of NASCAR
Apr 25th 2017

Dateline NBC
(disambiguation). Dateline-NBCDateline NBC, or simply Dateline, is a weekly American television newsmagazine/reality legal show that is broadcast on NBC. It was previously
Mar 6th 2017

List of programs broadcast by NBC
original programming currently broadcast by the American television network NBC. Note: Titles are listed in alphabetical order
Apr 26th 2017

NBC Nightly News
NBC Nightly News (titled as NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt for its weeknight broadcasts since June 22, 2015) is the flagship daily evening television
Apr 5th 2017

College Basketball on NBC
College Basketball on NBC is the branding used for broadcasts of NCAA Division I men's college basketball games formerly produced by NBC Sports, the sports
Feb 25th 2017

Golf Channel on NBC
Channel on NBC is the branding used for broadcasts of golf tournaments produced by NBC Sports in conjunction with Golf Channel, on the NBC television
Mar 1st 2017

Major League Baseball on NBC
Baseball on NBC is the de facto branding for weekly broadcasts of Major League Baseball (MLB) games produced by NBC Sports, and televised on the NBC television
Apr 25th 2017

NBC Sunday Night Football
NBC-Sunday-Night-FootballNBC Sunday Night Football is a weekly television broadcast of National Football League (NFL) games on NBC in the United States. It began airing on August
Apr 28th 2017

NFL on NBC is the branding used for broadcasts of National Football League (NFL) games that are produced by NBC Sports, and televised on the NBC television
Apr 3rd 2017

MLS The MLS on NBC is the branding used for broadcasts of Major League Soccer (MLS) games produced by NBC Sports, the sports division of the NBC television
Dec 19th 2016

NBC Weather Plus
NBC Weather Plus was an American weather-oriented digital broadcast and cable television network that was owned as a joint venture between NBC Universal
Feb 18th 2017

The NBC Mystery Movie
NBC-Mystery-Movie">The NBC Mystery Movie is the umbrella title of an American television series produced by Universal Studios, that was broadcast by NBC from 1971–77. At
Apr 22nd 2017

NBC Symphony Orchestra
The NBC Symphony Orchestra was a radio orchestra established by David Sarnoff, the president of the Radio Corporation of America, especially for the celebrated
Mar 31st 2017

Notre Dame Football on NBC
Notre Dame Football on NBC is a presentation of college football games involving the Notre Dame Fighting Irish that are produced by NBC Sports, the sports
Mar 21st 2017

NBC chimes
The NBC chimes, named for the radio and television network on which they have been used, consists of a succession of three distinct pitches: G3, E4 and
Apr 6th 2017

NBC Studios (New York City)
For other uses, see NBC Studios. NBC Studios are located in the historic 30 Rockefeller Plaza (on Sixth Avenue between 49th and 50th streets) in the borough
Apr 28th 2017

NBC Sports Radio
NBC Sports Radio is a sports radio network that debuted on September 4, 2012. The network content is produced by NBC Sports Group and distributed by Westwood
Feb 2nd 2017

Thoroughbred Racing on NBC
Racing on NBC is the de facto title for a series of horse races events whose broadcasts are produced by NBC Sports, the sports division of the NBC television
Oct 30th 2016

NBC Sports Group
NBC-Sports-GroupNBC Sports Group is a division of NBCUniversalNBCUniversal that is responsible for NBC-Sports'NBC Sports' media properties, encompassing the NBC television network's sports
Apr 26th 2017

NHL on NBC commentators
From 2006 to 2008, NBC's studio show originally broadcast out of the rink at New York's Rockefeller Center, at the foot of NBC's offices during January
Apr 27th 2017

NBC page
An NBC page is a person usually in his or her early twenties working in various departments within the NBCUniversal businesses during a one-year period
Apr 13th 2017

The NFL on NBC pregame show
The NBC television network's in-studio pre-game coverage for their National Football League game telecasts has had a rather inconsistent history in comparison
Apr 25th 2017

NBC Daytime
NBC-DaytimeNBC Daytime was the daytime programming block of NBC. It historically featured a large number of soap operas and game shows. Its main competitors were
Apr 15th 2017

NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC
Jam and NBA-HangtimeNBA Hangtime, Showtime is modeled after the NBA presentations on NBC. The original arcade version features team rosters from the beginning of
Apr 25th 2017

NBC Nightside
NBC-NightsideNBC Nightside (also known as NBC-News-NightsideNBC News Nightside) is an American overnight television news program on NBC, that aired from 1991 to 1998. The program was
May 15th 2016

NBC Studios
NBC Studios may refer to: NBC Studios (New York City) NBC Tower, in Burbank-Studios">Chicago The Burbank Studios formerly NBC Studios, Burbank, California NBC Studios
May 24th 2016

NBC Tower
The NBC Tower is an office tower on the Near North Side of Chicago, Illinois, United States located at 454 North Columbus Drive (455 North Cityfront Plaza
Apr 17th 2017

NBC Opera Theatre
The NBC Opera Theatre (sometimes mistakenly spelled NBC Opera Theater and sometimes referred to as the NBC Opera Company) was an American opera company
Feb 11th 2017

NBC Sunday Night Football results (2006–present)
on NBC under the game package NBC Sunday Night Football. The list includes both regular season and post-season game results, both produced by NBC Sports
Apr 24th 2017

List of NBC Sports golf commentators
following is a list of television personalities for NBC-Sports-Group'sNBC Sports Group's telecasts of golf, which are carried by NBC and Golf Channel. Booth: Dan Hicks, Johnny
Apr 21st 2017

NBC SportsTalk
NBC SportsTalk is a daily sports talk show on NBCSN named after the various talk sites on the NBCSports.com. The show is the flagship show for the network
Dec 1st 2016

NBCUniversal Television Group
NBC Broadcasting and NBC Entertainment, both American television units of NBCUniversal. NBC Broadcasting is the television distribution arm of NBC Universal
Feb 17th 2017

NBC 3 may refer to: WSTM-TV, Syracuse, New York KNTV, San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose, California (cable channel 3; broadcasts on channel 11), formerly
Aug 18th 2016

Ratings for The NHL on NBC
of the television ratings for the NBC's-National-Hockey-LeagueNBC's National Hockey League telecasts. Main article: 2005–06 NHL season NBC earned a 1.5/3 overnight Nielsen rating
Feb 9th 2017

The NBC Monday Movie
ran off on NBC. It was referred to as NBC Monday Night at the Movies prior to the mid-1980s. The show moved to Wednesday nights in 1964 as NBC Wednesday
Jan 28th 2017

2008 Summer Olympics on NBC
NBC Sports coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics (the broadcasts being officially titled, as were the games themselves, The Games of the XXIX Olympiad)
Jan 16th 2017

Cozi TV
owned-and-operated television stations of the NBC television network in the United States under the brand NBC Nonstop. The sitcoms and drama series now appearing
Apr 27th 2017

Discovery Kids on NBC
Discovery Kids on NBC was an American children's programming block that aired on NBC from September 14, 2002 to September 2, 2006. The block was produced
Nov 25th 2016

KNTV-ShowKNTV Show. Not to be confused with KTNV or KTVN. KNTV, channel 11, is an NBC owned-and-operated television station licensed to San Jose, California, USA
Apr 28th 2017

Lists of NBC television affiliates
following articles contain lists of NBC television affiliates: List of NBC television affiliates (by U.S. state) List of NBC television affiliates (table)
Dec 19th 2015

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