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Peter Kosminsky
Peter Kosminsky (born 21 April 1956) is a British writer, director and producer. He has directed Hollywood movies such as White Oleander and television
Jan 27th 2017

Afghantsi is a 1988 documentary film directed by Peter Kosminsky for Yorkshire Television. It is based on numerous interviews with Soviet soldiers and
Feb 3rd 2017

Britz (TV serial)
two-part drama serial written and directed by BAFTA-winning director Peter Kosminsky and first screened by Channel 4 in the United Kingdom in October and
Apr 25th 2017

The Promise (2011 TV serial)
British television serial in four episodes written and directed by Peter Kosminsky, with music by Debbie Wiseman. It tells the story of a young woman
May 19th 2017

Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights
film adaptation of Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights directed by Peter Kosminsky. Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, released in 1992, is based on the
Apr 25th 2017

The Government Inspector (film)
the Iraq War in the United Kingdom. It was written and directed by Peter Kosminsky, and won three BAFTAs - Best Actor for Rylance, Best Single Drama and
Jun 4th 2016

David Prosho
Cops, The Second Coming and The Vice. He has also appeared in three Peter Kosminsky dramas Walking on the Moon, Britz and BAFTA winning The Government
Mar 1st 2016

Wolf Hall (miniseries)
the two novels and called Wolf Hall "a great contemporary novel". Peter Kosminsky, the director of the series, said: This is a first for me. But it
May 18th 2017

The Project (film)
The-ProjectThe Project is a BBC two-part 2002 television drama, directed by Peter Kosminsky from a script by Leigh Jackson. The series presented a fictionalised
Apr 2nd 2017

Shoot to Kill (1990 film)
investigation. The film, written by Michael Eaton and directed by Peter Kosminsky, was made by the ITV company Yorkshire Television, and screened in
Apr 6th 2017

Warriors (1999 TV series)
by Leigh Jackson, produced by Nigel Stafford-Clark and directed by Peter Kosminsky. It starred Matthew Macfadyen, Damian Lewis and Ioan Gruffudd. The
Apr 15th 2017

One Day in the Life of Television
British Film Institute and produced and directed for television by Peter Kosminsky. The documentary opens with TV-am's industrial conflict, with picketers
Mar 14th 2015

White Oleander (film)
White Oleander is a 2002 American drama film directed by Peter Kosminsky. The cast stars Alison Lohman in the central role of Astrid Magnussen and Michelle
May 8th 2017

Nigel Stafford-Clark
award-winning Shoot to Kill (1990), the drama debut of documentary film-maker Peter Kosminsky, which told the story of the Stalker Inquiry in Northern Ireland. In
Jan 13th 2017

Kevin Lygo
Salmon (former BBC head of sport) and multi-award-winning film-maker Peter Kosminsky. After the two years trainee-ship as a comedy script writer, during
Mar 1st 2017

Adie Allen
television drama "The Woman in White" playing Margaret Porcher, and the Peter Kosminsky film "The Innocents" playing Helen Rickard in 2000. She was brought
Mar 1st 2017

Irshad Ashraf
Melvyn Bragg has included directing The South Bank Show. His film about Peter Kosminsky was described by Richard Rogers in The Observer as "an examination
Apr 14th 2017

Hossein Amini
screenplay was for the 1994 TV movie The Dying of the Light, directed by Peter Kosminsky. The TV movie told the story of Sean Devereux, an aid worker who was
Apr 4th 2017

Terence Beesley
Down to Earth, Plotlands, She's Out and What Remains. He starred in Peter Kosminsky's 15, The Life and Death of Phillip Knight.[citation needed], and played
May 1st 2017

Entirely Beloved
5/5; Reviewer Jasper Reeves also praised Straughan's dialogue and Peter Kosminsky's directing, writing, "It’s like watching a chess grandmaster go around
Feb 11th 2017

Piers Wenger
starring Robbie Coltrane, Andrea Riseborough and Julie Walters as well as Peter Kosminsky's The State, which tells the story of four radicalized Brits who travel
Jan 15th 2017

Oxford University Dramatic Society
Peter Glenville Hugh Grant Tom Hooper David Jessel Felicity Jones Peter Kosminsky Nigel Lawson Harry Lloyd John Maud David Melamed[citation needed] Dudley
Mar 15th 2017

Peter Salmon (producer)
Lygo (now head of studios at ITV), and multi-award-winning film-maker Peter Kosminsky. In 1984 he was the director of the first dramatic reconstruction to
Dec 22nd 2016

Sean Devereux
ISBN 1-900796-49-XThe Dying of the Light - Movie, directed by Peter Kosminsky. IMDb BBC Documentary 'Mr Sean'. IMDb 2 May 1993 Sean Devereux Children's
Apr 17th 2017

Shereen Martineau
EastEnders, TLC and in Doctors. Her most recent roles were as Laure in Peter Kosminsky's drama for Channel 4, Britz and in TV's">ITV's "Lewis (TV series)". "Productions :
Feb 22nd 2017

Shoot-to-kill policy in Northern Ireland
Stalker's investigation. Written by Michael Eaton and directed by Peter Kosminsky, and produced by Yorkshire Television for ITV, it was shown in two
Apr 2nd 2017

