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For other uses, see Promise (disambiguation). A promise is a commitment by someone to do or not do something. As a noun promise means a declaration assuring
Feb 4th 2017

The Promise
The Promise may refer to: The Promise (1917 film), a silent film starring Paul Willis The Promise (1969 film), a film starring Ian McKellen The Promise
Apr 24th 2017

Election promise
An election promise or campaign promise is a promise or guarantee made to the public by a candidate or political party that are trying to win an election
Apr 22nd 2017

A Promise
A Promise may refer to: A Promise (1986 film), a Japanese drama by Yoshishige Yoshida A Promise (1998 film), a South Korean film starring Park Shin-yang
Aug 11th 2016

Scout Promise
Scout (or Guide) promise or oath to live up to ideals of the movement, and subscribed to a Scout Law. The wording of the Scout Promise (or Oath) and Scout
Mar 20th 2017

Promise Keepers
Promise Keepers is an Evangelical Christian organization for men. While it originated in the United States, independent branches are established in Canada
Mar 29th 2017

Promise (disambiguation)
A promise is a transaction whereby a person makes a vow or the suggestion of a guarantee. Promise(s) may also refer to: Futures and promises, the constructs
Jan 31st 2017

Breach of promise
Breach of Promise (film). For the 1932 film, see Breach of Promise (1932 film). Not to be confused with breach of contract. Breach of promise is a common
Dec 6th 2016

Promise ring
Promise ring may refer to: Pre-engagement ring, a ring worn to signify a commitment to a monogamous relationship Purity ring, a ring worn to signify a
Oct 27th 2016

Isaac Promise
Isaac Promise (born 2 December 1987 in Zaria) is a Nigerian football player, who currently plays for Giresunspor on loan from Karabükspor. As a promising
Feb 17th 2017

Promises, Promises
Promises, Promises may refer to: Promises, Promises (musical), a 1968 musical based on the 1960 film The Apartment, or the title song Promises, Promises
Oct 23rd 2015

Microsoft Open Specification Promise
Microsoft-Open-Specification-Promise">The Microsoft Open Specification Promise (or OSP), is a promise by Microsoft, published in September 2006, to not assert its patents, in certain conditions
Nov 24th 2016

Promised Land
the biblical promise of land to the descendants of Abraham. For other uses, see Promised Land (disambiguation). The Promised Land (Hebrew:
Apr 10th 2017

Face the Promise
Face the Promise is the sixteenth studio album by American rock musician Bob Seger. The album was originally planned to be released in 2004, was then
Jan 30th 2017

Promise City, Iowa
see Promise City (The-4400The 4400). Promise City is a city in Wayne County, Iowa, United States. The population was 111 at the 2010 census. Promise City is
Feb 5th 2017

Futures and promises
Not to be confused with Promise theory. In computer science, future, promise, delay, and deferred refer to constructs used for synchronizing program execution
Feb 7th 2017

Promise/Star is the first double a-side single by Japanese artist Koda Kumi. It was the final single released before her first compilation album, Best
Oct 5th 2016

America's Promise
America's Promise Alliance is a foundation founded by Colin Powell in 1997 to help children and youth from all socioeconomic sectors in the United States
Dec 14th 2016

Family Promise
Family Promise (formerly National Interfaith Hospitality Network) is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States, founded by Karen
Apr 21st 2017

Promise Island
Promise Island (Inuktitut: Nannuyuma; meaning: "polar bear") is located near the western shore of Hudson Bay. It is barely a square kilometer in area
Jan 13th 2017

I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
Promise)" is the lead single and fifth track from My Chemical Romance's second studio album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"
Apr 7th 2017

The Promise of a New Day
"The-PromiseThe Promise of a New Day" is the second single (and lead-off track) from American artist Paula Abdul's album Spellbound. The song was written by Peter
Dec 17th 2016

Oh Promise Me
Oh Promise Me is a song with music by Reginald De Koven and lyrics by Clement Scott. The song was written in 1887 and first published in 1889 as an art
Feb 20th 2017

Blood Promise
Blood Promise may refer to: Blood Promise (novel), a novel by Richelle Mead Blood Promise (film), a film made in Hong Kong in 1975 A Blood Promise, a DVD/CD
Nov 4th 2012

My Promise
My Promise is the 1996 debut album of the German-based trio, No Mercy. It was the group's most successful album and contains all of their international
Mar 27th 2017

American Promise
American Promise may refer to: American Promise (yacht), a yacht used by Dodge Morgan to circumnavigate the Earth American Promise (film), a 2013 documentary
Dec 26th 2015

