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Polzl is a German surname from Austria. Notable people with the surname include: Klara Polzl (1860–1907), better known as Klara Hitler, mother of Adolf
May 5th 2014

Johanna Hiedler
Johanna-PolzlJohanna Polzl nee Hiedler (19 January 1830 – 8 February 1906), was the maternal grandmother of Adolf Hitler. Johanna was born and lived her entire life
Nov 17th 2016

Klara Hitler
Klara Hitler (nee Polzl; 12 August 1860 – 21 December 1907) was the mother of German politician and leader of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler. Born in
Apr 26th 2017

Hitler family
there and was married to Johann-Baptist-Polzl Johann Baptist Polzl (1825–1901), a farmer and son of Johann-Polzl Johann Polzl and Juliana (Walli) Polzl. JohannaJohanna and Johann had 5 sons and 6
May 22nd 2017

Manfred Fischer
verbrachte er damit, mit seiner Schwester im Tor und seinem Mitspieler (Bernd Polzl) den Ball zu kicken. Er bewies schon damals seine Dribbelstarke und Passgenauigkeit
Mar 18th 2017

Alois Hitler
age of 23. After the death of his second wife, Polzl remained in his home as housekeeper. Polzl was soon to be pregnant by Hitler. Smith writes
Mar 11th 2017

Paula Hitler
Hitler and the last child of Alois Hitler, Sr. and his third wife, Klara Polzl. Paula was six years old when her father Alois, Sr., a retired customs
Mar 9th 2017

Claus Philipp, Peter Piller, Rosemarie Poiarkov, Wolfgang Pollanz, Birgit Polzl, Manfred Prisching, Peter Rosei, Werner Schandor, Ferdinand Schmatz, Katja
Nov 15th 2016

Marie Renard
1939) was an Austrian operatic mezzo-soprano, later soprano Born Marie Polzl, she first studied voice with Louise Weinlich-Tipka in her native city of
Apr 30th 2017

Democratic Party of Austria (SPO): 4 WIR (Independent): 2 Klara Hitler nee Polzl (1860–1907), mother of Adolf Hitler, was born on 12 August 1860 in the hamlet
May 17th 2017

Alex Moser
Schenkenberg, as well as German and Austrian TV-stars such as Dieter Bohlen, Eva Polzl and Mirjam Weichselbraun. He has received several prestigious awards.
Jun 29th 2016

English as a lingua franca
Vienna. http://www.univie.ac.at/voice/page/abstracts/klimpfinger_2005.pdf. Polzl, Ulrike. 2005. “Exploring the third space. Negotiating culture in English
May 22nd 2017

Angela Hitler
Alois Hitler, Jr. were brought up by their father and his third wife Klara Polzl. Her half-brother Adolf Hitler was born six years after her, and they grew
May 11th 2017

Völkermarkt District
Glantschach, Goritschach, Krejanzach, Linsendorf, Mochling, Moos, Pirk, Polzling, Robesch, Unterkrain, Vellach, Wildenstein Globasnitz (Slov.: Globasnica)
Feb 22nd 2013

Avunculate marriage
novelist, and his niece, Maria Babska. (1904) Klara Hitler, daughter of Johann-PolzlJohann Polzl and Johanna-HiedlerJohanna Hiedler and Adolf Hitler's mother. Either her grandfather Johann
May 6th 2017

Eurovision Song Contest 2007
van de Wal (Andorran representative in the 2005 Contest)  AustriaEva Polzl  FranceVanessa Dolmen  DenmarkSusanne Georgi (Andorran representative
May 15th 2017

Adolf Hitler
He was one of six children born to Alois Hitler (1837-1903) and Klara Polzl (1860–1907). Three of Hitler's siblings—Gustav, Ida, and Otto—died in infancy
May 23rd 2017

Psychopathography of Adolf Hitler
a childhood that was very similar. Miller also pointed out that Johanna Polzl, the querulent sister of Klara Hitler who lived with the family throughout
May 5th 2017

Public/social/private partnership
and the correspondingly retreating influence of the state (see e.g. B. Polzl/Preisch 2003: 41). This makes it all the more important to emphasize that
Dec 8th 2015

Internationaux de Strasbourg
Rachel McQuillan 7–6, 7–6 1992 Judith Polzl Wiesner Naoko Sawamatsu 6–1, 6–3 1993 Naoko Sawamatsu Judith Polzl Wiesner 4–6, 6–1, 6–3 1994 Mary Joe
Feb 9th 2017

Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest
Blumenau 2004 2005 2006 No radio broadcast Did not participate 2007 Eva Polzl 2008 Did not participate 2009 Benny Hortnagl 2010 No broadcast 2011 Andi
May 23rd 2017

Österreichische Post
Logistics Founded 1999 Headquarters Vienna, Austria Key people Georg Polzl (CEO), Peter Michaelis (Chairman of the supervisory board) Products Express
Feb 3rd 2017

Linz Open
6–4, 6–2 1993 Eugenia Maniokova Leila Meskhi Conchita Martinez Judith Polzl Wiesner walkover 1994 Eugenia Maniokova (2) Leila Meskhi (2) Asa Carlsson
Nov 3rd 2016

Zurich Open
6–3 ↓  Tier III tournament  ↓ 1989 Jana Novotna Helena Sukova Judith Polzl-Wiesner Nathalie Tauziat 6–3, 3–6, 6–4 ↓  Tier II tournament  ↓ 1990 Manon
May 22nd 2017

List of breast cancer patients by survival status
(died at age 60) Jacqueline Hill, British actress (died at age 63) Klara Polzl Hitler, Austrian mother of Adolf Hitler (died at age 47) Nina Hoekman Ukrainian-born
May 20th 2017

2016 IIHF World U18 Championship Division I
Game reference Daniel Polzl Goalies Mirko Pantkowski Referee: Ken Mollard Linesmen: Marek Hlavaty Mark-Henry Progin 8 min Penalties 18 min 17 Shots
Apr 7th 2017

Austria State Styria District Deutschlandsberg Government  • Mayor Horst Polzl (SPO) Area  • Total 6.15 km2 (2.37 sq mi) Elevation 337 m (1,106 ft) Population
Jan 26th 2017

Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour season 2014–15
Amand Dosimont Zan Syed Antonio Del Moral Leon Kim Kyoung-soo Tristan Polzl Christian Hauck Jasper Grimmer Hugo Diniz GP Las Vegas 1 (30–31 May 2015)
Feb 25th 2017

Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour season 2012–13
Legacy Attendance: 1345 Timo Schünemann Lukas Maurer Emanuele Marcotti Elias Watsfeldt Max Sjoblom Elias Klocker Andreas Milillo Tristan Polzl
Aug 15th 2016

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