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Points of the compass
directions—northeast (NE) between north and east, southeast (SE), southwest (SW), and northwest (NW)—to indicate the eight principal winds. In meteorological usage, further
Feb 17th 2017

Northwest Airlines
Northwest Airlines Corp. (often abbreviated as NWA) was a major United States airline founded in 1926 and absorbed into Delta Air Lines, Inc. by a merger
May 8th 2017

Pacific Northwest
Play media The Pacific Northwest (in the United States, commonly abbreviated as PNW), sometimes referred to as Cascadia, is a geographic region in
May 26th 2017

Northwest Territories
The Northwest Territories (also known as NWT; French: les Territoires du Nord-Ouest, TNO; Athabaskan languages: Denendeh; Inuinnaqtun: Nunatsiaq; Inuktitut:
May 24th 2017

Northwest Territory
post-American Revolutionary War Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, more commonly known as the Northwest Territory encompassing most of the pre-war
Apr 14th 2017

Northwest Ordinance
Northwest-Ordinance">The Northwest Ordinance (formally An Ordinance for the Government of the Territory of the United States, North-West of the River Ohio, and also known
May 14th 2017

Northwest University (United States)
Northwest University is a regionally accredited private Christian liberal arts college in Kirkland, Washington, United States, a suburb of Seattle on
May 9th 2017

Indiana University Northwest
Northwest (IU Northwest) is a regional university campus in the Indiana-UniversityIndiana University system in Gary, Indiana, USA, established in 1963. IU Northwest is
Apr 7th 2017

Pacific Northwest Ballet
Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) is a ballet company based in Seattle, Washington. In the United States it is considered an "elite" company. It is said
Feb 11th 2017

Commissioners of the Northwest Territories
The Commissioner of the Northwest Territories is the Government of Canada’s representative in Northwest Territories (NWT) and the territory's chief executive
Jan 10th 2017

List of regions of the Northwest Territories
government of the Northwest Territories. Region 1, Northwest Territories - Inuvik Region 2, Northwest Territories - Norman Wells Region 3, Northwest Territories
Apr 15th 2014

Northwest Broadcasting
Northwest Broadcasting is a television broadcasting company based in Okemos, Michigan, a suburb of Lansing. The broadcasting group owns or operates twelve
May 20th 2017

Northwest Bank
Northwest-BankNorthwest Bank, (formerly Northwest-Savings-BankNorthwest Savings Bank), is an American commercial bank. It was founded in Warren, Pennsylvania in 1896. Today, Northwest has
May 16th 2017

Politics of the Northwest Territories
The Politics of Northwest Territories involves not only the governance of the Northwest Territories but also the social, economic and political issues
Sep 16th 2015

Northwest Passage
The Northwest Passage is a sea route connecting the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Arctic Ocean, along the northern coast of North America
May 27th 2017

Northwest, Washington, D.C.
NorthwestNorthwest (NWNW or N.W.) is the northwestern quadrant of Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, and is located north of the National Mall and
Feb 28th 2017

Northwest Territories (electoral district)
Northwest Territories (French: Territoires du Nord-Ouest) is a federal electoral district represented in the House of Commons of Canada. This riding was
Feb 21st 2017

Northwest Coast art
Northwest Coast art is the term commonly applied to a style of art created primarily by artists from Tlingit, Haida, Heiltsuk, Nuxalk, Tsimshian, Kwakwaka'wakw
Apr 28th 2017

North by Northwest
North by Northwest is a 1959 American thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint and James Mason. The screenplay was
May 22nd 2017

Root Sports Northwest
Root Sports Northwest (stylized as "ROOT SPORTS") is an American regional sports network that is owned as a joint venture between the Seattle Mariners
May 24th 2017

Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories
The-Legislative-AssemblyThe Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories or Legislative Council of the Northwest Territories, Canada, is located in Yellowknife. The assembly
Apr 3rd 2017

Northwest Nazarene University
Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) is a private Christian liberal arts college located in Nampa, Idaho, USA. Eugene Emerson organized a combination
May 12th 2017

Comcast SportsNet Northwest
Comcast SportsNet Northwest (sometimes abbreviated as CSN Northwest) is an American regional sports network that is owned by the NBC Sports Group unit
Apr 8th 2017

History of the Northwest Territories
The History of the Northwest Territories begins with the population of the region by First Nations peoples, and proceeds through the transformation of
Apr 4th 2017

Northwest League
The Northwest League of Professional Baseball (or simply the Northwest League or NWL) is a Class A-Short Season minor league in the northwest United States
May 24th 2017

