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Outro may refer to: Outro (album) (2002), the second album by Brazilian composer, singer and producer Jair Oliveira Outro (M83 song), a song by French
Apr 7th 2017

Outro (album)
Outro is a 2002 album by Jair-OliveiraJair Oliveira. Jair’s second album blends jazz, samba, soul and MPB. Most of Outro's songs were co-written by fellow Brazilian
Oct 2nd 2016

O Outro
O Outro is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo. It premiered on 23 March 1987 and ended on 10 October 1987, with a total of 173
Aug 3rd 2016

Conclusion (music)
conclusion is the ending of a composition and may take the form of a coda or outro. Pieces using sonata form typically use the recapitulation to conclude a
Apr 4th 2017

Outro (M83 song)
"Outro" is a song by French electronic music artist M83, released as the final track on the group's sixth studio album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (2011)
Mar 14th 2017

O Outro Lado Da Porta
O Outro Lado Da Porta (English: The Other Side Of The Door) is DVD by BrazilianBrazilian emo band Fresno that was released in the Brazil on July 23, 2009. In
Nov 12th 2016

The Intro and the Outro
"The Intro and The Outro" is a recording by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. It appears on their debut album, Gorilla (1967). It is not so much a song as a
Mar 11th 2017

Outros Lugares
Outros Lugares is the first album by the Portuguese music composer Antonio Pinho Vargas. It was released in 1983. Antonio Pinho Vargas - piano Jose Nogueira
Apr 19th 2016

MTV Ao Vivo (Titãs album)
live album released by Brazilian rock band Titas. "O Inferno Sao os Outros" was released as the twentieth single by Titas in 2006. The title of the
Feb 12th 2017

Music in Progress Tour
extended jam outro Mike Portnoy drum solo Another Day Pull Me Under ------------encore------------ Eve Learning to Live Twin Peaks (outro tape) Metropolis
Nov 16th 2016

The Other Side of the Street
Other-Side">The Other Side of The Street or O outro lado da rua (the original title in Portuguese) is a Brazilian film written and directed by Marcos Bernstein and
Mar 16th 2013

Song structure
verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge ("middle eight"), verse, chorus and outro. In rock music styles, notably heavy metal music, there is usually a guitar
Apr 15th 2017

genres, for example television programs and video games, call the epilog an "outro" patterned on the use of "intro" for "introduction". An epilogue
Apr 5th 2017

List of Oh My Goddess! soundtracks
tune Aura Lea. Congratulations! is the outro theme for the OVA series. Call Me Darling by Yuki Ishii is the outro theme for the mini series. (eps 1-24)
Oct 30th 2016

Blacklisted (album)
"Me Things That Scare Me" (Case, Tom Ray) – 2:30 "Deep Red Bells" – 4:03 "Outro with Bees" – 1:35 "Lady Pilot" – 2:26 "Tightly" – 2:16 "Look for Me (I'll
Dec 23rd 2016

100 Million
Cool & Dre. Dre performs the chorus and DJ Khaled performs the intro and outro, but neither of the two are credited. The song discusses what Birdman believes
Apr 27th 2016

Dem Boyz (Boyz n da Hood song)
background vocals by Diddy, & an outro by Big Block. An unfinished version of the remix didn't have Diddy's vocals & Big Block's outro was leaked on mixtapes &
Nov 2nd 2016

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Official Soundtrack Box Set
Blood" - Slayer "Cumin' Atcha Live" - Tesla "Yankee Rose" - David Lee Roth "Outro" - DJ Lazlow "Exploder" - Various Artists "Thor (Hidden track: DJ Lazlow
Apr 23rd 2017

Wolves (Kanye West song)
initial album version introduced a new verse from West and an additional outro from Frank Ocean, omitting Sia and Vic Mensa's contributions. However, in
Apr 2nd 2017

Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 23–33
offering money in exchange for an unknown service. Ending cliffhanger-outro line: "But there was no luck when it came to getting in touch with Chuck
Feb 3rd 2017

Timeless (Mylène Farmer)
tout" "Et pourtant... + Outro" Act III "Desenchantee" "Bleu Noir" (Replaced by "Elle a dit" in Minsk) "Diabolique mon ange + Outro" Act III "Sans contrefacon"
Mar 14th 2017

A Flash Flood of Colour World Tour
Winner" (Extended Outro) "Destabilise" "Mothership" (Motherstep Intro) "Search Party" "Stalemate" "Quelle Surprise" (Rout VIP Mix Outro) "Juggernauts" (Blue
Feb 26th 2017

Locks (Garnet Crow album)
Sekai wa Mawaru to Iu keredo was used as outro theme for anime Detective Conan Mou Ichido Waratte was used as outro theme for TBS program Deji@Kan Kaze to
Mar 10th 2017

Terroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)
is originally recorded by Morbid Intro and Outro composed by Holocausto Vengeance of Beherit Intro and Outro voices by Shyaithan Cover and entire artwork
Feb 15th 2017

Passion (Lee Jung-hyun album)
Other) 일장춘몽 / Iljang Chunmong (An Empty Dream) Moonlight 독백 (Outro) / Dokbaek (Outro) (Monologue - Outro) 따라해봐 Gazebal Trial Mix 건들지마 Ez Life Trance Mix
Jun 24th 2015

was released through Metal Blade Records on June 17, 2003. The intro and outro to this record come from the guide Butchering the Human-CarcassHuman Carcass for Human
Mar 30th 2017