Promise Technology
Promise Technology, Inc. is a supplier of RAID storage catering to customers from the enterprise to SMB, as well as SOHO and digital home applications
Mar 31st 2017

The Promise of Forever
The Promise of Forever is an upcoming Philippine romantic fantasy drama television series directed by Darnel Joy Villaflor and Hannah Espia, starring
Apr 24th 2017

The Promise (2016 film)
The Promise is a 2016 American historical drama film directed by Terry George and starring Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon and Christian Bale, set in the
Apr 25th 2017

Mahboba's Promise
For other uses, see Mahboba. Mahboba's Promise is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to helping the women and the large number of orphaned
Oct 5th 2016

Promised Land (disambiguation)
Promised Land, as described in the Bible, is the land promised by God to Abraham and his descendants. Promised Land may also refer to: Promise Land,
Dec 29th 2016

Broken Promise Land
"Broken Promise Land" is a song co-written by Bill Rice and Sharon Vaughn and recorded by country music singer Waylon Jennings in 1985 for his album Turn
Aug 15th 2013

Promise (1986 film)
Promise is a 1986 CBS television movie presented by the Hallmark Hall of Fame. Adapted by screenwriter Richard Friedenberg from a story by Ken Blackwell
Feb 11th 2017

Adventist Church of Promise
The Adventist Church of Promise (Portuguese: Igreja Adventista da Promessa or "IAP") is an evangelical Christian denomination which is both Sabbatarian
Nov 13th 2016

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real – sometimes referred to as POTR – is an American rock group based in California. The band consists of Lukas Nelson
Apr 22nd 2017

The Promise (When in Rome song)
"The Promise" is a song by the British band When in Rome. First released in 1987 on 10 Records, the song is the lead single from their self-titled debut
Feb 9th 2017

Operation Continuing Promise
Operation Continuing Promise is a periodic series of US military exercises conducted under the direction of United States Southern Command. Designated
Mar 8th 2017

No Promises
No Promises may refer to: No Promises (Carla Bruni album) (2007) No Promises (Icehouse album) (1997) "No Promises" (Bryan Rice song), a 2005 song from
Mar 30th 2017

Promise Everything
Promise Everything is the third studio album by British rock band Basement. The band began recording with producer Sam Pura in April 2015. The album was
Mar 5th 2017

Promise Me
Promise Me may refer to: Promise Me (novel), a novel by Harlan Coben "Promise Me" (song), a song by Beverley Craven "Promise Me", a song by Modest Fok
Jun 28th 2014

Promise (Ciara song)
"Promise" is a song performed by American recording artist Ciara from her second studio album, Ciara: The Evolution (2006). It was written by Ciara, Jasper
Mar 9th 2017

Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise
Avatar: The Last AirbenderThe Promise is a graphic novel in three parts written by Gene Yang and illustrated by Studio Gurihiru, the first in a series
Feb 27th 2017

Promise of the Witch King
The Promise of the Witch King is book 2 of the Forgotten Realms trilogy Sellswords. Book 1 was originally part of the Drizzt line of novels and has now
Feb 11th 2017

Promise to Promise
"Promise to Promise" is the twelfth single by Japanese recording artist Arisa Mizuki. It was released on July 24, 1996 as the first and only single from
Nov 15th 2014

Operation Provide Promise
Operation Provide Promise was a humanitarian relief operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Yugoslav Wars, from 2 July 1992, to 9 January 1996
Dec 15th 2014

The Promise (2016 TV series)
The Promise (Hangul: 천상의 약속; RRCheonsang-ui Yaksok; lit. Heaven's Promise) is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Lee Yoo-ri (in a twin role)
Apr 10th 2017

I Promise (album)
I Promise also known as the MySpace Album is a 2006 album by Chinese-American rapper Jin. It was released on November 1, 2006 It is his third official
Dec 10th 2015

American Promise (film)
documentary film. For the record-breaking yacht, see American Promise (yacht). American Promise is a documentary film spanning 13 years from directors Joe
Dec 11th 2016

Promises! Promises!
1963 film. For other uses, see Promises, Promises (disambiguation). Promises! Promises! (presented as Promises... Promises! on screen) is a 1963 unrated
Dec 5th 2016

The Promise (2011 TV serial)
The Promise is a British television serial in four episodes written and directed by Peter Kosminsky, with music by Debbie Wiseman. It tells the story
Apr 25th 2017

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