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Pat Buchanan
Patrick-JosephPatrick Joseph "Pat" Buchanan (/bjuːˈkanᵻn/; born November 2, 1938) is an American conservative political commentator, author, syndicated columnist, politician
May 28th 2017

Political positions of Pat Buchanan
The political positions of Pat Buchanan (born 1938), an American politician, columnist and news analyst, can generally be described as paleoconservative
May 25th 2017

Pat Buchanan presidential campaign, 2000
The 2000 presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan, conservative pundit and adviser to both President Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, began on March 2, 1999
Feb 17th 2017

Buchanan & Press
American debate show on MSNBC pairing former Crossfire hosts conservative Pat Buchanan and liberal Bill Press. The show was cancelled due to both hosts opposition
Apr 10th 2017

Bay Buchanan
Reagan. She is also the sister of conservative political commentator Buchanan Pat Buchanan. Buchanan was born December-23December 23, 1948, in Washington, D.C., to William
Apr 29th 2017

James M. Buchanan (1919–2013), Nobel Prize-winning American economist Pat Buchanan (born 1938), American politician Africa Buchanan, Liberia, a large
May 4th 2017

Electoral history of Pat Buchanan
(Republican primaries) George H. W. Bush (inc.) - 9,199,463 (72.84%) Pat Buchanan - 2,899,488 (22.96%) Unpledged delegates - 287,383 (2.28%) David Duke
Oct 18th 2016

Buchanan (surname)
professional wrestler ("Bull Buchanan") Bay Buchanan (born 1948), sister to Pat Buchanan, and Treasurer of the United States Bill Buchanan (songwriter) (1930–1996)
Apr 21st 2017

Buchanan County, Missouri
Buchanan County is a county located in the U.S. state of Missouri. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 89,201. Its county seat is St
May 8th 2017

Republican Party presidential primaries, 1992
President George H. W. Bush was challenged by conservative commentator Pat Buchanan, and during the early counting of the votes at the New Hampshire primary
Feb 17th 2017

Reform Party presidential primaries, 2000
high-profile candidates vied for the nomination, including Donald Trump, Pat Buchanan, and physicist John Hagelin. For a brief time, Congressman John B. Anderson
Mar 25th 2017

Clint Buchanan
Clint-BuchananClint Buchanan is a fictional character from the American soap opera One Life to Live. The role was originated on September 10, 1979, by actor Clint
Nov 26th 2016

The Death of the West
Culture and Civilization is a 2001 book by paleoconservative commentator Buchanan Pat Buchanan, in which Buchanan argues that western culture is dying and will soon
May 29th 2017

Republican Party presidential primaries, 1996
candidates, which also included journalist and 1992 presidential candidate Pat Buchanan and magazine publisher Steve Forbes, debated issues such as a flat tax
May 20th 2017

Lachlan Buchanan
Lachlan Buchanan (born 25 April 1988) is an AustralianAustralian actor. Lachlan Buchanan was born in Australia in 1988 growing up in Maleny.[unreliable source?]
Apr 25th 2017

The Over-the-Hill Gang
The Over-the-Hill Gang is a 1969 TV-movie Western comedy about aging Texas Rangers starring Walter Brennan and Pat O'Brien. Chill Wills, Edgar Buchanan
May 13th 2017

Ezola Foster
NBC MSNBC, Politically Incorrect, and various CBS, NBC, and ABC newscasts. Pat Buchanan selected Foster as his running-mate after several other candidates such
Dec 29th 2016

New Jersey Reform Party
resigned in protest after Pat Buchanan's allies seized control, saying that he "had enough of this nonsense going on with Pat Buchanan." Goodman was, himself
Mar 15th 2017

Edward Buchanan
Edward A. Buchanan (born October 19, 1967 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida) is an attorney in Torrington, Wyoming, who is a former member and the past Speaker
May 24th 2017

The American Conservative
Management, 1 September 2002. The American Conservative Crackup: Why I quit Pat Buchanan’s magazine by Alexander Konetzki, The Washington Monthly The American
May 24th 2017

Reform Party of the United States of America
nominated several notable candidates over the years, such as Perot himself, Pat Buchanan, and Ralph Nader, and also counted among its members such figures as
May 28th 2017

Scarborough Country
Frequent on-air contributors to Scarborough Country were Craig Crawford, Pat Buchanan, Brent Bozell, and Tony Perkins. While remaining "extraordinarily conservative"
Apr 14th 2017

Capital Gang
1988 and ran until CNN cancelled it in 2005. The original panel was Pat Buchanan, Robert Novak, Al Hunt, and Mark Shields. Mona Charen and Margaret Warner
Jan 22nd 2017

Escape to Glory
Escape to Glory is a 1940 American war film directed by John Brahm. It stars Pat O'Brien and Constance Bennett. During World War II, a British freighter
Feb 18th 2016

As Long as They're Happy
As Long as They're Happy is a 1955 British musical comedy film directed by J. Lee Thompson and starring Jack Buchanan, Susan Stephen and Diana Dors. It
Mar 20th 2017

