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Ostpolitik Neue Ostpolitik (German for "new eastern policy"), or Ostpolitik for short, was the normalization of relations between the Federal Republic of Germany
Nov 28th 2016

Karl Theodor Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg
Interesse der Freiheit, Stuttgart 1970 FuSsnoten, Stuttgart 1971 Die neue Ostpolitik. Wege und Irrwege, Osnabrück 1972 Karl Theodor Freiherr von und zu
Jul 28th 2016

Armin Mohler
Armin Mohler (12 April 1920 – 4 July 2003) was a Swiss-born far right political writer and philosopher associated with the Neue Rechte movement. Born
Oct 4th 2016

West German federal election, 1972
the CDU/CSU opposition to protest against Chancellor Willy Brandt's Neue Ostpolitik, especially against the de facto recognition of the Oder-Neisse line
Dec 18th 2016

Wenzel Jaksch
Wenzel Jaksch (25 September 1896 – 27 November 1966) was a Sudeten German Socialdemocrat politician and the President of the Federation of Expellees in
Jun 28th 2016

Adolf Georg von Maltzan
Adolf Georg Otto "Ago" von Maltzan, Freiherr zu Wartenberg und Penzlin (31 July 1877 – 23 September 1927) was a German diplomat. Maltzan was born in 1877
Feb 28th 2017

Index of East Germany-related articles
Articles related to East Germany include: Contents : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z See also Konrad Adenauer - Aktuelle Kamera
Oct 23rd 2016

Fritz Schenk
Fritz Schenk (10 March 1930 in HelbraHelbra near Eisleben; † 4 May 2006 in Frankfurt am Main) was a German publicist, journalist and television anchorman. He
Sep 2nd 2016

Willy Brandt
Federal Republic of Germany. As chancellor, Brandt developed his Neue Ostpolitik (New Eastern Policy). Brandt was active in creating a degree of rapprochement
May 17th 2017

West Germany
institutions. Relations with the Soviet bloc improved during the era of "Neue Ostpolitik" around 1970, and Germany">West Germany began taking the line of "two German
May 16th 2017

Walter Ulbricht
Ulbricht Walter Ernst Paul Ulbricht (30 June 1893 – 1 August 1973) was a German Communist politician. Ulbricht played a leading role in the creation of the Weimar-era
May 10th 2017

Walther Leisler Kiep
Walther Gottlieb Louis Leisler Kiep (5 January 1926 – 9 May 2016) was a German politician of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). He was a member of the
Mar 11th 2017

Irene Ellenberger
Irene Ellenberger (born 20 April 1946) is a German architect who grew up in East Germany and who in 1990 became a politician (SDP/SPD). Between 1994 and
May 3rd 2017

Outline of German expressions in English
The following outline is presented as an overview of and topical guide to German expressions in English: A German expression in English is a German loanword
May 23rd 2017

Uprising of 1953 in East Germany
The Uprising of 1953 in East Germany started with a strike by East Berlin construction workers on 16 June 1953. It turned into a widespread uprising against
Apr 19th 2017

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (born 5 December 1971) is a German businessman and former politician of the Christian Social Union (CSU). A member of the German
May 17th 2017

Berlin (/bərˈlɪn/, German: [bɛɐ̯ˈliːn] ( listen)) is the capital and the largest city of Germany as well as one of its 16 constituent states. With a population
May 20th 2017

Hans-Dietrich Genscher
Hans-Dietrich Genscher (21 March 1927 – 31 March 2016) was a German statesman and a member of the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP), who served as the
Mar 13th 2017

Coordinates: 51°N 9°E / 51°N 9°E / 51; 9 GermanyGermany (i/ˈdʒɜːrməni/; German: Deutschland, pronounced [ˈdɔʏtʃlant]), officially the Federal Republic of GermanyGermany
May 20th 2017

History of Germany
The concept of Germany as a distinct region in central Europe can be traced to Roman commander Julius Caesar, who referred to the unconquered area east
May 14th 2017

East Germany
Germany">East Germany, formally the German-Democratic-RepublicGerman Democratic Republic (GDR; German: Deutsche Demokratische Republik pronounced [ˈdɔʏtʃə demoˈkʀaːtɪʃə ʀepuˈbliːk], DDR)
May 19th 2017

Media portrayal of the Ukrainian crisis
Media portrayals of the Ukrainian crisis, including 2014 unrest and the 2014 Ukrainian revolution following the Euromaidan movement, differed widely between
Apr 29th 2017

List of deaths at the Berlin Wall
There were numerous deaths at the Berlin Wall, which stood as a barrier between West Berlin and East Germany from 13 August 1961 until 9 November 1989
May 1st 2017

Eastern Bloc
The-Eastern-BlocThe Eastern Bloc was the group of communist states of Central and Eastern Europe, generally the Soviet Union and the countries of the Warsaw Pact. The
May 21st 2017

Berlin Wall
Berlin-Wall">The Berlin Wall (German: Berliner-MauerBerliner Mauer) was a guarded concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989. Constructed
May 22nd 2017

Inner German border
The inner German border (German: innerdeutsche Grenze or deutsch-deutsche Grenze; initially also Zonengrenze) was the border between the German Democratic
May 22nd 2017

Gerhard Weinberg
Gerhard Ludwig Weinberg (born 1 January 1928) is a German-born American diplomatic and military historian noted for his studies in the history of World
May 18th 2017

Berlin Blockade
The Berlin Blockade (24 June 1948 – 12 May 1949) was one of the first major international crises of the Cold War. During the multinational occupation of
May 20th 2017

Iranian Revolution
Revolution The Iranian Revolution (also known as the Revolution Islamic Revolution or the 1979 Revolution;) refers to events involving the overthrow of the Pahlavi dynasty under
May 18th 2017

Flight and expulsion of Germans (1944–50)
During the later stages of World War II and the post-war period, German citizens and people of German ancestry were expelled from various Eastern European
May 6th 2017

Greater Germanic Reich
Germanic-Reich">The Greater Germanic Reich (German: GroSsgermanisches Reich), fully styled the Greater Germanic Reich of the German Nation (German: GroSsgermanisches Reich
May 22nd 2017

François Mitterrand
Francois Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand (French: [fʁɑ̃swa mɔʁis mitɛʁɑ̃] ( listen); 26 October 1916 – 8 January 1996) was a French statesman who was President
May 13th 2017

Karl Dietrich Bracher
Karl Dietrich Bracher (13 March 1922 – 19 September 2016) was a German political scientist and historian of the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany. Born
Feb 23rd 2017

Erich Honecker
Erich Honecker (German: [ˈeːʁɪc ˈhɔnɛkɐ]; 25 August 1912 – 29 May 1994) was a German politician who, as the General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party
May 15th 2017

List of Christian Nobel laureates
The Nobel Prize is an annual, international prize first awarded in 1901 for achievements in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and
May 23rd 2017

Cuban intervention in Angola
In November 1975, on the eve of Angola's independence, Cuba launched a large-scale military intervention in support of the leftist People's Movement for
Mar 20th 2017

History of the Social Democratic Party of Germany
The foundation of the Social Democratic Party of GermanyGermany (German: Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands, SPD) can be traced back to the 1860s, and for
Apr 18th 2017

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