Associated Studios
(Director) • Jeremy Irons (Actor) • Terry Johnson (Playwright/Director) • Peter Kosminsky (Director/Writer/Producer) • Phelim McDermott (Director) • Lindsay
Apr 28th 2017

Poppy Jhakra
Jhakra has appeared in Holby City, Waking the Dead, Doctors, and Peter Kosminskys two part Channel 4 docu-film Britz. Following this she landed the part
Mar 27th 2017

Christian Cooke
critically acclaimed Channel 4 four-part drama The Promise, directed by Peter Kosminsky in 2011. That same year, Cooke made his directorial debut in Chandide
May 12th 2017

Matthew Macfadyen
Wuthering Heights, by David Skynner (Hareton Earnshaw) 1999 : Warriors, by Peter Kosminsky (Alan James) 2000 : Murder Rooms: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes
May 13th 2017

The Promise
opera series The-PromiseThe-PromiseThe Promise (2011 TV serial), a UK series directed by Peter Kosminsky "The-PromiseThe-PromiseThe Promise", a 1955 installment of the Hallmark Hall of Fame "The
May 8th 2017

Soviet–Afghan War in popular culture
Mujahideen fighting in Kandahar province. Afghantsi is a documentary by Peter Kosminsky about Soviet soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Charlie Wilson's War
Feb 28th 2017

Michael Eaton
Stalker inquiry that examined them, Shoot To Kill, which was directed by Peter Kosminsky and won the Best Drama awards at both the Royal Television Society
Feb 9th 2017

Alison Lohman
Michelle Pfeiffer, Robin Wright Penn and Renee Zellweger and directed by Peter Kosminsky. Though the film was unsuccessful at the box office (it opened to $5
Apr 2nd 2017

Worcester College, Oxford
Jolly, novelist and memoirist Elena Kagan Charles Kent David Kirk Peter Kosminsky John Lahr Toby Litt Serge Lourie Richard Lovelace (Gloucester Hall)
Mar 25th 2017

Mike Southon (cinematographer)
Man Tate Jodie Foster c; 2uc: Tony Jannelli 1991 Wuthering Heights Peter Kosminsky c 1993 Roommates Peter Yates c; addph: Sandi Sissel & Victor Hammer
Jan 18th 2017

Warrior (disambiguation)
Warriors (1999 TV series), a television drama serial, directed by Peter Kosminsky Warriors (2009 TV series), a History Channel series hosted by Terry
Apr 10th 2017

Battle of Wireless Ridge
The Battle of Wireless Ridge was an engagement of the Falklands War which took place on the night from 13 June to 14 June 1982, between British and Argentine
Mar 19th 2017

British Academy Television Awards 2000
One) The Dennis Potter Award Tony Marchant The Alan Clarke Award Peter Kosminsky Special Award Honor Blackman, Joanna Lumley, Diana Rigg and Linda
Mar 27th 2017

Skirmish at Top Malo House
The Skirmish at Top Malo House was fought on 31 May 1982 during the Falklands War, between 1st section Argentine Special Forces from 602 Commando Company
Feb 11th 2017

Jocelyn Pook
2004 film version of William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, Peter Kosminsky's film on David Kelly, The Government Inspector, Brick Lane and 2007's
May 14th 2017

Girls Against Boys
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (John Cameron Mitchell, 2001) White Oleander (Peter Kosminsky, 2002) Series 7: the Contenders (Daniel Minahan, 2001) Rocked with
Feb 26th 2017

1997 Toronto International Film Festival
Bart Freundlich Nettoyage a sec by Anne Fontaine No Child of Mine by Peter Kosminsky Obsession by Peter Sehr Okke-ke Bibirobos by Takuji Suzuki Onibi by
May 14th 2017

List of Old Haberdashers
BBC Radio 5 Live Nick Goldsmith (born 1971), film and TV producer Peter Kosminsky (born 1956), writer and film director Zac Lichman (born 1980), Big
May 13th 2017

Rory Bremner
Retrieved-1Retrieved 1 April 2012Andrew Marr (21 November 2011). "Rory Bremner, Peter Kosminsky, Iwona Blaswick, Sarah Gillespie". Start the Week podcast. BBC. Retrieved
Apr 25th 2017

2002 Toronto International Film Festival
(Canada/United Kingdom/France) David Cronenberg White Oleander (USA) Peter Kosminsky 10 (Iran/France) Abbas Kiarostami All or Nothing (United Kingdom)
May 14th 2017

Itay Tiran
the European Film Awards in 2010. In 2011 the UK Channel 4 screened Peter Kosminsky's mini series The Promise. Tiran played Paul, an ex-soldier turned
Apr 2nd 2017

Mark Rylance
He took the leading role as British weapons expert David Kelly in Peter Kosminsky's The Government Inspector (2005), an award-winning Channel 4 production
May 22nd 2017

Zlín Film Festival
Wigand, Germany--BestGermany Best feature film for youth: White Oleander, dir. Peter Kosminsky, Germany, USA Best animated film: I Want a Dog, dir. Sheldon Cohen
Apr 16th 2017

David Kelly (weapons expert)
video The Government Inspector (2005) Television film, Directed by Peter Kosminsky, coproduction : ARTE France, Channel 4, Mentorn. (LAffaire David Kelly
May 10th 2017

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