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Apr 25th 2017

Rune Poems
Rune Poems are poems that list the letters of runic alphabets while providing an explanatory poetic stanza for each letter. Three different poems have
Nov 1st 2016

The Lucy poems
The Lucy poems are a series of five poems composed by the English Romantic poet William Wordsworth (1770–1850) between 1798 and 1801. All but one were
Feb 15th 2017

Three Hundred Tang Poems
Three Hundred Tang Poems (simplified Chinese: 唐诗三百首; traditional Chinese: 唐詩三百首; pinyin: Tangshī sānbǎi shǒu) is an anthology of poems from the Chinese
Apr 2nd 2017

Symphonic poem
"Tone poem" redirects here. For the album by Grisman and Rice, see Tone Poems (David Grisman and Tony Rice album). A symphonic poem or tone poem is a piece
Apr 4th 2017

Kildare Poems
Kildare Waterford The Kildare Poems or Kildare Lyrics are a group of sixteen poems written in an Irish dialect of Middle English and dated to the
Jan 1st 2017

Poems from Guantánamo
Poems from Guantanamo is a collection of 22 poems by 17 Guantanamo detainees published by Marc Falkoff, a US professor of law with a doctorate in American
Mar 14th 2017

Collected Poems
titled Collected Poems are the following: Collected Poems (Achebe) by Chinua Achebe Collected Poems (Berry) by Wendell Berry Collected Poems (Boyle) by Kay
Sep 20th 2016

Death poem
(video game series). For poems thematically focused on death, see Category:Poems about death. The death poem is a genre of poetry that
Mar 2nd 2017

Collected Poems (Larkin)
Thwaite organized the poems in chronological order, meaning that poems from Larkin's four collections, his uncollected poems, and his unpublished work
Sep 22nd 2016

Symphonic poems (Liszt)
extra-musical plan derived from a play, poem, painting or work of nature. They inspired the symphonic poems of Bedřich Smetana, Antonin Dvořak, Richard
Mar 30th 2016

Conversation poems
The conversation poems are a group of eight poems composed by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834) between 1795 and 1807. Each details a particular life
Feb 15th 2017

Poems and Problems
Poems and Problems (ISBN 0-07-045724-7) is a book by Vladimir Nabokov published in 1969. It consists of: 39 poems originally written in Russian and translated
Jan 9th 2015

The Matthew poems
The "Matthew" poems are a series of poems, composed by the English Romantic poet William Wordsworth, that describe the character Matthew in Wordsworth's
Jan 2nd 2016

Selected Poems
Selected Poems are the following: Selected Poems (Conrad Aiken) by Conrad Aiken Selected Poems (Robert Frost) by Robert Frost Selected Poems (Galway Kinnell)
Aug 8th 2012

Poems by Edgar Allan Poe
collection Tamerlane and Other Poems, the amended title appeared in 1829 collected in Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems. The poem is a celebration of loneliness
Mar 13th 2017

Robert E. Howard bibliography (poems A–H)
on the table. In other cases, some poems were not titled by Howard or the original title has not survived. Some poems have been given tentative titles after
Aug 11th 2016

Poems in Prose
Poems in Prose may refer to: Poems in Prose (Wilde), the collective title of six prose poems published by Oscar Wilde in 1894 Poems in Prose (Smith),
Jul 19th 2016

Poems, Prayers & Promises
Poems, Prayers & Promises is the fourth album by American singer-songwriter John Denver. It was released in April 1971. This album was Denver's commercial
Mar 25th 2017

Poems, in Two Volumes
Poems, in Two Volumes is a collection of poetry by English Romantic poet William Wordsworth, published in 1807. It contains many notable poems, including:
Mar 8th 2017

Poems on the Underground
Poems on the Underground is a project, started in 1986, to bring poetry to a wider audience by displaying various poems on the London Underground rapid
Mar 24th 2017

Poems (Christie collection)
four sections: Love-Poems">Things Places Love-PoemsLove Poems and Others-VersesOthers Verses of Nowadays One of the poems in the sequence Love-PoemsLove Poems and Others is entitled M To M.E.L.M.
Sep 20th 2016

Tamerlane and Other Poems
Tamerlane and Other Poems is the first published work by American writer Edgar Allan Poe. The short collection of poems was first published in 1827. Today
Nov 8th 2016

T. S. Eliot's Ariel poems
Eliot's Ariel poems are those written for Faber and Faber's series of Ariel Poems. All but "Triumphal March" also appear in his book Collected Poems: 1909–1962
Mar 22nd 2016

Complete Poems
Complete Poems, originally edited and published in 1979 by Nicholas Gerogiannis and revised by him in 1992, is a compilation of all the poetry of Ernest
Feb 9th 2017

Wessex Poems and Other Verses
Wessex Poems and Other Verses (often referred to simply as Wessex Poems) is a collection of fifty-one poems set against the bleak and forbidding Dorset
Apr 4th 2017

