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"Presbyterian church" redirects here. For other uses, see Presbyterian Church (disambiguation). This article is about the branch of Reformed Protestantism
Apr 26th 2017

Presbyterian Church of Australia
The-Presbyterian-ChurchThe Presbyterian Church of Australia is the largest Presbyterian denomination in Australia. (The larger Uniting Church in Australia includes most congregations
Sep 17th 2016

Cumberland Presbyterian Church
For other uses, see Cumberland Presbyterian Church (disambiguation). The Cumberland Presbyterian Church is a Presbyterian Christian denomination spawned
Apr 23rd 2017

Presbyterian Church (USA)
contemporary Presbyterian denomination. For the historical Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (1799–1958), see Presbyterian Church in the
Apr 17th 2017

Presbyterian polity
Presbyterian (or presbyteral) polity is a method of church governance ("ecclesiastical polity") typified by the rule of assemblies of presbyters, or elders
Mar 27th 2017

NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital
The New YorkPresbyterian Hospital is a nonprofit university hospital in New York City affiliated with two Ivy League medical schools: Columbia University's
Apr 25th 2017

Presbyterian Church in America
with Presbyterian-ChurchPresbyterian Church (USA). The Presbyterian-ChurchPresbyterian Church in America (PCA) is the second largest Presbyterian church body (second to Presbyterian-ChurchPresbyterian Church
Apr 19th 2017

Presbyterian Church in Ireland
For other Presbyterian churches in Ireland, see Presbyterianism in Ireland. The Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI; Irish: Eaglais Phreispiteireach in
Apr 22nd 2017

Presbyterian Church of Korea
Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) was a Protestant denomination based in South Korea; it is currently separated to many branches. The first Korean Presbyterian
Oct 28th 2016

Presbyterian Church in Canada
Presbyterian-Church">The Presbyterian Church in Canada is a Presbyterian denomination, serving in Canada under this name since 1875. The United Church of Canada claimed the
Apr 23rd 2017

Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
denomination, see Presbyterian-ChurchPresbyterian Church (USA). The Presbyterian-ChurchPresbyterian Church in the United States of America (PCUSA) was the first national Presbyterian denomination
Apr 10th 2017

Orthodox Presbyterian Church
see Orthodox Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. "Presbyterian Church of America" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Presbyterian Church in America
Apr 6th 2017

Presbyterian Blue Hose
The Presbyterian College Blue Hose are the athletic teams of Presbyterian College, located in Clinton, South Carolina, United States. The Blue Hose athletic
Mar 18th 2017

Presbyterian Church in the United States
be confused with Presbyterianism in the United States. The Presbyterian Church in the United States (PCUS, originally Presbyterian Church in the Confederate
Oct 13th 2016

Reformed Presbyterian churches
see Presbyterian-Church">Reformed Presbyterian Church (disambiguation). The Presbyterian-Church">Reformed Presbyterian Church is a group of denominations following a Presbyterian form of Protestant
Jan 2nd 2017

Presbyterian World Mission
confused with American Southern Presbyterian Mission. Presbyterian World Mission is the world mission arm of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, the ministry
Jan 4th 2017

First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church (and variations such as Old First Presbyterian Church or First Presbyterian Church and Rectory) may refer to: First Presbyterian
Aug 19th 2016

Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster
denomination is not related to the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland or the Free Church of Scotland The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster is a Christian denomination
Mar 22nd 2017

Presbyterian Church of Korea (TongHap)
The Presbyterian Church of Korea (TongHap) is a mainline Protestant denomination based in South Korea; it currently has the second largest membership of
Jul 1st 2016

Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod
Mizoram-Presbyterian-Church-SynodMizoram Presbyterian Church Synod (Mizoram-Presbyterian-Kohhran-SynodMizoram Presbyterian Kohhran Synod in Mizo) is the largest Christian denomination in Mizoram, northeast India. It was
Jan 19th 2017

Fourth Presbyterian Church (Chicago)
The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) located in the Magnificent Mile neighborhood of Chicago
Mar 5th 2017

Bible Presbyterian Church
see Bible-Presbyterian churches (Singapore). The Bible Presbyterian Church is an American Protestant denomination. The Bible Presbyterian Church was
Nov 21st 2016

Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
The Presbyterian Church in TaiwanTaiwan (PCT; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tai-oan Ki-tok Tiuⁿ-lo Kau-hoē; Chinese: 台灣基督長老教會) is the largest Protestant Christian denomination
Mar 13th 2017

First Presbyterian Church of Dallas
First Presbyterian Church of Dallas is a historic congregation at 408 Park Avenue in the Farmers Market District of downtown Dallas, Texas (USA). The current
Jan 31st 2017

Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Ireland)
The Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) is a Calvinist, Christian evangelical denomination that is found only in Northern Ireland, where it is the smallest
Jan 13th 2017

Evangelical Presbyterian Church (United States)
The Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) is an American church body holding to presbyterian governance and Reformed theology, expressed in an orthodox
Mar 6th 2017

