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article is about the Canadian province. For other uses, see Ontario (disambiguation). Ontario (i/ɒnˈtɛərioʊ/; French pronunciation: ​[ɔ̃taʁjo]), one of
Apr 26th 2017

Government of Ontario
The Government of Ontario (French: Gouvernement de l'Ontario), or more formally Her Majesty's Government of Ontario, is the provincial government of the
Jan 17th 2017

Southwestern Ontario
"Ontario Western Ontario" redirects here. For the university in London, Ontario, see University of Ontario Western Ontario. Southwestern Ontario is a secondary region
Apr 10th 2017

Ontario, California
"Ontario, CA" redirects here. For the Canadian province, see Ontario. Ontario is a city located in southwestern San Bernardino County, California, United
Apr 13th 2017

Eastern Ontario
"Ontario East Ontario" redirects here. For the train station in Ontario, California, United States, see Ontario East Ontario station. Eastern Ontario (census population
Feb 3rd 2017

Lake Ontario
For the hydrocarbon lake on Titan, see Ontario Lacus. Lake Ontario (French: Lac Ontario) is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is surrounded
Apr 26th 2017

Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Legislative Assembly of Ontario is one of two components of the Legislature of Ontario (also known as the Parliament of Ontario), the other being the Queen
Apr 13th 2017

List of premiers of Ontario
This is a list of the premiers of the province of Ontario, Canada, since Confederation in 1867. Ontario uses a unicameral Westminster-style parliamentary
Feb 11th 2017

Premier of Ontario
The-PremierThe Premier of Ontario is the first minister of the Crown for the Canadian province of Ontario. The premier is appointed as the province's head of government
Apr 27th 2017

Ontario International Airport
For airports in Ontario, Canada, see List of airports in Ontario. For the airport in Ontario, OR, see Ontario Municipal Airport. Ontario International Airport
Apr 27th 2017

Ontario, Oregon
Ontario is the largest city in Malheur County, Oregon, United States. It lies along the Snake River at the Idaho border. The population was 11,366 at
Feb 28th 2017

Highways in Ontario
King's Highway. Ontario The Ontario provincial highway network consists of all public highways maintained by the Canadian province of Ontario. The Ministry of Transportation
Apr 17th 2017

Ontario general election, 2014
The 41st Ontario general election was held on June 12, 2014 to elect the members of the 41st Parliament of Ontario. The Liberal Party won a majority of
Mar 30th 2017

Ministry of Transportation of Ontario
Bancroft, Ontario North Bay, Ontario Chatham, Ontario Ottawa, Ontario Owen Sound, Ontario Cochrane, Ontario Port Hope, Ontario Huntsville, Ontario Kenora
Apr 20th 2017

Ontario general election, 2007
Ontario The Ontario general election of 2007 was held on October 10, 2007 to elect members (MPPs) of the 39th Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, Canada
Apr 11th 2017

London, Ontario
capital of the United Kingdom, see London. London is a city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada along the Quebec CityWindsor Corridor. The city has a population
Apr 24th 2017

Attorney General of Ontario
General of Ontario, the chief legal adviser to the Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario, is a senior member of the Executive Council of Ontario (or cabinet)
Jan 4th 2017

Ontario Hydro
Ontario-Hydro Ontario Hydro, established in 1906 as the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario, was a publicly owned electricity utility in the Province of Ontario
Feb 17th 2017

Ontario general election, 1999
Ontario An Ontario general election was held on June 3, 1999, to elect members of the 37th Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, Canada. The governing
Mar 28th 2017

Politics of Ontario
The Province of Ontario is governed by a unicameral legislature, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, which operates in the Westminster system of government
Feb 17th 2017

Archives of Ontario
Archives The Archives of Ontario (French: Archives publiques de l'Ontario) are the archives for the province of Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1903, the archives are
Apr 21st 2017

Ontario New Democratic Party
Ontario-New-Democratic-Party">The Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP ONDP or NDP; French: Nouveau Parti democratique de l'Ontario) is a social democratic political party in Ontario, Canada
Apr 23rd 2017

Nipissing, Ontario
an incorporated (political) township in Parry Sound District in Central Ontario, Canada. It is on Lake Nipissing and is part of the Almaguin Highlands
Mar 5th 2017

Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton-Township">For Hamilton Township in Northumberland County, see Hamilton, Ontario (township). Hamilton (/ˈhaməltən/; 2016 population 536,917; UA population 683,645;
Apr 27th 2017

Ontario Parks
Ontario-ParksOntario Parks is the branch of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry that administers the provincial parks in Ontario, Canada. The Ontario-ParksOntario Parks
Aug 2nd 2016

