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North American English
Not to be confused with English American English. North English American English (NAmE, NAE) is the most generalized variety of the English language as spoken in the United
Apr 10th 2017

North American English regional phonology
English-North-American-English American English English North American English regional phonology is the study of variations in the pronunciation of spoken English North American English (English of the
Apr 27th 2017

North-Central American English
North-Central American English (also known as the Upper Midwestern or North Central dialect in the United States) is an American English dialect native
Apr 23rd 2017

American English
organization, see U.S. English (organization). Not to be confused with North American English. For other uses, see American English (disambiguation). American
Apr 23rd 2017

Midland American English
of the Mississippi river. Labov, Ash, and Boberg (The Atlas of North American English, 2006), based solely on phonology and phonetics (i.e. accent), defined
Mar 31st 2017

Inland Northern American English
languages of the Americas American English regional differences North Central American English Northern cities vowel shift Western New England English
Apr 27th 2017

English Americans
For the language, see American English. Americans English Americans, also referred to as Anglo-Americans, are Americans whose ancestry originates wholly or partly
Apr 21st 2017

North America
stronger in the south. Because of the history of colonialism, most North Americans speak English, Spanish or French and societies and states commonly reflect
Apr 26th 2017

Western American English
separate accent: a Minnesota-like one in a dialect enclave of North-Central American English, due to immigration of Minnesotans to the valley in the 1930s
Apr 25th 2017

North American fur trade
The North American fur trade was the industry and activities related to the acquisition, trade, exchange, and sale of animal furs in North America. Aboriginal
Apr 26th 2017

Southern American English
the cot–caught merger is very close to completed. The Atlas of North American English identified Atlanta, Georgia as a dialectal "island of non-Southern
Apr 25th 2017

British North America Acts
See also: List of Canadian constitutional documents Acts-1867">The British North America Acts 1867–1975 are the original names of a series of Acts at the core of
Apr 5th 2017

African American Vernacular English
blacks but not for whites." Africanisms Code-switching Dialects of North American English English-based creole languages Glossary of jive talk Gullah language
Apr 24th 2017

Comparison of American and British English
phonology and syntax with American English, leading many to recognize North American English as an organic grouping of dialects. Australian English likewise
Apr 27th 2017

General American
The 2006 Atlas of North American English surmises that "if one were to recognize a type of North American English to be called 'General American'"
Apr 27th 2017

British colonization of the Americas
British colonization of the Americas (including colonization by both the English and the Scots) began in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia and reached its peak
Apr 25th 2017

English overseas possessions
"English Empire" redirects here. For the colonial empire of Great Britain and the United Kingdom, see British Empire. For the "empire" of the Plantagenets
Mar 11th 2017

List of dialects of the English language
another presumed descendant of Middle English, spoken in Fingal North American English American English: Cultural and ethnic American English African
Apr 18th 2017

American and British English spelling differences
the US and prise everywhere else, including Canada, although in North American English it is almost always replaced by pry, a back-formation from or alteration
Apr 23rd 2017

North English, Iowa
English North English is a city in Iowa and Keokuk counties in the U.S. state of Iowa. The population was 1,041 at the 2010 census. It is named for the English
Feb 8th 2017

Outline of North America
peoples of the Americas-LanguagesAmericas Languages of North America Anglo-America North American English World Heritage Sites in the Americas
Sep 16th 2016

British North America
For the Canadian constitutional documents, see British North America Acts. British North America refers to the former territories of the British Empire
Apr 24th 2017

For other uses, see America (disambiguation). The Americas, also collectively called America, encompass the totality of the continents of North America
Apr 27th 2017

Regional vocabularies of American English
variations in the pronunciation of spoken English in North America, see North American English regional phonology. Regional vocabularies of American English vary
Apr 8th 2017

North American NA-16
North-American-Aviation-NA">The North-American-AviationNorth American Aviation NA-16 was the first trainer aircraft built by North-American-AviationNorth American Aviation, and was the beginning of a line of closely related North
Apr 5th 2017

