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article is about the chemical element. For other uses, see Platinum (disambiguation). Platinum is a chemical element with symbol Pt and atomic number 78
Apr 23rd 2017

Platinum group
The platinum-group metals (abbreviated as the PGMs; alternatively, the platinoids, platinides, platidises, platinum group, platinum metals, platinum family
Mar 25th 2017

Platinum coin
concept also known as "platinum coin easing", see Trillion dollar coin. Platinum coins are a form of currency. Platinum has an international currency
Oct 31st 2016

Platinum black
Platinum black (Pt black) is a fine powder of platinum with good catalytic properties. The name of platinum black is due to its black color. Platinum
Dec 24th 2016

Platinum-based antineoplastic
Platinum-based antineoplastic drugs (informally called platins) are chemotherapeutic agents used to treat cancer. They are coordination complexes of platinum
Apr 10th 2017

Platinum print
Platinum prints, also called platinotypes, are photographic prints made by a monochrome printing process. The platinum tones range from warm black, to
Mar 22nd 2017

Pokémon Platinum
Pokemon-Platinum-VersionPokemon Platinum Version (ポケットモンスタープラチナ, Poketto Monsutā Purachina?, lit. Pocket Monsters: Platinum) is a title in the Pokemon series of video games.
Mar 10th 2017

Platinum in Africa
Impala PlatinumImplats Lonplats Aquarius Platinum African Rainbow Minerals Zimbabwe Platinum – Zimplats Impala Platinum Anglo American Platinum Company
May 22nd 2015

Platinum Blonde
Platinum Blonde may refer to: Platinum Blonde (film), a 1931 film starring Jean Harlow Platinum Blonde (band), a Canadian New Wave music band, popular
Jul 10th 2016

Anglo American Platinum
Anglo American Platinum Limited (JSE: AMS) is the world's largest primary producer of platinum, accounting for about 38% of the world's annual supply
Oct 2nd 2016

Platinum as an investment
Platinum as an investment has a much shorter history in the financial sector than does either gold or silver, which were known to ancient civilizations
Jan 27th 2017

Platinum hexafluoride
Platinum hexafluoride is the chemical compound with the formula PtF6. It is a dark-red volatile solid that forms a red gas. The compound is a unique example
Aug 30th 2016

Platinum diselenide
Platinum diselenide is a transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) consisting of the metal platinum and the non-metal selenium with the formula PtSe2. Being
Mar 21st 2017

American Platinum Eagle
American-Platinum-Eagle">The American Platinum Eagle is the official platinum bullion coin of the United States. In 1995, Director of the United States Mint Philip N. Diehl, American
Feb 19th 2017

The Platinum Collection (Queen album)
The Platinum Collection: Greatest Hits I, II & III is a box set by British rock band Queen which comprises their three greatest hits albums, Greatest Hits
Jan 26th 2017

The Platinum Collection
The Platinum Collection may refer to: The Platinum Collection (Alicia Keys album) The Platinum Collection (Blancmange album) The Platinum Collection
Jan 23rd 2016

Platinum Studios
is about the media company. For the video game developer, see PlatinumGames. Platinum Studios, Inc. is a publicly traded media company based in the United
Apr 12th 2017

Aquarius Platinum
Aquarius-PlatinumAquarius Platinum plc is a Bermuda-registered and headquartered mining business. Aquarius was quoted on the London Stock Exchange, the Australian Stock
Nov 11th 2016

Impala Platinum
Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats) is in the business of mining, refining and marketing of platinum group metals (PGMs), as well as nickel, copper
Sep 21st 2015

Platinum & Gold Collection
Platinum & Gold Collection is a series of budget-priced greatest hits compilations for recording artists on the labels of Sony BMG. The series was launched
Feb 12th 2017

Tetrakis(triphenylphosphine)platinum(0) is the chemical compound with the formula PtPt(P(C6H5)3)4, often abbreviated PtPt(Ph3)4. The bright yellow compound
Sep 20th 2016

The Platinum Collection (Sounds of Summer Edition)
The Platinum Collection (Sounds of Summer Edition) is a three-disc greatest hits album by American rock band The Beach Boys, released in December 2005
Jun 4th 2016

Platinum tetrafluoride
Platinum tetrafluoride is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula PtF 4. In the solid state, the compound features platinum(IV) in octahedral
Dec 21st 2016

XS Platinum
XS Platinum Inc., also known as XSP, is a wholly owned subsidiary of XS Platinum Ltd, and was founded in 2007 to be a sustainable mine that would get
Nov 13th 2016

Platinum(II) chloride
Platinum(II) chloride is the chemical compound PtCl2. It is an important precursor used in the preparation of other platinum compounds. It exists in two
Dec 21st 2016

Platinum, Alaska
Platinum (Arviiq in Alaskan-Yup'ik">Central Alaskan Yup'ik) is a city in Bethel Census Area, Alaska, United States. The population was 61 at the 2010 census. Platinum
Feb 4th 2017