"Pegate" "Toca" "No Se Que Paso" "Soleo" "Como Yo" "Regalame" "Pan Comio'" "Outro" "Hora Enamorada" "7 Dias" "Donde Estaras" "Veraneame" "Gozame" "Pegate"
Sep 2nd 2016

Oobu Joobu
Intro Joobu Intro / Ebony And IvoryRehearsal with Stevie Wonder Oobu Joobu Outro / Credits / Tutti Frutti Broadcast during the weekend of 29 May 1995. Intro
Mar 5th 2017

Gorilla (Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band album)
"The-IntroThe Intro and the Outro". The band deliberately swapped instruments to increase the degree of incompetence. In "The-IntroThe Intro and the Outro" every member of
Jan 16th 2017

Section (music)
exposition, recapitulation, verse, chorus or refrain, conclusion, coda or outro, fadeout, bridge or interlude. In sectional forms such as binary, the larger
Feb 18th 2017

Come with Me 2 Hell Part 2
Mind" (feat. Crunchy Black and Gangsta Boo) "South Memphis, Bitch" "Side A Outro" "Ridin' N Da Chevy Pt. 2" (feat. Juicy J) "Grab Da Gauge" (feat. Skinny
Apr 10th 2017

The Dark Sides
in 1988 by Roadrunner Records. This album contains five tracks (and an outro), released on previous albums, but are mostly unrelated in their stories
Feb 26th 2013

Lugworm. Packaging lists "Cookie Cutter Kid" and "Grand Royal with Cheese (Outro)" as separate tracks, but they are both on track 10. Jason Kaufman writing
Jan 4th 2017

Manuel Mozos
responsible for the editing of several films, and in 1989, he directed Um Passo, Outro Passo e Depois... In 1992, he directed his first feature, Xavier. Since
Mar 26th 2016

Salomé de Bahia
She also adopted songs from Stevie Wonder's "Another Star", listed as "Outro Lugar", and Barry Manilow's "Copacabana". She is a versatile singer and
May 21st 2016

Zuco 103
full-length Whaa! reached #11 on the U.S. Billboard World Music charts. Outro Lado (1999) Tales Of High Fever (2002) One Down, One Up (2003) Whaa! (2005)
Sep 11th 2016

Illuminate (band)
Requiem - 8:31 Outro: Am Ende Des Weges - 4:25   Ohne Worte (2009) Der Himmel Uber Dir - 5:40 Schatten Der Vergangenheit (Outro Verfall) - 3:15
Mar 31st 2016

1963 (song)
the outro is removed and replaced with a repeat of the final bridge and chorus, faded out. The 1995 Arthur Baker remix restores the original outro, and
Feb 21st 2017

Trap Talk
Parker, Zaytoven, MexikoDro, Danny Wolf and Harry Fraud. Sample credits "Outro" contains elements of "The Masters Voice", written and performed by the
Apr 21st 2017

Immortal Pride
Fury)" - 3:21 "Sons of Fire and Steel / Outro (Servants of War)" - 23:39 "Sacrifice for Honour" - 16:26 "Outro (To Die in Glory)" - 7:01 Darken: Vocals
Dec 27th 2016

Too Many Friends
Friends – 3:35 Outro – 2:24 Too Many Friends (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) – 3:48 Limited CD and 7" single Too Many Friends – 3:35 Outro – 2:24 "Track
Nov 30th 2016

I Wanna Go Back
synthesizers but contains a short guitar solo in the bridge and some guitar in the outro. The music video begins with the members of Billy Satellite driving a jeep
Mar 24th 2017

Hey Cruel World... Tour
Reflecting God" outro) "Coma White/Coma Black" "King Kill 33º" "Antichrist Superstar" Encore "The Beautiful People" "You're So Vain" served as the outro for the
Apr 1st 2017

Welcome to the 305
Come (Remix) Back Stage Skit Love Me Or Hate Me Hustle Breakfast Skit It's Alright Get Your Mind Right To The Floor Playa Haters (Remix) Outro Outro 2
Feb 6th 2017

Back to Front (Gilbert O'Sullivan album)
"Clair" – 3:02 "That's Love" – 3:02 "Can I Go With You" – 2:46 "But I'm Not/Outro" – 2:34 "I'm In Love With You" – 4:25 "Who Was It?" – 2:31 "What Could Be
Sep 11th 2016

Shape of Despair (album)
Shades of... album. Quiet These Paintings Are/Outro This is the Promo tape version, including the outro, under the name "Raven". To Adorn This is from
Nov 27th 2016

The Split Program
is covered by Heaven Shall Burn. Also, it can be noted that Track 6, the outro, is an audio clip taken from the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction
Jan 14th 2017

You're My Everything (The Temptations song)
Kendricks since David Ruffin (who leads on the bridge and ad-libs on the outro) became the Temptations' lead singer, the last one was the 1966 song "Get
Dec 19th 2016

Living Ornaments '81
"Please Push No More" – 5:29 "Are 'Friends' Electric?" – 5:40 "We Are Glass/Outro" – 7:43 Although the third track on disc one is listed as "Metal" (a song
Jan 16th 2015

Our Last Album?
jokes about the album being their last, until it is explained in "Our Last Outro?" that it isn't. "Our Last Intro?"  – 0:21 "The Death of Barry the Roofer
Feb 23rd 2017

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