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Republican National Committee
territory, regardless of population. From 1924 to 1952, there was a national committeeman and national committeewoman from each state and U.S. possession
May 10th 2017

Maine Republican Party
Augusta Benjamin Lombard, Treasurer, Augusta Hon. Alex Willette, National Committeeman, Mapleton Ashley Ryan, National Committeewoman, South Portland Stavros
Apr 7th 2017

Republican National Committee chairmanship election, 2013
North Carolina. Reince Priebus, incumbent RNC Chairman Mark Willis, National Committeeman from Maine "2013 RNC Chairman Election - Our Campaigns". 
Jan 25th 2017

Young Democrats of America
the National Committee which is composed of the president, the national committeeman and committeewoman of each chartered state federation, along with
Apr 28th 2017

Lee Roupas
Lee Roupas is the Palos Township Republican Committeeman as well as the Former Chairman of the Cook County Republican Party Cook County, Illinois. At a
Jul 6th 2016

District of Columbia Democratic State Committee
MaryEva Candon National committeeman: Arrington Dixon Alternate national committeewoman: Patricia Elwood Alternate national committeeman: Phil Pannell
Feb 19th 2017

Joseph A. Trillo
He was named Deputy Minority Leader in 2006. Trillo is also the National Committeeman for the Rhode Island Republican Party. Trillo has formed an exploratory
May 6th 2017

Wilbur W. Marsh
York[clarification needed] on July 14, 1862. He was a Democratic-National-CommitteemanDemocratic National Committeeman in 1912 and again in 1916. He was a delegate to 1920 Democratic
Nov 24th 2016

Edward George Hoffman
horse. "Edward G. Hoffman Dies From Injury. Former Democratic National Committeeman From Indiana Was Thrown From His Horse". New York Times. February
Feb 7th 2017

Republican Party of the Virgin Islands
the Republican National Committee as national committeewoman and national committeeman respectively. Founded in 1948 as a committee under the leadership
Feb 11th 2017

Young Democrats of Utah
the Communications Director, the National Committeewoman, the National Committeeman, and the Chair and Vice-Chair from each of its three caucuses. Its
May 3rd 2017

Ralph H. Bonnell
defeated Frederick H. Deaborn 79 votes to 14 to become the Republican national committeeman for Massachusetts. In May 1956, Bonnell defeated incumbent Elmer
May 16th 2016

Republican National Convention
state's delegation is calculated as follows: At-large delegates The national committeeman, the national committeewoman and the chairperson of the state Republican
Apr 19th 2017

Jeff Johnson (Minnesota politician)
County commissioner for the 7th district, he was elected as the national Committeeman from Minnesota in April 2011. Born in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
May 21st 2017

American Samoa Republican caucuses, 2012
election of six delegates and three at-large delegates (Chair, National Committeeman and National Committeewoman) for the 2012 Republican National Convention
May 15th 2016

John Hamilton (Kansas)
Republican National Committeeman David Mulvane, Governor Alf Landon had Hamilton elected as the new Kansas-Republican-National-CommitteemanKansas Republican National Committeeman for Kansas
Feb 12th 2017

Palos Township Republican Organization
The Palos Township Republican Organization is the township-level affiliate of the Republican Party in Cook County. Since January, 2012, it has been chaired
Feb 14th 2017

United States Senate election in Connecticut, 1986
Chris Dodd, incumbent U.S. Senator Roger Eddy, Republican National Committeeman
Mar 6th 2017

Aida Delgado-Colon
Resident Commissioner and Republican National Committeeman Luis Fortuno as well as Democratic National Committeeman and Puerto Rico Senate President Kenneth
Apr 1st 2017

Perry Wilbon Howard
law firm in Washington, D.C. He served as the longtime Republican National Committeeman from the U.S. state of Mississippi from 1924 to 1960, even as he
Feb 11th 2017

John Andreason
John C. Andreason (born on April 20, 1929) is a Republican member of the Idaho Senate, representing the 15th District. District 15 includes Ada County
Apr 23rd 2017

Ken Lewenza, Sr.
Ken Lewenza, Sr. (born 1954 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada) was the National President of the Canadian Auto Workers union, having been acclaimed at that organization's
May 3rd 2017

Morton Blackwell
technology to conservative activists. He currently serves as Virginia's national committeeman on the Republican National Committee. In youth politics, Blackwell
Feb 5th 2017

John Fritchey
John Alden Fritchey IV (born March 2, 1964) is a Democratic member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, representing the 12th District since 2010
May 7th 2017

Bennett M. Stewart
Stewart">Bennett McVey Stewart (August 6, 1912 – April 26, 1988) was a Democratic U.S. Representative from Illinois. Stewart was born in Huntsville, Alabama, and
Dec 24th 2016

Mark Hillman
is a member of the Republican Party and was elected Republican National Committeeman on May 31, 2008.[citation needed] Hillman grew up working his
Nov 12th 2016

