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People's war
People's war (simplified Chinese: 人民战争; traditional Chinese: 人民戰爭), also called protracted people's war, is a military-political strategy first developed
Mar 2nd 2017

Council of People's Commissars
The Council of People's Commissars (Russian: Совет народных комиссаров or Совнарком, translit. Soviet narodnykh kommissarov or Sovnarkom, also as generic
May 23rd 2017

People's Republic
"People's Republic" is a title used by certain republican states. Initially associated with populism (people's movements: Volkisch movement, Narodnik
May 9th 2017

National People's Congress
The National People's Congress (usually abbreviated NPC) is the national legislature of the People's Republic of China. With 2,987 members in 2013, it
Apr 30th 2017

Supreme People's Court
Supreme People's Court (disambiguation). For the highest court of Taiwan, see Supreme Court of the Republic of China. The Supreme People's Court
Apr 16th 2017

People's Choice Awards
The-People's-Choice-AwardsThe People's Choice Awards is an American awards show, recognizing the people and the work of popular culture, voted on by the general public. The show
Apr 7th 2017

People's Daily
The-People's-DailyThe People's Daily is the biggest newspaper group in China. The paper is an official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, published worldwide with
May 14th 2017

People's Artist of the USSR
People's Artist of the USSR (Russian: Наро́дный арти́ст СССР, Narodny artist SSSR), also sometimes translated as National Artist of the USSR, was an honorary
Sep 19th 2016

People's Party (Spain)
The People's Party (Spanish: Partido Popular [parˈtioo popuˈlar] ( listen); known mostly by its acronym, PP [peˈpe]) is a conservative and Christian democratic
May 8th 2017

Vietnam People's Navy
Vietnam-People's-Navy">The Vietnam People's Navy (VietnameseVietnamese: Hải quan nhan dan Việt Nam), commonly known as the VietnameseVietnamese Navy or the VietnameseVietnamese People's Navy, is the naval
Apr 5th 2017

People's United Financial
People's United Financial, Inc. is a savings and loan holding company incorporated under the state laws of Delaware. The company owns People's United Bank
May 16th 2017

People's Bank of China
The People's Bank of China (PBC or PBOC, Chinese: 中国人民银行) is the central bank of the People's Republic of China with the power to carry out monetary policy
Apr 14th 2017

People's Party
The People's Party, Peoples Party, or Popular Party, is any of several political parties claiming to speak for the people. People's Parties in various
May 16th 2017

People's Democratic Party
Party (India) People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan People's Democratic Party (Belize) People's Democratic Party (Bhutan) People's Democratic Party
Mar 14th 2017

Vietnam People's Public Security
The People's Public Security of VietnamVietnam (VietnamVietnamese: Cong an Nhan dan Việt Nam) is the main police and security force of VietnamVietnam, under control of the
Apr 15th 2017

Cambodian People's Party
The Cambodian People's Party (Khmer: គណបក្សប្រជាជនកម្ពុជា, Kanakpak Pracheachon Kampuchea; CPP), founded as the Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party
Apr 4th 2017

Supreme People's Procuratorate
The Supreme People's Procuratorate (Chinese: 最高人民检察院; pinyin: Zuigāo Renmin Jiǎnchayuan) is the highest agency at the national level responsible for both
Feb 19th 2017

Intermediate people's court
intermediate people's court (Chinese: 中级人民法院) is the second lowest local people's court in China. According to the Organic Law of the People's Courts of
Oct 12th 2015

People's Army of Vietnam
The People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN; Vietnamese: Quan Đội Nhan Dan Việt Nam), also known as the Vietnamese People's Army, is the military force of the Socialist
May 23rd 2017

Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China (1949–54)
In the first five years of the People's Republic of China (1949 to 1954), the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China (the then official
Nov 15th 2016

High people's court
The High People's Court or Higher People's Court (高级人民法院) is the highest local court in the People's Republic of China. In each Province, it is subject
Jan 24th 2017

Democratic People's Party
Democratic People's Party may refer to: Democratic People's Party of Afghanistan, now abolished Democratic People's Party (Germany) Democratic People's Party
Jun 26th 2016

State Council of the People's Republic of China
Central People's Government since 1954 (particularly in relation to local governments), is the chief administrative authority of the People's Republic
May 11th 2017

European People's Party Group
The European People's Party group (EPP Group) is the political group in the European Parliament consisting of deputies (MEPs) from the member parties of
May 16th 2017

The People's Choice
People's Choice or The People's Choice may refer to: People's Choice series of paintings statistically derived by polling populations of various countries
Sep 5th 2014

Donetsk People's Republic
The Donetsk People's Republic (DPR or DNR) (Russian: Доне́цкая Наро́дная Респу́блика, tr. Donetskaya Narodnaya Respublika; IPA: [dɐˈnʲɛtskəjə nɐˈrodnəjə
May 21st 2017

Korean People's Army
The Korean People's Army (KPA; Chosŏn'gŭl: 조선인민군; Chosŏn inmin'gun) constitutes the military force of North Korea and, under the Songun policy, the central
May 23rd 2017