Census divisions of Ontario
census divisions of Ontario are used by Statistics Canada to aggregate census data. With two exceptions, they correspond to Ontario's first-level administrative
Apr 23rd 2017

Court of Appeal for Ontario
The Court of Appeal for Ontario (frequently referred to as Ontario Court of Appeal or OCA) is headquartered in downtown Toronto, in historic Osgoode Hall
Apr 7th 2017

Ontario Liberal Party
Ontario-Liberal-Party">The Ontario Liberal Party (French: Parti liberal de l'Ontario) is a provincial political party in the province of Ontario, Canada. It has formed the Government
Apr 27th 2017

Loyalist, Ontario
Loyalist is a township in central eastern Ontario, Canada on Lake Ontario. It is in Lennox and Addington County and consists of two parts: the mainland
Mar 4th 2017

Clearview, Ontario
Clearview is an incorporated township in Simcoe-CountySimcoe County in Central Ontario, Canada, west of Barrie and south of Collingwood and Wasaga Beach in Simcoe
Mar 27th 2017

Tiny, Ontario
known as Tiny-TownshipTiny Township, is a township in Simcoe County, south-central Ontario, Canada. The Township of Tiny can be found in the southern Georgian Bay
Mar 5th 2017

Ontario Heritage Trust
The Ontario Heritage Trust (French: Fiducie du patrimoine ontarien) is a non-profit agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture, responsible
Aug 25th 2016

The Nation, Ontario
The Nation (La Nation in French) is a municipality in eastern Ontario, located within Canada's National Capital Region, in the United Counties of Prescott
Feb 9th 2017

Air Ontario
Ontario-Inc">Air Ontario Inc. was a regional Canadian airline headquartered in London, Ontario. In 2002 Air Ontario became Air Canada Jazz. Great Lakes Airlines
Apr 12th 2017

University of Western Ontario
University of Ontario Western Ontario (UWO), corporately branded as Western University, is a public research university in London, Ontario, Canada. The university
Apr 27th 2017

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (French: Parti progressiste-conservateur de l'Ontario), often shortened to Ontario PC Party or PC, is a right-of-centre
Apr 23rd 2017

Champlain, Ontario
Hill, Ontario, redirects here. For the Sandy Hill neighbourhood in Ottawa, see Sandy Hill, Ottawa. Champlain is a township in eastern Ontario, Canada
Feb 14th 2017

Kingston, Ontario
Kingston is a city in Eastern Ontario, Canada. It is located on the eastern end of Lake Ontario, at the beginning of the St. Lawrence River and at the
Apr 26th 2017

Northern Ontario
Ontario Northern Ontario is a primary geographic and administrative region of the Canadian province of Ontario; the other primary region being Southern Ontario. The
Apr 8th 2017

Ontario general election, 1990
Ontario The Ontario general election of 1990 was held on September 6, 1990, to elect members of the 35th Legislative Assembly of the province of Ontario, Canada
Mar 28th 2017

Ontario Northland Railway
The Ontario Northland Railway (reporting mark ONT) is a Canadian railway operated by the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission, a provincial Crown
Dec 26th 2016

Ontario Superior Court of Justice
CourtCourt of Justice (French: Cour superieure de justice de l'Ontario) is a superior court in Ontario. The CourtCourt sits in 52 locations across the province, including
Apr 25th 2017

Georgina, Ontario
Georgina (Canada 2016 Census population 45,418) is a town in south-central Ontario, and the northernmost municipality in the Regional Municipality of York
Apr 20th 2017

Shuniah, Ontario
bordering the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada on the east. Shuniah was incorporated by an act of the Ontario legislature in 1873, and at that time
Mar 5th 2017

Madoc, Ontario
in the Township of Centre Hastings, see Madoc, Ontario (town). Madoc is a township in Eastern Ontario, Canada, in Hastings County. The township was named
Feb 9th 2017

South Glengarry, Ontario
Glengarry South Glengarry is a township in eastern Ontario, Canada on the Saint Lawrence River in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. The township
Apr 24th 2017

Puslinch, Ontario
England, see Puslinch, Devon. Puslinch is a township in south-central Ontario, Canada, in Wellington County, surrounding the south end of Guelph. The
Apr 22nd 2017

Ontario Reign
For the former ECHL team that played from 2008 to 2015, see Ontario Reign (ECHL). The Ontario Reign are a professional ice hockey team in the American Hockey
Apr 23rd 2017

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (Ontario)
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (Ontario) – The Farmer-Labor Party of Ontario, or more commonly known as the Ontario CCF, was a democratic socialist political
Mar 27th 2017

Huntsville, Ontario
Census population 19,816) is the largest town in the Muskoka Region of Ontario, Canada. It is located 215 kilometres (134 mi) north of Toronto and 130
Apr 6th 2017

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