Isotopes of platinum
Natural platinum (78Pt) occurs in five stable isotopes (192Pt, 194Pt, 195Pt, 196Pt, 198Pt) and one very long-lived (half-life 6.50×1011 years) radioisotope
Apr 15th 2017

Platinum Equity
Platinum Equity, LLC is an American private equity investment firm founded by Tom Gores in 1995. The firm focuses on leveraged buyout investments of established
Apr 18th 2017

Platinum (disambiguation)
Platinum is a chemical element. Platinum may also refer to: Platinum group, a collective name used for six chemical elements in the periodic table Platinum
Apr 12th 2017

Platinum Corridor, Dallas
The Platinum Corridor is a neighborhood and office submarket in the Dallas, Texas (USA) area. Beginning just north of Interstate 635 in north Dallas, the
Sep 2nd 2016

Platinum Metals Review
Platinum Metals Review, renamed in 2014 as Johnson Matthey Technology Review, is a quarterly, peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing reports on scientific
Oct 19th 2016

Platinum jubilee
A platinum jubilee is a celebration held to mark an anniversary. Among monarchies, it usually refers to a 70th anniversary. Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand
Apr 14th 2017

Platinum-iridium alloy
Platinum-iridium alloys are alloys of the platinum group precious metals platinum and iridium. Typical alloy proportions are 90:10 or 70:30 (Pt:Ir). These
Jul 27th 2016

Platinum Air Linhas Aéreas
Platinum Air Linhas Aereas project from Sao Paulo, Brazil in order to offer aircraft lease services and charter flights out of Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International
Mar 6th 2016

Platinum Play
Platinum Play is an EP released by the Goo Goo Dolls in 1999 for Warner Bros. Records. Iris (Edit) - 3:37 Slide (Album Version) - 3:33 Dizzy (Album Version)
Dec 27th 2014

The Platinum Rule (How I Met Your Mother)
"The Platinum Rule" is the 11th episode in the third season of the television series How I Met Your Mother and 55th overall. It originally aired on December
Apr 4th 2017

The Platinum Rule
The Platinum Rule may refer to: A variation of the Golden Rule The Platinum Rule (How I Met Your Mother), an episode of the TV show How I Met Your Mother
Aug 4th 2016

Platinum Weddings
Platinum Weddings is an American reality television series which premiered on July 23, 2006, on the WE tv cable channel. The series chronicles the lives
Sep 30th 2015

PlatinumGames Inc. (株式会社プラチナゲームズ, Kabushikigaisha Purachina Gēmuzu?) is a Japanese video game development company. The company was founded under the name
Apr 20th 2017

The Platinum Collection (Take That album)
The-Platinum-CollectionThe Platinum Collection is the sixth album by English boy band Take That. The album itself is a boxed collection of expanded editions of the band's first
Apr 5th 2016

Bis(triphenylphosphine)platinum chloride
Bis(triphenylphosphine)platinum chloride is a metal phosphine complex with the formula PtCl2PtCl2[P(C6H5)3]2. Cis- and trans isomers are known. The cis isomer
Nov 25th 2016

Platinum Stars F.C.
Platinum Stars are a South African football club based in Phokeng near Rustenburg, North West Province that plays in the Premier Soccer League. The club
Feb 7th 2017

The Platinum Collection (Deep Purple album)
The Platinum Collection is a compilation album released by English rock group Deep-PurpleDeep Purple. It features songs from their very first album Shades of Deep
Feb 15th 2017

Platinum(IV) bromide
Platinum(IV) bromide is the chemical compound composed of platinum and bromine with the formula PtBr4. A solution of platinum(IV) bromide and gold(III)
Sep 24th 2016

Beyoncé: Platinum Edition
Beyonce: Platinum Edition is the first box set by American singer Beyonce, released on November 24, 2014, by Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records
Mar 28th 2017

Music recording sales certification
"Diamond disc", "Diamond award", "Platinum record", "Platinum single", "Platinum certification" and "Double platinum" redirect here. For the golden phonograph
Apr 18th 2017

Rhodium-platinum oxide
RhodiumRhodium-platinum oxide (RhPt oxide), or Nishimura's catalyst, is an inorganic compound used as a hydrogenation catalyst. RhPt oxide is used to reduce
Feb 2nd 2016

F.C. Platinum
FC Platinum is a Zimbabwean football club based in Zvishavane, Midlands Province, and playing in the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League. In 2010 the club
Nov 10th 2016

Essentials (PlayStation)
East, Asia-Pacific and Africa. It was launched in January 1997 as the Platinum range but was later renamed for PSP in 2010 and PlayStation 3 in 2012.
Apr 16th 2017

Platinum Triangle, Anaheim
The Platinum Triangle is a district of Anaheim, California that is undergoing transformation from a low-density commercial and industrial zone into a more
Mar 28th 2017

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