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O or OPEN may refer to: Open (film), a 2011 film Open (sport), type of competition in tennis, golf and other sports where entry is open to qualifiers regardless
Apr 21st 2017

Open access
This article is about open access to research literature. For other uses, see Open access (disambiguation). Open access (OA) refers to online research
Apr 25th 2017

Open content
"Open licence" redirects here. For the French licence, see Open licence (French). Open content is a neologism coined by David Wiley in 1998
Apr 7th 2017

Open design
Open design is the development of physical products, machines and systems through use of publicly shared design information. Open design involves the
Mar 10th 2017

Open-source model
Open access (publishing) Open content Open data Open design Open format Open implementation Open innovation OpenJDK Open research Open security OpenSolaris
Apr 22nd 2017

Open set
an open set is an abstract concept generalizing the idea of an open interval in the real line. The simplest example is in metric spaces, where open sets
Feb 15th 2017

Open data
goals of the open data movement are similar to those of other "open" movements such as open source, open hardware, open content and open access. The philosophy
Apr 28th 2017

The Open Championship
"British Open" and "The Open" redirect here. For other uses, see British Open (disambiguation) and The Open (disambiguation). The Open Championship, often
Apr 27th 2017

Open-source software
For a broader coverage related to this topic, see Open-source movement. Open-source software (OSS) is computer software with its source code made
Apr 19th 2017

Open Season (franchise)
Open Season franchise from Sony Pictures Animation consists of four films: Open Season (2006), Open Season 2 (2009), Open Season 3 (2011), and Open Season:
Apr 28th 2017

Open standard
An open standard is a standard that is publicly available and has various rights to use associated with it, and may also have various properties of how
Apr 27th 2017

Australian Open
This article is about the tennis tournament. For other uses, see Australian Open (disambiguation). "Australasian Championships" redirects here. For the track
Apr 23rd 2017

Open-source governance
"Open source government" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Open source software in government. Open-source governance (also known as open politics)
Apr 9th 2017

Open access journal
Open access (OA) journals are scholarly journals that are available online to the reader "without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those
Apr 25th 2017

Open proxy
Wikipedia's">For Wikipedia's policy on editing from open proxies, see Wikipedia:Open proxies. An open proxy is a proxy server that is accessible by any Internet user
Feb 24th 2017

Open science
encompasses practices such as publishing open research, campaigning for open access, encouraging scientists to practice open notebook science, and generally making
Apr 20th 2017

Open university
the UK, see Open-UniversityOpen University. For other uses of the term, see Open university (disambiguation). An open university is a university with an open-door academic
Jan 14th 2017

Open-pit mining
"OpencastOpencast" redirects here. For open-source audio and video, see OpencastOpencast Matterhorn. Open-pit, open-cast or open cut mining is a surface mining technique
Feb 22nd 2017

confused with Open Document Architecture, OpenDoc, or Office Open XML. "ODF" redirects here. For other uses, see ODF (disambiguation). The Open Document Format
Apr 15th 2017

Open-source hardware
Open-source hardware (OSH), consists of physical artifacts of technology designed and offered by the open design movement. Both free and open-source software
Apr 25th 2017

Open Knowledge International
"Open-KnowledgeOpen Knowledge" redirects here. For the concept, see Open knowledge. Open-KnowledgeOpen Knowledge International (OKI) (known as the Open-KnowledgeOpen Knowledge Foundation (OKF)
Mar 15th 2017

Open-wheel car
racing motor vehicle. For the UK racing club, see Monoposto Racing Club. An open-wheel car (formula car, or often single-seater car in British English) is
Jan 23rd 2017

Open-source robotics
Open-source robotics (OSR) is a branch of robotics where the physical artifacts of the subject are offered by the open design movement. This open design
Apr 6th 2017

Open-source software movement
movements beyond software, see Open-source model. The open-source software movement is a movement that supports the use of open-source licenses for some or
Apr 22nd 2017

The Open Source Definition
The Open Source Definition is a document published by the Open Source Initiative, to determine whether a software license can be labeled with the open-source
Mar 14th 2017