English language in northern England
For the Western Hemisphere term, see Northern American English. Northern England English (or, simply, Northern English in the United Kingdom) is a group
Apr 14th 2017

English language
Erik R. (2003), "Rural White Southern Accents" (PDF), Atlas of North American English (online), Mouton de Gruyter, p. 16. [Later published as a chapter
Apr 27th 2017

History of North America
North America encompasses the past developments of people populating the continent of North America. The continent became a human habitat later than continents
Apr 26th 2017

Canadian English
and American English are phonologically classified together as North American English, emphasizing the fact that the vast majority of outsiders, even
Apr 23rd 2017

Atlas of North American English
The Atlas of North American English (formerly, the Phonological Atlas of North America) is an overview of the pronunciation patterns (accents) in all the
Oct 8th 2016

Languages of North America
List of unclassified languages of North America Mexican Spanish North American English Spanish in the United States Latin America EskimoAleut Language
Feb 3rd 2017

Timeline of the European colonization of North America
This is a chronology and timeline of the colonization of North America, with founding dates of selected European settlements. See also European colonization
Apr 24th 2017

North American Soccer League
This article is about the present-day Division II soccer league. For the original Division I major league that was active from 1968 to 1984, see North
Apr 14th 2017

North American T-6 Texan
This article is about the 1930s trainer. For the modern turboprop trainer, see Beechcraft T-6 Texan-IITexan II. American-Aviation-T">The North American Aviation T-6 Texan is an American
Apr 5th 2017

North American SuperLiga
The SuperLiga was an official North American association football competition between teams from the Liga MX of Mexico and Major League Soccer of the United
Mar 21st 2017

Regional accents of English
see Shelta. Main articles: North American English regional phonology and North American English North American English is a collective term for the
Apr 20th 2017

Dictionary of American Regional English
The Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) is a record of American English as spoken in the United States, from its beginnings to the present.
Apr 26th 2017

North American monetary union
"Amero" redirects here. For the court case, see State of Connecticut v. Julie Amero. The North American monetary union is a theoretical economic
Apr 6th 2017

Economy of North America
The economy of North America comprises more than 565 million people (8% of the world population) in its 23 sovereign states and 15 dependent territories
Apr 25th 2017

Modern English
For the English band, see Modern English (band). Modern English (sometimes New English or NE as opposed to Middle English and Old English) is the form
Mar 5th 2017

British English
number in collective nouns, stronger in British English than in North American English, exists. This is namely treating them, that were once grammatically
Apr 15th 2017

North American (disambiguation)
together. North American or North America may also refer to: North American English, all American English and Canadian English dialects North American
Apr 15th 2017

European Americans
September 2008. This early form of the game was apparently brought to North America by English immigrants. The first appearance of the term that exists in print
Apr 25th 2017

North American beaver
Canadian beaver, castor (French), castor americano (Spanish), North American beaver (English)"  Official symbols of Canada. Government of Canada "Home
Apr 27th 2017

English people
This article is about a nation and an ethnic group. For information on the population of England, see Demography of England. For other uses, see English
Apr 25th 2017

International English
generally viewed as a 19th-century development and is not reflected in English North American English dialects, which are based on 18th-century English. The establishment
Apr 27th 2017

Led Zeppelin North American Tour 1968–1969
Led Zeppelin's 1968/1969 tour of North America was the first concert tour of North America by the English rock band. The tour commenced on 26 December
Feb 8th 2017

New Jersey English
of the broad Northern U.S. phonological region by the Atlas of North American English in 2006 and part of the Hudson Valley lexical region by Hans Kurath
Mar 31st 2017

North American Review
North American Review (NAR) was the first literary magazine in the United States. It was founded in Boston in 1815 by journalist Nathan Hale and others
Oct 25th 2016

North American University
Not to be confused with Pontifical North American College. North American University (NAU) is a private, unaccredited, not-for-profit university in Houston
Apr 25th 2017

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