Union Presbyterian Seminary
77°26′57.9″W / 37.578806°N 77.449417°W / 37.578806; -77.449417 Union Presbyterian Seminary, located on the near north side of the city of Richmond, Virginia
Nov 21st 2016

Reformed Presbyterian Church
Reformed Presbyterian may refer to: A mutually recognising set of churches listed at Reformed Presbyterian churches, including: The Reformed Presbyterian Church
Aug 28th 2013

United Presbyterian Church (Scotland)
The United Presbyterian Church of Scotland (1847–1900) was a Scottish Presbyterian denomination. It was formed in 1847 by the union of the United Secession
Apr 12th 2017

American Presbyterianism
Presbyterianism has had a presence in the United States since colonial times and has exerted an important influence over broader American religion and
Oct 14th 2016

Presbyterian Record
The-Presbyterian-RecordThe Presbyterian Record was a monthly periodical published by Presbyterian Record Inc. primarily for members of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The
Mar 29th 2017

Presbyterian Church of India
The Presbyterian Church of India (PCI) is one of the mainline Protestant Churches in India, with over one million adherents, mostly in Northeast India
Mar 15th 2017

Downtown Presbyterian Church (Nashville)
The-Downtown-Presbyterian-ChurchThe Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), was formerly known as First Presbyterian Church. The
Mar 19th 2017

Presbyterian Ladies' College, Sydney
name, see Presbyterian-Ladies'-CollegePresbyterian Ladies' College (disambiguation). The Presbyterian-Ladies'-CollegePresbyterian Ladies' College, Sydney (PLC Sydney) is an independent, Presbyterian, day and
Apr 5th 2017

Presbyterian Church of the Philippines
The Presbyterian Church of the Philippines or PCP (official name: The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of the Philippines) is a growing evangelical
Feb 23rd 2017

Presbyterian Church v. Hull Church
Presbyterian Church v. Hull Church, 393 U.S. 440 (1969), was a United States Supreme Court case involving the secession of two local churches from the
Jun 6th 2016

Free Presbyterian Church
Free Presbyterian Church may mean: Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, a breakaway from the Free Church of Scotland, formed in 1893 Free Presbyterian Church
Sep 12th 2014

Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand
The-Presbyterian-ChurchThe Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ) is the main Presbyterian church in New Zealand. The church has 29,000 members. The Presbyterian
Feb 11th 2017

Nassau Presbyterian Church
The Nassau Presbyterian Church is a historic congregation located at 61 Nassau Street in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. It has been the home of
Jan 10th 2017

Presbyterian Blue Hose football
For information on all Presbyterian College sports, see Presbyterian Blue Hose The Presbyterian Blue Hose football program is the intercollegiate American
Apr 6th 2017

Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Omaha, Nebraska)
Omaha-Presbyterian-Theological-Seminary">The Omaha Presbyterian Theological Seminary was located at 3303 North 21st Place in North Omaha, Nebraska. Opened in 1891 in downtown Omaha, the institution
Mar 20th 2017

Second Presbyterian Church (Chicago)
Second Presbyterian Church is a landmark Gothic Revival church located on South Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, United States. In the late nineteenth
Nov 25th 2016

Presbyterian Church of Wales
The Presbyterian Church of Wales (Welsh: Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru), also known as Calvinistic Methodist Church (Yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd Galfinaidd),
Mar 31st 2017

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church may refer to: In denominations St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (denomination) In church buildings Australia St Andrew's
Nov 11th 2015

Presbyterian Church in Singapore
The-Presbyterian-ChurchThe Presbyterian Church in Singapore (Abbreviation: PCS; Chinese: 新加坡长老大会) is a Presbyterian Reformed church. The current moderator is the Rt Rev Dr Steven
Dec 1st 2016

United Presbyterian Church
United-Presbyterian-ChurchUnited-Presbyterian-ChurchUnited-Presbyterian-ChurchUnited Presbyterian Church may refer to: United-Presbyterian-ChurchUnited-Presbyterian-ChurchUnited-Presbyterian-ChurchUnited Presbyterian Church of Scotland (1847–1900) United-Presbyterian-ChurchUnited-Presbyterian-ChurchUnited-Presbyterian-ChurchUnited Presbyterian Church of North America (1858–1958) United
Oct 29th 2016

Associated Presbyterian Churches
The Associated Presbyterian Churches (APC) is a Scottish Christian denomination (with a congregation in Canada), formed in 1989 from part of the community
Jan 8th 2017

Presbyterian Historical Society
39°56′35″N 75°09′00″W / 39.9430°N 75.1501°W / 39.9430; -75.1501 The Presbyterian Historical Society (PHS) is the oldest continuous denominational historical
Oct 10th 2016

Presbyterian Church in Malaysia
The Presbyterian Church in MalaysiaMalaysia or GPM (Malay: Gereja Presbyterian MalaysiaMalaysia) is a Christian church in MalaysiaMalaysia. Established as an independent synod
Nov 7th 2016

Calvin Presbyterian Church (Toronto)
Calvin Presbyterian Church is a Presbyterian Church in Canada congregation in the Deer Park area of Toronto, Ontario. The church building is located at
Dec 21st 2016

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