Open letter
An open letter is a letter that is intended to be read by a wide audience, or a letter intended for an individual, but that is nonetheless widely distributed
Mar 25th 2017

Open educational resources
Open access Open Access Movement in India Open content Open Course Library OpenCourseWare OpenEd OpenLearn Open Library Open source curriculum OpenStax
Apr 25th 2017

Open world
For other uses, see Open world (disambiguation). Open world, free roam, or (more loosely) sandbox are terms for video games where a player can move freely
Apr 23rd 2017

Western Open
former LPGA major, see Women's Western Open. Cog Hill G&CC Cog Hill G&CC The Western Open was a professional golf tournament on the
Mar 24th 2017

US Open (tennis)
three, in chronological order, are the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon. The US Open is held annually, starting on the last Monday in August
Apr 22nd 2017

Open-source film
Open-source films (also known as open-content films and free-content films) are films which are produced and distributed by using free and open-source
Mar 5th 2017

Prague Open
Czech Open ECM Prague Open 2011: Strabag Prague Open 2012: CNGvitall Prague Open 2013–present: Advantage Cars Prague Open WTA Prague Open List
Mar 19th 2017

Open sandwich
"Open face" redirects here. For the card game, see Open-face Chinese poker. An open sandwich, also known as an open face/faced sandwich, bread baser,bread
Apr 12th 2017

Open-source religion
Open-source religions employ open-source methods for the sharing, construction, and adaptation of religious belief systems, content, and practice. In
Apr 6th 2017

Open-source license
An open-source license is a type of license for computer software and other products that allows the source code, blueprint or design to be used, modified
Feb 13th 2017

Open University
institutions with similar names, see List of open universities. For the general concept, see Open university. The Open University (OU) is a public distance learning
Apr 27th 2017

Open Site
Open-Site, the Open Encyclopedia Project was a free internet encyclopedia operated by Michael J. Flickinger in an effort to build a free categorized community-built
Apr 11th 2017

Free and open-source software
"FOSS" and "free and open source" redirect here. For the K–8 science curriculum, see Full Option Science System. For hardware, see Open-source hardware. For
Mar 27th 2017

Swedish Open
For other uses, see Swedish Open (disambiguation). The men's Swedish Open (sponsored by Skistar) is an ATP World Tour 250 series tennis tournament on
Oct 12th 2016

U.S. Open (golf)
tournament. For other uses, see U.S. Open. The United States Open Championship, commonly known as the U.S. Open, is the annual open national championship of golf
Apr 15th 2017

Open textbook
"Open access textbook" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Open access book. An open textbook is a textbook licensed under an open copyright
Mar 16th 2017

List of open-source video games
list of free/libre and open-source (FOSS) video games. Open-source video games are games assembled from and are themselves open-source software, including
Apr 25th 2017

Senior Open Championship
Porthcawl The Senior Open Championship, or simply The Senior Open (and originally known as the Senior British Open) is a professional golf tournament
Apr 3rd 2017

Not to be confused with OpenCL. Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) is a cross-language, cross-platform application programming interface (API) for rendering
Apr 24th 2017

Chennai Open
The Chennai Open (also known during its run as the Gold Flake Open and the Tata Open) is a professional men's tennis tournament played on outdoor hard
Apr 22nd 2017

Open-mid vowel
An open-mid vowel (also mid-open vowel, low-mid vowel, mid-low vowel or half-open vowel) is any in a class of vowel sound used in some spoken languages
Oct 20th 2015

Phoenix Open
Scottsdale TPC Scottsdale The Phoenix Open (known as the Waste Management Phoenix Open for title sponsorship reasons) is a professional golf
Apr 16th 2017

Open cluster
cluster" redirects here. It is not to be confused with galaxy cluster. An open cluster is a group of up to a few thousand stars that were formed from the
Apr 13th 2017

British Open Squash Championships
in the game, alongside the World Open (prior to the establishment of the World Open in the 1970s, the British Open was generally considered to be the
Mar 28th 2017

Garden Open
The Garden Open (formerly known as Rome Open and Rai Open) is a professional tennis tournament played on outdoor red clay courts. It is currently part
Oct 11th 2016

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