Donald Roe Ross
Ross Donald Roe Ross (June 8, 1922 – December 18, 2013) was a United States federal judge. Born in Orleans, Nebraska, Ross was in the United States Army as
Dec 15th 2016

United States Virgin Islands Republican caucus, 2016
the Republican National Convention. Three party leaders -- the National Committeeman, the National Committeewoman, and the chairman of the Virgin Islands's
Jun 4th 2016

Buddy Witherspoon
Witherspoon, better known as Buddy Witherspoon, served as the National Executive Committeeman of the South Carolina Republican Party from 1996 to 2008. In
Sep 7th 2016

Alexander Treadwell
Republican Party political leader in New York. He was New York's National Committeeman on the Republican National Committee. In 2008, he was defeated in
Apr 8th 2017

Randy Pullen
2011. He is Chairman of WageWatch, a former Arizona Republican National Committeeman, and former Treasurer of the Republican National Committee. Pullman
Apr 11th 2017

Montana Republican Party
and Vice Chair, Senator Jennifer Fielder (Thompson Falls). The National Committeeman is Errol Galt (Martinsdale) and the National Committeewoman is Betti
May 18th 2017

Mark Willis
Mark Willis (politician) American politician, Maine Republican National Committeeman, and challenger to Reince Priebus for RNC Chair Mark Willis (racing
Jan 19th 2013

Guy Gabrielson
politics, he turned to Republican politics and became Republican National Committeeman from New Jersey in 1948. He was then elected Chairman of the RNC
May 5th 2016

New Hampshire Republican State Committee
chairman: Matt Mayberry National committeewoman: Juliana Bergeron National Committeeman: Stephen Duprey Treasurer: Rob Kasper Assistant treasurer: Eileen
May 12th 2017

Rhode Island Republican Party
Chair: Dave Talan Secretary: William Ricci Treasurer: Dave Shephard National Committeeman: Steve Frias National Committeewoman: Lee Ann Sennick Senate
Mar 22nd 2017

Nebraska Republican Party
Chairman Bryan Slone, Secretary Rod Krogh, Treasurer JL Spray, National Committeeman Joyce Simmons, National Committeewoman Bob Evnen, Legal Council
Mar 24th 2017

Montana Democratic Party
(Trout Creek) and Vice Chair Nancy Anderson (Great Falls). The National Committeeman is Jorge Quintana (Helena) and the National Committeewoman is Jean
May 17th 2017

Alexander McKenzie (politician)
and in neighboring Montana and Minnesota. He was the Republican national committeeman from North Dakota, directed a highly successful political machine
Nov 1st 2016

Alvin Tobias Hert
2015-03-13.  "Alvin T. Hert Dies Suddenly Of Apoplexy. Republican National Committeeman From Kentucky Stricken in Washington Hotel". New York Times. June
Feb 4th 2017

Fish family
delegate to the Republican National Convention 1916, Republican National Committeeman 1919–1928, candidate for U.S. Senate from New Jersey 1924, U.S.
Nov 4th 2016

Puerto Rico Republican Party
Assembly to continue serving as National Committeeman, a position he has held since 2001. He won reelection as National Committeeman in the GOP convention held
Apr 3rd 2017

Nebraska Democratic Party
Associate Chair Patty Zieg, National Committeewoman Ron Kaminski, National Committeeman Political party strength in Nebraska Nebraska,,
May 10th 2017

W. Edwin McMahan
cycles. In 2008, McMahan stepped down from his position as an RNC national committeeman, to assist Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory's bid to become North Carolina
Jan 23rd 2017

Guam Republican caucus, 2016
(Republican Party Chairman) (automatically a delegate) David Sablan (National Committeeman) (automatically a delegate) Margaret Metcalfe (National Committeewoman)
Jan 29th 2017

Frank O. Horton
Republican-National-ConventionsRepublican-NationalRepublican National Conventions in 1928 and 1936, and was a Republican-NationalRepublican National committeeman from 1937 to 1948. He was elected as a Republican to the Seventy-sixth
Oct 12th 2016

American Samoa Republican caucus, 2016
Party Chairman) (automatically a delegate) Su’a Carl Schuster (National-CommitteemanNational Committeeman) (automatically a delegate) Congresswoman Aumua Amata (National
Jan 29th 2017

Bob McLeod (cricketer)
Robert William McLeod (19 January 1868 – 15 June 1907) was an Australian cricketer who played in six Tests 1892-93. On his debut, he took five wickets
Feb 25th 2016

Curly Haugland
American politician and businessman. He has served as the Republican National Committeeman for North Dakota since 1999. Haugland was elected chairman of the
Feb 10th 2017

Pete Podgorski
Podgorski Pete Podgorski is a former amateur and professional light middleweight boxer, as well as a boxing official. Born: December 1953. As an amateur, Podgorski
Feb 24th 2017

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