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Paris Nanterre University
Paris Nanterre University (French: Universite Paris Nanterre), formerly called "Paris X Nanterre" and more recently "Universite Paris Ouest Nanterre La
May 20th 2017

Nanterre (French pronunciation: ​[nɑ̃.tɛʁ]) is a commune in the Hauts-de-Seine department, the western suburbs of Paris. It is located some 11 km (6.8 mi)
May 6th 2017

University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle
The New Sorbonne University (French: Universite de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, also known as Paris-IIIParis III) is a public university in Paris, France. The French cultural
Apr 27th 2017

Paris Descartes University
Paris-Descartes-UniversityParis Descartes University (French: Paris-5">Universite Paris 5 Rene Descartes), also known as "Paris-VParis V", is a French public research university located in Paris
May 8th 2017

Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers
The-TheatreTheatre-Nanterre The TheatreTheatre Nanterre-Amandiers, also TheatreTheatre des Amandiers, is a theatre in Nanterre and a known theatre outside of Paris. The present building opened
Mar 6th 2017

University of Paris
The University of Paris (French: Universite de Paris), metonymically known as the Sorbonne (French: [sɔʁbɔn], its historical house), was a university in
May 22nd 2017

Pierre and Marie Curie University
Pierre and Marie-Curie-UniversityMarie Curie University (French: Universite Pierre-et-Marie-Curie; abbreviated UPMC), also known as University of Paris VI, is a public research
May 19th 2017

This article is about the university building in Paris, France. For the university, see University of Paris. For other uses, see Sorbonne (disambiguation)
Mar 27th 2017

Université Paris Lumières
Universite Paris Lumieres is an association of universities and higher education institutions (ComUE) for institutions of higher education, research and
Aug 10th 2016

North African communities of Paris
The Paris metropolitan area has a large African North African/Maghrebian (Arabs and Berbers) population. As of 2012 the majority of those of African origin living
Apr 28th 2017

Trenton Meacham
TrentonTrenton "Trent" Meacham (born September 26, 1985) is an American professional basketball player who last played for ASVEL Basket of the LNB Pro A. He played
May 12th 2017

Alain Pellet
Alain Pellet (born 2 January 1947) is a French lawyer who teaches international law and international economic law at the Universite de Paris Ouest - Nanterre
Apr 25th 2017

Laboratoire d'ethnologie et de sociologie comparative
The Research Center for Anthropology and Comparative Sociology or LESC (Laboratoire d'ethnologie et de sociologie comparative - LESC) is a cross-faculty
Apr 5th 2014

Otmar Seul
Otmar Seul was born on August 30, 1943 in Trier (Germany) and held lectures at the Paris Ouest-Nanterre-La Defense (Paris X-Nanterre) from October 1989
Jul 25th 2016

Paris (French pronunciation: [pɑʁi] ( listen), locally [paʁi]) is the capital and most populous city of France. It has an area of 105 square kilometres
May 23rd 2017

EDC Paris Business School
Paris-Business-School EDC Paris Business School, also called Ecole des Dirigeants et des Createurs d'entreprise, is a French business School in the city of Paris based in the
Nov 28th 2016

Nicole Jacques-Lefèvre
Nicole Jacques-Lefevre is a Professor of Literature at the University of Picardie Jules Verne who specialises in the study of demonological texts of the
Jun 5th 2016

Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University
Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines-UniversityYvelines University (French: Universite de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, UVSQ) is a French public university created
May 4th 2017

Actuel Marx
Actuel Marx is a book series of Marxist studies, edited by Jacques Bidet, Gerard Dumenil, and Emmanuel Renault. The series is published by the Presses
Sep 8th 2013

Il est cinq heures, Paris s'éveille
"Il est cinq heures, Paris s'eveille" ("It is five o'clock, Paris awakens") is the sixth single by French singer-songwriter Jacques Dutronc, released in
Mar 30th 2017

Louis Marin (philosopher)
Louis Marin (22 May 1931 – 29 October 1992) was a French philosopher, historian, semiotician and art critic. He was born in La Tronche, France. He is usually
Nov 11th 2016

François de Pâris
Francois de Paris (3 June 1690 – 1 May 1727) was a French Catholic deacon and theologian, a supporter of Jansenism. He became deacon of the Oratory of
Oct 1st 2016

Frédéric Bozo
Frederic Bozo is a Professor at the University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle, where he teaches contemporary history and international relations. He is
Mar 2nd 2016

For other uses, see Lutetia (disambiguation). "Lutecia" redirects here. For a car also known as Lutecia, see Renault Clio. For the municipality in Brazil
Apr 24th 2017

Cheng Li-chun
Cheng Li-chun (Chinese: 鄭麗君; pinyin: Zheng Lijūn) is a politician of the Republic of China (ROC). She has been the Minister of Culture since 20 May 2016
May 17th 2017