Northwest Missouri State University
Missouri-State-University">Northwest Missouri State University is a state university in Maryville, Missouri, United States. Founded in 1905 as a teachers college, it offers both
May 24th 2017

Scouting and Guiding in the Northwest Territories
Scouting in the Northwest Territories did not develop until 1970, due to the sparse population of the Northwest Territories. The Northwest Territories Council
Nov 3rd 2015

List of premiers of the Northwest Territories
The Premier of the Northwest Territories is a title given to the head of government in the Northwest Territories of Canada when the territory is using
May 22nd 2017

Flag of the Northwest Territories
The current flag of the Northwest Territories, Canada, was adopted in 1969 by the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories. The original
Apr 14th 2017

History of Northwest Territories capital cities
The history of Territories Northwest Territories capital cities begins with the purchase of the Territories by Canada from the Hudson's Bay Company in 1869, and includes
May 6th 2017

Demographics of Northwest Territories
The Northwest Territories is a territory of Canada. It has an area of 1,171,918 square kilometres and a population of 41,464 as of July 1, 2006. *Note:
Feb 3rd 2017

Northwest Philadelphia
Philadelphia Northwest Philadelphia is a section of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The official boundary is Stenton Avenue to the north, the Schuylkill river
May 2nd 2017

Northwest Missouri State Bearcats
Missouri-State-Bearcats">The Northwest Missouri State Bearcats are the athletic teams for Missouri-State-University">Northwest Missouri State University, located in Maryville, Missouri. The Bearcats play
Nov 10th 2016

Northwest Angle
Angle The Northwest Angle, known simply as the Angle by locals, and coextensive with Angle Township, is a part of northern Lake of the Woods County, Minnesota
Apr 12th 2017

Northwest Steel
Northwest Steel was a small shipyard in Portland, Oregon. Little is known of its background or owners, but during World War I the yard built cargo ships
Apr 22nd 2017

Northwest China
Ningxia and the provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu, and Qinghai. Outer Northwest China (Chinese: 外西北; pinyin: Wai Xīběi) is the territories that were ceded
Feb 13th 2017

Union Pacific / Northwest Line
The Union Pacific / Northwest Line (UP-NW) is a commuter rail line provided by Metra and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad in Chicago, Illinois and
May 17th 2017

Northwest Semitic languages
Semitic Northwest Semitic is a division of the Semitic language family comprising the indigenous languages of the Levant. It would have emerged from Common Semitic
May 16th 2017

Northwest Herald
The-Northwest-HeraldThe Northwest Herald is a daily newspaper published in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The paper has a circulation of about 33,000 with a coverage area of McHenry
Oct 9th 2016

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) is an independent, non-profit membership organization recognized by the United States Department
Mar 16th 2017

Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska
Northwest Arctic Borough is a borough located in the U.S. state of Alaska. As of the 2010 census, the population was 7,523. The borough seat is Kotzebue
Mar 22nd 2017

Northwest District, Portland, Oregon
The Northwest District is a densely populated retail and residential neighborhood in the northwest section of Portland, Oregon. Craftsman-style and Old
Feb 20th 2017

Pacific Northwest cuisine
Pacific Northwest cuisine is a North American cuisine of the states of Oregon, Washington and Alaska, as well as British Columbia and the southern Yukon
May 12th 2017

Northwest Industrial, Portland, Oregon
Northwest-Industrial-AreaNorthwest Industrial Area is an almost entirely industrial neighborhood in the Northwest section of Portland. According to the Portland Bureau of Planning
Feb 20th 2017

Northwest Christian University
known as Northwest Christian College and then Northwest Christian University in 2008. On December 8, 2009, Dr. Joseph Womack was named as Northwest Christian
May 6th 2017

Premier of the Northwest Territories
The Premier of the Northwest Territories is the first minister for the Northwest Territories, Canada. He or she is the territory's head of government
Jan 25th 2017

The Crossings at Northwest
The-CrossingsThe Crossings at Northwest, formerly Northwest Plaza, was a shopping mall located in St. Ann, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, United States. The mall
Apr 30th 2017

Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas
The-Episcopal-DioceseThe Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas is one of the Dioceses of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. It is in Province 7. The diocese
Jul 13th 2016

Coat of arms of the Northwest Territories
The original coat of arms of the Northwest Territories was granted by a Royal Warrant of Queen Elizabeth II on 24 February 1956. The shield is also featured
Apr 29th 2017

Northwest Region (Cameroon)
Northwest-Region The Northwest Region, or North-Region West Region (French: Region du Nord-Ouest) of Cameroon is part of the territory of the Southern Cameroons, found in the
May 21st 2017

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