Collected Poems (Levi)
Collected Poems is the English language collection of poems by Italian author Primo Levi. Its Italian title is Ad ora incerta. From Shema Crescenzago
Oct 18th 2016

Milton's 1645 Poems
R.D. Moseley, The-Poetic-BirthThe Poetic Birth: Milton's Poems of 1645 (Aldershot: Scolar Press, 1991). Colin Burrow, “Poems 1645: the future poet,” Chapter 4 in The
Nov 7th 2016

Poems in Prose (Wilde collection)
name by Smith Clark Ashton Smith, see Poems in Prose (Smith collection). Poems in Prose is the collective title of six prose poems published by Oscar Wilde in The
Sep 21st 2016

Tone Poems
Symphonic poem or tone poem is a form of orchestral composition Tone Poems may also refer to: 3 Tondikter (3 Tone Poems) Wilhelm Peterson-Berger Tone poems (Strauss)
Dec 8th 2015

Maud and other poems
Maud and other poems was Alfred Tennyson's first collection after becoming poet laureate in 1850, published in 1855. Among the "other poems" was "The Charge
Apr 8th 2017

Calamus (poems)
The "Calamus" poems are a cluster of poems in Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. These poems celebrate and promote "the manly love of comrades". Most critics
Dec 28th 2016

New Poems
New Poems (German: Neue Gedichte) is a two-part collection of poems written by Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke (1875–1926). The
Apr 9th 2017

32 Poems
32 Poems-MagazinePoems Magazine (32 Poems) is a literary magazine, founded in the American states of Maryland and Texas in 2003, that has published poems from writers
Jun 14th 2016

Milton's 1673 Poems
Milton's 1673 Poems, formally titled Poems etc. on several occasions by Mr John Milton, both English and Latin, composed at several times, etc. is a volume
Nov 7th 2016

The Charge of the Light Brigade (poem)
that poems like "The-ChargeThe Charge of the Light Brigade" (which he initially signed only A.T.) "might prove not to be decorous for a poet laureate". The poem was
Apr 28th 2017

Selected Poems (Smith collection)
Selected Poems is a collection of poems by Clark Ashton Smith. It was released in 1971 by Arkham House in an edition of 2,118 copies. The collection also
Sep 20th 2016

Poems (Hesse collection)
Poems is a collection of 31 poems written by the German author Hermann Hesse between 1899 and 1921. They were selected and translated to English by James
Sep 20th 2016

Collected Poems (Lovecraft)
Poems">Collected Poems is an illustrated collection of poems by H. P. Lovecraft. It was released in 1963 by Arkham House in an edition of 2,013 copies. The editor
Sep 20th 2016

Collected Poems (Tierney)
Collected Poems: Nightmares and Visions is a collection of poems by Richard L. Tierney. It was released in 1981 by Arkham House in an edition of 1,030
Sep 20th 2016

Ariel poems
Ariel poems can refer to: Ariel poems (Eliot), by T. S. Eliot Ariel poems (Faber), pamphlets published by Faber and Gwyer Ariel (book), poems by Sylvia
Nov 1st 2009

Trees (poem)
that August and included in Kilmer's 1914 collection Trees and Other Poems. The poem, in twelve lines of rhyming couplets of iambic tetrameter verse, describes
Feb 20th 2017

Milton: A Poem in Two Books
This article is about the poem by William Blake. For poems by MiltonMilton John Milton, see MiltonMilton John Milton. Milton is an epic poem by William Blake, written and
Feb 5th 2016

Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell
in existence with the Aylott and Jones' title-page. List of Bronte poems Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell by Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte and
Nov 7th 2016

Selected Poems 1956-1968
Selected Poems 1956-1968 is Leonard Cohen's fifth collection of poetry, first published in 1968 by McClelland & Stewart in Canada, and his first book
Dec 19th 2016

Country house poem
country house poem is a poem in which the author compliments a wealthy patron or a friend through a description of his country house. Such poems were popular
Nov 5th 2016

Best New Zealand Poems series
The-Best-New-Zealand-PoemsThe Best New Zealand Poems series, begun in 2001 is an annual online selection of poems chosen by guest editors. The program is run by the International
Apr 29th 2017

Long poem
of long poem. Other critics of the long poem sometimes hold the belief that with long poems, there is no "middle ground." They view long poems as ultimately
Apr 23rd 2017

Poems in Prose (Smith collection)
same name by Wilde Oscar Wilde, see Poems in Prose (Wilde collection). Poems in Prose is an illustrated collection of prose poems by Clark Ashton Smith. It was
Sep 20th 2016

Old English rune poem
Old English rune poem, dated to the 8th or 9th century, has stanzas on 29 Anglo-Saxon runes. It stands alongside younger rune poems from Scandinavia,
Jan 24th 2017

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