Spoilers of the Forest
Spoilers of the Forest is a 1957 American drama film directed by Joseph Kane and written by Bruce Manning. The film stars Rod Cameron, Vera Ralston, Ray
Mar 4th 2017

Lord family
The Lord family is a family of fictional characters from the American soap opera One Life to Live. They are introduced at the show's ABC debut episode
May 26th 2017

Jason Gould
is morally wrong. I will never forget how it made me shudder to hear Pat Buchanan say that he stood "with George [H.W.] Bush against the immoral idea that
May 23rd 2017

Fulda, Ohio
raised within the Spring Hill, Pennsylvania. Paleoconservative politician Pat Buchanan (born 1938) and his sister, fellow conservative political commentator
Feb 26th 2017

Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War
How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World, is a book by Buchanan Pat Buchanan, published in May 2008. In it, Buchanan argues that both world wars were
Mar 28th 2017

Terence P. Jeffrey
website. Prior to that, he served as campaign manager to Republican Pat Buchanan in the latter's unsuccessful bid for the 1996 presidential nomination
Apr 14th 2017

One Life to Live characters (1980s)
This is a list of characters from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live that began their run between the beginning of 1980 and the end of 1989.
May 26th 2017

Taki's Magazine
site carries syndicated columns by Pat Buchanan and Michelle Malkin. Joe Bob Briggs Peter Brimelow Pat Buchanan Jack Buckby Theodore Dalrymple Kevin
May 2nd 2017

Crossfire (TV series)
guest was featured. The concept began in 1978 when Tom Braden and Pat Buchanan co-hosted a radio show on then-NBC-owned WRC radio in Washington. The
Apr 30th 2017

The Happy Ending (1925 film)
The Happy Ending is a 1925 British silent drama film directed by George A. Cooper and starring Fay Compton, Jack Buchanan and Joan Barry. It was based
May 21st 2017

Curse of the Swamp Creature
Curse of the Swamp Creature is a 1966 American film directed by Larry Buchanan. Although Buchanan was producing low budget 16mm color remakes of American
Dec 5th 2016

Perilous Holiday
Perilous Holiday is a 1946 American romantic thriller film directed by Edward H. Griffith and starring Pat O'Brien, Ruth Warrick and Alan Hale, Sr.. The
Sep 20th 2016

Harry Browne presidential campaign, 2000
than the election. Surpass a million votes for the first time. Outpoll Pat Buchanan and the Reform Party. However, they failed in achieving either goal.
Oct 1st 2016

Spongipellis is a genus of fungi in the family Polyporaceae. The genus is widely distributed and, according to a 2008 estimate, contains about eight species
Sep 6th 2016

List of horror films of 2012
A list of horror films released in 2012. Buchanan, Jason. "2-Headed Shark Attack". Allmovie. Retrieved April 17, 2012.  Elley, Derek (May 11, 2013)
May 24th 2017

Karena Johnson
Karena Johnson is a British Theatrical Director/Producer who first started working at London's Oval House Theatre. She was Acting Artistic director at
Nov 22nd 2016

Joseph Sobran
formerly with National Review magazine and a syndicated columnist. Pat Buchanan called Sobran "perhaps the finest columnist of our generation". Sobran
May 3rd 2017

Double Exposure (1994 film)
Double Exposure is a 1994 crime drama, starring Ron Perlman, Ian Buchanan, and Dedee Pfeiffer. The Putnams, Roger ('Ian Buchanan') and Maria (Jennifer
Feb 7th 2017

Iowa Republican caucuses, 1996
and Phil Gramm tied for the win with 24% of the vote each, followed by Pat Buchanan (18%), Lamar Alexander (11%), and Alan Keyes (8%). Five other candidates
Feb 11th 2016

Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2000
Reform Party race coincided with that of paleoconservative commentator Pat Buchanan, whom Trump attacked throughout the campaign as a "Hitler-lover." Trump
May 10th 2017

The McLaughlin Group
consisted of moderator John McLaughin questioning four commentators, usually Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, Clarence Page, Tom Rogan and Mort Zuckerman during the
Apr 3rd 2017

Now (Jessica Andrews album)
for You" Jessica Andrews – lead vocals Mike Brignardello – bass guitar Pat Buchanan – electric guitar Lisa Cochran – background vocals Paul Franklin – steel
Mar 22nd 2017

Pachyrhizodus is an extinct genus of ray-finned fish that lived during the Late Cretaceous in the Western Interior Seaway in North America and in Colombia
May 6th 2017

1989 Jonesborough ambush
Jonesborough The Jonesborough ambush took place on 20 March 1989 near the Irish border outside the village of Jonesborough, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Two senior
May 27th 2017

James C. Humes
former presidential speechwriter. Humes, along with William Safire and Pat Buchanan, is credited for authoring the text on the Apollo 11 lunar plaque.
Apr 28th 2017

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