Voluntary People's Druzhina
Voluntary People's Druzhina (Russian: Добровольная Народная Дружина, ДНД, Dobrovolnaya Narodnaya Druzhina, DND) variously translated as Voluntary People’s Guard
May 20th 2017

People's Democracy
People's-DemocracyPeople's Democracy may refer to: People's democracy (MarxismLeninism), an ideological concept conceived by Communist Parties in the aftermath of World
Aug 21st 2016

People's Liberation Army Navy
The People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN; Chinese: 中国人民解放军海军), also known as the PLA Navy, is the naval warfare branch of the People's Liberation Army
May 17th 2017

People's Soviet of the Donetsk People's Republic
The People's Soviet (Russian: Народный Совет), formerly the Supreme Council (Russian: Высший Совет), is the legislature of the unrecognised Donetsk People's
Mar 2nd 2017

Supreme People's Assembly
The Supreme People's Assembly (Chosongul: 최고 인민 회의) is the unicameral legislature of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly known as
May 10th 2017

Tuvan People's Republic
The-TuvanTuvan-People's-RepublicThe TuvanTuvan People's Republic (or People's Republic of Tannu-TuvaTannu Tuva; TuvanTuvan: Тыва Арат Республик, Tıwa Arat Respublik, Uniform Turkic Alphabet: Tьva Arat Respuʙlik
May 1st 2017

People's Court (Soviet Union)
law offenses. The people's court handled cases by a collegium consisted of a people's judge and two people's assessors. The people's assessors had duties
Apr 27th 2017

Hungarian People's Republic
Hungarian-People's-Republic">The Hungarian People's Republic (Hungarian: Magyar Nepkoztarsasag) was a socialist state that administered Hungary from 20 August 1949 until 23 October
May 16th 2017

Luhansk People's Republic
The Luhansk People's Republic (LPR or LNR), also known as Lugansk People's Republic (Russian: Луга́нская Наро́дная Респу́блика, tr. Luganskaya Narodnaya
May 16th 2017

Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (PCC CPPCC;  Listen), also known as the PCC People's PCC (人民政协) or just the PCC (政协), is a political advisory
Apr 11th 2017

People's Square
People's Square is a large public square in the Huangpu District of Shanghai, China. It is south of Nanjing Road (West) and north of Huaihai Road (East)
Jan 25th 2017

People's Palace
People's Palace may refer to: People's Palace, Brisbane, a former temperance hotel in Australia People's Palace, Glasgow, a museum and glasshouse in Glasgow
Jan 30th 2015

People's Armed Police
Chinese-People's-Armed-Police-Force">The Chinese People's Armed Police Force (abbreviated: PAP; simplified Chinese: 中国人民武装警察部队; traditional Chinese: 中國人民武裝警察部隊; pinyin: Zhōngguo Renmin Wǔzhuāng
Mar 2nd 2017

CDS – People's Party
CDS The CDSPeople's Party (Portuguese: CDSPartido Popular, derived from Centro Democratico e SocialPartido Popular, CDS-PP) is a Christian democratic
Apr 14th 2017

National People's Party
The National People's Party may refer to: National People's Party (Bangladesh), see List of political parties in Bangladesh National People's Party (Curacao)
Mar 16th 2017

People's Coalition (Spain)
The People's Coalition (Spanish: Coalicion Popular) was a Spanish political coalition comprising national and regional right-wing parties to contest various
Apr 17th 2017

People's Park (Berkeley)
37°51′56″N 122°15′25″W / 37.86556°N 122.25694°W / 37.86556; -122.25694 People's Park in Berkeley, California, US, is a park located off Telegraph Avenue
Apr 26th 2017

Vietnam People's Armed Forces
Vietnam-People's-Armed-Forces">The Vietnam People's Armed Forces (VPAF) are the armed forces of Vietnam. It consists of 3 components: Vietnam People's Army which is the military forces
Dec 2nd 2016

People's Commissariat for Labour
The People's Commissariat for Labour was established by the Bolsheviks following their seizure of power during the October Revolution. It functioned as
Jan 25th 2016

Basic people's court
in the People's Republic of China. According to the Organic Law of the People's Courts of the People's Republic of China, the basic people's courts handle
Oct 12th 2015

Agrarian People's Union
Agrarian People's Union (Bulgarian: земеделски народен съюз, Zemedelski Naroden Sajuz, ZNS), until 2006 known as the Bulgarian Agrarian People's Union
Dec 29th 2016

People's Volunteer Army
The (Chinese) People's Volunteer Army (PVA or CPVA; simplified Chinese: 中国人民志愿军; traditional Chinese: 中國人民志願軍; pinyin: Zhōngguo Renmin Zhiyuan Jūn) was
Mar 26th 2017

People's Artist of Russia
People's Artist of the Russian Federation (Народный артист Российской Федерации Narodny artist Rossiiskoi Federatii), also sometimes translated as National
Apr 28th 2017

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