Jean-Jacques Becker
Jean-Jacques Becker is a French historian, born 14 May 1928 in Paris. He is a specialist of contemporary history. He is the brother of historian Annie
Nov 23rd 2016

Blanche Gardin
Blanche Gardin is a French actress, comedian and writer. She holds a Master of Sociology she got to the Paris West University Nanterre La Defense
Nov 25th 2016

Je'Kel Foster
Foster Je'Kel Foster (born July 22, 1983) is an American professional basketball player for C.R.D. Libolo of the BIC Basket. Foster began his studies at Howard
May 12th 2017

François Cusset
Francois Cusset (French: [kysɛ]; born 9 March 1969) is a writer and intellectual historian and Professor of American Civilisation at the University of
Jan 5th 2016

François Chausson
Francois-ChaussonFrancois Chausson, (born 1966) is a 20th-21st-century French historian, professor of Roman history at the Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. Francois
Nov 1st 2016

Landmarks in Paris
This article presents the main landmarks in the City of Paris within its administrative limits divided by the 20 Arrondissements of Paris, (Administrative
May 13th 2017

Michel Arrivé
academic. He was a Professor of Linguistics and Semiotics at Paris Nanterre University from 1983 to 2006. He authored several novels and short stories
May 23rd 2017

Alain Caillé
Allain Caille (born 1944, Paris) is a French sociologist and economist. He is Professor of sociology at the University of Paris X Nanterre. He is a founding
Sep 10th 2016

Hélène Lipietz
Helene Lipietz (born 1958) is a French politician. She serves as a Senator for Seine-et-Marne. Helene Lipietz was born on 7 May 1958 in Paris. Her father
Jul 31st 2016

Education in Paris
Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Paris-Descartes University and Paris-Nanterre University inherited the law faculty; Paris Descartes University, Paris-Diderot
Apr 4th 2017

Raphaël Nzabakomada-Yakoma
Raphael Nzabakomada-Yakoma (1944–1985) was a Central African writer and historian. He was born in Baboua, Central African Republic in 1944, during the
Oct 16th 2016

Colette Beaune
Beaune Colette Beaune (born 1943 in Chailles, Loire-et-Cher) is a French historian and professor emeritus at the University of Paris X - Nanterre. Beaune
Jul 28th 2016

Muriel Pénicaud
Penicaud Muriel Penicaud was born in March 1955. She graduated from Paris Nanterre University. She also earned a business degree from INSEAD. Penicaud worked
May 18th 2017

Paris Opera Ballet
Paris-Opera-Ballet The Paris Opera Ballet (French: "Ballet de l'Opera national de Paris") is an integral part of the Paris Opera and the oldest national ballet company. Together
May 13th 2017

Nikita Struve
Nikita Alexeyevich Struve (Russian: Никита Алексеевич Струве; 16 February 1931 – 7 May 2016) was a French author and translator of Russian descent, specializing
Apr 11th 2017

Non-philosophy (French: non-philosophie) is a concept developed by French philosopher Francois Laruelle (formerly of the College international de philosophie
May 20th 2017

Étienne Fouilloux
Etienne Fouilloux (born 1941) is a French university teacher primarily interested in the history of tensions within the twentieth century French Roman
Jan 12th 2017

Jacques Martineau
Jacques Martineau (born 8 July 1963) is a French film director and screenwriter who works in collaboration with partner Olivier Ducastel. After spending
Mar 12th 2017

Jean-Jacques Glassner
Jean-Jacques Glassner, born 1944 in Bischwiller (Alsace) is a French historian, specialist of the Mesopotamian world and cuneiform script. During his
Nov 11th 2016

Arnaud Jacomet
Arnaud Marie Pierre Andre Jacomet (20 October 1946, Paris – 14 October 2011, Brussels) was a French historian and the final Secretary-General of the Western
May 19th 2016

Étienne Balibar
Etienne Balibar (French: [balibaʁ]; born 23 April 1942) is a French philosopher. He has taught at the University of Paris X-Nanterre, at the University
Mar 19th 2017

Catherine Perret
Catherine Perret (born 9 July 1956 in Paris) is associate professor of modern and contemporary aesthetics and theory at Nanterre University (Paris X).
Apr 9th 2016

Michel Aglietta
Michel Aglietta (born 1938 in Chambery) is a French economist, currently Professor of Economics at the University of Paris X: Nanterre. Michel Aglietta
Feb 22nd 2017

Olivier Duhamel
Olivier Duhamel (born 2 May 1950) is a French university professor and politician. He was a Socialist member of the European Parliament from 1997 to 2004
May 16th 2016

May 1968 events in France
The volatile period of civil unrest in France during May 1968 was punctuated by demonstrations and massive general strikes as well as the occupation of
May 23rd 2017

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